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1, The Factories Act was first enacted in______ a),1881 b),1895 c),1897 d),1885

2, Who is an adult as per Factories Act, 1948? a. Who has completed 18 years of age? b. who is less than 18 years c. who is more than 14 years d. who is more than 15 years 3, A person who has ultimate control over the affairs of the factory under Factories Act, 1948 is called as _________ a. Occupier b. Manager c. Chairman d. Managing Director. 4, The space for every worker employed in the Factory after the commencement of Factories Act, 1948 should be ________ Cubic Meters. a. 9.9 b. 10.2 c. 14.2 d. 13.2

5,The provision of cooling water during hot weather should be made by the organization if it employs _______ or more employees. a. 200 b. 250 c. 300 d. 150

6,Who is an Adolescent as per Factories Act, 1948 ? a. Who has completed 17 years of age b. who is less than 18 years c. who has completed 15 years but less than 18 years. d. None above of these 7, Which one of the following is not a welfare provision under Factories Act, 1948 a. Canteen b. Creches c. First Aid d. Drinking water. 8, One First Aid Box is to be provided for ______ persons employed in a factory. a. 125 b. 135 c. 150 d. 160 9, Safety Officers shall be appointed if the factory is engaging ______ or more employees. a. 1000 b. 2000 c. 500 d. 750 10, Canteen is to be provided if the factory is engaging more than ______ workers. a. 250 b. 230 c. 300 d. 275

11, Leave with wages is allowed for employees if they work for _______ days in a month. a. 15 b. 25 c. 20 d. 28 12, If the factory engages -------or more employees, welfare officer shall be appointed .. a. 500 b. 250 c. 600 d. 750 13, A Ambulance Room is to be provided if an organisation is engaging more than______ employees a. 400 b. 350 c. 500 d. 450 14, A Creche is to be provided if ______ or more women employees are engaged in a factory . a. 25 b. 32 c. 30 d. 40

15, An adult worker can work upto ____ hours in a day as per factories Act, 1948 a. 8 b. 9 c. 10 d. 12

16, Obligations of Workers under the Factories Act 1947 was discussed in section ----a) 78 b) 101 c) 111 d) 99

17, The term Sabbatical is connected with a) Paid leave for study b) Paternity leave c) Maternity leave d) Quarantine leave 18, Section 49 of the Factories Act 1947 describes about a) Welfare officer b) Canteen c) Rest room d) Crche

19, Section 2 ( K )of the Factories Act 1947 says about a) Manufacturing Process b) Factory c) Worker d) None of these 20, Mention the leave facilities available to a worker under the Factories Act 1947 ? a) Leave with wages b)Casual leave c) Festival Holiday d)Maternity leave 21. The unemployment allowance scheme under the ESI Act Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana was introduced with effect from --------a) 1-4-05 b) 1-10-05 c) 1-4-06 d)1-10-06 22.The funeral benefit under the ESI Act is a) 2500 b) 3000 c) 3500 d) 2000

23. The ESI Act is not applicable to seasonal factories. a) True b) False 24. The ESI Act shall applicable to non-seasonal power using factories employing ---------------or more person a) 10 b) 20 c) 50 d) Not applicable 25. The ESI Act is not applicable to one of the dept in Hospital Industry. a) Equipment b) Kitchen c) Laundry d) Medical store 26. The ESI Act is not applicable to one of the sates in India. a) Orissa b) Jakarhand c) Assam d) Mizoram 27. The employer in respect of a factory or an establishment to which the Act applies shall furnish to the appropriate regional office not les than ---------- days after the Act becomes applicable, in declaration of registration in form no.o1. a) 10 days b) 15 days c) 20 days d) 21 days 28. The ESI corporation has established ------- regional offices and ------- Sub regional offices besides the head quarters in New Delhi. a) 23, & 12, b) 21, & 10 c) 25,& 11 d) 22, & 15 29. The employees contribution rate towards the ESI scheme is 1.75 % of the wages and that of employers is 4.75 of the paid wages in respect off the employees in every wage period effected form -------a) 1-1-96 b) 1-10-96 c) 1-1-97 d) 1-10-97

30.A person who has entered into insurable employment for the first time has to wait for nearly --------- months before becoming eligible to sickness benefit. a) 9 months b) 6 months c) 3 months d)Ist month itself

31. At present ------ long term disease were entitled to extended sickness benefits under the ESI Act. a) 23 b) 34 c) 31 d) 33

32. To be entitled to the extended sickness benefit, an insured person should have been in continuous employment for ----- years or more at the beginning of a spell of sickness in which the disease is diagnosed. a) one year b) Two years c) nine months d) one month

33. The extended sickness benefit to be payable for a period of --------- days initially and may be extended to ------- days in chronic illness by regional deputy medical commissioner / Chief executive of the ESI scheme in the state. a) 104 & 210 b) 121 & 300 c) 124 & 309 d) 124 &307

34.The insured person can avail the enhanced sickness benefit is upto -------- days for undergoing vasectomy from the date of operation. a) 7 days. b) 14 days c) 21 days d) 28 days . 35. The sickness benefits is roughly -----% of the average daily wages and is payable for 91 days during 2 consecutive benefit periods. a) 60 % b) 50 % c) 70 % d) 40 %

36. The waiting period under the sickness benefits is ----------- days of a spell of sickness. a) 7 days b) 5 days c) 3 days d) 2 days

37. The women shall be eligible for a period of -------- days for confinement under the Maternity benefit. a) 70 days b) 84 days c) 42 days d) 30 days

38. Sickness arising out of pregnancy, confinement and premature birth is payable for a period of not exceeding ------------ month on the production of form 8, 9 and 10 a) 3 months b) 2 months c) one month d) 4 months 39. The insured women can avail enhanced sickness benefit is upto -------- days in the case of Tubectomy from the date of operation. a) 7 days. b) 14 days c) 21 days d)28 days

40. A woman underwent a MTP operation is eligible for ------------ days of wages as a Maternity Benefit from the date of operation. a) 28 days b) 42 days c) 84 days d) 35 days 20. The employee has to contribute 0.5 % of the wages to EDLI scheme . a) True b) False 41. A person shall be disqualified for being appointed as trustee or member of a regional committee if he found involved in political activities . a) True b) False 42.The term of office of every trustee of central board of provident fund is ------------ years

a) 3 b) 5 c) 2 d) 2/2 43.A maximum of ------- members from the employees association shall be represented in the constitution of central board of trustees. a) 10 b) 12 c) 15 d) 20

44.Any establishment employing even less than 20 persons cannot be covered voluntarily under the section 1(4) of the EPF Act. a) True b) False

55.An employee have put 9 years and 6 months of service and reached the age of superannuation. He can eligible for pension benefits ? a) True b) False 46. The employer also will pay administrative charges @ 0.01% on maximum limit of Rs.6500 whereas an exempted establishment will pay inspection charges @ 0.005% on the total wages paid. a) True b) False 47) The term of office of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and every Trustee of the Central Board shall be ---------- years commencing on and from the date on which their appointment is notified in the Official Gazette. a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 48. The past service benefit for the calculation of Pension for employee who has put beyond 20 year of service and earning more than Rs 2500 is ------- . a) 130 b) 150 c) 160 d) 170 49. The contributions shall be calculated on the basis of basic wages, dearness allowance (including the cash value of any food concession) and retaining allowance actually drawn during the whole month whether paid on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. a) True b) False 50. All employees should be enrolled as a member of Employees Provident Scheme from the date of joining the establishment . a) True b) False 51..What is meaning for Seiketsu in 5 S ? a) Standardize b) Self discipline c) Systematize d) Sort out.

52.. The Center for HRD was started in mid-eighties at the following institution: a)IIMA b)XLRI



53. _________ was known as father of Time and Motion Studies a) Frank Gilberth b) Henri Foyal c) David Mc.Clelland d) Fritz Heider

54. ------- known as Father of Modern Management a)Frank Gilberth b) Henri Foyal c) David Mc.Clelland d) Fritz Heider

55. A Bonus commission was established in India in the year -------a) 1981 b) 1985 c) 1965 d) 1961 56.. The Nationalised Banks (Management and Miscellaneous Provisions) Scheme framed under the Banking Companies ( Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act , provides for the appointment of one director from among the workmen and another from among the officers in each Nationalised banks was introduced form the year. a) 1969 b) 1970 c) 1975 c) 1971

57. The Constitution of India was amended in the year ------------- to incorporate workers participation in management as one of the Directive Principles of State Policy. a) 1971 b) 1975 c) 1976 d) 1977

58. Mr. ------------------------------ et al. (1978) have contributed the most to the understanding of the mentoring process. a) Levinson c) John J.Feather b) Fritz Heider d) None of the above

59.. Which one is the hindrance behaviour in the process of performance counselling? a) Communication of feelings sharing own experience b) Eye contact c) Encouragement to explore d) Suggestion of Problem.

60. ---------------------------------- is the process through which an individual employees behaviour and accomplishment for a fixed time period are measured and evaluated. a) Performance Appraisal b) Job evaluation

c) Job analysis

d) Task Identity

61. Behaviour Modification Theory was profounded by --------------a) Sigmund Frued b) B.F.Skinner c) David McClelland d) Abraham H.Maslow. r 79. One Minutes Manager was written by -----------------------------a) Mercy Anselm b) Daniel Goleman c) Kiren Bedi d) Kenneth H. Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

80. You Can Win book was written by a) Mercy Anselm b) Kenneth H. Blanchard & Spencer Johnson c) Shiv Khera d) Robert Slater