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Table of Contents Usage and type of magickal oils Ingredients of oils - Herbs - Base oils - Essential oils - minerals

ls - animal curios and others Methods of making and manufacturing oils Formulas and examples Bibliography and suggested reading , Appendix

Legal disclaimer : None of the formulas given here, are supposed to be replacement for professional medical care. Some of the ingredients used in these oils may be dangerous and some herbs may be poisonous when ingested, or used externally in larger doses than suggested. Handle Your herbal material, botanicals, minerals and other with care. Formulas and information on methods of manufacturing as well as using the oils provided here are for educational purposes.

Copyrights owned by Milo V. aka Shadow ( Shadow-333@hotmail.com ) If You wish to use any information provided in this publication elsewhere, please contact me using ( above ) provided e-mail address, or embed the document and give credits in case of online use. Any unaccredited or unauthorized usage, electronic copying, photocopying or distributing without authors knowledge will be considered copyrights infringement and perpetuator will be legally prosecuted.

Usage and type of magickal oils

There are many types of oils used in magick, or generally speaking, in occult practice. I will try to divide them on few types, depending on several criteria. Please keep in mind that none of these divisions is complete and correct, for they are artificial and practical before all. If we think of tradition we could divide oils depending on believes correspondent to ingredients in given tradition. Which means we could differentiate : - Wiccan oils ( Oils made according to Wiccan tradition and correspondences ) - Occult oils ( Oils made according to General Occult Correspondences, planetary oils for example fit this particular category in way etc. ) - Hoodoo oils ( Also called Condition oils, or Conjure oil, made according to correspondences for herbs, minerals, and other ingredients indigenous to Hoodoo as a system of magick ) - Magickal Religious oils ( Oils made according to correspondences from given Religious or Religiously magickal system, such as Christian magick, Creole Voodod, Santeria, Palo and others alike. Hoodoo oils can, depending on some viewpoints and school of thought, be considered a part of this category, as well as Wiccan oils ) - Other and regional magickal system oils ( Oils made according to correspondences of magickal systems related to certain nation or geographical area, and their correspondences and influences, for example Balkan magick oils, Slavic magick oils, Nordic traditions magickal oils, Druidry oils etc. ) You can notice that despite of my effort, division of oils, as given above ( where the main criteria is tradition ) can differ from author to author and categories can overlap, interchange and some can be considered subcategory of another. Depending of course, on authors understanding of terms such as Religion, Magick, Magickal system, tradition, Religious magickal system etc. These terms are strictly defined in terms of sociology and social anthropology, however occultists ( and with their proper right ) might have a different understanding of some of them. If we would take in consideration some more practical criteria, like type of ingredients used, we could have divide oils on 1) New age influenced oils oils that contain only base oil in which essential oils are dissolved or synthetic fragrances 2) Traditional oils Oils that contain solid herbal, mineral or animal material infused in base oils, with possible addition of essential oils, all in base oil Should we decide that the imperative is method of preparation ( manufacturing ) of oils we could divide them on

1) Cold infused oils 2) Warm ( Heat ) infused oils More about these in chapter about making oils, later in this publication. So we can clearly see that one could make many of ( alike ) divisions of oils. One of them could be based around the usage of oils so we could differ 1) General usage magickal oils ( oils that can be used both for dressing inanimate objects, most often being ritual tools and supplies, as well as humans or animals ) 2) Dressing oils ( oils used to dress candles and inanimate objects ) 3) Anointing oils and oil perfumes ( oils used to anoint or dress oneself or other people or animals ) Usually, If the oil is restricted to simply dressing function ( of candles and ritual tools ), it means that ingredients used are not kind to human skin or even hazardous for health. As a typical example we could mention oils that contain high percentage of essential oil of Angelica ( Aethrolum Angelicae Archangelicae ) as this essential oil is highly phototoxic, thus hazardous for human skin anointed with it, when exposed to sunlight. With this division we have also covered some of the magickal oil uses. Now lets mention some of the most common uses of magickal oils Dressing candles, which is a very common practice among Hoodoo practitioners ( also referred as Conjure doctors , Root doctors and other ), though it can be considered staple procedure of Candle magick in general Dressing ritual tools to empower, bless or consecrate the tool, such as Atahme for example ( most often used oils for this purpose are Altar oil, Anointing oil, Abramelin oil, Special oil No.20 or sometimes plain Mineral oil, the last particularly if its metal tool in question ) Anointing humans, or using oils as magickal perfumes , for purposes of healing, blessing, empowering, commanding, crossing, uncrossing or other Burning oils in Aroma burners, or ceramic lamps, to spread their scent aell as magickal influence. A sort of liquid incense If You will Oils can be added to baths, florwashes or to scent and empower powders, bath salts or added to saltpeter and herb powders to form self - ignitable incense Any other creative manner of employment You can think of

Ingredients of ( in ) oils

Now a word or two on very ingredients, used in oils. Typical oil should contain carrier or base oil herbal ( and sometimes mineral or animal ) material OPTIONAL ( but highly advisable and desirable ) Essential oil/s

Now lets discuss each of them ( ingredients ) individually Base oil ( Carrier oil ) Base oil makes just what the name says, base of the potion, in which other magickal ingredients are soaked, dipped, dissolved etc. They vary depending on use, and honestly, what we may have on hand. Here are some examples : Almond oils this oil is one of most often used as it is great as an all purpose base oil and has long shelf life Olive oil Is great base for Peace oil, Cleansing oil, Wisdom oil and any oil meant for head dressing, also oils that Youd dye pale green , it is also commonly used as base oils, especially among Santeria and Palo practitioners as well as Wicca practitioners Castor Very thick oil with powerful protective properties and shorter shelf life ( about 3 to 6 months, depending on method of extraction ) , so it is good advice to mix it with another carrier oil to make it more fluid Grapeseed oil a pale green oil makes a great base of money oils, wisdom oils , luck and Uncrossing oils Sunflower oil is not that often used alone as base, but can be used for healing, solar oil and success oils Jojoba oil is actually a form of liquid wax, so it is most durable and will hardly go rancid, has near indefinite shelf life and makes a great base for oils Such as Crown of success or Gambling luck oils, Black cat, or Sete Monedas oil, also very good for all solar influenced oil Cocconut oil Is a thick white heavily scented oil, which also has considerably long shelf life and makes a brilliant base for purity, dedication oils, spiritual oils, And is a common ingredient in Creole oils such as Papa Legba oils or Obatala oils In Europe it symbolizes mental purity, and celibacy

When using base oils for making magickal oils, add capsule of vit. E or some Benzoin to prevent them from going rancid, and make them fresh longer. One common mistake, particularly among inexperienced is that they use fresh plant material in base oil, but they do not cover it entirely with oil. The part that stays outside the oil will most probably cause oil to go bad, if not removed or dipped completely in oil ( submerged, if You will )

Herbs Oils used to be made only with base oil and infused material before the discovery of essential oils. Even nowadays, practitioners that aim towards traditionalism, tend to add dry or fresh herbal or mineral material to their oils, some strain the oil afterwards , others leave herbal material in bottles. People that manufacture larger amounts of occult oils, for purposes of providing them as occult supplies at their stores, are known to add herbal material to mother/key/master/source ( almost every manufacturer has another word they use to address their supply oils or stock oils ) oil, while selling the strained, or shall we say clear oil in bottles, usually not larger than 30ml ( 1oz approximately ). Others add herbs in each of the bottles of oil made. Whether You will add herbs, or use simply essential oils to Your base oil, appears to be purely personal choice, left on oil maker to decide. However I would strongly, and with best intentions , advise anyone whod ask me, to use herbal material and then add essential oils, as an addition, to further supercharge the oils. Also many herbs do not contain essential oils in reasonable amounts or at all , or the method of extraction is too complicated and expensive, or even very presence of essential oil in herb is still unknown/unconfirmed . Simply put, some botanicals we use in potion making , do not exist in essential oil form. For example Five Finger Grass or High John the Conqueror roots are common ingredients of Hoodoo condition oils, and they certainly do not contain essential oil. Some of these herbs ( two examples I mentioned included ) can be purchased as one ingredient infused magickal oils ( for Example John the Conqueror occult oil, or Five Finger grass oil etc . ) To illustrate this better, I will list few ingredients, raw herbal material often found in bottles of completed magickal oils ( please note that the herbs mentioned are mostly ingredients of Conjure oils and Hoodoo Condition oils, which are for some folks the same, I however note a small difference between the two ) High John TC root ( Ipomea jalapae radix ) is a single ingredient of High John The Conqueror oil, which can sometimes be scented with Cedarwood or Patchouli, just to intensify the Earthly odor of the root . It is a root of the plant from Solanace family, playing important role in African American folk magick, and is considered a very lucky curio, that when carried, attracts money, passions, helps overcome the obstacles, controls and influences people and acquire success in hazard games and gambling. It can be found in oils for gambling, domination and sometimes in Cast off evil type formula. Five Finger Grass leaf ( Potentilae folium , Potentilae officinalis folium ) is one of the most used green plants in Hoodoo ( plant from which we do not use root, bark or occasionally seeds ) and is found as ingredient of Five Finger Grass oils , Success, Luck and Uncrossing oils. Can also be found in Dream oils and Protection oils, while European practitioners can add it as ingredient of Astral travel oils and Power oils.

Dragons blood resin ( Dracaena Draco ) is obviously ingredient of Dragons blood oil and is found in commercially made Fiery wall of protection formulas, though many believe that such practice ( adding Dragons blood resins to Fiery wall of protection ) is perpetuated by followers of Herman Slater formulary and Wiccan practitioners. In Hoodoo Dragon blood can be added to Love. Marriage, and Luck oils ( as the curio itself, larger resins are considered extremely lucky ) and also Pact oils and inks. Angelica root ( Angelicae Archangelicae radix ) is available in essential oil form too. However due to Root doctors inclinations toward usage of roots ( hence the name lol ) and the fact that the essential oil is highly phototoxic, even diluted, the root is more often used. It is used in formulas to attract benevolent spirits, protect and empower women, uncross and exorcise, and often whole roots or root chips are placed in each bottles of the oils made. Flax seeds ( ) are common ingredient of oils that are used to strengthen the mind, soothe and aid in psychic work. Essential oil is not available. Yarrow flower heads of whole herb ( Achilea mileofoli flos et herba ) are used in uncrossing and Jinx removing formulas, and also in psychic family of products, sometime in friendship oil too. Cayenne pepper flakes, crushed fruit with seeds ( Capiscum annui fuctus ) are used in Uncrossing , Hot Foot, and Run Dev*l Run, Get away, Banishment and also Crossing formulas. Although the essential oil is manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical companies, it is very aggressive and skin irritant oil, so should be evaded in all recipes for oils that will be used for dressing ourselves and other people. Whole peppers can often be see whole, in conjure oils

Also, when making Occult oils that honor specific deities or Planetary oils, its customary to add whole herbs, rather than essential oils. Even more so because, again, many of those simply do not exist in essential oils form. Should You wish to make Obatalas oil for example, You wont be able to find Four o Clock plant in essential oil, and it is a very desirable, If not mandatory ingredient. Essential oils Essential oils have important role in making magickal oils, as they are a great empowerment, and sometimes the sole ingredient/s, diluted in base oil that is. Oils influenced by New Age mostly contain only base oil, with essential oil/oils diluted in it. This is indeed a fast way of making magickal oil, however the question consequently imposes, how effective is such oil ? Magickal oil is more than

aromaterapheutic synergic blend. In my humble opinion, the best way to make oils is to use both herbal and/or mineral and/or animal material, alongside addition of essential oils. Another mistake commonly made, and perpetuated by tendencies of New Age practitioner towards omni-theistic correspondences ( every ingredient is good for anything, the intention is only important and alike claims of New Age movement followers ) is vast specter of almost universal magickal properties of each essential oils. Some oils have similar magickal use, to one they have in aromatherapy ( like chamomile and lavender, ingredients of Balsamo Tranquilo or Tranqulity oil ) , but certainly not all. Some oils have same uses as plants that are the source for their creation, while some have different usage. All those being important magick-related information, often neglected Angelica e. oil. Uncrossing, Female power enhancing, Angelic magick Anise seed e. oil Psychic powers enhancing, repelling evil eye, sleep and dream magick , Road opening in Creole and Santeria Allspice e. oil very good addition to any oil to attract customers, sell something or get a raise. Also makes a good addition to Success type oils Basil Evil repellent, Exorcism Ingredient of Peaceful Home oil, money and love attraction, Bay Laurel leaf e. oil for any formula that is used to dress the head, ingredient added sometimes to Crown of Success and Protection formulas, good addition in St. Michael the Arch. oil, also to strengthen the mind Bergamot Success formulas, Domination and Bend over formulas, ingredient of many Spiritual waters, Perfumes and Colognes Benzoin essential oil Used in Blessing work , Tranquility and ingredient of Steady work oil Black pepper Ingredient of Hot foot , used in Protection work, and Exorcism Camphor e. oil is used mainly in cleansing and health work, but can be found in exorcism and pyschicism formulas, though for last two, chulks of camphor are used rather than oils Citronella One of the ingredients in Van Van oil, and famous New Orleans Lucky floorwash, cleansing agent, and luck bringing ingredient Cedarwood Healing, Cleansing and enhancing Masculine power and energy, sometimes used to scent High John TC oil Cinnamon used in great number of formulas, for fiery protection, exorcism, ingredient of Red Fast luck, ingredient of money attraction formulas Cloves essential oil Used in money, luck, exorcism work, also attracts luck to dwellings and can be added to anti slander mixtures Eucalyptus e. oil Cleansing , Protection, Banishing negative residual energies Frankincense essential oil Used in Devotional formulas for Saints, Christian oils, in any Spiritual work oil, often used in combination with Myrrh and/or other oils such as Rose oto or Rose absolute to give extra power and odor to Healing and Spirit attraction oils, also good addition in Power oil, though in last case Frankincense tears seem more fitting to me Hyssop e. oil Cleansing and Uncrossing

Jasmine absolute oil Used for enhancing precognitive dreaming and general psychic work Lavender e. oil love, health, harmony and peaceful thoughts Lemongrass e. oil cleansing, main ingredient of Van Van and New Orleans Conjure Water Lemon essential oil Cleansing agent, cutting ties with past, undoes bindings Marjoram essential oil Used in Law keep away type of work and Legal work in general. Sometimes it can be found as addition in Confusion formulas, which is strange because as herbal material is one of the ingredients in Balsamo Tranquilo Melissa absolute Used in healing, Youth and beauty formulas Mint essential oil Used for protection, mental strength and a good addition to Jinx removal oils Myrrh essential oil This very sweet and strong scented essential oil is brilliant addition to Healing and Spiritual work ( look also Frankincense essential oil ) Orange ( Flowers ) essential oil Used in Marriage and love work , ingredients of Spirit ( Colognes )and Orange water Pine ( Needles ) Essential oil Spiritual cleansing, Evil spirit repellent, can be added to Chinese wash and alike floor washes Rose oto or Rose absolute oil Love, Healing and ingredient of Blessing work Rosemary essential oil Protection , peaceful thoughts, Peaceful Home ingredient Sage e. oil Wisdom, mental balance, Health, Cleansing, protection work Sandalwood Spiritual work, common ingredient of protection oil formulas, also used in success formulas Spikenard e. oil Love work Thyme e. oil Money drawing scent and removes nightmares Vanilla absolute Love, luck ( Red Fast luck oil ingredient ) Vetiver e. oil Common ingredient in New Orleans type formulas used for anything and everything, in traditional Hoodoo for Luck, Cleansing and Uncrossing Wintergreen e. oil Luck ( Red Fast luck oil ingredient ) and Protection work Ylang Ylang Spiritual work, Honoring the dead, main ingredient of Canaga water cologne

Please , keep in mind that some essential oils are extremely expensive, such as Chamomile, Rose, Frankincense etc. These oils will be sufficient in smallest ammounts, As most of them have heavy, long-lasting scent anyhow. Some are available as diluted in Jojoba oil, usually 10-20% type solutions, and these oils are often sold with suffix absolute in their name ( Jasmine absolute for example ) or otto ( Rose otto ). These are equally good as any other essential oil. Sometimes occult suppliers will offer single ingredient infused condition oils such as Five Fingers grass oil, Dragons blood oil etc . Do not be fooled, those may have heavy scent and may have even be dyed, but those are not essential oils, simply because there are no such essential oils. Some plants have too

violatile and unstable essential oils ( such as honeysuckle ) yet one can see those offered and labeled online as essential oil, so keep Your eyes on those too. Finally, and I do not mean to sound harsh, but If You do not know how to safely handle and use essential oils, go and learn now. It is honestly a time waste to write about Correct/proper methods of handling, storing and using essential oils in occult and magick related texts. You would not read a cookbook If You havent learned how to break an egg or bake something, would You ? Same here. Learn about toxicity and safe ways of using essential oils before You start using them in formulas, that might end up on Your own or someone elses skin.

Minerals Minerals are used as ingredients, mostly in Condition oils ( Hoodoo oils ), though Wiccans and some other tradition practitioners are known to add crystals of various sorts in their oils. So when You purchase a Banishment oil from some occult supplier You mat found a piece of black onyx or black obsidian inside. Since this is not meant to be a book, perhaps an informative pamphlet, I can not write about all minerals magickal usage related to oil making. Instead I will mention the most commonly used in folk magick and Hoodoo and some commonly found in commercial magickal oils. Minerals added to oils vary from most commonly used crystal, in form of small chips or smaller tumbled stones, to minerals such as saltpeter or Epsom salts, even Copper sulfate ( which is poisonous, and therefore not used anymore in oils or any product that will come in contact with Your body ) to metals and other. Although their compound and molecular formula differ, they are all inorganic material ( with very few exceptions in terms of crystals that are actually resins ) and as such are sold under a single name, minerals. Here are few examples Epsom salts ( KOH ) may be added to exorcism, and demons repellent oils, though are most often used in powder recipes, and often as a part of base for bath salts Copper sulfate ( Cu(SO4)2 x 5H20 ) is a poisonous pesticide, sold in form of small blue crystals. They are dissolved in water to make Blue water but are nowadays evaded, and Mexican anil balls, or Laundry blue ( compressed washing soda with blue dye ) are used as equal, and safe replacements. They can be added as dyes to oils, but are rarely used Saltpeter ( NaOH ) are used the same way as Epsom salt in oils, but are more commonly used as self ignitable incenses base and are often added to floorwashes Pyrite ( Iron disulfide ) is a mineral that by appearance resembles raw gold. It is therefore used in money attraction formulas as well as luck formulas, and is often added to oils in form of chips ( mostly Hoodoo ) Lodestone ( Magnetite ) is an ingredient of Attraction oils, Magnet or Lodestone oil and Lucky Lodestone oil ( adding Lodestone to Van Van oil ) and is often sold

Or used in form of either pair of lodestones of chips and grits ( originally Hoodoo ) - Iron and rusted Iron nails can be found in some protection oil formulas and sometimes a single small nail or pins are added to Mars planetary oil. In Hoodoo they are used tom make war water, but as fare as I know not in oils - Black onyx, black opal and black obsidian are used in Banishment oils and are added by many occult suppliers ( New age or Wicca, or some eclectic traditions ) - Rose quartz is added to Love related oils ( New age or Wicaa, or some eclectic traditions ) - Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and some other purple or indigo crystals can be found in Psychic, Dream or AP oils ( New age or Wicca, or some eclectic traditions ) - Broken chains and Silver are added in bottles of Uncrossing oils, being one of the key ingredients ( Hoodoo )

Animal curios Animal curios are often used in folk magick, while Wiccans and New age practitioners will evade their use by all cast, with few possible exceptions . However, as often as they are found as ingredients in Mojo bags, or carried as amulets, they are hardly ever found in oils ( perhaps because they can make the rancid, if not properly cleansed ) . I will list few examples that are most often used in folk magick and Hoodoo Black cat hair Used in Gambling luck oil, divorce work, sometimes in confusion work, to cause and argument, as well as in some general good luck oils, often combined with black dog;s hair Black dogs hair used combined with hairs of black cats to cause disagreement and fight between two people, mostly spouses Crab shell powder can be found in some Reversing oils in a small pinch, due to its great power to reverse spells back on to who cast them and send back evil spirits Cascarilla ( or eggshell ) could be considered a mineral curio, as it is basically calcium based compound , but I decided to list it here as it comes from animal, and is used in Law stay away formulas and in Balsamo Tranquilo in Espiritismo Alligators tooth when finely cleansed, can be a good addition to power oils to strengthen weak, to bring gamble luck ( Hoodoo ) and to oils dedicated to some Ghede loa

Some practitioners add snake sheds to oils for crossing, or for prolonging life, howeve if they originate from certain snake species , they may not be all that safe to use. Bones can sometimes be added to oils, but honestly that is up to practitioners themselves.

Methods of making and manufacturing oils

Once You learn about ingredients and how to combine them, the technology of making oil comes relatively easy. These are basically standard pharmacological methods of extraction of the active principles ( from herbs and essential oils ) and compounds in oil base. There are two main methods, which I like to refer as warm and cold extraction / infusion 1. Warm extraction, is a procedure of infusion of the herbal ( and possibly other ) ingredients in base oils. For this You will need a double boiler dishes, which means a dish to hold boiling water, and dish that will be placed on top of it or inside, and that will contain oil and the herbal material. You will also need the heat source, as well as some strainer like cheesecloth, and normally a container ( vial, bottle ) to hold the completed products. The herbal material is added to smaller dish ( I use fireproof lab glass containers ) best if with a tight fitting caps. When You have added the herbal material You pour base oil over it, and place the smaller dish into that larger fireproof dish filled with water. You place the larger dish ( with smaller dish inside ) onto the fire source, and leave them cooking for 2-4 hours. Then remove from heat and strain, when colleen. When completely cooled You may add essential oils, more herbs or herbal/animal or other material You wish bottles to contain. 2. Cold extraction, is a simple procedure of infusing of the herbal material in base oil here the herbal material is poured in bottle or container, covered or better yet topped with oil and left for week, or best month to sit. The herbal and other materials are added right away, when making the oil and are most often left inside the bottles, or If You like You can strain the oil. Wiccans repeat the procedure sometimes, adding new herbs each time and leaving the oil to sit for 28 days ( whole lunar cycle, from new to new ). Essential oils, to this type of oil can be added at any point, any time desired. Traditional Hoodoo practitioners are somewhat most fond on this type of oil making. Stock or Mother oils These terms are used when we refer to commercial oils, or better yet when suppliers refer to them. These are larger amounts of oils ( sometimes even gallons and liters ) which serve to pour into smaller bottles, in which after that, curios may be added, such as roots and broken chains for examples, which will later be sold to customers. Stock oils, or mother oils often contain merely essential oils diluted in base oil in large ammounts and may contain lucky curios and items, or sometimes herbal material. Master key stock oil for example will contain base oil with master roots in it, and sometimes even an old key, with addition of essential oils such as Sandalwood, Bergamot and/or others.

Keeping oils fresh In order to keep Your oils fresh longer and to prevent rancidity, add some natural conserver in bottles of oil made. Benzoin tincture in few small drops will help any product last longer, due to its splendid antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicide properties. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and is a great addition to oils that contain fresh herbs or other fresh organic material, or cascarilla for example. As for dosage, since the both are nontoxic, You can not add too much, however the tincture does not dilute in oil, therefore a few drops on 2ozs ( 58ml, approximately ) and as for vitamin E You can add any amount You wish , but a single capsule on 2ozs is all it takes really. Certain essential oils and herbs have strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal active compounds so they make a great conservers as well, plus You might be adding them anyhow. Wild Thyme and Basil, and common Grey Sage ( Salvia officinalis ) are maybe the very best examples, of such, natural, conservers. Oils should be kept in dark glass colored bottles, best choices being amber or cobalt blue. They are quite inexpensive at suppliers or laboratory equipment, online and of course You can always use those of old medicines and essential oils. However a transparent glass will work fine , as long as oil is stored properly. It means oils should be kept on cooler, or room temperature, and away from moisture and direct sunlight. Most oils we purchase wonline come in non-colored or transparent glass, yet they usually have large labels that among other will prevent overheating and exposure to direct light. Dyes and coloring oils Here are some natural sources for dyes, If you dye your oils ( italicized names are best dye choices for specific color given ) Cayenne flakes, Flakes of Alkanet ( Alkana tinctoriae radix, Anchusae radix ), peels of Onion, Red Sandalwood powder, Dragons blood resin all make a good red dye source, Alkanet in particular. It is often used as coloring agent in some Red fast luck oils, and it has money drawing and money jinx uncrossing properties making it a good ingredient of money related oils. Saffron ( Crocus sp. ), and Chamomile are very good if You are to dye Your oils yellow. Red Cabbage leafs, Indigo powder and Laundry bluing make an excellent source of blue dye Poplar ( Alnus sp. ) in smaller amounts should make a good source of green dye, less effective are spinach leaves, or simply combine blue and yellow dyes Beet chips , fresh ( Betae vulgaris radix ) will give a purple color, however You can simply combine Dagons blood and Indigo powder

Major Celandine juice ( Cheliodonum majus ) will color oil orange, and makes a great addition to Law keep away oils , as it banishes officers, helps getting court sympathies Some base oils have color on their own, so You can use those without addition of extra dyes Jojoba for example has a wonderful yellow gold tint, while Grape seed or Olive oil have different shades of green. Castor oil is dark and thick, while the Coconut oil is pale white. Sunflower oil is very pale yellow.

Formulas and examples

Here I will discuss some formulas for oils, both European magick and Hoodoo oils, as well as some Creole and possibly other. The reason behind this is to throw a light on diversity of magickal oils as well as differences in ingredients among traditions. In most of the formulas I wont suggest quantities, as imho they are left for practitioner Individualism and creativity to determine. The formulas are mostly written by me, or are my personal variations of traditional formulas. If formulas is quoted from anothers work, credits and disclaimer will be provided. If the oil formula/recipe was given to me by an informant it will be suggested that its a contribution and credits will be provided if needed ( meaning If I was not authorized by proprietor of the formula to use it ). Therefore, when not specified otherwise formula/recipe is my own. Lets go through few European herbalsim influenced oils for start, comparing some of them with Hoodoo or other oils that have alike uses Astral projection oil This oil formula is designed to help astral projection Five fingers grass Celery seed Mugwort or Wormwood Dittany of Crete Sandalwood essential oil Ylang Ylang essential oil Cinnamon essential oil

Add all to base oil, Almond or Olive oil, and use to dress Your head and pulse spots, prior to going for the nightly rest, when astral projection is desired. This oil will also serve well to boost psychic abilities.

Banishment and Exorcism oil In European herbalism the common recipe that serves both for banishment and exorcism ( of malicious people and spirits ) would be something along these lines Cloves whole Garlic clove Basil leafs or Basil essential oil Whole black peppercorns OPTIONAL Pine essential oil OPTIONAL Heliotrope ( Bloodstoone ) in bottle of oil made

This oil serves as milder people banishment agent, and is the same time more stronger spirit repellent, and exorcism agent. In Hoodoo there are two pan dams to this oil being Hot foot, and Run De*il run oil, Hot foot being especially prized in banishment of nasty people Here is a simple recipe Hot foot oil Red cayenne pepper flakes Black pepper powder Salt Sulphur powdered ( Brimstone )

Different practitioners may add some more ingredients as a personal touch however these ( according to my knowledge ) would make basic ingredients. Sleep time oil ( European ) Anise 1/3 teaspoon or 8 drops of essential oil Rosemary a good spring or 4 drops of essential oil Cinquefoil one to three sprigs Jasmine some flowers of few drops of essential oil Thyme in each bottle made in a teaspoon or three sprigs ( optional but recommended )

All to 1/8 cup or 20ml of base oil, and You may add a piece of amethyst to each bottle made . Protects against nightmare and spiritual attacks and malevolent influences while asleep One can see how this oil, even though composed by myself following European herbal magick suggestions, it could be a good Hoodoo oil too.

Dream oil ( Hoodoo ) Frankincense tears ,some Thyme in a good pinch Five finger grass, one larger leaf Sandalwood oil 7 drops Jasmine absolute few drops Ylang Ylang oil 7 drops ( OPTIONAL )

There, as you see those two are quite alike, though this is not always the case when making comparison among European influenced and classical Hoodoo condition oils. Money, prosperity, gamble oils and Business success These formulas seem quite similar among Europeans and African-American Hoodoo folk. However differences exist. The main difference is that, when we speak of Condition oils ( Hoodoo oils ) they ought to contain roots, such as Bayberry root, a key component in majority of Hoodoo money related oil, while European oils focus largely on green, aromatic and fresh spices, Bergamot essential oil and Patchouli essential oil. Here are few examples, for illustrative purposes Money oil ( European ) Basil leafs , a teaspoon Patchouli leafs , a teaspoon Cinnamon powder , good pinch of it Honesty seeds ( few in each of the bottles made ) Bergamot essential oil , 7 drops

All in 2ozs of essential oil. Money oil ( Hoodoo version ) Bayberry root Bayberry oil ( essential is hardly available, so use infused ) Patchouli leafs or Cinnamon powder or sticks Lodestone Pyrite chips Patchouli essential oil

The given Hoodoo formulation, can be used as Money come to me ( Dinero ven a mi ) , and as You see some of the ingredients are similar to those in European formula. When it comes to European business success, raise and such, I am yet to see a decent formula. Meaning, use Hoodoo oils of the business family Which include traditional formulas such as Boss fix , Get a raise, Steady work and other. If You purchase Steady work make sure it contains Joe pye weed root, salt and Benzoin essential oil, or if You dont see Gravel root inside the bottle ( Joe Pye weed ) make sure it has De*il shoestrings. Allspice and cinnamon make great addition to the formula. Hoodoo features certain condition oils that not only will bring money and prosperity, but also preserve Your money, and keep You from overspending. A very good example is Money stay with me, which should not be without Alfalfa or Comfrey leaf. There are also Gambling oils, and here is a simple example, intended to bring general luck while gambling Gamblers lucky oil High John TC root, whole or chips Whole nutmeg Black cat hair Pyrite chips Cloves Five finger grass leaf Lodestone or Alligators tooth

This is pretty much a universal formula, Ive composed, having in mind so many types of hazard games, so it can be used in versatile fashion .It is somewhat similar to Black cat brand. Due to constant pursue of money, and tendency to take part in Games of chances and lottery, these type of formulas were ( and are ) a very fruit bearing area in Hoodoo, Conjure and Folk magick community. So we have formulas such as Lucky thirteen designed to turn bad luck into luck, or even Aunt Sallys dream products, designed to reveal You the winning numbers of lottery. There is also the famous Lady luck oil, which can be used for general luck drawing as well. Luck and Success oils Luck and success oils are used as the name implies, to draw luck and success in someones life, pass tests, have successful business or other kind ventures, counteract bad luck conditions etc. Here is a simple, easy, multi-use luck formula Lucky oil

Dragons blood chunk Vertivert essential oil Citronella essential oil Lemongrass essential oil Lodestone

There are many other good types of occult oils for luck, some designed to make You lucky in money area, some in romantics, some in both. Example of the last mentioned is Red fast luck based on Zora Neale Hurston folkloric writings, from her account Mules and Mans. The formula is quite familiar and well known, therefore I wont further elaborate about Red fast luck in this publication. I will just add that this is a brilliant formula to bring luck in a hurry. There is a very famous line of Voodoo Hoodoo products, used in New Orleans type Conjure, called Algires, famous for its efficiency, focus on good luck and slightly peculiar choice of ingredients. For Your convenience, here is a formula of Algieres gambler luck oil, particularly good for so called crap games, games of chance and any form of gambling really Algires oil Carnation petals ( grounded ) Cinnamon essential oil Sandalwood essential oil Some brown sugar Saffron spice in a small pinch

All to a base oil, such like Grapeseed oil, or Almond. Olive oil will work fine as well, but make sure to add a capsule of vitamin E. Some African American Conjure practitioners from Louisiana told me that Sassafras is also commonly added to this formula. Crown of Success is very famous traditional formula to bring luck, that often contains Vertiver essential oil, Sandalwood chips, Bay Laurel essential oil, Frankincense and other additional ingredients. Formulas differ slightly among practitioner, as many usually do. Love oils Love oils are sweet smelling, odorous and attractive , often used as perfumes, to attract Targeted individuals, seduce or fascinate them. This is another very prosperous area of oil magick in general. Appears that as long as its Floral and sweet scented, formula is in place. They appear under many names Love me oil , Attraction oil , Fire of passion . Q oil , Follow me boy/girl oil , I dominate my man/women oil, Cleo may

( which was reintroduced as oil, it is believed it was initially a perfume formula, like Jockey club for example ) and others. As one notices, there are subgenres such as love domination. Here is a European formula Scent of romance , European style oil Rose petals, or red May rose Lovage chips Rose otto Cinnamon powder Palmarosa essential oil Orange essential oil

And fro comparisons, here is a Condition oil, I named Clinging love, You may guess why upon inspecting the formula Clinging love Lavender essential oil Rose otto Red Clover flowers Hyacinth Passionflower

Apotrophaic oils This category ( oil family ) contain all oils used to protect form evil, repel evil, Uncross, reverse magick. Spiritually cleanse, Exorcise, Banish evil etc. As You see the family is vastly rich so I will try to be concise as much as I can. Youve probably heard of some of the most famous oils of this genre, some of which widee spread, almost worldwide used, such as Van Van, or Fiery wall of protection oils. These mentioned are condition oils ( meaning ones made accordin to Hoodoo herbalism ) however Wiccans and Europeans also make brilliant protection oils. Here is my recipe for Protection oil made according to general herbal correspondences, influenced greatly by European Green Witchery Protection oil Gardenia petals Sandalwood chips, or essential oil of Sandalwood Frankincense tears Salt

Five Fingers grass Mint essential oil ( just few drops ) OPTIONAL : Bent iron nail, small one

As base oil best if use solution of Castor oil in some other base oil, like Almond or Olive. Now I must mention there are different sorts of protection formulas, and not just in terms of oils, depending on the type of danger formula is meant to prevent from, or ward off. We have formulas to prevent accidents, or to prevent bad luck, those that protect from evil magick, evil spirits, meddling people, police officers and law enforcers of all kinds, or ones that are rather universal and cover great specter of protective uses. Good example of the last type of oil mentioned is Fiery wall of protection, a famed Hoodoo formula made with Ginger rhizome pieces, Angelica root chips or pieces, Salt and other. Now here is another example, the simpler version of oil I make, called Luminous protection oil, and despite being simpler version, I gave here the key ingredients Luminous protection oil ( simple version ) Peony root, piece Blessed or Consecrated salt in a pinch Frankincense grains, in half a teaspoon White mustard seeds, in half a teaspoon

All to 30ml of base oil. Very good for protection from all sort of spiritual dangers, dark magick, and evil spirits. It can be used as devotional oil for Christians ( add some Hyssop to make it Christian devotional oil ) or even for spiritual healing, especially against unnatural diseases, ones caused by harmful magick. It creates a sort of spiritual barrier, so it can be used to dress home to protect it, or even worn on oneself. Uncrossing oils should have Hyssop and broken chain as key ingredients, with possible addition of other Uncrossing agents, such as Angelica, Salt, Rue, Patchouli essential oil or other, . There are also, more targeted Uncrossing oils such as Love Uncrossing oil or Money Uncrossing oil or Jinx killer, which is good against crossings that cause misfortune as well as against lain tricks . Reversing oil contain ingredients that reverse already cast spells, hexes, tricks done etc. Other than herbal ingredients, they sometimes contain crab shell powder, a famed Hoodoo and Voodoun reversing mineral curio. Exorcism oils act as spirit repellents, and very strong banishment agents. They often contain Cayenne, Sulphur or even Asafoetida, that is known as crossing agent too. Example of popular and powerful exorcism oil is Run D Run oil. Cleansing oils could fall under this category, and here is a quick and powerful one Universal cleansing oil Hyssop leaves Salt

Essential oil of Lemongrass Essential oil of Citronella Essential oil of Eucalyptus

This one can be added to florwashes, baths and is good for space clearing, and You can add it to shower gel or soap to use after contact with nasty people. It is slightly reminiscent to Van Van oil formula, having two ( there of we count salt ) also found Van Van oil oil formula and in so called Henry grass oil Other oils There are many other types of oils, which could be added under categories I already discussed, Such as Court oils ( Courtroom oil, Friendly judge, Just judge ) , Law keep away oils and formulas, Spiritual development and wisdom oil ( King Solomons wisdom oil, Pass test , Master key, Psychic vision oil , Power oil ) , Influence type oils ( Influence, Essence of Bend over ) , Peace oils ( Peaceful home, Tranquility ) , Healing oils, Crossing oils, Spiritual work and Pact oils, Cast off evil and other. Undoubtedly some oils, can fall under more than one category such as Road opener oil or Cut and Clear oil. There are also devotional oils , oils composed and used in concurrence with certain deities ( Saints, Loas or pagan deities ). Many devotional oils also perform specific functions, such as protection, exorcism, road opening, peace etc. If I was to write about all of them, and variations in their ingredients, usage and other, I could fill pages of a book. I can not do that this time and here. For Your convenience, and for illustrative purposes, I will share a few examples: Peaceful home oil Sandalwood chips or essential oil Rosemary Branch or essential oil Basil leaves or Basil essential oil White rose bud, or small white rose flower Cumin seeds OPTIONAL: Borage flowers OPTIONAL: Pennyroyal, whole herb

All in base oil, best choice is Almond or Olive oil. Spiritual power/ Power oil Power oil is a condition oil, that increases largely one's Spiritual, and personal power, and can be used in spells aiming Spiritual development, as well as to enhance rituals and spells in general. It can be somewhat used as "Agree with me" oil formula, and with addition of certain curios even like Master oil . It is most similar to the "Master key" oil formula and here is my formulation, being inspired by the version of the formula given in "Charms, spells and formulas" by Ray T. Malbrough

A teaspoon of Frankincense grains A teaspoon of Lemon rind Some Orange flowers or rind Few crushed Bay leaves Master root or Master of the Woods herb in each bottle of the oil made Sandalwood essential oil 7 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil 7 drops Bergamot essential oil in 5 drops OPTIONAL: Myrrh or Benzoin ( few resins )

Pa Legba oil Oil for devotional work with PaPa Legba, A Creole Voodoo Loa. Also used for road opening Coffe grinds, three of them Brown sugar, three small pinches Three drops of rum Anise essential oil Mint essential oil

Crossing oil General oil used in harmful spellcraft, a crossing agent. Asafetida in a teaspoon Cayenne pepper flakes half a teaspoon ( or a whole cayenne pepper ) Vandal root half a teaspoon

All in base of mineral oil, or mixture of almond and mineral oil, or simply almond oil.

St. Michael the Archangel oil Oil used in work with St. Michael the Archangel oil. It is commonly used in Fiery wall of protection work, and for shielding form and warding off evil spirits. Add to spells used to remove old or stubborn Crossed conditions, and those done with the help of evil Spirits. Angelica root chips

Bay laurel leaves Salt Cloves, seeds Frankincense tears Orange essential oil Cinnamon essential oil

All to base of Olive oil. This formulation Ive composed, is bit a de lux version of formula. Make sure it contains Angelica Roots , Frankincense tears and Bay Laurel leafs and some Orange essential oil and You are all fine. Many practitioners will add Dragons blood, which is good for protection, but not among herbs correspondent to/with Archangel Michael, therefore Dragon blood resin is entirely optional addition here. Archangel Gabriel oil Oil used when working with Archangel Gabriel, dreams, visions, precognition, growth, fertility, healing, inspired among other by Christian lore, iconography and beliefs Sandalwood chips Lemon essential oil Jasmine absolute Anise seeds Calamus rhizome White Lilly flower White Rose flower

All to base of Almond or Olive oil. Ju Ju oil This is a traditional Voodoo-Hoodoo formula, indigenous to New Orleans and Louisiana, and allegedly derives from an old African recipe. It is used for many things, crossing, uncrossing and spiritual work, among the most common. The formula presented here is a variation of the original formula as given to me by a New Orleans local conjure lady Galangal root Master root Mimosa flowers , a very nice pinch of those Whole Cayenne pepper Aarons rod leaf, large, dry and crumbled Sandalwood essential oil few drops Patchouli essential oil few drops Vertivert essential oil , as much as You see fit

All that in a good smaller bottle of base oil, a good carrier oil is almond, castor or Olive. Bibliography and suggested reading , Appendix If You are to specialize in creating magickal oils. You better know Your herbal correspondences well, and doctrine of signatures before all. Then technology of making oils, usage and properties of base and essential oils and so on. Here is a list of some useful magickal texts, some of which were consulted for writing this publication*, with my personal opinions regarding these texts given. Hoodoo Herb and Root magic, A materia magica of African-American Conjure* by Miss Catherine Yronwode a classic in terms of Hoodoo herbalism, from what could be called academic perspective on magick or roots in modern day Conjure and Hoodoo community. Contains plethora of useful advices regarding practical application of herbs and minerals, and in my humble opinion a brilliant chapter regarding use and role of links ( personal concerns ) in magick of the folk. Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook* Alvarado, Denise , one of the most informative texts about New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo magick there are. This is another classic book in terms of Hoodoo and should find place in any occult library, for it deals with everything from Voodoo Hoodoo pantheon and the history of the system, to formulas and proper procedures regarding bathing, cleansing, and addressing both Loa and the Saints. Also contains priceless excerpts from classical Hoodoo texts ( Henry Middletons work among other ) Hoodoo mysteries* By Ray T. Malbrough A book that is criticized by some, because many claim the title should have been Voodoo-Hoodoo mysteries. The book deals equally with classic and modern Hoodoo as much with old style conjure and practice of Spiritual church and has amazing chapter on bathes. However, we must note that the herbal formulas Sir Ray T. Malbrough provides are often influenced by European and Saex Wicca herbalism ( some not all ) Charms spells and formulas* by Ray T. Malbrough contains treasury of formulas and recipes for Hoodoo and Conjure work, though formulas being bit skinny sometimes Cunninghams Encyclopedia of magickal herbs* Cunningham, Scott What the title says Book of incenses, oils and brews Cunningham, Scott Source of formulas for green witchery most commonly quoted and consulted. However most of the formulas are based on general occult herbal correspondences, and could be hardly seen as Hoodoo formulas.

The book contains brilliant info on the very technology and pharmacology of making occult products/supplies The Master book of herbalsm Beyrel, Paul universal herbalism guidebook, form a fresh, eclectic perspective, concise and rich in information Herbs of the Bible* free publication of Google books a priceless source that deals with herbs mentioned in the Good book, being very specific in species and phytogeography, and offering quotes regarding plants and sometimes belifs related to them. Pow wows or a long lost friend an 1820th John George H. classical text on the magick of Pennsylvania Dutch, that has been influential on modern Hoodoo practice. Its a collection of folk beliefs and remedies Folklore from Adam County Illinois * by Harry Middleton Hyatt one of the staple texts of modern Hoodoo, and many herbal formulas can be reconstructed upon voracious and detailed reading entries regarding herbs or cures for specific conditions, or lucky curios. Some of the entries though are plain silly, and author probably noted them out of professionalism as folklorist and collector. People lie Ill add Hoodoo in theory and practice * an online collection of information written and composed by Miss Catherine Yronwode, highly informative, especially when it comes to procedures of rituals and spellcraft in Hoodoo and history of Hoodoo. Green Witchcraft 1 and 3 by Ann Moura rich in information of European and Wiccan herbalism , and herbs and green spells associated with nature spirits, Druidism, Celts Conjure Cookbook* by Thalia Felix a brilliant, concise formulary, though with ( according to some respected conjures ) mistakes regarding herb substitutions Herbal magick, witches guide to folklore and enchantments* by Dunwich, Gerina Positively amazing book on herbal magick, with reference and mention of some of the oldest sources and written documents about superstitions and beliefs of various culures and traditions on herbs and plants. Offers examples of herbal lore and beliefs in various traditions and has a nifty little chapter with Hoodoo herbs, where the trademark Hoodoo herbs are elaborated on. The author also gives some examples of mojos containing herbs. Appendix About formulas, and their composition Formulas provided in this publications are all my own personal recipes, except two following :

1) Algires oil given to me by a person from a certain online community, and he wanted to remain unnamed 17th page of this publication 2) Ju Ju oil given to me via online correspondence, by Miss A. L. from New Orleans, which is credited with her initials only, as it was her own term to provide the formula for me. Once again, great thanks Miss A 22nd page of this publication The rest are based mostly on three things, being traditional formulas, doctrine of signatures and intuitive insight. Ive spent great deal of time ( years to be more specific ) or researching books and entries online on herbal magick, and persuading knowledgeable people to discuss about herbalism with me. Constant, and Ill be immodest, devoted work led to decent knowledge of herbal correspondences and methods of use herbs in magick in different traditions. Some traditional formulas were given to me , or main ingredients were suggested to me, in which case I would make up the rest, taking much care about doctrine of signatures. Finally some ingredients I simply felt inclined to add, and upon inspecting the final formula, they would appear as fitting or in place. In this publication, I have chosen to focus slightly more on universal rather than brand ( authentic, old, original specific condition oils such as Van Van for example ) oils, as they have more versatile use, are more suited for beginners and most important, were my own recipes. In my personal opinion, being in possession of some authentic recipe does not give me rights to share it, despite the fact that no one really holds copyrights on them. They are part of folkloric history, and someones ( some peoples ) national and cultural heritage, and since they are not willing to make the formulas public, for anyone, I certainly feel the least invited to do so ! The fact that someone saw me worthy of sharing traditional formulations with, or that Ive spend hours, days or months, persuading someone to give them away, or I myself have , in a way, traded with other magickal secrets ( mostly from my native place magickal systems, being traditional Balkan witchery and Mediterranean magick ) still does not allow me to share these with general public. And since this is supposed to be a publication available to anyone with access to the internet, providing such formulas did not seem fair, despite the fact that I do gladly share information, if my friends are to be judges, even way too easy and too much Some formulas I, deciphered putting together various bits of information from various sources, folkloric entries and suggestions for ingredients available in magickal texts or online. Finally, people will occasionally address to me, saying I have somehow found out their own personal formulas ( that they make and sell ) , or even back - engineered them. I have had this happen to me few times, and I may say these accusations ( if they can even be called that ) are downright silly and often ill-intentioned. People seem to forget that magickal correspondences are same for everyone, so are information gained as a result of spiritual inspiration. As a dear friend once commented we all ride the same spiritual wave , which is very true, and often results in synchronicity of thought, and not only in occultism, there are countless examples of this happening in science. I also do not own billiard dollars worth equipment, neither decades of experience and knowledge in biochemistry to back-engineer any condition oil formula. Considering the simple fact,

that many condition oils sold contain essential oil, isolating and chemically proving their presence, borders with science fiction. Therefore, should any formula of oils provided here appear similar to Your own, I will ask in front not to be bothered with this, as each time I have less patience and toleration for such molestation. Besides, its very rude thing to do, If You havent been taught this ! I provided these formulas for purpose of sharing and education, but that does not mean You can just repost them, or the whole document, be it online or in printed media or books, without giving credits, or in latter case ( printing - wise ) without asking for approval first. Otherwise I sincerely hope, there is something to learn from this humble work, and hopefully it interesting and fun to read. All best and many Blessings , Shadow