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COBOL - Programming Guide

COBOL - Programming Guide

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Published by: mukesh on Jul 01, 2011
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1.VSE/ESA does not support checkpoints being taken by programs executing in
a partition that is larger than 16 megabytes, or in dynamic partitions

2.A checkpoint file must have sequential organization

3.Checkpoints cannot be written to VSAM files

4.Checkpoints cannot be written to 3540 Diskette files

5.Magnetic tape files used to record checkpoints must be unlabeled

6.Checkpoint records cannot be embedded in one of your program files.You
must use a separate file exclusively for checkpoint records

7.Checkpoints during sort operations:

If checkpoints are to be taken on a direct-access device during a sort opera-
tion, add a DLBL statement for SORTCKP in the job control for execution.

If checkpoints are to be taken on a magnetic tape during a sort operation, add
an ASSGN statement for SYS000 in the job control for execution.

Checkpoint records on ASCII-collated sorts can be taken, but the assignment-
name indicating the checkpoint file must not specify an ASCII file.

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