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COBOL - Programming Guide

COBOL - Programming Guide

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If your COBOL/VSE program runs under CICS, observe these CALL restrictions
and requirements:

You can make calls to and from VS COBOL II and/or COBOL/VSE programs.

You can call a pre LE-conforming assembler-language program from a
COBOL/VSE program.You cannot call a COBOL/VSE or a VS COBOL II
program from a pre LE-conforming assembler-language program.

Calls to LE-conforming assembler-language programs are supported.Calls
from LE-conforming assembler-language programs are supported with the
restriction that the assembler-language program is not a main program.

The NODYNAM compiler option must be used if the COBOL/VSE program has
been translated by the CICS translator.

CALL identifier can be used with the NODYNAM compiler option to dynamically
call a program.Called programs can contain any function supported by CICS
for the language.

If you are calling a COBOL/VSE program that has been translated, you must
pass the EIB and COMMAREA as the first two parameters in the CALL state-

COBOL/VSE and VS COBOL II programs cannot CALL or be CALLed by
DOS/VS COBOL programs.EXEC CICS LINK must be used instead.

Support for interlanguage communication (ILC) with other HLL languages is


available.For more detailed information on ILC, see LE/VSE Writing Interlan-


guage Communication Applications.Where ILC is not supported, you can use
CICS LINK, XCTL, and RETURN instead.

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