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COBOL - Programming Guide

COBOL - Programming Guide

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Published by: mukesh on Jul 01, 2011
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In general, most of the coding for your COBOL/VSE programs will be the same
when you want to use SQL/DS.However, to retrieve, update, insert, and delete
SQL/DS services, you must use SQL statements.

When SQL/DS completes processing an SQL statement, it passes the return code
back in the communications area and not in Register 15.Therefore, the
COBOL/VSE RETURN-CODE special register may contain an invalid value.
Because a COBOL/VSE program stores its RETURN-CODE special register into
Register 15 before it returns to its caller, your COBOL/VSE program should set the
RETURN-CODE special register to a meaningful value before returning to its caller.

For details on embedding SQL statements in COBOL programs, see SQL/DS Appli-
cation Programming Guide.

394COBOL/VSE Programming Guide

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