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One day while I was in my philosophy class listening to my teacher's lecture, sh e said that Filipinos are the happiest

people in Asia because Filipinos smile a lot. I instantly believed her because what she said is true. Filipinos smile in every situation that they are faced with. Filipinos still get to joke around eve n if the situation isn't very ideal. I think that there is still hope for our ch anging world. Filipinos, through their smiles, still get to see the silver linin g in every situation and as Christians, they also believe that God will guide th em in their every endeavor. Filipino Christians are not the ideal Christians but they are still Christians. They still have faith in the Lord and that is what m atters and that is why Filipino Christians get to live through every single day in every situation in this changing world. The Filipino youth of today are heavily influenced by the western cultures. They are exposed to vices such as alcohol, cigarette smoking and prohibited drug usa ge. The minds of the youth are already corrupted by these things and they cannot help themselves because they don't know how to cope up with their situations wi thout the use of these vices. I don't think that the youth of today are hopeless . We are not hopeless. We just need to surround ourselves with good people who k now how to cope with situations in a good way and have a positive outlook in lif e. Pessimism can destroy relationships with others and we don't want that. The youth of today should not drown themselves in their own misery and what remains of their innocence need to be protected.