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Digital Photography Fundamentals

Digital Photography Fundamentals

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Published by: Neel Gala on Jul 12, 2011
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Even careful metering sometimes yields an under- or overexposed image. This is why
professional photographers bracket their images, whenever possible, to be absolutely
sure they have a correctly exposed image. Bracketing involves taking three shots of
the same image based on the aperture and shutter values recommended by the light
meter: one shot underexposed one stop, one shot at the recommended exposure,
and one shot overexposed one stop. Shooting the image with a range of three
exposure stops is the best way to ensure you’ll have a properly exposed image.

Note: Most DSLR models have a built-in, automatic exposure-bracketing feature.
Refer to your owner’s manual for directions about how to use it.

Chapter 2 How Digital Images Are Displayed


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