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Minutes of Meeting JNNURM Hyd

Minutes of Meeting JNNURM Hyd

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Published by: Umesh Varma on Jul 12, 2011
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Note Submitted: Sub: GHMC – JnNURM - Minutes of JNNURM Review Meeting conducted by

MD, APUFIDC, with Senior Officials of GHMC, APHB, SBH, TPIMA, and IRMA on 21.06.2010 at 11.30 am - Action taken report submitted – Reg.

The following key issues emerged at the review meeting with GHMC officials, TPIM & IRMA . i. Projects committed for completion in 2010-11: At the outset, the Managing Director, APUFIDC, informed that 10 UI&G Projects costing Rs. 407.18 Cr and 16 BSUP Projects costing Rs. 1620.83 Cr have been sanctioned for implementation by GHMC. From among these, only 3 UI&G projects sanctioned in 2005-06 (Flyovers) are completed. The Managing Director APUFIDC, informed that all remaining 7 UI&G Projects costing Rs. 345.91 Cr (5 SWD Projects, CPP, Musi Revitalisation Project) are committed for completion during 2010-11. Furthermore, 6 BSUP Projects costing Rs.744.23 Crores (Projects sanctioned in 2005-06 and 2006-07) are also committed for completion. In all, 13 projects costing Rs.1090.14 crores are committed for completion in 201011. The SE, Housing, SE, Projects, GHMC, and CE, APHB, assured the MD, APUFIDC, of completion of all the targeted 13 projects by 2010-11. Following are the Projects committed for completion in 2010-11. S.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Name of the Project Infrastructure facilities in slums (Division I to IV) Infrastructure facilities in slums (Division V to VIII) Infrastructure facilities in slums (Division IX to XII) Infrastructure facilities of Houses Constructed under VAMBAY Housing in GHMC (49000 Houses) BSUP Project for Construction of 4550 Houses Charminar Pedastrianisation Project Musi Revitilisation Improvement of Kukatpally Nala-P7 Improvement of Balkapur Channel-P4,P5,P6 Improvement of Murki Nala-P11,P12 Improvement of Murki Nala Secondary DrainslP8,P9,P10 Improvement of Storm Water Drains in Zone 1 and Zone 2 Committed Date of Completion Completed Completed Completed Completed Aug – 2010 Dec – 2010 Mar – 2011 Mar – 2011 Mar – 2011 Mar – 2011 Mar – 2011 Mar – 2011 Mar – 2011


C:\DOCUME~1\ABC\LOCALS~1\Temp\BCL Technologies\NitroPDF5\@BCL@840EF9CE\@BCL@840EF9CE.doc

87 84. Since these 2800 Houses at Abdullapurmet are part of 3080 Houses which are being reduced. SWD in Zone 1 6. The balance 712 Houses will be taken up shortly.91 95. Component Project Title & Cost Project Cost Instalment (to be accessed) Extent of ACA (to be accessed) 8.e. Housing. Hence an Executive Engineer (Housing) will be sent to New Delhi to obtain approved DPR’s from GoI. 1st UC will be submitted in the month Oct -2010 instead of 31-07-2010. 61. i.10 crores C.The SE. APUFIDC.58 11. GHMC. also informed that land is identified and available for the project. Drawing 4th instalment for Integrated Housing Project (49.BSUP 2800 houses Abdullapurmet Sub-total Grand total ii. The SE.86 95. 1st UC will be submitted for release of 2nd instalment in the month Oct-2010 instead of 31-07-2010 1st UC will be submitted for release of 2nd instalment in the month Dec-2010 instead of 31-07-2010.95 23. In this regard it is to submit that about Rs. 11.. that the following UCs for drawing 2nd instalment shall be submitted to APUFIDC: Rs. 105. the project appraisal agency.58 crores) is yet to be grounded.41 68.32 65.2010.e. These authenticated DPR’s i.BSUP 2800 houses – Phase VII B.BSUP 2624houses – Phase IV Construction of 5. 1st UC will be submitted for release of 2nd instalment on Dec 2010 instead of 31-07-2010. APUFIDC.67 8. APUFIDC.BSUP 1976 houses – Phase I Construction of 2. iii.BSUP 1942 houses – Phase III Construction of 4. 95.08. APUFIDC.14 1st UC already submitted for release of 2nd Instalment on 10-06-2010. 69. (Out of 2800. informed that the BSUP project sanctioned in 2008-09 for construction of 2800 houses at abdullapurmet (Rs.18 8.000 houses): The Managing Director.2010.07. 2010. informed the MD. 1st UC will be submitted for release of 2nd Instalment on Dec-2010 instead of 31-08-2010 Will be submitted as per schedule. The SE. This amount is to be met by reducing 3080 Houses under the sanction of 25196 Houses (Phase – I to X) by utilizing this amount of these reduced Houses. 2011 Construction of 2800 houses – 7. By 31. that the project is tendered and shall be grounded latest by end of July. DPR’s approved by GoI are not available with GHMC and have to be obtained from GoI.10 10.35 2nd installment 2nd installment 95.000 houses (4th instalment ACA of Rs. 2088 are proposed to be dropped).By March.89 12.. Construction of 1. By 31.61 11.doc . Housing.22 Will be submitted as per schedule. 2 C:\DOCUME~1\ABC\LOCALS~1\Temp\BCL Technologies\NitroPDF5\@BCL@840EF9CE\@BCL@840EF9CE.92 A.BSUP Jawaharnagar and Gachibowli Construction of 8.BSUP 1856 houses – Phase II Construction of 3. In Crores. informed the MD.15 Cr is required for completion of External Infrastructure works for 21621 Houses (Under 49000) taken up by GHMC. is shared immediately.12 2nd installment 2nd installment 2nd installment 2nd installment 2nd installment 2nd installment 124.124. In this regard it is submitted that HUDCO is requesting to furnish the authenticated DPR’s for all BSUP Projects. informed that the 4th instalment for the BSUP project envisaging construction of 49.UI&G and 2 – Rs. Non-started Projects: The Managing Director.31 97.25 crore) shall not be released by GoI unless information requested by HUDCO. APUFIDC.

3 C:\DOCUME~1\ABC\LOCALS~1\Temp\BCL Technologies\NitroPDF5\@BCL@840EF9CE\@BCL@840EF9CE. by 20th July. which is nearing completion.011 houses are occupied by housing beneficiaries in Hyderabad. and Social Security. 15 Community Centres have been completed. Housing. Issue of loans to Housing Beneficiaries: The Managing Director. only 14. APUFIDC. in addition to housing units and physical infrastructure. vi. 45 Community Centres. observed that from among 42.0 lakh people shall reside and with a view to ensure the 78. drew attention of officials present that construction of social infrastructure was not taken up as scheduled. 13770 Beneficiaries of Ranga Reddy District is updated.50 km Jogging Track. Degree in Sociology/Social Work/Communication with 5-10 Years of experience. The balance 17 Community Centres which pertain to the works of Infrastructure Facilities in Slums of Division IX to XII have been taken up and completed.669 houses completed. assured MD.746 houses sanctioned for Hyderabad have necessary social amenities. tenders have not been called for construction of 15 Community Centres. Ensuring provision of Social Infrastructure: The Managing Director. v. Establishment of PIUs: List of Professionals under BSUP Scheme Sl. and CE. APUFIDC. it emerged that for the BSUP project titled “Infrastructure in Division IX to XII” (sanctioned in 2005-06). M. These Social Infrastructure Projects can be taken up only after completion of the above Houses. The MD. These Social Infrastructures projects pertain to 25196 Houses which were sanctioned in the year 2008-09. 48 Multi Utility Centres. Project Management Officer has been put in place through M/s TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Social Development Officer. APUFIDC. GoI has. Establishment of PIUs: The Managing Director. informed that in the houses sanctioned for Hyderabad. APUFIDC.50 km 474 0 0 0 0 During the review. Ltd.No. including Education.iv. GHMC. The SE. The MD.doc .A Social Work/Sociology with 5-10 years of experience in imparting training of similar activities. over 4. APUFIDC. 474 Community Bins are to be constructed under the sanction of 4550 & 25196 Houses. The position of Livelihood Development Specialist and Research & Training Specialist has been put in place through MEPMA. in all integrated housing projects. sanctioned the following social amenities: Sanctioned Completed Remarks Out of 62 Community Centres which are yet to be completed. The position of Project Coordinator (Housing & Slum Development). These 45 Community Centres will be taken up after completion of the above Houses. APHB. The SE. Degree with 12 years relevant experience in-charge site as well as office. 1 2 3 4 5 Position Project Coordinator (Housing & Slum Development) Social Development Officer Livelihood Development Specialist Project Management Officer Research & Training Specialist Education Qualification Graduate in Engineering with 5-10 Years of experience Master of Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences with 5-10 Years of experience. 2010. 2010. informed that the list of beneficiaries is not updated. Healthy. 41 Anganwadis. (Project Management Consultancy Services along with Quality Assurance for the various project works taken up under JNNURM in GHMC). APUFIDC. 19. APUFIDC requested GHMC and APHB officials to ensure convergence of the Seven Points Charter. Project wise status will be furnished by 31st July 2010. APUFIDC. GHMC has however not submitted list of professionals positioned in the PIU. of formation of PIUs before end of July. informed that project-wise status of convergence of the 7 point charter shall be furnished to MD. Community Centres 186 124 Multi Utility Centres Anganwadis Jogging Track Community Bins 48 41 19. 45 Community Centres pertain to 4550 & 25196 Houses. These will be taken up after completion of the Houses. The MD. informed that 13 professionals are sanctioned for positioning in the PIU (5 for BSUP component and 8 for the UI&G component) in GHMC.

2010.A Sociology with 5 years of experience. APUFIDC. viii. Human Resource Development Personnel Management/ HR with 5 years of experience. also informed that committed target of 90% for PT collection. Updating information on IPOMS/PMES: Physical. GHMC. Ltd. All the concerned Executive Engineers have already been informed for preparation & submission of O&M Plans by 31st July. informed that Display Boards will be positively displayed at all prominent locations by 10th of July. (Project Management Consultancy Services along with Quality Assurance for the various project works taken up under JNNURM in GHMC). Urban Planning Officer. GHMC. 2010. Implementation of Rules issued on Public Disclosure Law is under process & will be implemented in due course. Preparation of O&M Plans for all UI&G and BSUP Projects GHMC has not formulated O&M Plans for UI&G and BSUP Projects so far The MD.100% The Managing Director. 2010. 85% for PT coverage. Environment Officer BE/B. The SE. Urban Planning Officer Civil Engineer with 7 year experience in Urban Planning & Architectural works. of immediate action on the subject and submission of action taken report on the subject by 15th July. Public Health Engineer BE/ B. The position of Human Resource Development Officer will be put in place by ASCI. 4 C:\DOCUME~1\ABC\LOCALS~1\Temp\BCL Technologies\NitroPDF5\@BCL@840EF9CE\@BCL@840EF9CE. Reforms. All the Executive Engineers of JNNURM works were informed to erect Display Boards immediately. Procurement Officer. APUFIDC. Officer The position of Information Technology Officer. Beneficiaries Lists. APUFIDC. observed that the following reforms which ought to have been completed by the year 2009-10 are under progress: As on 30-06-2010  Property Tax Coverage (78% as against target of 80%) – 80%  Property Tax Collection (85% as against target of 87%) – 87%  Adoption of GIS – Committed for completion by 2008-09 (50% completed). desired submission of O&M Plans for completed projects by end of July. The SE. Social Development Officer.  User Charges – Solid Waste Management (83% as against target of 85%) & Parks + Playgrounds (64% as against target of 65%) .Establishment of PIUs: List of Professionals under UI&G Scheme Sl. 2010. The position of Municipal Finance Officer has been put in place by the Finance section of GHMC. and 100% cost recovery of O&M expenditure in SWM and Parks & Playgrounds will be completed during the financial year. Financial Progress Reforms and Beneficiaries list not updated. 85% for PT coverage. of immediate action on the subject and submission of action taken report on the subject by 15th July. assured the MD. Physical and Financial progress will be updated by 31st July. GHMC. x. xi.Tech Civil/ Mechanical with 5 years of experience. Implementation of Rules issued on Public Disclosure Law The SE. GHMC. APUFIDC. APUFIDC. assured the MD. assured disclosure of information pertaining to all 24 subjects by 15th July.Tech in Civil Engineer/ Mechanical with 5 years of experience. ix. and 100% cost recovery of O&M expenditure in SWM and Parks & Playgrounds are to be completed during the financial year. Environment Officer has been put in place through M/s TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. The SE. Putting up JNNURM Display Boards at Sites.doc . vii. 2010. Public Health Engineer. Procurement Officer Professional expertise in Establishing & Operating system for Procurement with 5 years of experience. Social Development Officer M. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Position Information Technology Officer Municipal Finance Officer Education Qualification MIS Specialist / Planning Engineer CA or MBA in finance / Commerce background with 5-10 years of experience.No. The committed target of 90% for PT collection. Progress on Reforms vis-à-vis Commitment until 2010-11: The MD.

2010. There is no provision in estimate for flow measuring devices. Work is in progress. 4. GHMC. Reply already submitted in the month of May – 2010. Road alignment from Chaderghat to Wahednagar vis Shankernagar not yet resolved. Submission of Action Taken Reports on observations of IRMA and TRIM Agencies. Formation of CVTCs (City Volunteer Technical Corps) The SE. Save Musi Campaign: 1. Satisfactory reply to be furnished by GHMC on replacement of RCC WALLS WITH CC (1:3:6) Mix) walls – IRMA to furnish comments on ATR furnished by GHMC in respect of deviations. - Action initiated for removal of encroachments. 2. CPP Project: Kerbs. Action initiated. xiii. PMC appointed 3. Necessary Core test have been conducted for P9 and P12 in consultation with APUFIDC / IRMA For P11 the site is not clear it is full of encroachments. Restoration of road on south corridor held up due to unresolved issues between GHMC and HMWSSB. grande paving. Core tests have been conducted only at 53 locations in 3 Nala Projects and must be done at other locations also in consultation with APUFIDC/IRMA in P11/12. 6. The present GHMC staff is inadequate to look after the works. on the formation of CVTC by GHMC. informed that hereafter IRMA observations shall be forwarded to the Central IRMA for remarks. Registers are maintained. Flow measuring devices not installed. As such staff from other departments are being arranged to look after the works. Restoration of road work completed. Similarly. 2. PMC not appointed. After attaining Proper compaction / consolidation. BT Road work is taken up. Only 40% of stretch is available for taking up work remaining 60% affected by encroachments. 2. Under Picket Nala out of 37 structures 35 structures have been removed. Issue of encroachments and approach roads not addressed. 5. footpaths.doc . 4th installments for BSUP works are not being sanctioned unless and until BMTPC offers its remarks on Action Taken by ULBs on observations of TPIM Agencies. Maintained at site. The MD. Register for concrete testing not maintained on site.xii. 5 C:\DOCUME~1\ABC\LOCALS~1\Temp\BCL Technologies\NitroPDF5\@BCL@840EF9CE\@BCL@840EF9CE. which shall in turn be discussed at CSMC Meetings during sanction of installments to ULBs/IAs. Issue of encroachments is being dealt and will be solved at the earliest. 3. how ever estimates will be submitted separately as desired. Registers not maintained properly. Road compaction inadequate. central lighting yet to be taken up – Will be taken up after Road widening works are completed. The following key observations of IRMA need to be addressed immediately: Nala Works: 1. 4. Strength of engineering team to execute work in highly inadequate. the balance will be removed shortly. SWD IN ZONE I AND II 1. APUFIDC. has informed that the process of formation of CVTCs has been initiated and that a status note on the subject shall be submitted before 10th of July. RDP is to be prepared.

05. APUFIDC for further action.2010. weight. Subject to approval the above Action Taken Report will be submitted to Managing Director. 2010. The ATR. The issues on which GHMC is to furnish an action plan for addressing/rectification/rehabilitation of the following items of work communicated vide inspection note dt. The concerned SE’s were informed to initiate action accordingly. and inter alia. All TPIM Agency reports will therefore revision in accordance to guidelines disseminated by APUFIDC. 22.  To pack and seal the gap between the lintel/brick masonry along sides and top of steel frames of doors and windows. APUFIDC informed the TPIM Agency officials that Desk Review and Construction Stage reports submitted are grossly inadequate and need to conform to GoI toolkit.The SE. duly verifying gauge. APUFIDC. APUFIDC of revision and resubmission of reports by 15. Defects attended.  To create records for perusal of BMTPC or any other central agency to indicate works are carried out as per specifications. Will be checked accordingly.  Rectifications to all Steel Frames of Doors and Windows. Reply will be submitted by 31st July 2010. Submission of ATR on inspection report of MD.7. shall be submitted by GHMC on or before 20. Rectified  All internal roads shall be checked for longitudinal/transverse slopes to avoid rainwater stagnation. duly addressing the above issues. Rectification completed.7. Action Plan for drawing funds under UI&G and BSUP will be submitted by 31st July 2010. the MD. The MD. 6 C:\DOCUME~1\ABC\LOCALS~1\Temp\BCL Technologies\NitroPDF5\@BCL@840EF9CE\@BCL@840EF9CE.2010. arresting of leakages in roofs and slabs and dampness in roofs.doc .2010 for onward submission to GoI and TPIM Agencies. GHMC. re-laying of skirting and maintenance of proper slopes in internal flooring.2010.7. Rectified  To remove and replace cracked flooring/settled flooring and provide necessary slope for draining out water. TPIMA assured MD.  Complete schedule with fortnightly break-up for attending to rectifications in brick masonry. and ease of operation. RCC work. APUFIDC. Will be submitted by 31st July. ensure the above discussed issues are addressed at the earliest and a comprehensive status note is shared during the 1st August. plastering. Record being maintained  To submit location-wise convergence of seven point charter and action plan for construction of social amenities. assured submission of Project wise ATR on observations of IRMA by 15. requested submission on project-wise action plan for drawing funds under UI&G and BSUP. While concluding the meeting. The ATR submitted by GHMC does not address the primary concerns and issues raised by APUFIDC. The Team leader. xiv.

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