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Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011) I have received some mails indicating corrections in my translation of the earlier two articles on this subject. I have uploaded the said article to http://scribd.com/yenbeeyes along with the corrections mentioned by the scholars. Readers are requested to kindly verify the web page also to note the correct translations/interpretations of some of the slokas. From this article onwards, all my translations would be reviewed and edited by Sri Chandrashekar Sharma, an eminent astrologer and author of the Book Vedic Astrology demystified.

26. Sri Nanda Yoga

26. Meaning: Venus and Moon in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and malefics in the third and eleventh house constitute a yoga called as Sri Nanda Yoga which will give fame to the native. He will be in possession of wealth, will be held in honour, will be comfortable, will be a person enjoying worldly pleasures and will be very well versed in worship through recital of Mantras. Sri Nanda Yoga person will be calm in disposition and will be having very good qualities. Chandrashekars Comments: This is a variation of Matta Matanga Yoga mentioned in Chandra Kala Nadi.

27. Vipatti Yoga

27. Meaning: Rahu in the 11th house, Saturn in the 5th house, Mars in the 10th house and aspected by Sun and Venus creates Vipatti Yoga. A person having this yoga in his birth chart

Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011) would have killed a child in his previous birth. He should chant the nine Bhijakshara Mantra of Saturn, Rahu and Mars. Explanations: One of the name given to Shani as per Sarvartha Chinthamani is Souri Here in this work the author refers to Saturn as Shouri. Vipatti means calamity. For the given combinations, Ketu will be with Saturn and Rahu as well as Mars will be aspecting Saturn. It is not clear as to the aspect of Sun and Venus. As both have got only the 7th aspect, we should take it that they are placed in the 4th house and thereby aspects Mars. To aspect Saturn or Rahu they must have been placed either with Saturn or with Ketu respectively and in such a case the author might have said it expressly that Sun and Venus are also placed therein. Since the aspect point stated is following the position of Mars, we can conclude that Sun and Venus are aspecting Mars only. Results arising out of this yoga has not been stated by the author. In the subsequent slokas it has been stated that by doing Mantra Japa as well as giving donations, happiness of son results. Hence this Yoga must relate to some calamity to progeny especially son. Chandrashekhrs Comment: The reference to aspect of Sun and Venus is with respect to aspect on Mars in 10th bhava. What is happening here is that Saturn-Ketu in the 5th is indicative of possibility of giving up of progeny and Marss aspect thereon confirms the possibility some violent end to the progeny. The author seems to relate this to previous birth of the jataka. Suns aspect on Mars seems to add to the malevolence of Mars. The learned author has excluded Mercury from Sun-Venus as its aspect would strengthen the 10th bhava and would tame down the malevolence of Mars. Sun in the 4th and Mars aspect on 4th also indicates loss of happiness to native. That is perhaps why the author recommends recitation of the beej mantra of the malefics involved in the yoga and excludes Shukra from this. The heavy affliction to the 5th house obviously means that in this life too the Jataka may not have progeny (unless the remedies suggested are done).

28. Chakra Daamini Yoga

28. Meaning: In the house owned by Mercury, Jupiter is placed; in the house owned by Jupiter, Venus is placed and in the house owned by Venus, Moon is placed then such a position is termed as Chakra Daamini Yoga. Persons born with this yoga will have mental adroitness or skill.; will have less libido and his eyes will resemble that of a lotus. He will definitely have long life and will become lord of the earth and will be a King. Explanation: In Saravali under Chapter on Nabhasa Yogas we find the listing of Chakra and Damini as two separate Yogas. Chakra Yoga is formed when all the 7 planets (excluding the nodes) are placed in six odd houses. If all the seven planets occupy 6 rasis then Damini Yoga is formed. We can note 2

Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011) that there is a subtle variation in the two yogas. However here the author has taken into consideration only four planets viz. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Moon. Hence we have to conclude that this yoga has nothing to do with the Nabhasa Yogas. Chandrashekhars Comment: This is certainly a different yoga.

29. Santana Nasa Yoga

29. Meaning: When Rahu is placed in the fourth house and 5th lord has conjoined Saturn, Santana Nasa Yoga is formed. To such a person initially there will be two or three female children and a son will be born later. He will be a famous person, will be morose and will have many servants at home. He will be of evil design, skilled in managing his family and in his previous birth he has committed infanticide and hence he will be without sons. He has to chant the mantras for Rahu, Mars and Saturn followed by donations at the earliest. (To clear from the dosha of infanticide). He will be enjoying others wives and not even one son will remain alive. He will have a fat body; will have wealth; will be a charitable person and a person with modesty. Explanations: The next sloka tells about the remedies to be done which I have omitted.

30. Vipareeta Yoga


Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)

30. Meaning: In the house of Jupiter, Sun is placed, in the house of Sun, Venus is placed and Saturn, Mars and Moon are conjoined and placed in Aries which happen to be the 6th or the 8th house, then Vipareeta Yoga is formed. Because of Brahma Hatya Dosha in the previous birth; native with such a yoga will be subjected to many sorrows in this birth. Explanation: This yoga is possible only for two Lagnas which are Scorpio (When Aries will become the 6th house) and Virgo (when Aries will become the 8th house). One impossible position is also given. Sun is placed in the house of Jupiter means it must be either in Sagittarius or Pisces. Venus is stated to be placed in the house of Sun which is Leo. The maximum distance between Sun and Venus can be only 48 degrees approximately and so how this position is possible? Left for the discussion of more learned persons. Chandrashekhars Comment: In the tropics this yoga is not possible. However it is possible that this position could occur in very high latitudes.

Other Options of this Yoga

Meaning: If the Lagna Lord is placed in the Vyaya Bhava (12th house) or Labha Bhava (11th house) and is conjoined with krura grahas (malefics) or aspected by them, then that native will be drinking intoxicants and will eating meat (will be a non-vegetarian) daily and was a Brahmin in his previous birth. Made his father sorrowful (probably by his mis-deeds) and hence he will lose three children. Persons born having these two yogas will have to be in distress on account of sons. Explanation: The next sloka gives the remedial measures to clear the evil effects of this yoga which has been omitted.

31. Koota Yoga

Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)

31. Meaning: Koota Yoga is formed when lord of the 5th house conjoins Mars and is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th and Moon is placed in the house of Saturn. A person having this yoga, in his previous birth has deprived his own kinsmen of their wealth (snatched the wealth probably by unfair means) and also will destroy his own family. Explanation: Though the name is similar to that of Koota Yoga-one of Aakriti Yogas, from the conditions stated in the shloka, we find that this is quite a different Yoga.

32. Raja Yoga

32. Meaning: Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in the 9th house of Bhagya and Mars and Saturn in the 7th house make a person King of Kings.

33. Anubhaava Yoga

33. Meaning: Rahu in labhasthana (11th house), Mars in karmasthana (10th house), Moon in randhra (8th house) and Sun and Mercury in the 6th house combination is called Anubhaava Yoga. Such a person is called as a sublime sage. Such a persons son will not live and even miscarriageswill occurto hiswife. Explanation: Normally the word foetus or fetus is used for female, here what the author wants to say is that the person will not have any issues. In the next line the author talks about the wife of that person and says that she will be getting bad dreams and then goes on to give the remedial measures.

Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011) Chandrashekhars Comment: Grabhastrava means miscarriage, which would naturally occur to the persons wife, should the chart belong to a male. The word putraa could be referring to daughters or it could mean he will loose many sons. This is a variation of Vipatti yoga.

34. Srimukha Yoga

34. Meaning: Jupiter in Janma Lagna, Venus in dharmasthana (9th house), Sun in karmasthana (10th house) will create Srimukha Yoga. By the age of twenty he will be honoured by king. and will have elephants and horses and wealth and have valour and strength akin to that of Indra.

35. Kapaala Yoga

35. Meaning: Lord of 5th house is placed in sukhasthana (4th house), lord of 6th house is placed in the 6th , 8th or 12th house along with Lagna lord and the 5th house is aspected by Saturn, Mars and Sun Person born with such a Yoga will lose all his children (son) and if he worships the grahas and gives donations, he will get children (son). Explanation: 5th Lord goes to the 4th means going to the Exit house as 4th house is the 12th house to 5th house. Lagna Lord goes to the 6th house along with the 6th lord and thus Lagna lord becomes ineffective. Three malefics are aspecting the 5th house. So it but natural that Putra Bhava as well as its lord is badly afflicted and hence there will be problem with regard to issues. The author continues in the next lines that the native is bound to have termination of pregnancy in the 3rd or the 8th month of pregnancy. Even if the native gets issues, there will be sufferings on account of the child or the child may be engaged in doing bad deeds.

Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)

36. Pishaca Yoga

36. Meaning: Jupiter is placed in the house of Sun and in the house of Jupiter Sun and Mercury are placed and in the 5th house Mars, Rahu and Venus are placed then it is called as Pishaca Yoga. Due to his avaricious nature for wealth, in his previous birth, he had killed his sisters son. Due to the curse of his previous life, he will have no issues in this birth. Chandrashekhars comment: This means Sun and Mercury have to be either in the 3rd, 4th or the 6th /7th house.

37. Vinasha Yoga

37. Meaning: Third lord is placed in the third house either conjoined with malefics or aspected by malefics and if Jupiter is placed in the house of Saturn then it is called as Vinasha Yoga. Explanation: Further shlokas on this Yoga talk about the remedies only. The results arising out of this yoga has not been given.

38. Vagbhava Yoga

38. Meaning: When all planets are placed in the 4th, 5th, 12th, 11th and 9th houses then it is called as Vagbhava Yoga. Person born with this yoga will be honoured by a King and will have wealth and will also be a Pandit. 7

Yogas described in Jyotish Shyama Sangraha-Part 4

Yenbeeyes Edited by Chandrashekar Sharma (Published in Astrovision E Journal Vol. 4, Issue 42 of June 2011)

39. Ananda Yoga

39. Meaning: Jupiter placed in the house of Saturn and Saturn placed in the house of Jupiter and the rest of the benefic and malefic planets are placed in labhasthana (11th house) constitute Ananda Yoga. Such a person will be sad during early days and when he becomes youth he will be happy and will enjoy till he attains 44 years.

40. Anujnatha Yoga

40. Meaning: Venus in the house of Mars, Mars in the house of Venus, Moon in the 4th house and Mercury in Aries will create Anujnatha Yoga. Upto the age of 16, native having this yoga will have wealth and grains and after 30 years of age will become equal to a King. Will be very beautiful like the God of Love (Manmatha) and intelligent. He will be devoted to God and Brahmins. Because of the good deeds of the previous life (Purva Punya) he will live with sons and grandsons.

Chandrashekhars comment: It is clear that Venus will also be in Aries for this yoga since, if Mercury is in Aries, Venus can not be in Scorpio.