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AP Bio Summer Assignment 2011

AP Bio Summer Assignment 2011

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Published by: jenh191 on Jul 19, 2011
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AP Bio Summer Assignment 2011-2012 The following is a guide to summer assignments for AP Biology.

You may work ahead or complete them according to pacing below. Please try and complete the lab a week prior to the beginning of school because the last lab must be printed out using a graphing program. Week of June 1-June 23: y Log on to pearsonschool.com/access y Follow instructions in how to register for the Campbell online textbook edition 7E. Then sign up for the online class with the code below. (Note: when the login page asks to identify your school, click other. Then type in Dover High School, Dover) SSNAST-BRILL-OBEYS-SIDED-SPEIR-HONES When the login page asks you to join the Online Classroom, click yes and type in the following code: CM476899 If you do not join the online classroom at this time, it is still possible to join the classroom after logging on to the Campbell website. Signing up for the classroom will be in yellow font, in the left corner of the online textbook. y Go to my blog called holdensapbio.blogspot.com. Bookmark this webpage, you will use it often. y While on the blog, Click the link on the right for Campbell text login. Login to the red and black book shown. y Email me at jholden@capital.k12.de.us upon completion of the above steps Pacing Guide for the Summer Assignment. Be sure to email me with any questions or problems you have over the summer. I will get back to you within the week. Week of June 15- July 6: y To get to the Online Textbook, go to holdensapbio.blogspot.com and click on the online textbook link. The choose 7E (red and black textbook) y Go to chapter 3 using the drop down menu in the Campbell 7E Online (it is at the top). Do the four activities (Polarity of water, Cohesion of Water, Dissociation of Water, and Acids, Bases and pH) in Chapter 3. y Take the online Activity Quiz for Chapter 3 and submit it to the Online Classroom. This will be a completion grade. However, if you do poorly, you can retake it. It will show me all your scores. It will show you which ones you answered incorrectly to more easily fix your mistakes on retake. Week of July 7- August 7: y Check the blog for the link to Scientific Method. Do the Cricket Lab, get data and results. y Go to Create a Graph (link in holden s blog) and plot data and print data and graphs. (Data can be included on same page as the graph as an option. y Write up lab report according to lab report template in blog. Attach the Create a graph printouts and submit lab report second day of class. This is a lengthier assignment and requires printer ink. Plan ahead so that you are not doing this last minute! Week of August 8-August 18 y Go to Campbell 7E on the left side bar and choose mp3 audio clips. Listen to the water clip, (you can download onto your mp3 or ipod or ) and take the online quiz with it. Submit it to online classroom.

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