Wu 1 Walter Wu, WUXIC01 Mary Lou Moyer ESW100-2 15 March 2011 Going away for a holiday is something that many

people do. Where people go is not limited. There are so many vacation destinations that it is tough to decide. Hawaii and Alaska are two popular vacation destinations with many similarities as well as many differences. The accommodations in Hawaii and Alaska are quite different. First, although there are a wide variety of excellent restaurants in Hawaii, the food in Alaska is poor in quality and expensive. Second, there is a wide range of excellent hotels in Hawaii, from luxury to budget priced. However, hotels in Alaska are expensive, and their quality is generally poor. The transportation in Hawaii and Alaska are different, too. Most people get to Hawaii by air. On the other hand, people travel to Alaska by cruise ship. In addition, getting around in a rental car in Hawaii is easy and cheap while renting car in Alaska is impractical because the distances between places are too great. Hawaii and Alaska have different climates. It is terribly humid hot in Hawaii in the summer, but the temperature in Alaska is perfect during the summer. Furthermore, it often rains during the summer in Hawaii. On the contrary, it seldom rains during the summer in Alaska. In spite of these differences, the environments in Hawaii and Alaska are similar. Not only Hawaii but alsoAlaska has not air pollution or river pollution. The beaches in Hawaii are among the most beautiful in the world. Alaska has also the Chugach Mountains and Mokinley, the highest mountain in North America.