INTRO:A-D-E-D-A (2X) D-E CHORUS: E…….. A D E Si… out, the Lord is near A D E Build Him a temple here Bm E C#m F#m A palace of praise, a throne of thanksgiving D E Made for the King of Kings E…… A D E A D E Si….ng out, a joyful song His love goes on and on Bm E C#m F#m When praises abound His glory surrounds us D E D E A Filling His Temple here, sing out the Lord is near A-D-E-D-A (2X) A E D A The Lord inhabits the song of His saints D E And lives in their praises REPEAT A E D A We come to worship together as one D E With music and singing A E D A Rejoice in all that the Father has done D E Let’s lift up an offering REPEAT CHORUS