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Total No. of Page(s}: 2 RUNG cegooomanezars THIRD SEMESTER B.E. (MPAE) B.E. END SEM. EXAMINATION, Nov.-2007 MA-201 : Machine Drawing & Graphics Time: 3:00 Hrs. Max. Marks: 70 Note: Attempt any FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks. Assume missing data suitabl; fal [b What are the principles of dimensioning? Explain with sketches. (6] Explain the method of dimensioning, with at least two example of each i) Counter sinks ii) Diameter iii) Holes iv) Chord. {3} 2. [a] Differentiate between half section and full section with two example of each. [5] [b] With neat sketch, give an example of i) Section in two parallel plane, with top view and front view ii) Section in three continuous plane, with top view and front view iii) Section in two intersecting plane in which one is shown in revolved into plane of projection [9] 3. [a] Explain what is deviation and zero line with diagram. [6] [b] Calculate the fundamental deviation and tolerance and hence the limits of size for the shaft and hole, for the following fit 60mm H8-f7. The diameter steps are 50mm & 80mm. [8] 4. {a] Explain the process of riveting, with sketch. [6] [b] Explain the triple riveted, butt joint with double cover plate in jig-jag riveting. [8] 5. [a] Explain the importance of key in the assembly of hub and shaft, where feather key is used, why woodruff key is different from other type of key. [7] [b] Explain the working of Knuckle joint with sketch, make a table the parts and write the material for each part. {7 G: [a] Explain the working of solid flange coupling, with sketch where this coupling is most widely used. [7] [b] Explain the working of following, with sketch i} Cone coupling ii) Oldham coupling [7] 7. fa] Explain the following type of thread with sketches i) ISO Metric Screw thread ii) Basic Whitworth thread iii) ACME thread iv) Knuckle thread. [8] [b] What is the system of fit explain on the shaft base system. [6] Total no, of pages: 2 Roll no. THIRD SEMESTER BE (MPAE) Time: Note: 1. (a) (b) © @ 2. (a) (b) © @) © 3. (a) () © @) 4. (a) END SEMESTER EXAMINATION, November 2007 MA-202, MANUFACTURING PROCESSES-1 3:00 Hrs. Max. Marks: 70 Attempt all Questions Assume suitable missing data, if any Explain foundry mechanization and give its few advantages. (4) Give stepwise procedure of match plate molding on a jolt squeeze molding machine. (4) What are the two methods of keeping the metal hot and in molten state in top Risers. (2) With a cylindrical riser, prove that for a longer solidification time, the diameter of the riser should be equal to its height. (4) What is the necessity of sand testing? Explain how the permeability of molding sand is tested? Give its mathematical expression also. (4) How the calculations of Cupola charge are done? (2) What is Hydro blast cleaning? Give its one advantage. (2) Give a neat schematic diagram of low pressure die casting process. Mention any one application and a few advantages and disadvantages of the same. (4) Discuss any two sand binders. (2) Explain three common methods of metal powder preparation with at least two advantages of each. (6) What is apparent density? How does it get affected by particle shape? How is it important as far as molding and sintering are concerned? (4) Why sintering is carried ont in a controlled atmosphere furnace? Q) Why do elevated temperatures tend to favor the sintering process, although sintering forces tend to decrease with the increase in temperature? (2) Calculate the melting efficiency in case of arc welding of steel with a voltage of 20V and current of 200A. The travel speed is Smm/sec. and the cross sectional