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Manual GPRS settings are listed below for most of the popular models of all major brands along with LAPTOP GPRS settings .MMS manual settings are given for category A mobile levels only., for category B change the settings according to the table given below. If your mobile model is not found in the list, you can setup your mobile with the generic settings given below with the help of your MOBILE USER MANUAL.

GENERIC Settings for Mobile:

1. Portal Settings
It enables to browse CellOne WAP Portal ( which has a huge volume of exciting content like poly tones, true tones, video tones, wallpapers, animations, themes, videos, mp3 etc to download into your handset device . No charges on browsing through this setting but charge on download of GPRS contents will be implied.

Access Point Name P O R T A L S O U T H . C E L L O N E . I N Port Proxy IP Authentication User Name Password Home Page 9201 for Wap 1 device 9401 for Wap 2device Normal ppp ppp123


Setting Name Access Point Name User Name Password Dailup No BSNL-INTERNET GPRSSOUTH.IN your mobile number ( 94xxxxxxxx ) your mobile number ( 94xxxxxxxx ) *99# OR *99***1# Top . Charge on browsing will be implied. WAP Settings It enables to browse any WAP enabled site on internet by handset.54.CELLONE. Charge on browsing will be implied.2 Normal ppp ppp123 http://localhost/home.IN 9201 for Wap 1 device 9401 for Wap 2 device 10.CELLONE.wml Top 3.2.31. Setting Name Access Point Name Port Proxy IP Authentication User Name Password Home Page BSNL-WAP WAPSOUTH. GPRS Settings It enables to browse any site on internet by Laptop or PC through handset or data card having BSNL SIM.

9495[0-4] MMS Setting (Category A): Setting Name Access Point Name Port Proxy IP Authentication User Name Password Home Page BSNL-MMS bsnlmms 9201 for Wap 1 device 9401 for Wap 2 device 10.31. c e l l o n e . 9444[5-9]. 9490[0-4]. 9490[5-6]. 9444[0-4].18/mms/ Top MMS Setting (Category B): Setting Name CelloneSouth_wap_n Access Point Name m m s s o u t h . Category B .9443. Category A .94450.31.11:8514 Top Manual GPRS Settings . 9480[0-6].236.7. 94410.11 Normal your mobile number with prefix 91 (9194xxxxxxxx ) mmsc]. MMS Settings Important: Please select category (A or B) to which your mobile number belongs and accordingly set the MMS Settings.54.2 Normal ppp ppp123 http://10.9490[0-4. 9442. 9446.9440. 9448. 9449[5-6].53. 9449[0-4] & [79]. 9486[0-4].236. 9447.9441[1-9]. i n Port Proxy IP Authentication User Name Password Home Page 9201 for Wap 1 device 8080 for Wap 2 device 10.

Nokia 3220-6020-6030-6101-6111-6230-6230i-6233-6280-7260-E70-N90 6070-6101-6270-8800 3650-3660-6600-6630-7650-E50-E61-N70-N73 7710-9300i-9500 2600-2610-3230-3250-6260-6670-6680-6681-7610 3100-3108-3120-3200-3530-5140-6100-6108-6210-6220-6280-6510-6610-7210-7250i-83108910 Sony Ericsson K300/ K300i/K310i/K500i/K508i/K600/K608i/K750i/W550i/W800i/W810i/Z520i M600i P910i / P900/ P990 T230/T290/T300/T610/T630 Motorola A 786i A1200 C257 E365 MPX200 C650-V600-V360-C168-V3-L7 Samsung S200-S300-V200c-C100-X400-X430 S500-E700A-E100A-X100A-X600A-X620-X640c E880-X820-X630-E530 LG C1100 G8000 C2500 KG300 G1600 U8100 PDA Phones O2XDA-II SonyEricssonP910/990i Nokia6708 HPIpaq6315 Treo650 Smartphone Top .

in’ in place of ‘bsnlsouth’ in the above ppt when prompted ) LAPTOP CONFIGURATION SETTINGS NOKIA SONYERICSSON SAMSUNG LG Top GPRS FAQ 1. you simply pay for the amount of data you transfer. MMS runs in conjunction with GPRS. With GPRS you don't pay for your online time per-minute. powerful visual communications. .GPRS General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled networks offer 'always-on'. using USB port ( Please enter the APN ‘gprssouth. 2. Please click here to know about the laptop configuration for GPRS. commonly known as picture or photo messaging. and multimedia messages. It is a faster way of passing data over a mobile phone network. This enables services such as Internet browsing. higher capacity. e-mail on the move. Customers can use GPRS as bearer to access internet. Please note that all mobile devices may not support GPRS facility. What is MMS? MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. What is GPRS? GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. This means you must have GPRS enabled in order to have the MMS service working. Internet-based content and packet-based data services. using IR port Please click here to know about the laptop configuration for GPRS.cellone.

Top .

3. How to set WAP/MMS/GPRS settings in my mobile? Compose message MobileMake MobileModelno and Send SMS to 58355 for Automatic GPRS/WAP/MMS settings. Set these settings active (default) for downloading content. these settings are supported by high end mobiles only. How to set those settings? You would be receiving 4 GPRS Settings. bsnl-internet. if your mobile supports. bsnl-mms and cellone-portal. cellone-portal settings are for downloading premium content like Ringtones. animations. Top . pl switch off and switch on once for accessing GPRS services. You can set any one of these settings as default (Active) 1. 3. bsnl-mms settings are for sending Multi media messages. 5. Ex: if you have a mobile Samsung sgh-e700 Samsung sgh-e700 Then you receive 3 or 4 settings save those settings in your mobile and set those settings as default settings. How to activate GPRS facility in my mobile? SEND SMS THE FOLLOWING KEYWORDS TO 53733 TO ACTIVATE / DEACTIVATE GPRS/MMS FACILITY IN YOUR MOBILE SUB -TYPE PREPAID POSTPAID GPRS ACTIVATION KEYWORDS GPRSPRE GPRS49 OR GPRS199 GPRS DEACTIVATION KEYWORDS GPRSDE GPRSDC REMARKS PREPAID SUBSCRIBERS FOR 49. themes. Set these settings as active (default) settings. All most all GPRS mobiles support this facility. enter 1111. These settings can be used for accessing all WAP enabled sites and mobile formatted Ehtml sites. 1. bsnl-wap is supported by all mobile. So set these settings as active (defalult) settings 4. games etc. Ex: if you have a mobile Nokia 6600 NOKIA 6600 2. wallpapers.199 GPRS POST PAID PLANS Postpaid Subscribers can also avail GPRS facility through CSRs. Bsnl-internet for all html sites. I have received 4 GPRS Settings. In case if your mobile is prompted for PIN. They are bsnl-wap. All GPRS mobiles support these settings. 2. Browsing is free for these settings and you would be charged for only the downloaded content After your GPRS activation is completed. 4. Ex: if you have a mobile Sony Ericsson w810i SonyEricsson w810i 3.

when click "Back" after save MMS. including a text message). All one needs to do is get appropriate settings for MMS for your mobile from BSNL call centre (9400024365). through which one can send and receive multimedia messages (which can be a still photo or audio/video Click Top . If balance goes below Rs 50/. 0. Rs 50/.02 per kB Option III NIL NIL NIL Rs.02 per kB Option II NIL 199 Unlimited NA Rs.05. The mobile should be turned off and turned on once for restoration. Click "Save MMS" to finish. 0.for BSNL-PORTAL (portalsouth.02 per kB MMS SERVICES (Rates with effect from 15.) Free Usage Volume based usage charges beyond free usage Volume based usage charges on Roaming Postpaid Option I NIL 49 5MB Rs.2006) Activation Charges Monthly Rental (Rs. Compose MMS Click Messaging -> Create New Message ->select Multimedia Message Click "Add Photo" and select photo from your photo album AND/OR Click "Add Audio" and select ring tone in your audio album AND/OR Click "Add Message" to input text AND/OR Click "Text Effect" to select font size. color and position if available Click "Frame Effect" to select one of the frame from many choices. 0. 0.GPRS service will be barred.5.05. Minimum Balance is required for accessing GPRS Rs 200/.co.02 per kB Rs.htm. if available click "Preview MMS" to preview your MMS message. . Balance to avail GPRS and MMS facility? Yes.for other settings (other APNs). Shall I (prepaid Customer) need to maintain Min. or select MMS and click "send MMS". 0.02 per kB Rs. Others will get MMS Notification (means Text msg ) only.02 per kB Prepaid All Plans NIL NIL NIL Rs. What are the GPRS and MMS tariff details? GPRS and MMS Tariff Details: GPRS SERVICES (Rates with effect from 15. 0. GPRS service will be restored with in 24 hrs of after recharging. Send MMS You can send MMS. 7. What is MMS and how to compose MMS in my mobile? MMS is a part of the GPRS facility. You may find the information given below useful.2006) P2P (Calling party or sender to Pay) or P to Mail International MMS Rs 3 per MMS Rs 7 per MMS Rs 3 per MMS Rs 7 per MMS Rs 3 per MMS Rs 8per MMS Rs 3 per MMS Rs 8per MMS For More info login our website http://bsnl. APN).01 per kB Rs.cellone. "Next step" and input Mobile Number or Email ID You can Send/Receive MMS to all BSNL and MTNL GPRS/MMS subscribers. 6.