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20060119 Water Treatment Report

20060119 Water Treatment Report

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Published by: IMechE on Sep 19, 2008
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Seminar “Water Treatment Technologies” – Report On 19 January 2006, over 30 members participated in the seminar on Water Treatment Technology

at the HKPC. The seminar was jointly organized by IMechE YMS and Jardine Engineering Corporation, Limited, aiming to provide the latest water treatment development information in the industries to our young members. Two honorable were invited, namely Mr Bienkowski, Managing Director, DINOTEC GmbH Germany and Dr Josef Konrad, Director of Southeast Asia & China, DINOTEC GmbH. The speaker shared the current working projects in their company to the audience. In addition, speaker shared the updated water treatment technology. Response from the audience was very good. There was an active and constructive question and answer session. All in all, we had a very successful and fruitful seminar.

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