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y Output of the farmers y Need an effective system to market it y India today not only self sufficient in grain production but also has substantial reserve y India ranks second in the world in agricultural production y India as one of the top three global exporters for
y Tea, Wheat, Rice, Dairy, Sugar

y Develop strong India brand identity for

y Mango, Grapes, Guava

o Difficult to forecast the quantity and quality of output o Bulky o More perishable o Seasonal o Need Processing

Operates according to market forces Limited Govt. intervention to

 Protection of the interest of producers and consumers  Promotion of organised marketing of agricultural commodities

o Government
Indirectly enacting policies and regulatory framework; facilitating infrastructure

Directly through boards, commissions, corporations, etc.

o Co-operative Societies o Private Sector

Optimization of resource use and output management Markets widening Adds to National Income Price Signals

Creation of utilities Growth of agro based industries Adoption and Spread of New Technology Creation of Employment Increase in Farmers income

Lack of organisation among producers Superfluous Middlemen Forced Sales Multiplicity of market charges Multiplicity of weights and measures

Adulteration Malpractices in the market Means of transportation Absence of grading and standardisation of agricultural products

Lack of financial facilities at cheaper rates Lack of information regarding price Inadequate storage facilities Dependence on environment Fragmented Landholdings