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Kid’s Menu

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Cheeseburger $4.55

Hot Dog $4.55
(also served with cheesy corn) -b- qu
Rib Dinner $4.55
For Kids 10 and Under.

Fun ‘n’ Games

BBQ Chicken Dinner $4.55 All Dinners Include French Fries,
Chicken Finger Dinner $4.55 Pickles and Small Beverage.
Sliced Meat Sandwich $4.55

Coloring Tic-Tac-Toe Please ask your server

The Smokehouse Pig lost You know what to do! Best 3 out of 5 wins! for crayons!
all his colors. Please help him
by giving him new ones!

Spot the Difference

Six changes have been made to the picture
on the right. Can you find all six?
(answers at bottom)

The Square
Take turns drawing a vertical
or horizontal line between 2 dots.
When you draw the last line to
complete a square, write your
first initial inside the box.
The one with the most squares wins!

1) Stripe on hat 2) Pig’s chin 3) Fork handle 4) Bellybutton 5) Tail 6) Fire on foot