Article composed by an intern at Socialism Essay Ideas: Is This Just One More Utopia?

There are millions of academic writings on socialism. Books, magazines, journals, newspapers, custom term papers and research papers, custom essays and dissertation reveal numerous aspects of the issue. Many students write their socialism essays considering various topics. If you do not want to be buried by a terribly difficult topic, you should choose something easy and interesting. Basically, there are two topics which are easy to consider in your socialism essay: history and theory. Consider the history of the theory in your socialism essay When was the theory developed? You can also mention in your socialism essay when the term was coined. Of course, you can deal with Robert Owen, Marie Roch Louis Reybaud and Pierre Leroux who can be regarded as the pioneer of the theory. It can be fascinating to focus on the First International or Second International. Of course, socialism is also associated with the name of Marx. Your socialism essay can focus on his ideas concerning socialism. One of really stunning topics for your historical socialism essay can be an analysis of some of numerous revolutions which took place from 1917 to 1936. Your socialism essay can concentrate on a particular country. What socialism was for Lenin and Russian people? How were ideas concerning socialism accepted in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, the United States of America? A bit of theory in your socialism essay Of course, it can be interesting to consider the theory of socialism itself. What are the major concepts of the theory? Your socialism essay can analyze different approaches to the theory. You can provide your own viewpoint in your socialism essay. Do you think socialism is something utopian? Is it possible to build a socialistic state? Again, you can provide certain examples of countries which tried to create a socialistic society. Why did they fail? Would you call Switzerland a socialistic state? Article composed by an intern at

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