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ANCHORMAN ACTION NEWS! WITH RON BURGUNDY by will Ferrell and Adam McKay 2/26/2003 Revisions OPEN ON: BLACK SCREEN WITH FLASHING TV NEWS SHOWS ON A TV SCREEN MOVING 'TOWARDS US Dozens of news shows flash on the screen. ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNEC, CBS, The Weather Channel, ESPN, etc. etc. All fronted by dozens of anchors: Jennings, Brokaw, Aaron Brown, Rather, Chung etc. etc. NARRATOR (V.O.) (powerful and assured) Television news. There are hundreds of 24 hours channels, local and network news shows bombarding us every waking second. And with each show an endless list of news anchors trying to convince you that they, and only they, speak the truth. And what do these voices of the truth tell us? Be afraid. Be very afraid. ‘The shows multiply across the screen forming a cacophony of anchors. NARRATOR (CONT'D) But there was a time in our not too distant past when the world as we know it was a much simpler place. We dissolve to WISPY CLOUDS and a BLUE SKY. NARRATOR (CONT'D) ‘This was a less cynical time. A time when people believed everything they heard on TV... a time before cable Whree channels were all there was and viewers were happy. You heard me right, three channels MUSIC: a sparkling gliss We emerge from the clouds to find ourselves over Center City Portland 1973. MUSIC: the initial pulsing bass lines of "Cherry, Cherry" by Neil Diamond NARRATOR (CONT'D) It was 1973 and in a city like Portland the news was clear... and if it wasn't you turned on the TV and the man told you what it was. (MORE) CONTINUED: NARRATOR (CONT'D) Yes, in this strange time, men were men and real men were anchormen....and in Portland one anchorman was the balls: Ron Burgundy. And brother let me tell you: he knew how to wear a friggin’ suit. MUSIC KICKS IN HARD. Smash cut to RON BURGUNDY, 38, walking through the heart of Portland with a clear blue sky overhead. He has a commanding presence with an affable smile and perfectly parted hair. He's a cross between Chuck wWoolery and Chuck's brother Sean Woolery. As he strolls down the street all of Portland seems to embrace him. ‘TITLE: ACTION NEWS! WITH RON BURGUNDY CONSTRUCTION WORKERS sitting on a girder wave to Ron. CONSTRUCTION WORKER Hey Ron Burgundy! You're the best! RON Looking good Portland! Continuing his walk, he takes a hot dog offered to him by a VENDER from a lunch truck. ‘VENDER, Hey Ron Burgundy! Do a story on me! RON (chucLing) You are a riot Louie! Ron takes one bite of the hot dog and then drops it on the ground without a thought. He then moves past an open air bar and a BUSINESS MAN, 38, sans jacket hands him a scotch rocks. BUSINESS MAN Hey Ron! Bottoms up! We love ya!! RON Well hello, booze! He downs the scotch in one sip and puts the empty on the tray of a passing waitress. Next Ron passes an ATTRACTIVE BLONDE woman bending over sipping from a water fountain. He gives her butt a pinch RON (CONT'D) I like that fanny! BLOND WOMAN (playfully) oh, Mr. Burgundy!

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