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Dolly the Sheep Born July 5 1996, Dolly is a beautiful and adorable baby sheep.

The difference between her and the rest of the fluffy and cute sheep in the world is that Dolly is a clone. She was created using a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer, where the cell nucleus from an adult cell is transferred into an unfertilized oocyte (developed egg cell) that has had its nucleus removed. The hybrid cell is then electro-shocked and develops into a blastocyst and implanted in a surrogate mother. Dolly is the first successful clone produced from this method and a great step forward for science. Golden Boy Rises On June 7 boxing history was made when Oscar de la Hoya defeated the world renowned light welterweight champion Julio Chavez. With in the 1st minute of fighting, Oscar de la Hoya split open a bad cut on Chavezs head surprising de la Hoya fans and stunning fans of Chavez. After three more back and forth rounds of intense weaving and staggering left hooks, the Golden boy de la Hoya defeated Chavez by TKO because he was bleeding profusely from the previous cut and a bloody nose. Game of Thrones Recently acclaimed as a must read by New York Times and breaking into the top 10 novels in the U.S., A Game of Thrones is a marvel to read. With amazing imagery and breath taking world, there is no wonder this title is well loved by fantasy readers. Taking place in a medieval fantasy realm deemed the Seven Kingdoms, Thrones is a story of wonder with human characteristics. What makes it stand above all other fantasy novels is the very human connection felt with the deceit and trickery bread in the novel. You come to love the Starks and despise the Lannisters and fear for those who cannot put aside honor to win. In the game of thrones you either rule or die, there is no middle ground.