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Church Planting Bibliography 1

Church Planting Bibliography 1

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Unabridged Church Planting Resource Guide



Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network

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Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network 2 .

leadership and effective communication of the gospel in message and lifestyle. H.. 3 . make friends.churchsmart. May your heart begin to beat a little faster for such an adventure as you read these pages. healthy. 44 Questions for Church Planters by Lyle E. work. small towns are places to live.cfm?productid=2 For millions of Americans. thematic approach to the Book of Acts. Most small communities are typically secure. guidance. progressive. and fulfilling the vision of the missionary church planter. It’s a place of tradition. Shelton Cole. vibrant. Schaller Abingdon Press.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books Books Church Planting Books 30 Years That Changed the World by Michael Green Inter-Varsity Press. evangelistic preaching. encourage and challenge anyone who has ever thought of planting a new church to consider the possibility of living that adventure in the context of a small town. Though it is written from an independent Baptist perspective. 1997) Baptist Church Planting is a primer for answering questions about starting a Baptist church. any missionary.Baptist Book Stores. raise their families. Baptist Church Planting by Rev. Romo Baptist Sunday School Board . and die. or church planter will find the practical style of the book very helpful defining. Themes opened up include church planting. authentic. (September 1. Faith Baptist Church. responding to. This book is written to inspire. wonderful. Not in Print. relatives and friends. (January 1997) Answers the question “Why start new churches?” and shows how to reverse the decline of new church development. They represent a huge mission field that is ripe for a relevant gospel witness. and needy. student. American Mosaic: Church Planting in Ethnic America by Oscar I.com/product. Schaller offers tested advice based on more than thirty years of working with leaders responsible for developing new churches. (April 2002) This book is an inspiring.. Big Dreams in Small Places By Tom Nebel www. Jr. (January 1993) Not in Print. Each theme is applied directly to modern church life and to the relationship between the church and today’s world.

Tucker. Not in Print. For many such people the answer is found in the home church: a small. Church Planning Guide Mainstay Church Resources. The Church Comes Home is a handbook for those interested in home churches.Bookstores. nurturing. study. and more. The Church Comes Home: Building Community and Mission through Home Churches by Robert Banks. (January 1. It examines issues and offers practical suggestions for their resolution. and discipleship. October 1992 Order at www. It also includes practical A-to-Z information from “why cells?” to actual operation of a cell meeting. (January 1994) This book provides a framework based on obedience to the commands of Jesus and looks at the process from multiple points of view. Tucker Jr. October 1997 Order at www. and share their lives. in addition to teaching and worship.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books The Cell-Driven Church: Realizing the Harvest by Billy Hornsby Winds of Fire.com A Church Planter’s Dream by David Norris. 1998) In our modern dislocated society.Baptist Book Stores.com A Church Planning Questionnaire: Manual & Discoveries from 100 Churches by Grayson L. Church Multiplication Guide: Helping Churches to Reproduce Locally and Abroad by George Patterson. and how networks of home churches can develop. including location evaluation. Lewis Baptist Sunday School Board . (August 1. Julia Banks Hendrickson Publishers. Richard Scoggins Gabriel Resources. building design. Illustrated by Tim Agnew Word Aflame Press. 2000) This book will provide you with an insider’s look at a very successful American cell church.. many are searching for a church experience that offers true Christian sharing. how they should grow. Not in Print.Bookstores. Inc. Bethany World Prayer Center. eat. It includes a do’s and don’ts list for cell churches.. It describes how home churches can be formed.com The Church Planter’s Handbook by Larry L. The easy-to-read. “how-to” format highlights the most important strategies to employ. committed group of often diverse people who meet together in homes to pray. 4 .Bookstores. May 1983 Order at www. (November 1992) A concise guide for starting a new church. Grayson L. sing. financial planning.

com Church Planting at the End of the Twentieth Century by Dr. pioneer. d d 5 . a former missionary to Europe and Portugal. Church Planting for Reproduction by Samuel D. (July 1991) Faircloth.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books The Church Planter’s Training Manual by Fred King Christian Publications Not in Print. Church Planting from the Ground Up by Tom Jones College Press Publishing Company. 2004) Church Planting from the Ground Up is a visionary guide for the critical task of new church multiplication. Church Planting for a Greater Harvest: A Comprehensive Guide by C. It’s an up-to-date textbook on church planting and a helpful summary of church growth principles in general. Peter Wagner shares his knowledge and insight in this comprehensive guide on how to plant a church. Baker Books includes an 11x17 PERT chart as a reference.Bookstores. June 1998 Order at www. Charles Chaney Tyndale House Pub. Bible-based look at the possibilities of reaching the lost in America for Christ. maps out a strategy for producing churches that reproduce themselves. He also demonstrates the challenge of the growth stage. he develops a PERT chart to evaluate program effectiveness. He describes the various phases of church planting (preparatory. Utilizing Hesselgrave’s Pauline Cycle and Patterson’s Obedience Oriented Teaching. Church Planting: A Study of Westmoreland Nonconformity by Alan P. But it is much more than a new strategy for evangelism. Faircloth Baker Book House. practical ideas. (March 1. Share in the wisdom of these field-tested veterans as you gain insight from their stories. Sell Wipf & Stock Publishers. and real-world experiences. (April 1982) This is a practical. It calls believers to a new dimension in discipleship. growth and organization. Not in Print. (December 1990) C. and reproduction). Peter Wagner Regal Books. Not in print.

February 2002 Order at www. Church Planting in the Book of Acts by Malcolm Webber Pioneer Books. detailed and invaluable advice for churches and their leaders ― the kind of advice you won’t find anywhere else because no other guide explains how America’s grand black churches grew to such size and stature in the face of society’s ever-present challenges and roadblocks. Cox and Ratliff will take you on a journey of discovery that will lead you to develop a theology and strategy for church planting. with power and relevance. given the church’s central role in the black community. E. Francis. Impact families with the Gospel.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books Church Planting in the African American Community By Michael J. So. urban planners.com Church Planting: Laying Foundations by Stuart Murray. http://resources. and others. (2002) In this valuable resource for church planters. One-panel vignettes and Scripture breeze you through this quick-read booklet. Scores of people lining up to be baptized. Both speak of the hunger worldwide being satisfied by God’s Word. 1999) One in every six churches in the United States is African-American. Church Planting in the African-American Context by Hozell C. Murray takes the reader through a comprehensive and sweeping survey of many ways in which church planting is done.cfm/fa/prod/ProdID/18. this book is a primer on issues of ecclesiology.htm d 6 . He calls upon the church to take seriously how the shape of the church determines the message it will proclaim. Develop an effective core of leaders. Transcend cultural dividing lines. Nelson Kraybill Herald Pr.Bookstores.org/index. H. Form plans to realize your vision. Stuart notes that far too little attention has been paid by most church planters and people seeking to renew the church. Cox. evangelists. community activists. Joe Samuel Ratliff Judson Press. the unchanging Gospel to our changing AfricanAmerican culture? Drawing from his wealth of experience. (February 2001) Essentially. Whether you are already involved in the process of sponsoring a new church plant or just considering a first step in the adventure. you will discover what it takes to overcome the odds facing church planters in the African-American community. Church Planting Movements booklet by David Garrison (condensed version) International Mission Board (Southern Baptist) Bibles being bought as soon as they’re printed. why is the number of unchurched African-Americans increasing? How can you plant a church that proclaims. Francis Zondervan. J. (July 1. Hozell Francis gives you both the theory and practice for raising up a church in today’s black community. You’ll find out how to: Shape a vision to guide your church.imb. Church Planting in the African-American Community offers practical. Cultivate strong community ties.

Lord. experiential illustrations. principles and processes of establishing a whole Church. Greenway. Learn how such a movement begins.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books Church Planting Movements booklet by David Garrison (in-depth version) International Mission Board (Southern Baptist) When believers within a people group or population segment plant churches that rapidly reproduce themselves. Church-Planting Voices By Michael Noel Christian Publications. (1998) This book contains more than 20 chapters. grows and faces challenges. Not in Print. 1999) The author presents a compelling and strategic process for mobilizing the Church to reach the urban centers of America.org/index. City Reaching: On the Road to Community Transformation by Jack Dennison Gabriel Resources. and beyond. Monsma Baker Book House. whole Gospel. Ph. It provides foundations for the practice of urban mission and emphasizes the vital importance of this field of ministry.imb. Towns.” “To Go Where No Church Has Gone Before. Timothy M. and whole city effort targeting the goal of transforming communities.htm Church Planting: The Next Generation by Kevin W. Cities: Missions’ New Frontier by Roger S.. 2nd edition (December 1994) Introduces systems for multiplying churches. Douglas Porter Beacon Hill Press. http://resources. Cities draws its biblical inspiration from the model of the Antiochan church in the Book of Acts.” “Attention Shoppers. 7 . 2nd edition (May 2000) Peppered with practical. that’s a church-planting movement.cfm/fa/prod/ProdID/17.D. covering such subjects as “Why Plant Churches?.” Churches That Multiply: A Bible Study on Church Planting by Elmer L. (October 1. as you form a step-by-step strategy to meet the individual needs of your new church. written by church planters.” “Use Me to Heal My City. You’ll learn from their experiences and use what works best for you. (January 2003) This Bible study takes a look how the early church spread the gospel and compares their approach to today’s methods for church growth. He presents the theology. Mannoia Light & Life Communications.

(July 1988) This book is a modern book with 2.000-year-old roots. and from all external appearances. 100 percent problem-solving oriented. Schaller Abingdon Press. Schaller offers seven basic factors for translating important concepts from the behavioral sciences into terms that can be used for effectively solving church problems. Creating Communities of the Kingdom: New Testament Models of Church Planting by David W. warns Easum ― it will disappear like the dinosaur! Arguing that many long-standing ministry methods “no longer work. (1993) If the church doesn't modernize the way it ministers to today's world. Stutzman Herald Pr. If you want your seedling church to survive ― and ultimately bloom and blossom ― you really need this book! Written by church planters who have “been there. informative. we are now a mission field in desperate need of the gospel. but we will need to get back the power that spread the gospel across the globe in the first century. inspirational. done that. real-world guide to successful church planting ― credible.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books d Community of Kindness: A Refreshing New Approach to Planting and Growing a Church By: Steve Sjogren. Rob Lewin Gospel Light. seems to be losing! Whereas once we were senders of missionaries in the world. Cultivating a Life for God By Neil Cole ChurchSmart Resources and CMA Resources The church of Jesus Christ in North America is at war. Then they look forward and wrestle with the timeless challenge of applying the basic scriptural principles and insights to a modern people. The authors constantly look back to the New Testament for models of church planting. most of all. So you can use them to pre-plan your goals. or refer to them every time the unexpected pops up (which is more often than not). Cultivating a Life for God takes an in-depth look at a tool called Life Transformation Groups and explains how this tool can release the awesome power of multiplication in your church. Ervin R. pithy and to the point. (2003) If you want to plant a church. We can still fulfill the great commission in this generation.” Easum challenges us to change the way we present the gospel ― so contemporary society understands it. Not in Print. you need to dream big. Somehow we have managed to lose sight of the prime directive given to us by Jesus himself: to “go and make disciples of all nations. Learn how to plant a culturally relevant congregation that makes a difference! Effective Church Planning by Lyle E. All of the book’s lessons are short.” There is hope. Dancing With Dinosaurs: Ministry in a Hostile and Hurting World By William Easum Abingdon Press. (June 1979) Lyle E. supportive and.” this book is a practical. d 8 . Shenk.

The miracle of birth is just as evident in church planting as when a child is born. reaching the lost. employs concepts of the best church growth authorities.pdf Great Commission Church Planting Strategy By Michael R. Herron discusses characteristics and methods of successful church planters. A Guide to Church Planting by Melvin L. strategic plan. Also included are keys to effective church planting. Common pitfalls are also discussed. and what the Bible says about Generation X. how to transition a Boomer church to a Gen X church. Ralph Moore challenges the Baby Boomers to do just that ― and he provides the tools we need to do so. Getting a Church Started by Elmer L. and gives examples of how new works succeed. “This book was written to provide a high-quality guidebook for church planters. He addresses such issues as how Gen X sees the world. Online at www. (February 2003) Using a biblical. Expanding God’s Kingdom through Church Planting is a book to be read. structuring for disciple-making and developing leaders.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books d Expanding God’s Kingdom through Church Planting by Fred Herron Writer’s Showcase Press. how to plant a Gen X church. Most new churches begin with inadequate facilities and limited resources. Hodges Moody Press Not in Print. how to develop a small group ministry that appeals to Gen X. Estep Beacon Hill Press The book underscores the dynamic of the timeless strategy of Christ and His apostles. (March 1998) Starting a church is exciting. gathering the core group. Not in Print. their vitality is not equal to the task. schools that teach church planting. Towns Church Growth Institute. The world is not hospitable to soul-winning. It presents God’s heart for kingdom expansion planting local churches.” Friends by Ralph Moore Gospel Light. Instead. But new programs alone aren’t going to do the job. He thoroughly diagrams how a potential church planter can survey a community with the intent of developing a heart for the community. how to plan strategically. Herron writes. this book presents a dynamic. It deserves a “front row seat” on a bookshelf. but never an easy task. effective plan for planting churches.newchurches. 9 . (1996) The future of the Church depends on how successfully we reach the highly influential Generation X (those born between 1966 and 1982). we must focus on building relationships with our young adults. and how to pray strategically. the greatest victories are won only against the most threatening foes. and denominational or post-denomination leaders. strategic planning. It almost seems that if they are too financially prosperous. churches that plant churches.com/resources/Getting_a_Church_Started_student_manual[ETowns. re-read and shared. Like pioneering families.

mistakes to avoid. He presents the case for the reformation of the Church’s existence. In this book. spiritual parenting. it is a biblical blueprint for cell ministry including reaching out. but all who read it will be challenged in their Churching and have their priorities refocused in a life-changing way. Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson Authentic Media. Not in Print.. Incarnational Ministry: Planting Churches in Band. 2001) Millions of Christians around the world are becoming aware of an imminent reformation of global proportions within the Church.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books High Impact Church Planting: You Can Lead a Harvest Directed Ministry by Dr. Eloise Hiebert Meneses Baker Book House. Tribal. Indigenous Church Planting. Inc. must take that group interaction into account. (March 1990) This book is a classic for those interested in starting churches that are culturally relevant. and much more! Join the churches around the world that are adopting the house to house design of the early church and finding it effective in building today. leadership training. It is ideal for those interested in church planting and church growth and offers much-needed information on the subject. 10 . Whether it is what we know as “Church” from the last five years or last five hundred years. John Jackson (March 2002) Helping You Build Cell Churches By Brian Sauder. (March 6. a Practical Journey by Charles Brock Church Growth Intl. Many may see this book as radical.. no one has truly been able to break free from the structures of the past. Hiebert.. Larry Kreider House To House Publications This manual contains the tools you need. Peasant. it is time to bring the Church to the people. church government. God is changing this revered institution and is making a new collective awareness of an age-old revelation. many may see it as a reforming of old ideals. and Urban Societies by Paul G. (December 2002) This book makes an important contribution to the debates concerning post modernity and mission and post modernity and the church. (May 1996) The main focus of Incarnational Ministry is that how people behave and think is largely determined by the social structure in which they live. Liquid Church by Pete Ward Hendrickson Publishers. It is filled with practical ideas and applications from an author who knows church planting firsthand. In a world where the Church is being ignored. and not the people to the Church. if they are to succeed. Wolfgang Simson brings to light what God is saying to Christians everywhere. a corporate spiritual echo that reflects God’s desire for the Church. The authors study four types of societies with differences that affect receptivity to evangelism and church planting. Evangelism and church planting strategies.

B. organizing his essays around research. (June 1962) This classic study of Paul’s missionary work focuses not on the apostle’s doctrine or character but on the method by which he accomplished his task. offers refined arguments. d 11 . Planting Churches Cross-Culturally: North America and Beyond.com/church. The significance of this work is highlighting the phase out process and role changes a planter goes through. Tim Thornborough Christian Focus. many charts. Donald Anderson McGavran Baker Book House. Pioneer Church Planting by Trent Rowland. and highlights Paul’s ministry pattern. Multiplying Churches: Reaching Today’s Communities Through Church Planting by Stephen Timmis. Conn traces the challenging but rewarding process of church planting in the city.htm Planting and Growing Urban Churches: From Dream to Reality by Harvie M.. Hesselgrave. In addition. thorough. Allen compares Paul’s methods to modern missionary methods. This second edition draws on more recent literature. strategic planning. Paul’s or Ours? by Roland Allen Wm. Harvie M. Vivian Rowland Getting started as a church planter? Want to gain more insight into your existing church planting efforts? Trent and Vivian Rowland are seven years into leading a church planting team in Asia. and phase out a church plant. 2nd edition (April 2000) Ministry training often emphasizes expanding on the work of existing ministries to the neglect of addressing the difficulties of planting new churches in North America and across the world. and inspirational corrective. to develop. biblical. Tim Chester. targeting. Conn (Editor) Baker Book House. and giving examples of successful urban efforts. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Buy this online at www. graphs. there is no more practical resource for the field worker available today. oversee.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books Missionary Methods: St. 2nd Edition by David J. This volume provides a practical. (March 2003) Passing the Baton: Church Planting That Empowers by Tom Steffen Center for Organization & Ministry. he concludes by suggesting some ways the apostolic method might be usefully employed today. (July 1999) In Planting and Growing Urban Churches. Throughout. Revised edition (December 1997) When should a church planter release leadership of local churches to the nationals? Leave the work totally in their hands? If a missionary is to look for a practical guide book.matt28. and forms bolster Hesselgrave’s skillful description of effective cross-cultural church planting. In this handbook they articulate their experiences to help guide and inspire teams.

Not in Print. The authors believe that our theology shapes our actions.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Guide for New Churches and Those Desiring Renewal by Aubrey Malphurs. Planting New Churches by Francis Jackson Redford Baptist Sunday School Board . (1992) With contributing chapters from Richard and Sandy Millar. Radical Church Planting by R. (June 1979) Not in print. Part Two shows how to ask the right questions. if we know that new churches reach more people. and strategy. (May 1997) 12 . Peter Wagner that. Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age by Ed Stetzer Broadman & Holman Publishers. Part One offers a theological rationale and an historical context for church planting. and that an informed understanding will help us develop a suitable approach. The creative handbook shows church planters how to focus on the essential ingredients for success.but in nothing like its 20th century form. (1992) This book tackles two tasks. we must agree with C. and if we value reaching the unchurched. Joe Aldrich Baker Book House. new churches win more people to Christ than established churches. Sixteen accompanying worksheets are included and new chapter-end checklist aid in review. Ellis Inter-Varsity Press. The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church: And the Causes That Kinder It by Roland Allen Wipf & Stock Publishers. 2nd edition (July 1998) Aubrey Malphurs fervently believes that the church will awaken and thrive in the 21st Century . ‘The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches. Part Three deals with specifics: What kind of leadership structure? How should a new church gear itself for growth? Etc. Practical Guide to Church Planting by Roger McNamara Baptist Mid-Missions... Stuart Christine Monarch Publications. Part Two and Three offer practical help.Baptist Book Stores. the authors tell us how we can learn the principles that will help our churches grow. Not in Print. a Comprehensive Handbook by Martin Robinson. (December 1985) Not in Print.’ Church planting is gaining new attention because it is a biblical method that works.” Planting Tomorrow’s Churches Today. mission. (June 2003) On a per capita basis. “So. This book emphasizes the importance of a ministry’s core values..

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books


Starting a New Church by Ralph Moore Regal Books; (November 2002) Ralph Moore writes from over 20 years of successful church multiplication. This is not a book of theory. Its valuable insights come from wisdom forged in the crucible of real experience. If you are a church planter, a parent church pastor or a denominational supervisor of church planters, this book is a must read! Starting a New Church: How to Plant a High-Impact Church with CD by Dale Galloway, Warren Bird Beacon Hill Press You can lead your core group through this notebook to help them catch a vision and teach them to contribute to the project in significant ways. This easy-to-use notebook is divided into a leader’s guide and reproducible student workbook. The pages of the student workbook are included on CD so you can print them directly from your computer. In addition, this kit includes a DVD designed to stimulate study and discussion. Each of the 15 chapters is enhanced by a 3-5 minute video clip, usually featuring an actual church planter whose story is told in the chapter. Starting Strong, 5 Keys to Discovering 21st Century Church by Alan Roxburgh Percept Group, Inc.; (1999) This 22-page booklet outlines the Five Keys in easy-to-grasp narrative that is perfect for getting the conversation about the future started with your church leadership. The booklet can be downloaded for free. In addition, they have included a complimentary Group Discussion Guide here on the site that you can print and use to give direction to your conversations. Go to http://www.link2lead.com/L2L/start.asp. Thank God for New Churches: Church Planting Source of New Life by James H. Lehman Brethren Pr; (July 1984) Not in Print. That None Should Perish: How to Reach Entire Cities for Christ Through Prayer Evangelism by Ed Silvoso Regal Books; (February 1997) Ed Silvoso is a man with a heart for God and a burden for prayer. This book is extremely valuable for those working to help win their cities for Christ.


Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Books


Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books

Other Useful Books
CHURCH ADMINISTRATION Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins, Jerry I. Porras HarperBusiness; 1st edition (August 20, 2002) What makes a visionary company? This book compares what the authors have identified as “visionary” companies with selected companies in the same industry. The visionary companies had a number of common characteristics. And, not all of the visionary companies were founded by visionary leaders. This is an intriguing book that occasionally provides rare and interesting glimpses into the inner workings and philosophical foundations of successful businesses. Business Management in the Local Church by David R. Pollack Moody Publishers; Revised edition (February 1996) In this practical, information-packed guidebook, recognized church management expert David Pollock takes you all the way from biblical blueprints to the nuts and bolts of wise applications. Church Administration Handbook by Bruce P. Powers (Editor) Find under Products at www.nacba.net This newly revised and updated edition offers even more practical administrative guidelines, organizational hints, advice on personnel matters and much more. The Confident Leader: Getting a Good Start as a Christian Minister by Arlo Grenz Broadman & Holman Publishers The Confident Leader is a practical, helpful and enjoyable book. It could serve as a textbook on church administration but it reads like a novel. The book is ideal for a novice Christian Education Director but is a good refresher for any administrator. Grenz examines planning, goal setting, decision-making, team building, motivation, conflict management, time management, delegation and communication. The information is basic, practical and applicable. The E-Myth Manager: Why Management Doesn’t Work - and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber HarperBusiness; (May 1999) To become an E-Myth (entrepreneurial myth) manager, it’s essential to know what you want, to discover your “Primary Aim.” The E-Myth manager should have an entrepreneurial mind-set, be committed to making choices and must exercise full accountability. Some managers, he maintains, are on autopilot. He sets forth seven steps to establish a conscious organization in which people can find meaning and success.



addresses this key component to effective ministry. principal. Gangel Baker Book House. Pastors and congregations often fail to agree upon a set of core values that provide unity. (January 1998) A careful analysis of the primary areas of struggle for pastors reveals that pastoral training programs have neglected four foundational ministry concepts . president. Ministry Nuts and Bolts: What They Don’t Teach Pastors in Seminary by Aubrey Malphurs Kregel Publications. But how well is that team functioning? Feeding and Leading. mission executive-targeting such issues as spiritual leadership. Gangel begins with the foundations of the administrative process and then focuses on the vocational Christian leader-pastor. Aubrey Malphurs examines the four vital concepts and demonstrates how to implement them in local church ministry. mission. A lack of direction indicates a corresponding lack of mission. (2000) Every church and Christian organization has a leadership and administrative team. and strategy. vision. style.values. and long-range planning. now available in paperback. 16 . Kenneth O. goal setting.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books d Feeding & Leading: Practical Handbook on Administration in Churches and Christian Organizations by Kenneth O. organization of work.

the diverse groups create an environment where people meet mentors that can disciple and guide them. and Sharing Christ in the 21st Century: Empowering Your Church to Build Community Through Shared Interests by Ted Haggard Thomas Nelson. Ken Hemphill sidesteps a generation of outreach seminars and market-driven formulas to rediscover the true source of all sustained church growth: a spiritual commitment to God. MacNair Baker Book House. he makes specific recommendations for evaluating and shoring up the spiritual foundations of your congregation. but by removing barriers to growth.J. This need and interest based approach redefines the model for powerful church growth. d 17 .Baptist Book Stores. Special attention is given to presenting effective growth strategies for middle-size and small groups. A wealth of church growth insights are made understandable and usable. any church can grow to its natural God-given size. Dog Training. Care and Feeding of the Local Church by D. By enabling members to embrace and capitalize on their own unique abilities. (January 1. The Bonsai Theory of Church Growth by Ken Hemphill Baptist Sunday School Board . (January 1994) Here is a book that can help congregations establish years of research with growing and declining churches. (May 1999) In this landmark book. Church Growth Through Groups: Strategies for Varying Levels of Christian Community by John W.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books CHURCH GROWTH The Antioch Effect: 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Churches by Ken Hemphill Broadman & Holman Publishers. (May 14. healthy congregations. (April 1991) Not all churches are meant to be large ones. 2002) Ted Haggard presents a successful and tested model for a small group ministry that can be implemented by a church of any size. By identifying eight characteristics of growing. Each chapter offers clear and helpful insights into what the typical well-established congregation is doing that promotes growth or contributes to decline. (June 1978) Not in Print. building its spiritual life on the unique needs and capabilities of your church. Not in Print. Fly Fishing. Birth. Ellas Center for Church Growth. 1990) You will discover in this book a proven model of ministry that can help your church grow. Clear Choices for Churches: Trends Among Growing and Declining Churches of Christ by John W. Ellas Center for Church Growth.

Caldwell’s largely African-American congregation.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Dying for Change by Leith Anderson Bethany House. (September 1998) A recent survey of America’s Protestant churches estimates that 85% have plateaued or are declining in membership.Baptist Book Stores. and presentations has come the material for this book. Out of his experience. and Kallestad’s largely white Community Church of Joy has pioneered outreach to the “unchurched” in suburban Phoenix. Windsor Village United Methodist Church. The Growth Spiral: The Proven Step-By-Step Method for Calculating and Predicting Growth Potential in Your Church by Andy Anderson Baptist Sunday School Board . Caldwell and Kallestad sprinkle in stories of their own successes and setbacks as they parse the definition of entrepreneurial faith. They must learn to meet the challenges of the present and upcoming generation quickly. At a time when many churches are seeking to make a difference in their communities. (July 20. research. Gary L. d 18 . Keeping Them: Effective Strategies for Evangelism and Assimilation in the Local Church by Glen Martin (Contributor). Leith Anderson has successfully guided his own church through a process of extraordinary growth and change.Baptist Book Stores Not in Print.” but they argue that its true meaning lies in finding opportunities and taking risks for the sake of a vision that others haven’t yet seen. McIntosh Baptist Sunday School Board . (January 1992) Gary McIntosh and Glen Martin have distilled the complex formulae of church growth and retention theory into concepts that are comprehensible to non-experts with a view toward recruiting the church at large in the work of evangelism and discipling. has made its Houston neighborhood a hub of economic development. Finding Them. Effective Evangelistic Churches: Successful Churches Reveal What Works. The idea of entrepreneurship is often associated with money-fixated “wheeler-dealers. The rapid and complex changes transforming Western society have left many churches and ministry organizations teetering between ineffectiveness and extinction. Paul Sorenson WaterBrook Press. 2004) Caldwell and Kallestad want church leaders to transcend “status-quo ministry. Dying for Change is not intended to be a simple formula for success. KirbyJon Caldwell.” Each is pastor of an innovative church. and What Doesn't by Thom Rainer Broadman & Holman Publishers. Caldwell and Kallestad provide a model of how to dream big and do the hard work to make those dreams come true. (August 1996) Entrepreneurial Faith: Launching Bold Initiatives to Expand God’s Kingdom by Walt Kallestad. Change is extremely difficult but absolutely necessary.

(February 1993) Growth comes when effective leadership and delegation skills are working hand-in-hand. while denominational churches are dying. Ted Engstrom Baker Book House. Churches stagnate. Martin Robinson and Dwight Smith question whether many in the church really know how to change that reality. In a series of sweeping insights into congregational life and contemporary culture. downtown churches are doomed to decay. but to come into the presence of a God who leads us out into the world. decline. suburban churches care only about endless programming and “spiritual entertainment”. Martin Robinson Monarch. this book is aimed mainly at church leaders. Paul Nixon calls this failure of memory “spiritual amnesia. Dwight Smith. Klaas No. 2004) It is depressingly common to read in the press of the declining church in the West. Invading Secular Space: Strategies for Tomorrow’s Church by John Robinson. small-membership churches are concerned only with survival. They have forgotten their mission to reach out to those who do not know God in Christ. Bringing to bear many combined years experience of mission. Warren Bird. AL173 – Alban Institute http://www. not to feel comfortable and safe. they unpack the reasons behind the decline of the western church. and die for a number of reasons. nondenominational churches are growing. How to Break Growth Barriers: Capturing Overlooked Opportunities for Church Growth by Carl F. ministry to the unchurched. (October 1997) No matter how many services your church has. (January 1. They have forgotten that we worship. they miss the actual point. 19 .alban. (July 1. Nixon maps a course that will help churches remember who they are and for whom they exist. and more.” Congregations have forgotten what previous generations of Christians have learned time and again: that the church’s great challenge is to make the gospel available in compelling ways to those who need to hear it. This book answers all the questions you will have. The authors pinpoint vision and “ranching” as the key issues in breaking most small-church growth barriers. Packed with statistics and peppered with suggestions upon moving congregations to a fresh mission focus. It’s much easier to start a new church than turn around an old one. George.asp?ID=999 What’s working and not working in your congregation? You’ll explore the factors that inspired and motivated changes to reverse decline as other congregations wrestled with the same issues you’re facing: ministry to current members. In Search of the Unchurched: Why People Don’t Join Your Congregation by Alan C. changing neighborhoods. the erosion of “Christendom” in the West and embrace the challenge to reverse that decline.org/BookDetails.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Healing Spiritual Amnesia: Remembering What It Means to Be the Church by Paul Nixon Abingdon Press. but principally because they have forgotten who they are. worship. Leith Anderson Baker Book House. How to Start a New Service: Your Church Can Reach New People by Charles Arn. 2004) There are no end to clichés and easy assumptions about congregational health and vitality. Whatever kernel of truth such analyses might contain. Included are helpful worksheets to guide the process and evaluate results of your planning. adding a new style service will help you reach new people.

they can frame the core issues and approach the future with new eyes. One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Bringing Out the Best in Any Size Church by Gary L. Schwarz ChurchSmart Resources. If you don’t think scientific research can be effective at measuring intangible things like spirituality. 20 . Success doesn’t come from copying someone else’s ideas or methods. author. The research shows 8 quality characteristics of a healthy. This book will give you everything you need to achieve your church’s full potential—and relief from the smorgasbord approach that does more harm than good by distracting you from the unique focus. or overhead transparencies. history. McIntosh Fleming H Revell Co. but from knowing the biblical model of a church and understanding how to conform your church—regardless of size. Gary McIntosh’s new book One Size Doesn’t Fit All is helpful to the small or large church trying to grow. and shift from prediction and planning to preparation for the challenges in an uncertain world. (September 19.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Kingdom-Focused Church: A Compelling Image of an Achievable Future for Your Church By Gene Mims Broadman & Holman Publishers. 2003) You will never find the full meaning of your church or the pathway to a healthy. consultant. (July 1999) In a world that’s changing so fast. developing disciples instead of church members. There is a corresponding survey to take to get full use out of the research and help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are in your church. This easy-to-read parable will help us bring out the best in our churches. location. focusing on spiritual formation rather than church programs. and church leadership developer Reggie McNeal debunks old assumptions and provides an overall strategy to help church leaders move forward in an entirely different and more effective way. or spiritual gifts then this book is not for you. we need a little help in making sure the church stays on course. fostering the rise of a new apostolic leadership. and new ideas. resources. 2003) In this provocative book. McNeal identifies the six most important realities that church leaders must address including: recapturing the spirit of Christianity and replacing “church growth” with a wider vision of kingdom growth. and mission of the church God has saved for you alone. or any other variable—to that biblical pattern. McNeal contends that by changing the questions church leaders ask themselves about their congregations and their plans. You will only find the full understanding of your church’s life and mission in the heart of God and His will for you. new purpose. growing church. no matter what their size. (Ken Blanchard) The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church by Reggie McNeal Jossey-Bass. successful church in methods. 3rd edition (September 1996) Schwarz does an extensive scientific study on what makes churches grow. (May 1. Natural Church Development: A Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches by Christian A. conferences. nature.

growth is sure to follow.” and “[Teach] them to obey. worship.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Purpose-Driven® Church by Rick Warren Zondervan. A church that risks reaching out to our jaded culture with “outside the box” expressions of faith and love. argues Warren.” “Go and make disciples. and evangelism. when church leaders stop thinking about church-building programs and shift their focus to a “people-building process” involving fellowship. When God Builds a Church: 10 Principles for Growing a Dynamic Church by Bob Russell. Too often churches have no coherent plan for discipleship. (May 1.” And those purposes can only be accomplished. Ogden sets forth his vision for transforming both the individual disciple and discipleship itself. Healthy. Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time by Greg Ogden InterVarsity Press. “If your church is healthy. But lack of growth might not be due to lack of concern for new people--it may be because we are not effectively discipling the people we already have. showing how discipleship can become a self-replicating process with ongoing impact from generation to generation.” “Love your neighbor as yourself. look to the latest evangelistic strategies or seekertargeted worship services. A church that is engaged with its community. Bob Russell and his son Rusty share the ten principles upon which this remarkable church was founded.” These five purposes are to “Love the Lord with all your heart.” writes Rick Warren. daring to cut itself free from atrophied practices and programs to flourish in creative and compelling worship. In the pages of this far-sighted. (July 2000) Can the church truly be the “city on a hill that cannot be hidden” that Jesus talked about in the Sermon on the Mount? Can it grow large enough to attract throngs of seekers and yet be loving enough to care for each individual that comes? Bob Russell. uncompromising book. discipleship. and leaders feel they lack the resources to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ. An Unstoppable Force: Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind by Erwin Raphael McManus Group Publishing Inc. consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church. 2003) Many church leaders. pastor of the Southeastern Christian Church ― one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America ― says that it most certainly can.” “[Baptize] them. (November 27. Rusty Russell Howard Publishing. (June 2001) An Unstoppable Force will excite and inspire readers about being part of the Church that God had in mind! A “force” created to change the world. But it can only be done when we are submissive to God's will and allow Him to build that church. 1995) The thesis of The Purpose Driven Church is that when churches think first about their health. yearning for church growth. Greg Ogden addresses the need for discipleship in the local church and recovers Jesus’ method of accomplishing life change by investing in just a few people at a time. “growth will occur naturally. d 21 .

evangelism. preaching. Dan Kimball explains the postmodern shifts and what practical implications that has for worship. (1992) In Church Without Walls.” Frazee’s proposal belies megachurch stereotypes by taking a countercultural stand against the individualism and consumerism. they each have strengths and limitations. candidly analyzes these models while proposing nine areas in which the church will need to transform to be biblically true to its message and its mission to the world. a simple tool in the hand of the Lord.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books CHURCH MODELS The Cell Church by Larry Stockstill Regal Books. Jim Petersen offers an exciting definition of the church that pushes beyond the too-small boundaries we’ve inherited from the past. and leadership. assimilating. forgotten New Testament practices. (March 1. ChurchNext. The Connecting Church by Randy Frazee. Eddie Gibbs. d 22 . He explains how the cell model. A vivid and inspiring call to every believer. (March 2000) Change is now. He provides an encouraging cross-generational bridge between a new bread of young church leaders and those who have been in ministry for some time. Moving Beyond Traditional Boundries by Jim Petersen NavPress. Drawing on biblical models as well as sociological research and urban planning principles. Frazee makes a case that the mobility and privacy of suburbia fosters a spirit of fragmentation and isolation that is unworkable as a basis for authentic community. and what we need to know about today’s society in order to make the gospel accessible and transforming. it explores: Church forms. the evangelical church underwent a shift with the arrival of seeker-style churches. a well-known church strategist and practitioner.” The Emerging Church by Dan Kimball Zondervan. Dallas Willard Zondervan. Pantego Bible Church. Church Without Walls. discipleship. (April 1. Frazee recommends “consolidating relationships. can strengthen churches and prepare members for the rush of new believers. 2003) Around 25 years ago.” opting out of multiple activities in favor of “a circle of relationships that produces a sense of genuine belonging. 2001) This book follows the story of Frazee’s congregation. The Emerging Church addresses this change and provides practical ideas on how churches can adjust and be more effective to reach emerging generations. in its efforts to “take [the small group movement] to the next level. twenties. and thirties have changing perceptions and preferences. Larry Stockstill explains why the traditional structure of evangelizing. Quantum Changes in How We Do Ministry by Eddie Gibbs Intervarsity Press. the important difference of distinguishing between church tradition and biblical absolutes. (June 1998) In The Cell Church. Now there are rumblings around the country that the generations of teens. and discipling leaders will never be fast enough or efficient enough to facilitate the revival that God has promised. While new church models have sprung up to meet these challenges. Competition from nontraditional and Eastern religions joins with the pressures of both modernism and postmodernism to squeeze Christianity.

2001) The New Worship. it highlights where to focus your energy. Expanded edition (May 21. Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America by Darrell L. If you are in the midst of developing cell groups. One Church. Guder (Editor). Eerdmans Publishing Co. Making Cell Groups Work: Navigating the Transformation to a Cell-Based Church by M. The New Worship: Straight Talk on Music and the Church by Barry Wayne Liesch. 23 . 2003) Something is desperately wrong with most churches today. (March 1. At the heart of this strategy is the belief that a church can be comprised of many congregations.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero. If your church is just beginning its transition. presents contemporary trends. The answer they found has come to be known as the Key Church Strategy.. Donald P. and use a blend of both traditional and nontraditional music in praise formats. (March 1998) What would a theology of the church look like that took seriously the fact that North America is now itself a mission field? This question lies at the foundation of this volume written by an ecumenical team of six noted missiologists. Scott Boren. meeting separately yet ministering together. J. Discipleship that really transforms a church must integrate emotional health with spiritual maturity. and offers stimulating ideas for services. Jr.. Lois Barrett (Editor) Wm. Thomas. (July 1999) Ahlen and Thomas decided to explore what might be done to help churches overcome obstacles and truly minister to their communities. is a practical book that gives workable suggestions for worship. They are stuck at a level of immaturity that current models of discipleship have not addressed. V. expanded edition. Many sincere followers of Christ who are passionate for God and his work are unaware of the crucial link between emotional health and spiritual maturity. 2002) Making Cell Groups Work breaks down the transition process into eight manageable parts. Warren Bird Zondervan. It helps pastors. Many Congregations: The Key Church Strategy by J. resolve conflicts. It recognizes the cultural differences evident within North American society and presents the Christian message in a way that respects and communicates to the indigenous concerns of different cultural groups. Don Tillman (Contributor). and musicians navigate changes. this book will help you identify your current stage of cell development and articulate a plan to address that stage. Ralph W. The Emotionally Healthy Church offers a strategy for discipleship that does this and actually changes lives. No matter where you are with your church. Neighbour Cell Group Resources. answers hard questions. Hustad Baker Book House. B. (November 1. worship leaders. Timothy Ahlen Abingdon Press. this process will help you focus on building cells on a sure foundation. gives advice for handling conflict over music.

messianic spirituality. Miller University of California Press. ethnic and cultural lines. just trying to keep on keeping on. (June 2002) Today’s church culture of overdoing excellence has led to a highly competitive attitude among churches and church leaders like no time in recent history. we must understand who they are. 24 . Church leaders who heed the authors’ call will see death turned into new life through the creation of a vital. (November 1. Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch present an alternative model for ministry in today’s postmodern world. they are growing rapidly as mainline churches decline. (October 25. Miller sees these churches as embodying a new Protestant Reformation. middle-class families. These groups are contemporary and casual in style. The Perfectly Imperfect Church: Redefining the “Ideal” Church by Steve Sjogren Group Publishing Inc. Containing sample services for different kinds of “Seeker-friendly” worship services. There are many different types. This book offers encouragement to the vast majority of churches in this country that are under 200 people in weekend attendance and are. and he makes an interesting case for his assertion. Starting with this frank assessment of the current church. therefore. (September 1996) In One New People Manual Ortiz persuades us of the benefits in fellowship and outreach that we can experience by crossing racial. (November 1998) If we are to reach the “Seekers” or the new generation of the unchurched. 2003) Christendom is dying and needs to be removed from its life-support system. Offering a unique blend of contemporary culture and life-transforming spirituality. and seem to make great use of lay members in many aspects of ministry. Searching for Seekers: Ministry With a New Generation of the Unchurched by Mary J. Scifres Abingdon Press. the authors explain how the church can be reborn through incarnational mission. Alan Hirsch Hendrickson Publishers. 1999) Miller analyses what he calls “new paradigm churches. have very little doctrine or hierarchy. Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium by Donald E. with the common people reclaiming religion from the elite clergy. and Hope Chapel. this book will provide church leaders with a thoughtful. The churches that are being presented as the super successful ones are virtually impossible to gain any encouragement from because they are so distinctive. Instead of mourning the demise of the Western church as the center of society. Unlike more mainline evangelical churches that they resemble.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books d One New People: Models for Developing a Multiethnic Church by Manuel Ortiz Intervarsity Press. yet practical introduction to who Seekers are and how the church might best minister to them. He urges readers not just to put aside their differences but to celebrate them and to embrace them--to use them in a way that draws them closer to each other and closer to God.” He bases his well-researched work on three churches: Calvary Chapel. and apostolic structure. Vineyard Christian Fellowship. these groups appeal primarily to young. The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21 Century Church by Michael Frost. missional church.

It is a practical manual that details a culturally relevant. It is a groundbreaking work for worship musicians and pastors. The book explores eight concrete “patterns” common to these churches.” The congregations studied here are “clay jars.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Source for Effective Church Service Planning by Scott Dyer (Compiler) Zondervan. Treasure in Clay Jars: Patterns in Missional Faithfulness by George B. (December 1.. 1999) This is a how-to guide for churches who want to put worship to its biblically intended ends and it includes a study guide. (January 1. 25 . James W.Mission is the character of the church in whatever context it exists. 2003) A comprehensive listing of service-tested programming material designed to supplement a church’s creative process of service planning.” but each carries in its witness a remarkable treasure that points to God’s power and purposes. biblical alternative to both evangelistic and seeker sensitive worship models. but for participation in God’s mission of reconciliation. Worship Evangelism by Sally Morgenthaler Zondervan. Thompson. Fowler Pilgrim Press. Although the patterns may be different in each setting. political stances. they can be recognized in any congregation seeking to participate in God’s mission in the world. (June 1.. The team that authored this book believes that “missional” says something not so much about the activities of the church as its character: “The church does not exist for itself. 2003) Treasure in Clay Jars centers on case studies of nine missional congregations from across North America that are diverse in their denominational affiliations. and socioeconomic backgrounds. worship styles.

who. (April 1999) In Leading the Team-Based Church. Rory Noland. and many others are considering the addition of professional staff in the future. The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland Zondervan. With passion and conviction that come from personal experience. but on a process of collaboration that mirrors the relationship of Father. why. and staff to breathe new life into their ministries and unleash the full potential of the entire ministry team. George Cladis issues a clarion call for ministry teams to embrace a fresh leadership model that is not based on hierarchy. Staff Your Church for Growth: Building Team Ministry in the 21st Century by Gary L. Son. Through down-to-earth stories from his own experience and those of clergy in both mainline and evangelical churches. addresses topics such as: Servanthood Versus Stardom. 1999) A book for Ministry Teams ― The Heart of the Artist is like no other book you’ve read. and Holy Spirit. Leading the Team-Based Church: How Pastors and Church Staffs Can Grow Together into a Powerful Fellowship of Leaders (a Leadership Network Publication) by George Cladis Jossey-Bass. McIntosh has written a comprehensive manual for the twenty-first-century church. Jealousy and Envy. congregational leaders. (May 1. Excellence Versus Perfectionism. d d d 26 . and when to add staff in a way that encourages growth. Westing Kregel Publications. Cladis offers an exciting alternative to the traditional forms of church leadership. (March 2000) Current data show that half of all churches have some form of multiple staff. Gary L. and The Spiritual Disciplines of the Artist. McIntosh Baker Book House. focusing on how. This frank.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books CHURCH STAFF Church Staff Handbook: How to Build an Effective Ministry Team by Harold J. enabling pastors. innovation reaps rewards. Revised and Updated edition (August 1997) This book provides a blueprint for developing a spiritually strong and effective team for ministry in the local church. music director for Willow Creek Community Church. and spirituality takes root in life and work ― has matured past the need for the hierarchy of traditional church leadership where the pastor had the final say. He reminds us that today’s cultural environment ― where authority has basis in trust. The Artist in Community. knowledgeable book deals head-on with issues every person in an arts ministry faces.

he recognizes the exciting potential for the future of the church ― if leadership development is undertaken. Carroll. anthropological. Learn how to plan and be involved in an effective Body-wide city-reaching initiative. and demographic aspects of church bodies. retail businesses. Hispanics.alban. are changing society and the church. Warren University of Notre Dame Press. Gain insights on how you can be involved in researching and analyzing your city. (1984) The outgrowth of two major studies of neighborhoods sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. As a sociologist.org/BookDetails. Not in Print. Finally. C. d d 27 . ― the Hispanic community. J. stories. and he spoke the cultural language of that individual. local planning commissions.Alban Institute http://www.asp?ID=1766 Jesus was uniquely adept in the art of “reading” people. Cubans and Mexicans.sisqtel.net/%7Ebwaymire/ Find a Niche and Scratch It: Marketing Your Congregation by Robert L.S. And much more.S. and processes at work in congregations. Manuel Ortiz knows first-hand what it is like to be a Hispanic in the U. racial reconciliation and ecclesiastical structures. Then he turns to key missiological issues. it will be an invaluable aid to city officials.S. Examine the sociological. especially Puerto Ricans. and be better equipped for church planning and cultivating leadership skills. Warren. black and white. (September 1998) This is a revised and updated edition of Handbook for Congregational Studies – the leading textbook in the field. The Neighborhood Organizer’s Handbook by Rachelle B.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books d DEMOGRAPHICS Discovering Your City: Bringing Light to the Task of Community Transformation by Bob Waymire. Studying Congregations edited by N. Robert Perry takes what Jesus and others have done intuitively—niche marketing—and provides a framework for applying those principles in everyday practice. affluent and poor – with graphic portrayals of each neighborhood type. and all human service organizations. with a particular emphasis on developing second-generation leadership. Using a comprehensive systems approach. justice. this basic primer is a research-guided tour through the neighborhoods of America’s communities ― suburban and central city. Ortiz first explores the unique needs and concerns of Hispanics in the U. Perry No. Ammerman. In this book. Although aimed primarily at citizens who want to improve their neighborhoods. including Protestant-Catholic relationships. AL265 . Dudley & W. Discover how to use strategic information for mobilizing the Body of Christ in effective community transformation. He fit his approach to the precise needs and interests of the person with whom he was dealing. The Hispanic Challenge. Order online at www. this volume helps you analyze the ministries. Opportunities Confronting the Church by Manuel Ortiz Intervarsity Press. Donald I. (January 1994) “The Sleeping Giant” is the fastest-growing minority group in the U. McKinney Abingdon Press. Carl Townsend Light International Discover how to understand your city and why current conditions exist. the book focuses on leadership training and education.

Phyllis Ten Elshoff (Editor). computer tips. The author has written a true “everything-you-need-to-know” guide to sound and healthy money management. practical. information-packed survey of the do’s and don’ts of writing effective grant requests also includes useful internet sites for grant seekers. The Dynamics of Church Finance provides detailed and up-todate information to build confidence and sound financial practice. Basic Budgeting for Churches by Jack A. what it will cost. Your Church (Editor) Broadman & Holman Publishers. collecting and recording. and where to get it. It helps you determine what you need. by James D. It’s a book that proves church finances don’t have to be tedious. (May 1994) Money management is the art and science of developing and carrying out a spending plan. Henry Broadman & Holman Publishers. This brief. spending and giving of church moneys are discussed in this clear and well-organized book for those in pastoral and support positions. A Concise Guide to Getting Grants for Nonprofit Organizations by Mark Guyer Nova Science Pub Inc. from the most basic accounting principles to sample forms and ledgers. (June 1995) This church financial management expert explains all of the basics of building a solid church budgeting system. A Concise Guide to Getting Grants for Nonprofit Organizations is a straightforward. 2002) Mark Guyer draws upon his more than fifteen years of professional experience as a grant writer to author this book. Planning and budgeting. complicated and confusing. Includes sample forms. “user friendly”. and a great deal more. Henry Broadman & Holman Publishers.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books FINANCES / FUND-RAISING Basic Accounting for Churches: A Turnkey Manual by Jack A. 2000) Continuing the six-part Ministry Dynamics series is this concise yet practical guide to issues surrounding church stewardship. d 28 . Whether a young pastor seeks guidance on budgeting and finance or a seasoned servant needs a quick review of church financial responsibilities. The Dynamics of Church Finance: Ministry Dynamics for a New Century. filing systems and more. Berkley Baker Books. (July 1. how-to resource which is especially recommended to anyone charged with the responsibility of obtaining governmental or private sector grants in support of their nonprofit organization or group. The Complete Church Guide to Saving Money and Buying Smart by Marshall Shelley (Editor). (October 1. (May 1998) This book by the experts from Your Church magazine answers your questions on the practical aspects of running a church – from stained glass to speaker systems. explores other fund-raising options.

CO 80934 An in-depth. and Management) by James M. The text not only brings the Biblical basis for raising support and deputation to light. It details how to determine the cost of fund-raising for different annual and major giving efforts. While the traditional focus of the fund-raising process tends to be utilitarian before it is humane or spiritual. Dillon Moody Publishers. Greenfield AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series. Callahan Jossey-Bass. d 29 . (March 2000) For fundraisers who are also Christian. (1996) Jim Greenfield’s book may be a welcome addition to the libraries of many nonprofit organizations. It also describes different fund-raising methods and how they work to novice fund-raisers interested in expanding their organization’s development efforts. this book is a must. Complete with charts and questionnaires.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Effective Church Finances: Fund-Raising and Budgeting for Church Leaders by Kennon L. This unusual and highly effective approach is rooted in the Gospel vision. (August 1993) For missionaries that are responsible for raising their own support.O. Funding Your Ministry by Scott Morton Dawsonmedia. the empowering new model proposed here – fund-raising as ministry – puts the humane and the spiritual first. Rebekah Burch Basinger Jossey-Bass. Fund-Raising Fundamentals: A Guide to Annual Giving for Professionals and Volunteers (Nonprofit Law. Regardless if you are new to mission work and new to support raising or a veteran missionary with a continuing need to raise support. insights. Biblical guide for successfully raising personal support. 1999 A ministry of The Navigators. but also illustrates how to train yourself. Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising As a Ministry by Thomas H. People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support by William P. Box 6000. It rests on the idea that relationships with donors should be built upon a desire to encourage their generosity and spiritual growth. this book shares practical suggestions. P. Here for the first time is a truly spiritual way of looking at fund-raising as an opportunity to nurture current and prospective donors and facilitate their growth in faith. Finance. There are formulae and equations used to evaluate cost-effectiveness to all fund-raisers interested in determining costs. Effective Church Finances offers church leaders a comprehensive guide to setting and achieving financial goals through well-planned budgeting and fund-raising. Colorado Springs. and wisdom that have been tested and proven during the author’s many years of consulting in thousands of churches. this book has definite and practical guidelines and tips that anyone will understand. Jeavons. (July 1997) With depth and insight uncharacteristic of books in this field. the most vital mission is to grow the giver’s heart.

this issue fosters a deeper understanding of philanthropic action based upon spiritual and religious beliefs. and the role faith can play in our professional calling and in our giving. Taking Fundraising Seriously: The Spirit of Faith and Philanthropy: New Directions for Philanthropic Fund-raising #35 by Dwight F. Bisagno. Contributors discuss faith-guided giving. 2001) Oftentimes. this issue brings scholars and practitioners together to debate. This book will equip a church of any size with the knowledge to conduct – from beginning to end – a full capital campaign. However. many churches have inadequate facilities or feel the crunch of overcrowding and are without the immediate resources for expansion. people charged with the task of writing grant proposals have little or no training in the process.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Storytelling for Grantseekers: The Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fund-raising by Cheryl A. Clarke helps fundraisers overcome these hurdles by presenting an organic approach to proposal writing. and resolutions). Burlingame (Editor) Jossey-Bass. and many actually feel intimidated by the act of writing. the role of faith-related organizations in community building. 30 . parachurch organizations. In this book. consultant and trainer Cheryl A. Successful Church Fund-Raising: Capital Campaigns You Can Do Yourself by John R. discuss. antagonists. (November 2002) Exploring the relationship between spiritual motivation and identification in the philanthropic practice. Keith Newman Broadman & Holman Publishers. Grantseekers who have used this unique process discover that telling the organization’s story in narrative form (complete with settings. (April 2002) God is blessing many churches today with exponential growth and great opportunity for ministry in their community. can help them connect with grantmakers and ultimately have greater success with funders. and examine a variety of findings from different viewpoints. Clarke Jossey-Bass. Offering a selected sample of revised papers and presentations from the 14th annual symposium sponsored by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. the ethics of wealth. characters. the Native American experience of giving. 1st edition (November 15.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books LEADERSHIP The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. True leadership cannot be awarded. Readers can expect a wellcrafted discussion that emphasizes the core attitudes and visions of leadership. Beyond the Box: Innovative Churches that Work by William M.” Advanced Strategic Planning: A New Model for Church and Ministry Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs Baker Book House. Pastors. stepby-step guide for church and parachurch ministry in the twenty-first century. this book is divided into two parts. (June 1. The author provides thought-provoking yet practical skills that will elevate the scope of ministry from mere survival of daily challenges to thriving in today’s culture! He vividly portrays the new paradigms facing churches and illustrates the need to become an “AquaChurch” in order to effectively minister in our fluid. Dave Travis Group Publishing Inc. Concerned to counter this drift. postmodern culture. when explaining “The Law of Influence.” Maxwell states that “job titles don’t have much value when it comes to leading. Princess Diana. Abraham Lincoln. church leaders will discover the leadership arts that are essential in today’s ever-changing culture. Easum. (April 1999) Advanced Strategic Planning presents a new strategic planning process to help church leaders think through the core issues of ministry and adjust to cultural shifts without compromising the church’s values. denominational leaders. leadership expert Aubrey Malphurs articulates a working definition of a Christian leader and leadership based on Scripture and his own extensive research and challenges you to define and develop leadership in your ministry. or vision. teachers. appointed or assigned. 1999) In this book from Leonard Sweet. Part one takes readers through the preparation for strategic thinking and acting. Part two raises nine fundamental questions of ministry. AquaChurch: Essential Leadership Arts for Piloting Your Church in Today’s Fluid Culture by Leonard I. Sweet Group Publishing. and Elizabeth Dole in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. and students of church management and renewal will want to read this practical. (September 18. For instance. Maxwell uses the same tell-it-like-it-is approach that he honed in the bestselling Developing the Leader Within You. d 31 . mission. (June 2003) Healthy growth in the church comes not from addition ― but multiplication! Authors Bill Easum and Dave Travis introduce you to leaders who have taken the bold steps to focus their mission-driven churches in ways forgotten by modern Christianity. guiding leaders through the process of planning and implementation. (September 1. Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership by Aubrey Malphurs Baker Books. Maxwell Thomas Nelson. Maxwell offers lively stories about the foibles and successes of Lee Iacocca. Based on a biblical and pastoral perspective. 2003) Too many churches and parachurch groups are blindly operating under secular leadership principles and strategies. 1998) John C. It comes only from influence and that can’t be mandated. This book focuses on leadership issues and ministry outreach to the world that redesign the mission of the church.

identify emerging leaders. Especially suited for class or small group settings ― includes a suggested course schedule and directions for elder mentors.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Building Leaders: Blueprints for Developing Leadership at Every Level of Your Church by Aubrey Malphurs. government. Now he shares the passionate cry of his heart: the local church is the hope of the world. and a lack of know-how are just a few reasons suggested in this groundbreaking book. (May 1. Carpe Mañana by Leonard Sweet Zondervan Publishing Company. yet most churches have no formal way of doing this. Andrew Seidel provides an exceptional tool to get you started on cultivating the unique gifts and abilities God has given you and your leadership team. Bill Hybels writes Courageous Leadership for local church leaders. This leadership course will fit perfectly in your leadership-training program. Through nine naturalization classes Leonard Sweet offers strategies for leaders to put their faces. 2004) Training the next generation of leaders is crucial to spreading the gospel. Not a discipleship course. it shows readers how to: empower leaders. Charting a Bold Course by Andrew Seidel Moody Publishers. to the future. Building Leaders provides real-life examples of ways churches can unleash their true ministry potential by training staff members and laypeople to lead. In Charting a Bold Course. This book is not written for business. rather it is intended to focus on developing key areas of leadership. leadership development is a life-long process. not their backs. However. (August 1. small staffs. use biblical models for training leaders and form a leadership training program to fit any size or budget. the people who have the potential to be the most influential force in the world. or educational leaders. Building Teams in Ministry (Beeson Pastoral Series) by Dale Galloway (Editor) Beacon Hill Press. d 32 . (February 1. Will Mancini Baker. 2003) A bold and comprehensive course to develop the leader within you! The church of Jesus Christ in this generation is in desperate need of strong leaders. (January 2001) How can the most valuable resource in the church ― the laity ― be mobilized into a ministry revolution? Join Dale Galloway and other outstanding church leaders as they explore the opportunities team building ministry provides. Instead. Why? Tight budgets. With step-by-step instructions that can be applied to any church or parachurch ministry. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels Zondervan. 2003) A naturalization manual to help Christians become leaders in the new world of postmodern culture. (October 1. and its future rests in the hands of its leaders. 2002) Bill Hybels waited 30 years to write this book on the strategic importance of the spiritual gift of leadership. overcome obstacles to developing leaders.

imagination. You must supply the desire. Presented with humor and grace. When we do church as a team. “the traits that are the raw material of leadership can be acquired. (August 1. In the second part. Drucker HarperBusiness. But people can grow. The Effective Executive by Peter F. Systems become dated.” This usually involves doing what other people have overlooked as well as avoiding what is unproductive. In the first part of the book. This book will supply the leadership principles. Elders and Leaders tackles a culturally sensitive topic with thorough scholarship and practical wisdom. 1st edition (August 20. and knowledge may all be wasted in an executive job without the acquired habits of mind that mold them into results. he shares how he has applied or has seen these principles applied over the years. Developing the Leader Within You by John C. develop. is the ability to “get the right things done. d d 33 . and become more effective if they have a leader who understands their potential value. Drawing from his experiences in pioneering and pastoring highly successful churches in Hawaii. Machinery wears. Maxwell Thomas Nelson. “Link them up with desire and nothing can keep you from becoming a leader. 2002) The measure of the executive. author Wayne Cordeiro inspires and instructs on such topics as casting vision and creating a teamwork mentality. identifying and developing spiritual gifts and passions. 2003) Discovering God’s wonderful plan for leadership in the church. Maxwell. 2nd Revision edition (December 19.” Maxwell offers a detailed and inspiring primer on becoming a leader. However. Jesus Himself modeled it nearly 2. Intelligence. Maxwell Thomas Nelson. Elders and Leaders by Gene A. Getz Moody Publishers. we fulfill the Lord’s desire that His Church work together-and we achieve amazing results for His kingdom. 1995) Developing leadership qualities in others is the way to ensure success in today’s competitive world. Strong leadership in the church is exactly what God had in mind. Doing Church As a Team by Wayne Cordeiro Regal Books. Fortunately though. Peter Drucker reminds us. Buildings deteriorate. according to John C. Getz lays the historical and biblical groundwork for the position of elder. A perfect resource for the emerging generation of church leaders as they tackle the complex challenges of a postmodern culture. mastering the fine art of delegation and remedying burnout before it strikes. because the one asset that truly appreciates within any organization is people.000 years ago. 2000) Few of us are natural-born leaders. very few people understand the biblical pattern for church leadership.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Developing the Leaders Around You by John C. Gene Getz has written Elders and Leaders to unravel the mystery and alleviate the confusion surrounding this critical topic.” he promises. (March 10. Revised edition (January 2001) Doing church as a team is not a revolutionary concept. this approach to building effective ministries through teamwork is biblical and refreshingly practical.

Indelible Ink: 22 Prominent Christian Leaders Discuss the Books That Shape Their Faith by Scott Larsen Waterbrook Press. you can meet the writers and thinkers who most deeply influence twentytwo of today’s top Christian authors. Friedman. ministries. These are the books that left the greatest imprint on the lives of the leaders who are making a spiritual imprint on today’s generation. histories. devotional works. 2003) In the pages of Indelible Ink. Regardless of the setting in which we lead. even commentaries and reference works. Discover why working relationships may be “stuck” in certain behaviors. Each of these trusted Christian leaders–whose lives and ministries impact millions around the world–points you to the most valuable books from the past and present. and why. 2002) Today’s young leaders grew up in the glow of television and computers. Steinke Alban Inst. Healthy Leaders covers the many dynamics of Godly leadership. marriages. In a groundbreaking study of these two disparate groups legendary leadership expert Warren Bennis and leadership consultant Robert Thomas set out to find out how era and values shape those who lead. leadership roles. Bennis. (1998) Leaders must have a clear sense of identity. Robert J.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Geeks and Geezers by Warren G. and practically illustrated with case studies. the leaders of their grandparents’ generation in the shadow of the Depression and World War II. This book dispels popular myths and wrong beliefs as to what constitutes a thriving church in today's society and is an excellent resource for ministry leaders who are seeking or willing to reevaluate and restructure a church. When we are healthy individuals. What they discovered was something far more profound: the powerful process through which leaders of any era emerge. communities and nations. (January 2001) George Barna reveals nine critical habits proven to make a church an effective local body. theology. Geeks and Geezers is a book that will forever change how we view not just leadership – but the very way we learn and ultimately live our lives. and the effects of family of origin on current relationships. Thomas Harvard Business School Press. congregations. (June 1993) Drawing on the work of Bowen. including fiction. How Your Church Family Works: Understanding Congregations As Emotional Systems by Peter L. Healthy Leaders: How to Develop a Clear Sense of Identity and Direction by Keith E. (August 8. theologically grounded. businesses. we need to know who we are as individuals. we help form healthy families. biography. 1st edition (June 17. congregational change. Steinke shows how to recognize and deal with the emotional roots of such issues as church conflict. 34 . It presents for the first time a compelling new model that predicts who is likely to become-and remain-a leader. The Habits of Highly Effective Churches: Being Strategic in Your God Given Ministry by George Barna Regal Books. and his own many years’ counseling experience. Yoder House to House Press. Psychologically sound. irresponsible behavior.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books d The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management by Robert D. Herman & Associates Jossey-Bass Inc. 3rd Edition by James M. the context hasand in some cases. Key aspects include board development. resonant to the leadership of the Spirit. If you’re a pastor. theory. Yet on the Other Side lies a church radically transformed. 2004) The demand for quality leaders constantly outstrips the supply. (March 1. Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. faced with the new challenges of our unpredictable global business environment. While the content of leadership has not changed. 2003) When it was initially written in 1987. processes. and ready to lay aside everything that does not help it accomplish the one thing that matters: introducing people to the love of God in Jesus Christ. The authors emphasize that the fundamentals of leadership are the same today as they were in the 1980s. Leadership was never a matter of institutional learning or professional expertise. the third edition is grounded in extensive research and based on interviews with all kinds of leaders at all levels in public and private organizations from around the world. with treasured assumptions. Kouzes. and experience. and strategies of nonprofit organization leadership and management. Based on the most up-to-date research. buy-the-numbers approach to church life. That same approach can help ensure your own church is never at a loss for dependable men and women to enter the leadership race with wisdom. staff member. Bruce Miller Zondervan. five-part volume offers practical. it involved seasoned leaders passing the baton to ordinary people right within the local body of believers. Jeff Jones. privileges. (1994) This book brings together leading experts in the nonprofit and management fields to describe effective practice in all the important functions. comprehensive advice on managing nonprofit organizations. starting with Jesus and his apostles. Publishers. strategic planning. It’s a bumpy ride. this twenty-five chapter. Just Clues by Bill Easum Abingdon Press. that place beyond Christendom Era and its mechanistic. Posner Jossey-Bass. or board member. direct style Bill Easum opens a portal to the Other Side. Barry Z. team leader. Building on the knowledge base of their previous books. Rather. vision and passion. The Leadership Baton: An Intentional Strategy for Developing Leaders in Your Church by Rowland Forman. few could have predicted that The Leadership Challenge would become one of the best-selling leadership books of all time. fund-raising and financial and management accounting. (August 2000) In his engaging. marketing. changed dramatically. Now. More and more churches are adopting it—the principles that made the early church such a spiritual powerhouse are just as effective today. Leadership on the Other Side: No Rules. and traditions shattered along the way. you’re always challenged with a leadership shortage. 3 edition (July 25. d 35 . have completely revised and updated their classic book. and as they’ve probably been for centuries. The Leadership Challenge. The Leadership Baton equips you with a solution that’s time-proven and right at hand: church-based leadership development. two of the country’s premier leadership experts.

Pastors. but Anderson’s counsel is sound and practical. (December 1999) As a nationally recognized authority on church and parachurch leadership. a key growth area is still lacking for many: selfleadership. and spiritual aspects of self-leadership. lay or professional leaders. Leading from the Inside Out: The Art of Self-Leadership by Samuel D. Shedding light on the current challenges of leadership and on mistaken leadership myths goes a long way toward putting difficulties into proper perspective. (June 1. as well as church boards and denominational leaders who want to help those they oversee prevent personal failures. (April 2000) Despite strong advances in organizational leadership. you’ll begin to recognize that the ministry of leadership flows from a person’s being. physical. but the accomplishment is shadowed by doubts of sacrificing family and personal life. Less Is More Leadership: 8 Secrets to How to Lead & Still Have a Life by H. (October 1988) The Making of a Leader identifies the patterns God uses to develop a leader. 2004) For many leaders.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Leadership That Works: Hope and Direction for Church and Parachurch Leaders in Today’s Complex World by Leith Anderson Bethany House. Anderson brings the help and hope that leaders need in today’s complex world. In a “catalog culture” of multiple options. The Making of a Leader will prove invaluable for students. Designed for use as a resource. counselors. biblical. church leaders. And that’s something God continues to mold throughout a lifetime. and all Christians who serve in positions of leadership or authority will benefit from Rima’s insights. successful ministries are easily attained. Addressing this evident need. and he establishes checkpoints to clarify where you are in the process. intellectual. Dale Burke offers 8 secrets to cutting through the pile and getting to the “main stuff” God made you to do. As you examine these principles and case studies. By studying the lives of hundreds of historical. This Christ–centered. proactive plan for achieving balance between professional success and personal satisfaction will move readers to a new level of purpose and achievement as they learn to rely on God’s truths. Defining the changes required and the complex issues to be faced is a long step in the right direction toward twenty-first century leadership. leading is perplexing and sometimes overwhelming. Clinton has determined the six stages of leadership development. Rima offers practical implementation of essential leadership principles and discusses the emotional. It will help you: 1) Identify those with leadership characteristics 2) Direct the development of maturing leaders 3) Recognize where you are in the development process 4) Counsel those who are experiencing periods of trial or frustration. and contemporary leaders. 36 . Dr. Rima Baker Book House. Robert Clinton Navpress. or anyone in a leadership training position. The Making of a Leader by J. Leading from the Inside Out is also a useful tool for leadership classes. choosing to pursue fulfillment in their personal life brings the fear of lost career opportunities. For others. Dale Burke Harvest House Publishers.

and how the development of these four EI competencies spawns different leadership styles. Revised edition (January 2003) Never admitting to have it all together. Rima Baker Book House. and lead in ministry or in the marketplace. Primal Leadership presents the case for cultivating emotionally intelligent leaders. developed to address essential leadership qualities such as character. The authors believe that identifying one’s dark side is the key to avoiding the pitfalls that threaten leadership. The Power of Vision: How You Can Capture and Apply God's Vision for Your Ministry by George Barna Regal Books. Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald Thomas Nelson.or for the mentor of a future leader! On Purpose Leadership: Multiplying Your Ministry by Becoming a Leader of Leaders by Dale E. (October 2002) Break through the barriers that bar you and your church from achieving a new level of leadership and ministry. 2002) Bestselling author Daniel Goleman’s theories on emotional intelligence have radically altered common understanding of what “being smart” entails. and relationship management – they explore what contributes to and detracts from resonant leadership. Samuel D. Warren Bird Beacon Hill Press.” Focusing on the four domains of emotional intelligence – selfawareness. Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. it will be because they are convinced that the inner world of the spiritual must govern the outer world of activity. Since the actions of the leader apparently account for up to 70% of employees’ perception of the climate of their organization. In this book. His premise is that if the private world of a person is in order. Learn to discern God’s vision for your church. Andy Stanley shares material from his leadership training sessions. clarity. (February 1997) Prepare to meet the challenges of a changing culture with seminars that will educate and mobilize your congregation. Each 60-minute presentation includes reproducible handouts and syllabus. Richard E. and competency. (January 1. This book introduces a three-level perspective for developing ministry leaders within the local church that builds on Christ’s own ministry model and draws upon contemporary leadership experts for expanded instruction. but rather using his own personal struggle as a way for readers to relate to his principles. Boyatzis Harvard Business School Press. Gordon MacDonald’s classic book invites readers to bring order to their personal life by inviting God’s control over every segment of their lives. Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction by Gary L.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Next Generation Leader: Five Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future by Andy Stanley Multnomah. social awareness. Galloway. 2003) A growing number of next generation Christians are eager to learn. self-management. (March 1998) Gary McIntosh and Samuel Rima look at the flip side of leadership and identify those darker seductions that can undermine good intentions. they emphasize the importance of developing what they term “resonant leadership. This is the perfect guide for any new leader -. courage. Annie McKee. McIntosh. d 37 . grow. your life and your community. (March 15.

and others who would like guidance about how to make changes in their personal life and ministry but do not want to read a text-heavy book about self-care. an organic process of leadership development which results in natural and spontaneous multiplication of disciples. it ought to train everyone to listen and to develop their own soundtrack. Harold Eppley Alban Institute . lay leaders. inspires hope and expectation in those of us who aren’t born leaders. they have found the issues fall into seven categories which they describe as the “seven deadly sins. Revolution in Leadership: Training Apostles for Tomorrow’s Church by Reggie McNeal Abingdon Press. we see that a new team of leaders.www. 2004) If you’re looking for something different. The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry by Bill Donahue.even your family. Summoned to Lead by Leonard Sweet Zondervan Publishing Company. Logan. groups. It is trying to train leaders. 2002) The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry provides assessment tools and solutions for seven common obstacles to building effective small groups.. d 38 . says Sweet. Instead. Re-Ignite Your Business: The Secret of Leading With Confidence. challenges those with leadership roles to explore new possibilities. drawn from the membership of each congregation or its community. Russ Robinson Zondervan. (May 1. (October 1. Discover what’s missing in your company. is arising to meet the challenges that ministry in the third millennium will present.org/BookDetails.asp?ID=859 The Spiritual Leader’s Guide to Self-Care is an ideal companion for clergy. A secular book that would benefit every church planter – it gets what the mission is all about.” yet its insights will profoundly and powerfully impact the way you experience your company or organization. Increasingly.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Raising Leaders for the Harvest by Robert E. Based on the authors’ experience consulting with more than 200 churches and training church leaders in a variety of conferences and seminars around the world.. (September 1998) Equipping God’s people for the ministry to which they are called can no longer be the responsibility solely of the professional clergy. Neil Cole ChurchSmart Resources Raising Leaders for the Harvest introduces the concept of Leadership Farm Systems.” The Spiritual Leader’s Guide to Self-Care by Rochelle Melander.alban. ministries and churches. “The church has it all wrong. something that approaches leadership as an art as well as a science. they hear one. then Leonard Sweet wants to help you discover a very different kind of leadership vision. Ease and Certainty by Dick Barnett Confident Leader Pr.” Leaders don’t see a vision. (July 1997) This book is an “easy read.

Powerful forces attempt to domesticate pastors. Their weapon? A gospel that is profoundly countercultural. David. A Work of Heart: Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders by Reggie McNeal Jossey-Bass. They reconnect pastors with the biblical texts that will train them as countercultural servants of the gospel. Eugene H. thanks to McNeal’s wellintegrated grasp of both his biblical sources and contemporary psychology and organizational theory. B. Packed with encouraging insights from experienced practitioners. this book is must reading for anyone involved in church or parachurch leadership or for anyone now preparing for ministry. (February 2000) Pastors are strategically placed to counter the culture. But standing firm in today's world isn’t easy. Dawn.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Unnecessary Pastor: Rediscovering the Call by Marva J. Through brief studies of the lives of Moses.. Peterson Wm. (March 2000) Leadership is less about technique or motivation than it is about the leader’s own heart. to make them unnecessary. McNeal elucidates six factors in the shaping of a leader’s heart. 39 . this approach yields fresh fruit. No other profession looks so inoffensive but is in fact so dangerous to the status quo. This volume helps pastors recover their gospel identity and maintain a pure vision of Christian leadership. Paul and Jesus. Although somewhat formulaic. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

In 101 Ways to Help People in Need. your community. worship. and the transition from a modern to a postmodern worldview. The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West. but noticed that most members of his congregation didn’t share his enthusiasm – in spite of their desire to share the gospel. Is there a single parent where you work? A disabled child in your neighborhood? Perhaps there is a family in your church who cannot afford medical insurance? These needs cry out to be met. 101 Ways to Reach Your Community by Steve Sjogren NavPress Publishing Group. Steve and Janie Sjogren present practical and creative ways for you and your church to reach out to people with physical. North America today is in the same situation as the environment in which the early Celtic preachers found their mission fields: unfamiliar with the Christian message.. yet spiritually seeking. nurture. Webber demonstrates the implications in the key areas of church. remains unparalleled in Christian history. Webber Baker Book House. Ancient-Future Faith: Rethinking Evangelicalism for a Postmodern World by Robert E. we would do well to learn from the Celts. 2001) Too often. Again by George G. Sjogren describes this book as an “interactive cookbook. Their ability to work with the beliefs of those they evangelized. III Hunter Abingdon Press.. Although many Christians genuinely want to share Christ with others. evangelical Christians must find ways to re-present the historic faith. must be relinquished to free evangelicals to become more consistently historic. (January 5.” The concepts for outreach outlined in this “read-anddo” book are designed to be read and then done with a few friends. Robert E. evangelism. (February 2000) Many contemporary Christians do not realize that Celtic Christianity was one of the most successfully evangelistic branches of the church in history. he argues.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books d OUTREACH 101 Ways to Help People in Need by Steve Sjogren. and God’s Word says that to meet them is “pure and faultless” religion. your country. If we are to spread the gospel in this culture of secular seekers. evangelical Christians regard evangelism as something that only the gifted elite of the Church can undertake successfully. The Celtic church converted Ireland from paganism to Christianity in a remarkably short period. (April 2002) There are people in need all around you. Webber contends that present-day evangelicalism is a product of modernity. and open to a vibrant new faith. spirituality. author Steve Sjogren loved to do evangelism. Allegiance to modernity. if you only stop to look. to adapt worship and church life to the indigenous patterns they encountered. emotional. Empowerment to function in our changing culture will be found by adapting the classical tradition to our postmodern time. many approaches to evangelism only serve to reinforce this attitude. individualism. and relational needs – in your neighborhood. Unfortunately. and then proceeded to send missionaries throughout Europe. Janie Sjogren NavPress. a small group. their efforts at evangelism often leave them feeling frustrated and guilty. So he began experimenting with a simple approach to outreach called “servant evangelism” that allowed any believer – regardless of gifting – to be involved in sharing God’s love with others. (November 1999) In a world marked by relativism. 40 . As a pastor. and your world. pluralism. or an entire church. and mission.. This book is a collection of 101 ways that Christians can reach out to those around them.

are believers truly sowing for the future – or just reaping the benefits of past evangelistic efforts? Tim Downs suggests practical ways for today's Christians to cultivate fruitful relationships in our communities. and readable manual. It is a strong call for reformation of yet another place where evangelicalism in not evangelical enough. Drawing on his experiences.” addressing the larger community rarely. Dudley No. With thoughtprovoking discussions about congregations as learning organizations. AL246 . and only in the “language of Zion” when they do. (March 1.” Once again. this book will become a critical tool for church leaders seeking to transform their congregations into outward-looking. Dudley rounds out this essential. examples from outstanding new ministries. Dudley offers guidance for congregational leaders who need to create tools. the relationship between ongoing faith formation and social action.org/BookDetails. he lays out practical steps that churches can take to plant themselves firmly within the lives of the communities they serve. It operates on the simple premise that God is passionately in love with unbelievers and can win them most effectively through acts of kindness. and bring our troubled culture the healing it needs so much. join the ranks of those who are best suited for becoming secret agents of God’s love. 41 . practical. Finding Common Ground: How to Communicate With Those Outside the Christian Community . even churches that have along tradition of outreach and social involvement become centered on issues of institutional survival.asp?ID=881 In this era of “faith-based initiatives. Basic Steps toward Community Ministry. If you're burned out on evangelism. Fling Open the Doors: Giving the Church Away to the Community by Paul Nixon Abingdon Press.. (August 1999) When it comes to reaching the new generation for Christ. get started. which Loren Mead called “the most valuable book on parish ministry I’ve seen in a decade. Paul Nixon paints a picture of what community-based ministry is all about.. In this volume. But this book goes beyond mere analysis. and an updated resource list. (July 1994) Os Guinness traces the retreat of the evangelical mind and the dumbing down of evangelicalism through popular culture.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Community Ministry: New Challenges. (September 1993) Steve blows the cover on a powerful conspiracy that has made inroads into the hearts of millions of people. Conspiracy of Kindness: A Refreshing New Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus With Others by Steve Sjogren Vine Books.alban. Dudley revises and updates his earlier book. In this book. and take next steps to respond to God’s call to extraordinary ministry in their community. Without realizing it.Alban Institute http://www. Fit Bodies Fat Minds: Why Evangelicals Don't Think and What to Do About It by Os Guinness Baker Book House. Worst of all are congregations that adopt a “fortress mentality. While We Still Can by Tim Downs Moody Publishers. if sharing the gospel doesn’t seem to be your gift. 2002) The temptation to focus only on their own internal issues is powerful for congregations.” congregations increasingly find themselves in the business of establishing and supporting community ministries. Written with an infectious sense of hope. Carl S. Proven Steps to Faith-Based Initiatives by Carl S.

or your parachurch organization. groundbreaking. The case is made that the church has become marginalized in our society and requires changes to make it relevant in reaching our highly relational. packaging. she helps us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing our faith. relationships ― offers counterintuitive information that could make or break a business plan. 2nd edition (February 2003) Drawing on texts from the Old and New Testaments. postmodern society. to think and behave as missionaries right here in North America. (August 1999) “Christians and non-Christians have something in common.” So begins this book on evangelism. You’ll find insights that could make you a better teacher. (January 2002) This is a book on evangelizing postmoderns by an experienced pastor-writer who is successfully involved in it. Out of the Saltshaker & into the World: Evangelism as a Way of Life by Rebecca Manley Pippert Intervarsity Press. your board. encouraging. More Ready Than You Realize by Brian D. WARNING: This is not just another book on evangelism. a better employee in any trade. Let the Nations Be Glad! is essential reading for all those involved in or preparing for missions work and provides inspiring theological reflection for college and seminary students. This book also offers enlightenment for pastors. Beckwith drives home the idea that we’re all in the business of marketing ourselves. (January 1. 42 . 2001) Lost in America will motivate Christians. Let the Nations Be Glad! 2d ed. Warren Bird Group Publishing Inc. branding.” writes Rebecca Pippert. and all who want to connect their labors to God’s global purposes. He describes prayer as the fuel of missions work because of its focus on a relationship with God rather than the needs of the world. those involved in campus ministries. your small group or class.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books The Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing by Harry Beckwith Warner Books. Piper demonstrates that worship is the ultimate goal of the church and that proper worship drives missionary outreach. McLaren Zondervan. biblical insight and plain common sense. youth workers. Lost in America helps Christians re-image their church as a mission station and shows them how they can meaningfully offer hope to the unchurched in America. a better salesperson. (March 2000) Beckwith’s “four keys to modern marketing” ― price. and doable ideas you’ll want to share with your pastor. Through stories. but one that everyone who works for a living should read. This book contains fresh. “We're both uptight about evangelism. by John Piper Baker Book House. individually and in the church. This is a business book. Lost in America: How You and Your Church Can Impact the World Next Door by Tom Clegg. challenging.

Reaching the World in Our Own Backyard: A Guide to Building Relationships With People of Other Faiths and Cultures by Rajendra K. How to become a church for the unchurched. This is truly one of the most valuable resources you can own as a church leader. How to preach effectively to the unchurched. 2003) If you invite them. friends. Rainer Zondervan Publishing Company. The Unchurched Next Door: Understanding Faith Stages As Keys to Sharing Your Faith by Thom S. and Leonard Sweet give challenging. By both region and religion. to how to penetrate our local communities with the love of Jesus Christ. It is filled with charts. and passionate. 2001) Build bridges of love to your church community. The traits of unchurchedreaching leaders. 1st edition (August 19. Sally Morgenthaler. Pillai explains cultural considerations and common points of reference to readers eager to share the good news of Jesus Christ with foreign-born individuals. Updated edition (November 1. Rainer Zondervan. In a national survey done by author Thom Rainer and his staff. (August 1. (September 1. The enormous influence of family and relationships. and tourists. Rainer helps you figure out where your neighbors. much more. 2003) Reaching the World in Our Own Backyard is designed as a guidebook for Christians to better understand and engage people from other countries including immigrants. A bridge-building body of Christ that overcomes its own inwardly focused gaze to grip the hearts of those beyond church walls. “In the trenches” church leaders like Steve Sjogren. foreign exchange students. graphs. And much. Dale Galloway. Fong brings scholarly expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the special needs of this culture to facilitate more effective ministry in Asian American churches. 2001) A first-of-its-kind comprehensive study of the formerly unchurched explodes some common myths as to what it takes to reach people and provides insight into how the Christian church can develop effective approaches to reach the growing number of unchurched in North America. eight out of ten unchurched men and women said they would come to church—if only someone would invite them. and other visual aids. Respected Christian leaders share key action plans and an encouraging vision for seeing beyond church walls created by inward-focus and introversion.. with wisdom from respected Christian leaders. 1999) Fong’s completely updated revision of his previously released Insights for Growing Asian-American Ministries examines the very latest trends and cultural realities in Asian American churches. plus an abundance of true-life accounts. (December 1. Surprising Insights from the Unchurched and Proven Ways to Reach Them by Thom S. Which things matter more than we’d thought and which matter less. and how you can know who among the unchurched people in your life are receptive to Christ. Seeing Beyond Church Walls: Action Plans for Touching Your Community by Steve Sjogren Group Publishing Inc. d 43 . What causes visitors to return. Pillai Waterbrook Press. they will come. You'll discover why pastors and doctrinal preaching are critical. and coworkers are in their spiritual quest.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books Pursuing the Pearl: A Comprehensive Resource for Multi-Asian Ministry by Ken Uyeda Fong Judson Press.. yet intensely practical insights into transforming your church to become lovingly and strategically outwardly-focused. author Rajendra K.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Books 44 .

Acts 29 www. They are a resource for church planters through their events. They are committed to providing Bible-based.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Websites Church Planting Websites d d AAC Consulting Specializing in Asian American & Multicultural Church Obstetrics www.acquirewisdom. church planting team members. Their aim is to plant healthy and effective.geocities. the network sustains a corporate office in Phoenix. networks & denominations to facilitate genuine teamwork in church planting movements.com.com/cpr2050/home/ Their mission is to assist local Advent Christian churches in planting disciple-making daughter churches. small groups). culturally-relevant.antiochnetwork. mother church pastors.aacconsulting. Advent Christian Church Planting Resource www. coaching and online library. church or denomination/network throughout the world that is interested in starting churches. Though they specialize in assisting English-speaking Asian American and multicultural churches. discipleship making or church planting? At AcquireWisdom. Arizona with full-time staff and convenes multiple events each year to envision and partner with the local churches in this process.com Interested in home groups. cell groups. house churches (home groups. small groups.com AAC Consulting is a nonprofit ministry providing free consultation and coaching for church planters and information systems for churches. and practical tools and resources to Christians. missional churches. which will in turn. and encouragers to church planters. cell groups. 45 .a29.org A29 is a new movement that God raised up to advance the kingdom in North America and around the world. house churches.org Antioch Network is a growing fellowship of local churches who are interacting with the challenge of sending church planting teams to unreached peoples. Today. Antioch Network www. they help any evangelical individual. discipleship making. The board members of Church Planting Resource have been involved in church planting as church planting pastors. Acquire Wisdom www. you will find proven resources focused in the areas of church planting. reproduce themselves through church planting.

and ministry development for pastors across the U.html Assemblies of God USA . relevant and connect easily with their communities. Identifying Leaders in Your Church.S. Assimilation in the New Church: Turn an Audience into an Army. Welcoming Guests in the New Church. Articles of Interest for Church Planters www. They are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission using the core principles illustrated in the books. Trend Spotting.lifegivingchurch. provide guidance. ALC hopes to strengthen the personal lives of pastors and church leaders. Primary Purpose and the Life-giving Church. Their strategy is to resource church starting movements among every people group in Texas.bgct.org Never before has the climate for evangelism and church planting been riper for America! We are the world’s third-largest un-reached nation with over 195 million un-reached people.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Arizona Southern Baptist Convention . Baptist Church Planting www.churchplanting. Historically. There is a tremendous spiritual vacuum created by three generations influenced by secular humanism. New churches are timely. d d 46 . reproducing churches with evangelistic passion as part of a New Testament church planting movement among all people groups in Arizona.com The Association of Related Churches is an organization of pastors and churches that focuses on building strong relationships between pastors and ministry leaders. There are many church planting tools. and to provide wisdom and guidance at no cost to the member churches.relatedchurches.shtml The primary purpose of Church Planting in the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention is to work with their partners to plant healthy. and encourage mission ministry at home and abroad. facilitate measurable church growth within their cities.com Resources and tips for planting a Baptist church.baptistchurchplanting.com/Churchplanters/subjects. security and significance.org/bgctroot/office. Their vision is to saturate every area and every people group in Texas with new missional churches. The goal at ARC is to develop and share human and ministry resources to assist in church planting and growth. Though the relationships formed and activities supported.azsobaptist.cfm?sectionid=1&officeid=30 The BGCT mission is to resource the starting and developing of new missional churches.Church Planting www. Association of Related Churches www. Baptist General Convention of Texas Church Starting www. help churches develop more efficient church policy.org The ALC is a fellowship of like-minded pastors and local churches. and Mobilizing Your Core Group.ag. Now is the time to plant more and better churches! Now is the time for existing churches to multiply and reap the harvest fields around them. Some examples: Feasibility Studies. church planting is proven to be the most effective form of evangelism. Offering counseling with pastors and their wives and staff on a needs basis is also a function of the ARC.org/church_planting. Association of Life-Giving Churches www. available to encourage. But people are searching for meaning.Church Planting www. and articles. how-to’s. How to Constitute your Church.newtestamentchurch.

“Completing Christ’s Commission. and learning to persevere in trials. Christian and Missionary Alliance www.com In late 1992. and resources. A variety of sources provides some of the balance needed as you strategize for new church development. Christ Fellowship then add specific training that is related to church planting.html Christ Fellowship believes that healthy church life is the best training ground for church planting. more and more churches began looking to the pastors and staff for help in implementing the cell ministry in their own congregations. Under the banner. 47 . As they grow in these basic aspects of church life and personal character.USA Church Planting in the 21st Century www. conferences. As Bethany’s cell ministry grew. being involved in discipling relationships. Nanfelt. president. learning to worship.html Why Plant More Churches in the USA? Is This Day a Day of Golden Opportunity? Where Is the Primary Need for Churches to Be Planted? Brad Boyston .cmalliance. Christ Fellowship . To meet this need. Senior Pastor Larry Stockstill of Bethany World Prayer Center made the decision to transition his church into a cell church model. BCCN is dedicated to networking with cell churches around the world to encourage. sharing Christ with those who don’t know Him. and provide resources to reach our generation for Christ.bju. train.” and the leadership of Dr. Peter N.com/html/church_planting. It maintains a “big tent” stance in reference to many doctrinal matters. they constantly encourage would be church planters to be faithful in the basics of discipleship— developing a healthy and intimate walk with Jesus.org Great Commission Christians Planting Great Commission Churches The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is an evangelical denomination with a major emphasis on world evangelization.bradboydston.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Bethany Cell Church Network www. Bethany Cell Church Network was formed in October 1997. Bob Jones University .Church Planting Resources www. To that end. refocusing resources on unreached people groups overseas and underevangelized communities in the United States.bccn. the C&MA is streamlining its ministries to regain a movement spirit in the framework of a denomination. growing in fellowship and in the Word.christfellowship.edu/resources/church_planting/index.Church Planting Overview www. encouraging believers of diverse backgrounds and theological traditions to unite in an alliance to know and exalt Jesus Christ and to complete His Great Commission. They are from several ecclesiastical traditions and reflect numerous cultures. BCCN has three main focuses: consultation.html These are some helpful resources for laypeople and clergy involved in church planting. Multiplication was rapid and explosive as the congregation caught the vision of cell life.org/cells/planting.

exciting. He has several links that are helpful to church planters at this site.org The Church Multiplication Training Center (CMTC) is an interdenominational ministry that exists to multiply reproducing churches through equipping and empowering planters. Free Church Planting Resources information.cmtcmultiply. the Church Planter Management System is a software program to help church planters manage all of the information generated in the course of running a church. planters and support team members learn everything from developing core values to practical hints on programming and marketing. Quite simply. “Kids Cost Too Much. USA. The Church Multiplication Training Center www. An example of some: “Too Many Churches?” an article to help people who wonder why a new church is needed. Wilson served as founder and editor of The Planter. 48 . find out about Greenhouse (Organic Church Planting Movement) and sign up for a Greenhouse event. and The Church Multiplication Training Center. Future leaders. Christian Faith .org CEA’s vision is to encourage a church planting movement resulting in the planting of 100 new churches across the Northwest. Church Multiplication Associates www. pastors and spouses as well as leaders of participating agencies. ACS is excited about offering a new level of service to church planters. Church Planters Network information. Ralph F. Christian Evangelistic Association www.” speaks to the fear of pastors of nearby established churches when a new church begins.joyfulheart. At this site there is a “One Stop Shop” for all your church building needs (books). demanding and 100% hands-on.thecea.isl?channelid=1999994775&partnerid=1964046255 In conjunction with NAMB.cmaresources. Church Planter Management System www.acstechnologies. Their BootCamp system is progressive. The information within these web pages will give you a glimpse of a tremendous tool for church planters and the new churches they serve.Church Planting www.” an article which discusses the importance of investing in new churches.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Christian Articles Archive www. Special emphasis is put on the potential pitfalls with instruction given by individuals who have worked in the trenches-planters who have been there themselves. leaders. challenging. ministries and churches. Church planting resources at this site include: Church Resource Ministry information. It is a proven resource used by denominations coast-to-coast to train leaders who plant churches. from 1988 through 1993. a professional newsletter published by the American Baptist Churches.com/quasar/isl/content/channel.org Church Multiplication Associates (CMA) exists to facilitate church multiplication movements by focusing resources on reproducing disciples.com/plant/ Dr. And “Don’t You Dare Take My People.com/html/page/church_planting Some resources written by people experienced in church planting.christian-faith.

org This site is hosted by a group of evangelical organizations that have partnered together to accomplish the Great Commission through Church Planting. receive their free weekly email updates or sound off in their surveys. and support your ministry.cpforum. graphic design of literature and web sites to effectively advertise your ministry. and Church Web Solutions. They do Seminars/workshops on church planting. or as a “solo” church planting pastor. high-quality products and services. Church Planting www. All participating organizations adhere to the theological standards of the National Association of Evangelicals. so that church planting once again becomes the normal and central means of evangelizing the lost. visitation.church-planting. Thomas Graham and Dr. you need to sign-up if you want to contribute your ideas. a process has been developed to help interested candidates determine their giftedness and readiness for church planting. Church Planting Center www. This site intentionally does not offer great depth – it is designed to be a launching out point. and literature and media to encourage. d 49 . evangelism and leadership issues.churchplanting4me.net Church Planting is a nonprofit church planting support organization that exists to help church planters and church planting organizations to be more effective. Mobile Church Solutions (equipment solutions). It’s all free. information on relevant events. discipleship. Borrowing from experts like Dr. and deacon training to strengthen your ministry.plantthefuture. Sunday school. train. At this website they want to bring you the most up-to-date materials. a member of a team. Charles Ridley.org Church Planting America specializes in helping local churches get established and grow. and news of what God is doing in church planting. either as the leader of a team. Church Marketing Institute. But.churchplantingamerica. such as: Church Planting Solutions. A Church Planter’s Paradise www. Church Demographic Information.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Church Planters Forum www.org Their mission is to create and shape a church planting movement. yet biblical paradigms on church planting. The website is a one-stop resource for finding low-cost.net Sponsored by the Hope Chapel Coalition of Churches New. finances. Church Planting America www. family.org Providing direction for church planters and sponsoring organizations. assessment has been used by church planting strategists across North America. The purpose of this site is to offer a “one stop” experience for potential church planters to connect with church planting opportunities across the USA and Canada to offer a links page to some great church planting resources. For over a decade. Church Planting Assessment Center www.church-planting.

org This ministry is here to assist in raising up strong and growing churches. The Reason for a Mentor. If you are a church planting organization and you’re looking to get your church planters off on the right track. Where will You Meet. coaching by experienced church planters and much more. They help church planters manage the details and get the best possible services available. The fact is that most people involved in planting and leading new churches are laypeople.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Church Planting Solutions www.net This is a resource for the church planting community provided by the Church Planting Group of the North American Mission Board.com/handbook/ The purpose of this online manual is to assist you as you consider the possibility of starting a church and to provide you with nuts and bolts information once you decide that God is calling you to this specialized ministry. or (2) are involved in the initiation of a church planting project. It is a handbook written for laypeople. Church Planting Manual .plantingministries.churchplantingvillage. 1997 Some of the topics: Why Plant a New Church. SBC. This handbook is unique. The information provided on this site will help a pastor of an established church as well as a pastor who is starting a new church. support groups. Financing your Mission. The information contained in this handbook will assist laypeople who: (1) are contemplating involvement in church planting. a free monthly journal. Church Planting Solutions can help. Strategize Your Vision. Some of the Resources provided: Church Planting Knowledge Base An online community center Event guide Hispanic Church Planting News Bivocational Church Planting News A Church Planting Handbook for Lay People (Third Revision 2002) by Brad Boydston http://bradboydston. Defining your Target.com This site has Free Church Planting Resources! If you are a church planter and you’re wondering how you can do everything that needs to be done and still focus adequate attention on building relationships. church planting schools (even an Internet school).pdf Produced and copyrighted by Church Planting Ministries. and Setting up Your Church Government.com/resources/CPmanual. Keeping Useful Records.church-planting-solutions. The site offers free church growth articles. or (3) are already active lay leaders in a recently planted church. Preparing Your Church to Give Birth. 50 . Church Planting Ministries www.newchurches. Church Planting Village www. Publishing Your Vision.Online www. Church Planting Solutions exists to serve as a support organization that bridges the gap between church planting organizations and church planters. look no further. Equipment Needs.

leadnet. Through consultations and publications participants have the opportunity to shape and be shaped by an emerging dialogue regarding multiplication issues in a postmodern. multicultural environment.html Dale Little has published a series of short articles for Japan Harvest (a periodical for evangelical missionaries in Japan) in which he explores the interface between church planting and theology.churchsmart.html Article: Golden Gate Seminary is restructuring its church planting program to “return to the New Testament model” of churches starting churches. As his articles are published.org/resources/docs/churchplantingtypologyreport1.org A church planting organization that concentrates on the Idaho. they will appear here.net/cpt/cpt. Church Planting Program Looks to New Testament for Effectiveness http://norbert. Church Planting Typology Report Leadership Network www.. Church Starting Network www.. Washington. Church Planting Resources www. entitled Thinking Theologically About Church Planting.churchplantingresources. post-Christian..Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Church Planting NW www.org/asap/ChurchResources. according to seminary leaders.net The Church Starting Network is a collaborative effort to foster Apostolic church starting movements in North America and beyond sponsored by the Sanchez Center for Reproducing Congregations at the Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry. The series is an ongoing one.churchplantingnw. administrate and use technology for their churches. d d 51 . a Soul! .com Church Smart Resources is an organization that is leading the way with quality ministry tools for: Church Planting.pdf Dave Travis Church Smart Resources www.com This site was created to help people who are planting churches share resources to build systems. Church Growth. Church Planting Theology .Thinking Theologically About Church Planting http://ritoru. and Oregon state area. Church Renewal. and Leadership Development.ch/examples/churchplanting/seminary.htm Plant a Seed! . Church Planting Resources www. This site is a collection of free resources that is being built organically by actual church planters.tagnet. implement their vision.churchstarting. This website has a helpful resource page. a Church! They have surfed the web for some of the best church-planting-resource sites available so you don't have to waste time doing the same thing..

The entire catalogue of Cutting Edge issues is online.dawnministries. NCD pastors. established or potential NCD pastors. their spouses. you can sign up for the newsletter as well as find archived articles.Church Starts www.048DD7B7-379C-4DF5-AE57E29E6C1526A1 The Mission of the Church of God is to honor God by planting reproducing churches that clearly communicate the truth of Jesus so people can respond in faith and become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.cggc.a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church www. Risk.cfm/method/content.” Columbia Theological Seminary . and basic and advanced degree courses. internships. Discipleship. Church Growth.ctsnet. conferences.Multiplication & Revitalization www.info/Global%20Missions/Church%20Starts/Welcome. They exist to assist local congregations in this mission to their “Judea and Samaria.thefellowship.org The purpose of Dawn Ministries is to see saturation church planting become the generally accepted and fervently practiced strategy for completing the task of making disciples of all people in our generation.an approach known as the indigenous principle.org/publications/newsletters/cutting_edge/index. which participates in God’s mission expressed in forming new churches. and consulting comprise the three-fold purpose of the Center for New Church Development (NCD).org Church Resource Ministries is committed to the centrality of the local church in God’s plan for reaching the world with the good news of Jesus. A free church planting newsletter. research. d 52 .Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Churches of God . Church Planting.org/index.New Church Development www. Teams. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship .org Churches Planting Churches is the Evangelical Covenant Church’s stewardship endeavor to give every Covenant congregation the opportunity to be directly involved in the planting of at least one new church. The purpose of CRM is to develop leaders to strengthen and start churches worldwide. and church leaders who assist the nurture of new congregations are invited to participate.asp Teaching. This missions approach calls for proactive strategies that will become hallmarks for new church planting. an Entrepreneurial Spirit. Dawn Ministries www. The ministry is committed to values such as: Evangelical Theology. Columbia students. Servanthood. CBF is dedicated to reaching the last and the least for Christ’s kingdom. Accountability. whether they are defined by poverty or gated communities.crmnet. Cutting Edge www.edu/lifelong/ncd/index. The center provides leadership development programs. Churches Planting Churches .Church Planting http://www.icm The focus of CBF’s New Church Starts ministry initiative is on birthing congregations shaped by the culture of the location . including a Doctor of Ministry specialization in new church development. and the Presence of God in all that we do.churchesplantingchurches.htm Cutting Edge is the newsletter produced quarterly by the National Church Planting Task force. CRM .vineyardusa.

It believes that a movement to impact cities must begin with the leaders.com/resources/index.emergingchurchnetwork. emerging leaders who become leaders in existing Vineyard churches as well as go out and plant them.htm This page supports the growing commitment of dioceses to plant new churches and redevelop existing congregations in response to the 20/20 initiative adopted by the General Convention of 2000 in Denver. training.dcpi.pdf Do you want to discover God’s call on your life? This booklet can help you. through ELI. Dynamic Church Planting International www. emerging leaders from becoming the people and church leaders that God intends. These tools can help you understand your roles in a new church. and consulting mission. There is also a Church Planting Clinic portion of this website. Dove Christian Fellowship International www. cultural and church hang-ups that keep our young.episcopalchurch. Through leadership discovery.org/newchurch. you can download The New Dynamic Church Planting Handbook as a PDF file for free.Does God want me to be Involved in Church Planting? www. Emerging Leadership Initiative www. assessment and development. If you are married. equipping and encouraging emerging leaders in the Northwest to lead within and plant from their local churches.New Church Development Resource & Training www. Bandy & Associates Church Planter’s Network www.org/eli/ ELI is a Northwest Vineyard project aimed at connecting.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites d Discovery Tools .org Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) is a mentoring. they will encourage and help facilitate a significant increase in the number of young.org DCFI an international partnership of churches and ministries dedicated to advancing God’s kingdom.com The Emerging Church Network exists to develop leaders who will build churches that will transform lives and communities for the cause of Jesus Christ. d d 53 . At this site you can access information and purchase resources designed to help you grow both personally and within your local church. Episcopal Church . This initiative calls for the Episcopal Church to double its size by the year 2020 as a faithful response to the mission of the church “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ” and the Great Commission. ELI is an opportunity to be together and dialogue about the personal.vineyardnw. They believe this is a great first step in your journey into church planting.org/missionsresources/churchplanting/Discovery_Tool_02_01. Conferences and events that support new church development are also posted on this site. The resources and links on this page will help direct you to diocese with experience in new church development.dcfi. At this site. they encourage you to get a copy of this booklet for your spouse.nbcsbc. Easum. the Emerging Church Network seeks to begin a church planting movement among emerging cultures across the state of Texas. The aim is that. The North American Mission Board hopes that you will take time to prayerfully go through these pre-assessment tools.php?action=searchresults&pl_option[1]=3 Emerging Church Network www.easumbandy. You can also find some stories of diocese that provide learning about what works and what doesn’t.

in large groups involving numbers of congregations in addition to their family meetings. servant leadership to resource EFCA districts and churches to mobilize a church planting movement in the United States. resources. Fellowship of Church Planters www. Their house churches meet in storefronts and business offices. love.shtml by Evangelical Friends Southwest Evangelical Church Planting www. often monthly.org/profile. in addition to homes.org/fcpt/ The Fellowship of Church Planters was established in 1985 in Rhode Island and now consists of a network of autonomous teams in New England. Essential Qualities for Church Planters.evangelicalchurchplanting. It has some helpful links: Critical Factors for Planting New Churches. Essential Qualities for Church Planters www. They do this by equipping international Christian leaders through conferences.efcsw.fcpt.org Equip’s Vision is to see effective Christian leaders fulfill the Great Commission in every nation. “The Evangelical Challenge” And other issues essential to effective church planting! Evangelical Free Church of America .org/ncd/ The objective of Evangelical Friends Church Southwest is to glorify.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Equip www. where every EFCA church will become a reproducing church. which will enable a greater sharing of resources. The teams are modeled after the apostolic bands in the New Testament and are committed to planting reproducing networks of house churches. d 54 . and no EFCA church planter will be left alone. Their goal is to establish reproducing networks of house churches.efcsw. Church Planter’s Multiplication Cycle. and obey the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Head of the Church. By “house church” they mean the church meeting as a family. They desire to ally with other church planting teams as well as promote relationships between churches and teams.org Here you can get acquainted with their: Vision and Values Philosophy for Church Planting Ministry Seven Step Strategy Process for Potential Planters News and notes about their current church plants Articles about church planting from their denominational magazine.Church Planting www. This is their church planting website.efca. They facilitate teams in other countries. They fellowship.iequip. Evangelical Friends recognize that we are a part of Christ’s universal Church composed of genuine disciples from all generations and from all over the world.org/planting/ EFCA’s vision for church planting is to bring pleasure to God by using proactive. Evangelical Friends Church Southwest www. partnerships and technology. and Multiplication Cycle Diagram.

Train & MultiplyT ™ is operated by Project WorldReach. to train leaders in evangelization methods.fimi.html Use simple. This generation hungers for potent spirituality . General Board of Global Ministries . and where lives are transformed to reflect Christ’s image. and to help establish new churches and faith communities. where loving relationships thrive. district superintendents.ca/chplant.htm Short-term and long-term missionaries. Washington and the Inland Northwest USA. These new communities of faith will penetrate cities across the US. Contact their National Director of Church Planting to find out more about ministry opportunities in church planting. Grace Brethren North America Missions . and congregational leaders to create strategic plans for church growth.htm The Church Planting arm of Foursquare Gospel Church’s role is to work together to help the local churches by resourcing them with what they need to be more effective. low cost and effective New Testament methods to train church leaders.reachmore. They also assist “fresh start” congregations that are undergoing merger or relocation. proclamation and personal ministries.org/who_we_are/ecg/newChurch.The United Methodist Church New Church Development http://gbgm-umc.ReachMORE www. George Patterson’s Train and Multiply Church Planting Resources http://missionresources.Church Planting www.foursquare. embracing and releasing the next generation of leaders and providing a credible witness of Jesus love and power to people of many cultures. second-career people. GCM . college or seminary graduates and high school students are all needed to take the message of Jesus Christ to our world.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Foursquare Church Planting .org/Church_planting. Train & MultiplyT is a New Testament discipline that combines pastoral and leadership training with church planting and development.cfm The Office of New Church Development works with annual and central conferences.Church Planting www.com/pattersonchurchplanting. Lots of church planting information! Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada . reproducing churches that are committed to making fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ in the US and overseas.org The ReachMORE Vision: To see hundreds of thousands of transformed lives through the planting of healthy reproducing churches in this decade.org Free Indeed Ministries International exists for the completion of the Great Commission and the transformation of our communities starting in Spokane. One of the most effective forms of evangelism is church planting. Train leaders in such a way that churches and cells will multiply naturally.the power of Acts made visible again. GCM works with churches to plant healthy. They are primarily engaged in prayer.Churches for the next generation www. 55 .gcmweb.gbnam.org/churches/ God has placed us in a position to minister to a growing network of churches passionate about creating communities of God’s people. Free Indeed Ministries International www.

org/GriffithCoachingNetwork/index. and this website. a source for solid. of Independent Baptist churches in key cities and towns in America by evangelizing the lost. and Faith-Based Ministries. and coach church leaders in the emergence of new and established congregations and ministries.com The objective in Great Lakes Church Planting is to help those who have a desire and a calling to plant new churches in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.tv Their mission is to help saturate and transform communities with radical. There are several downloads available at this site (a Church Planting Overview. The house church movement is an attempt to get away from the institutional church. d 56 .org/evusa/chrplant. train. or the restoration.house2house. Independent Baptist Church Planters of America www.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Great Lakes Church Planting www. House Church Central is dedicated to the growing house church movement and endeavors to provide house churches with a channel for the interchange of ideas. This support network includes financial help. home-based church planting movements.weplantchurches. prayed for and encouraged.iphc. House Church Central www.html To reinforce and implement the church planting thrust of the denomination.Church Planting . coached.ibcpa. Fresh Starts/Established Churches Considering New Directions. Evangelism USA (EVUSA) is actively engaged in placing church planters in major urban centers where there is not IPHC presence and in partnering with conferences to provide support for church planters. but also train others to plant home churches that multiply.) Griffith Coaching Network http://myplaceofworship. The emphasis at this site is not to criticize the institutional church.Evangelism USA www.hccentral.asp Their mission is to assess. and a catalog of resources for the house church House2House Ministries www. Their focus is: New Church Starts/Church Planting. When qualified church planters are properly equipped.com HCC is non-denominational and an effort is made to accommodate Christians of many backgrounds. etc. International Pentacostal Holiness Church . newsletters. books. They encourage these types of movements through the publication of House2House magazine. Christian theology. training events and cutting-edge materials.org Independent Baptist Church Planters of America has as its purpose the planting. incredible things happen. How to Get Involved. baptizing those converts and equipping them to duplicate this mission to the uttermost parts of the earth. They also host conferences and training seminars where they strive not only to model home church. seeking instead to return to the small gatherings of peoples that constituted all of the churches of the New Testament era. but rather to lift up its alternative.

Link2Lead.Church Planting Resources www. hands-on tools to better understand and develop your own capabilities and a variety of additional resources to assist you in leading your congregation into the new world of opportunities awaiting us in the 21st century.yourjourney. Church planting accounts for nearly half of MBC’s annual expenditures. The Board for Black Ministry Services will develop policies that will assist congregations in reaching out more effectively with the Gospel of Jesus Christ among African Americans.org/pages/default.ca/programs/churchplanting/ The Outreach & Church Planting Department is developing a vision with the regional Mission & Service Commissions for what is means for the Mennonite Church to be a missional people in Canada.Board for Black Ministry Services www. It is brought to you by Percept. a people reaching across the street and around the world.midwestbap.midwestgreenhouse.com/resources/church_planting_resources/sample_constitution/ Sample constitution.cfm?pic=21&id=3&menu=3&disp=. Through regular consultations and grants. Writing your Project Proposal.org/view2. Midwest Baptist Church . the leading information provider to religious organizations for the past 15 years. Mideast Baptist Conference . Find out more about this exciting area of ministry in this section of the MBC web site.com www. Midwest Greenhouse www. called to carry out the Great Commission. under girded by the Black Ministry Convocation and the Black Clergy Caucus. new people are reached with the Gospel all over the world and the 50. the mission of the Board for Black Ministry Services is to garner the material and spiritual resources of the LCMS for Black Ministry.mennonitechurch. www. It is for leaders who aren’t just interested in planting a church – but rather. It's for those who are willing to get their hands dirty in the soil of lost people in the harvest.Church Planting www. Lutheran Church Missouri Synod .com Link2Lead.bgcmideast. so that members are nourished in the faith.cfm Check out resources./cp/cp.000 Black Lutherans are increased to 100.com is dedicated to providing you and other leaders with the latest information about your community.org The Greenhouse provides a supportive environment for Christian leaders who are choosing to function according to the ancient apostolic role of the New Testament. 57 . Mennonite Church Canada .000 by the early dawn of the New Century.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Link2Lead. Support Development Guidelines. goals are set that help the Church respond faithfully to Christ's call to go and make disciples of all nations. Gary has established a reputation as one of the best church planting specialists in the United States.link2lead. and their growing client family of over 270 denominational regional bodies and national offices from all across the United States.lcms. tapes and CD’s by Gary Rohrmayer (MBC’s Church Planting Director) at his web site. etc. in churching a whole city and a region.Outreach & Church Planting www.asp?NavID=889 Being empowered by God.org. It’s for those wanting to make a globalocal impact from the ground up.com is a new website for local church pastors and lay leaders.

org Multiplication Ministries is an arm of C&MA to multiply healthy Great Commission Churches. there are all sorts of links to not only church planting websites.ministrymaker. No matter what type of ministry you’re involved in. Restart Tools.Florida District www.com/churchplant. The Church Planting Tool Center website includes information on Church Planting Guides.org/church/chplant.mcflorida. coaching. Church Planting Tools.html The Missionary Church is committed to the Great Commission vision of multiplying disciples.Church Planting www. Missionary Church .org/planting/planting. 58 . Church Planting and Missions. and Advertising and Bulk Mailings MisLinks – Church Planting www. Mission to North America Church Planting Ministries www. you’ll find powerful information on this site to help you be all that Jesus called you to be. Discipleship Tools.pcanet.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Ministry Maker Tool Center .mislinks. Small Group Tools.htm Multiplication Ministries of the Christian & Missionary Alliance www. or if you want help in developing a new ministry. Tools you can find here: Leadership Resources. The multiplication of churches is an effective tool to opening the door to making more and better disciples. Missionary Church USA . pastors.cmamultiply.Church Multiplication www.htm At the MisLinks website.html If you want more power in your ministry. Drama Tools. This sight was designed to provide as many free resources as possible to help encourage. and tooling leaders for Healthy Churches. but to demographic and statistical information and to denominational organization links. They focus on developing. strengthen. Ministry Tools. Mountain Plain Region Open Bible Churches – Church Planting for a Harvest Church Planting Resources www. Legal Issues. Church Tools.org The MCFD is an evangelical organization committed to accomplishing the Great Commission through more and better churches. The MNA Church Planting Ministry is committed to partnering with existing churches and presbyteries to plant vital and life giving churches throughout North America. under church planting.org/mna/planting%20ministries/planting.org/church_multiplication/home.openbiblecentral. and equip people who want to serve Jesus Christ.htm Mission to North America hopes that you will find this to be an informative website gaining insights into methods and resources utilized to advance the PCA’s church multiplication movement. The purpose of this website is to provide information about who they are and to be a tool for leaders. The Church Multiplication Training Center (CMTC) exists to develop practical church planting skills while encouraging the personal spiritual growth of planters.mcusa. spouses and coaches of planters.

and they assist churches with their meeting house. church planters.org/CCD/CCD_Main_Page. Members on the team hail from all four corners of the US as well as from Puerto Rico. They assist those wishing to plant new churches. motivating existing churches.nationalministries. Providing the answers to what. They are passionate about starting as many new Disciples churches in as many ways as possible.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites National Association of Congregational Christian Churches . Church planters that have a passion to birth a local church can join hands with National Vision to facilitate an effective launch. teaching. spiritually grounded group of servant leaders.naccc.htm CCD’s Mission is to help the local church. Inc. networking. encouragement. National Vision is the resource center that endeavors to help meet the real needs of church starts. NCI is a nonprofit.Congregational Church Development www. d 59 .org New Church Initiatives (NCI) is an inter-denominational church-starting ministry uniting evangelical churches around the mission of church planting. There is a Church Planter’s Manual and a Resources page. Through research. and empowering. New Church Initiatives. National Vision www.org The New Church Ministry Team is a multi-disciplinary. serving Jesus Christ and Christ’s mission through the Presbyterian Church (USA). www.newchurchministry. in order to fulfill the Great Commission. and supporting church-starting centers around the world. Their team is representative of the whole church. with nearly 90 years of combined experience. New Church Development Pastor and Spouse Association www. an important link in the overall effort of National Ministries and all of ABCUSA in reaching people for Christ. and equipping church planters. and new church core groups in the establishment of new Congregational Christian churches.ncdnetwork.startingachurch. both new and existing churches.com National Vision is preparing the way for church planting in the 21st century through challenging men and women. the NCMT works to ignite the whole church in fulfilling their commitment to the Great Commission.newchurchinitiatives. reproducing churches that will reach those untouched by the gospel. committed to the cause of Jesus Christ.New Church Planting www. and when will propel you in the direction you desire.org The New Church Development Pastor and Spouse Association is a grass roots organization of Presbyterian Pastors and Spouses committed to doing New Church Development.org/ncp/ Welcome to the ABCUSA new church planting section of the National Ministries website. The team is well versed in New Church work. The mission of NCI is to start healthy. Their aim is to saturate cities with churches that will transform communities and reproduce both locally and globally. New Church Ministry Team www. how. 501(c)(3) organization supporting churches/denominations locally and globally. National Ministries .

and providing NewStart.org This site focuses on resourcing leaders.www. New Life Ministries www. to initiate and support the multiplication of new. in one easy-to-get-to website. NewStart is created to empower established churches to sponsor strong new ones.html North American Mission Board .newchurchnet.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites d d New Church Net . Several tools at this site. It’s built on the New Testament strategy of starting strong new churches to reach people for Christ.nextchurch.Church of the Nazarene .NewChurchSpecialties. congregational growth and vitality.com/church_planting_web_page. Whether your need is dollars. New Life Ministries will help leaders/congregations become spiritually alive and evangelistically effective by multiplying the number of persons turning to Jesus Christ. congregations. or designing your strategy or administrative detail. NewStart .com New Church Development is a department of Christian Reformed Home Missions that encourages and assists new and established churches. Their mission at the North American Mission Board (NAMB) is: “to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. and minister to persons in the name of Christ. ReStart & ReFocusing & Parent church education and training through New Church University.org/index. some of the finest resources you will find anywhere on planting new churches.Church Planting Group www. they can be of help! In order to share the lessons they are continuing to learn.” d d 60 . they have put together a church planting website. New Church Specialties on the Web www.A Ministry of Christian Reformed Home Missions www.nextchurch.org NewStart is an intentional effort to equip and resource the Church of the Nazarene for starting new churches. New York Church Planting Resources www.net/cp/ The Church Planting Group’s Website is for anyone interested in starting churches. start New Testament congregations.youresource.nazarenenewchurches. disciple-making churches.html Facilitating Church Multiplication Movements Worldwide Books and Links Online Resources . demographics. and to assist churches in the United States and Canada in effectively performing these functions.htm For over the last 20 years Church Planting Resources have had the privilege of working with over 100 church planters as they have sought to plant new congregations in a variety of settings.namb. and church planting. in partnership with Classis and the whole Church. Biblically faithful. They have put together.newlifeministries-nlm.org/links/manuals. Most of their work has been in urban settings. and denominations in evangelism.org New Church Specialties is a nonprofit organization specializing in coaching pastors and church planters.USA/Canada Mission Evangelism www. NextChurch www. consulting districts and denominations.

and deploying leaders to start healthy. To accomplish this. train and nurture church planters.d Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites North American Mission Board .shtml The vision of NAB Church planting is to raise the value of church planting so high that every NAB church will fulfill their unique role in the establishment of new churches.nwbaptist.northwoodchurch.htm The Northwest Baptist Convention helps facilitate and assist church starting in Washington.Church Planting www. They provide in-field training for Master of Divinity students at the Theological Seminary at Andrews University. NorthWood is actively involved in seeing God’s Kingdom spread throughout the United States by helping to start healthy.New Churches www. NorthWood Church – Church Starting www. reproductive churches. seminaries and denominations. They have developed a field-tested curriculum for church-planting training. reproductive churches. Students spend hours in the field implementing the principles taught in the classroom. Training and Development. They have links to Church Planting information and conferences.Church Planting Resources www.org/anglo_church_starting.net/root/resources/churchplanting/ Break new ground with outstanding church planting tools.nabconference. The result will be an everincreasing number of new churches discipling unchurched people. and Deployment and Coaching.html Through its own Church-Starting Center.churchplanter.org/glocal/church%20planting.org/discplesathome/churchplanting.asp?s=253 Northwest Baptist Convention . training programs. It is this hands-on field training that makes NADEI unique. and support teams to assist you in successfully planting healthy.com/list. They facilitate church starting working as partners with local associations and churches. It includes Strength Assessment. they work cooperatively with local churches. North American Baptist Conference . North Shore Christian Centre .org The North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI) exists for the purpose of training soul winners who will be channels of the Holy Spirit in winning men and women to Christ and His truth… and to enable these soul winners to train others in this work.evergence.nadei. developing.Online Pastor John Iuliano has compiled this excellent and extensive manual on Church Planting and it is available online at this site. and Northern Idaho. http://nscc. 61 .namb. North American Division Evangelism Institute www. An application is available at this site. Oregon.Church Planting Manual . Northwest Church Planting www. reproducing churches around the country. They have many events to identify.com The purpose of Northwest Church Planting is to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ by drawing.

their goal is to help pastors take advantage of Internet resources by providing an informational starting point when using the net.outreach.pcusa.org/chm/chplant/ This manual provides an introduction to church planting in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. how to become a church planter.pastornet. Outreach North America www. and in cooperation with other congregations. as an overseeing elder. training.redeemer2. They center on House Churches.outreachnorthamerica. growth.thequestcolumbus.com The Quest is a partner in seeing a local expression of the church for every 500 people in urban Columbus. plantachurch. coaching. Planting an Orthodox Presbyterian Church . OH. They strive to be the best single source for resources and information on the church in Canada. planting and transitional ministry resources. support the total denominational outreach. Pastornet – Church Planting www. prayer and other resources to stimulate a church planting movement.plantachurch. strategic planning. The Quest www.opc.htm New church development webpage.Church Planting Manual . developing congregations to help them in their primary growth years. One of the resources at this website is a list of helpful Church Planting links.Online www.com/links/church_planting.htm PastorNet began as the dream of a few pastors in Northern California who have a passion for leadership development in the church. Presbyterian Church USA . d 62 . training information and more. These new churches grow and evangelize in their communities.php The Board of Outreach North America helps plant and support mission congregations around the country which in turn establish churches in small and large towns alike.Evangelism and Church Development www. Their mission is to connect urban folk to authentic relationships with people and God through and embracing community. Redeemer Church Planting and Missions www.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Outreach Canada www. or as a member of a presbytery home missions committee working to establish the permanent ministry of a Presbyterian and Reformed church.org/churchplanting/index.com This site offers access to assessment. As the site continues to grow and adapt to the ever expanding e-world. Grants for land and buildings are often given to these new individual.cfm A church planting introduction.org/evangelism/churchdevelopment/ncd. It is about what you need to know and do as an organizing pastor.com/rucpc/index.ca Outreach Canada is a Christian ministry organization specializing in church research.com www.

OK http://home.resourcechurchplanting. Church planting means people are doing many things they've never done before. They believe in helping those who feel called to leadership within the Body of Christ. It was developed by Howard Culbertson.fs/chgrowth.com is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of organizations that have a vision to make a difference in their communities through establishing new churches and ministries. 63 . Southwest Church Planting Network www. Re:source will also help people link up to benefit from one another’s encouragement.Church Growth www.com Startchurch.stadia.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites d Reformed Church in America . Oklahoma and Texas. After seven years of extensively researching the laws that govern religious and nonprofit organizations. The preparation Re:source offers will help things to progress more quickly – and smoothly.snu. Cornerstone network.cc Do you believe that God may be calling you to plant a church? STADIA wants to help you clarify that call. and have designed their products to aid ministers in fulfilling the call of God on their life.plantchurch.edu/~hculbert. Startchurch.startchurch.org/growth/multiply/index.htm This website has resources for studying church growth.org/missionsresources/churchplanters. Raul Rivera has compiled 66 effective and user friendly manuals. The vision for church multiplication is growing! There are several resources available at this site: New Church Development Manual. Resources for Church Planters www. Revelation.nbcsbc. StartCHURCH. NGM.htm Nevada Baptist Convention Southern Nazarene University. and INCITE: The RCA’s Church Multiplication E-Newsletter Re:Source Church Plant Training www. professor of missions at Southern Nazarene University. including the planting of new churches. The process available at this site will help us determine if you and STADIA should work together to plant a church.org The Southwest Church Planting Network is a cooperative work of PCA churches in Arizona. STADIA . New Generation church.com www. Building Financing and Planning information.rca. Pioneer. the Anglican Church Plant Initiative.New Church Strategies www. New Mexico. It is a church plant training initiative supported by an inter-denominational partnership of organizations and churches which includes the Assemblies of God.php The Vision for Multiplication.com Re:source is a result of a growing need for new expressions of church and methods of planting. Salvation Army and Tribal Training. using simple day-to-day language. Bethany. Church Mission Society.com helps you with the legal process involved so that you can focus more of your time on effectively reaching out to those around you.

indigenous faith communities through planting. churches and the world through “basic Christian communities” or cell groups. they want to help your church create an “every member a minister” environment.vineyardusa. These courses are extension programs through Victory Bible College and credits can be applied the VBCI degree program. As we read the book of Acts.victoryusa. They provide regular church planting schools where the church planter and their team can be trained in an intense series of sessions on the nuts and bolts of church planting. VineyardUSA . UIM International .holstonconference.htm A great source of church planting information and support. group leaders and members to transform their lives.Church Planting www. Straight Street consists of nine units and five appendices. we see that the New Testament church met from house to house and in the temple courts. ThinkCoach http://norbert.touchusa.org/ministries/church_planting/church_planting. relocation.The Cell Group People www. As a church planting movement.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Straight Street for Church Planters www.org/churchplant. both clergy and lay.html A Spiritual Preparation Guide to Basic Training for Church Planters Straight Street for Church Planters is a component of the Mentoring Team of the North American Mission Board. Victory Churches of the United States www. d 64 . They have correspondence courses available for those who want to stay on the cutting edge as church planters. holistic small group (or cell) life and corporate worship are vital to the health and future of the local church.ch/examples/churchplanting/ This is a webpage with reprinted articles that are examples of good thinking in relation to church planting. and new services of worship in existing churches. United Methodist Church .uim.nbcsbc. equip and empower Christian ministers. SBC. TOUCH Outreach .org TOUCH Outreach is a nonprofit ministry whose mission is to empower pastors. Straight Street is a spiritual preparation guide to be used by members of a church planting team 2-8 weeks before engaging in Basic Training for Church Planters.htm If you feel God calling you to reach Native or Hispanic peoples.org/missionsresources/churchplanting/straightstreet/index.com/builders/ The mission of The Academy is to encourage. visit this site. Victory Churches USA believes that education and training are vital for the success of the church planter. mergers. Or to put it another way. for the purpose of making disciples by creating new. So.Church Planting www.The Holston Academy for New Church Starts www.org Available at this site: Church Planting School information.

xpansion. the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and their member denominations.The New Church Leadership Network of Double Vision Ministries www. Christian discipling and church-planting ministry dedicated to ministering God’s love in the inner cities of America. and motivational programs from Double Vision representatives. a church planting model. this purpose and culminates in church planting. and a message board. online cell tracking. They are committed to making a difference in Canada by planting a new generation of effective churches. There is information. and strives to achieve.html A ministry providing research and resource materials for church planting and church growth. World Christian Resource Directory www. teenagers and adults who are committed to knowing Christ and to making Him known.com/churchplanting. etc! Youth With A Mission Church Planting Coaches http://cpcoaches. Ask other planters how they did this or that. Xpansion Ministries has gathered various resources to assist you in your endeavors: Xpansion conferences.org/Visionary/misc/aboutdv. resources and an application form available at this site.missionresources.org/planting.vision-ministries. 65 .Church Planting www. There are many resources available at this site: cell church resources. how you should deal with other issues.org World Impact is a nationwide.htm At this website. World Impact’s mission is to honor and glorify God and to delight in Him in the inner city. Xpansion newsletters. mentoring. Xpansion Ministries www.com Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Church Planting Coaches is an international network of experienced cross-cultural church planters and frontier missionaries who are providing coaching. World Impact develops indigenous disciples of Christ in the inner city through ministry to children. Their strategy is determined by.html Church Planting Resources listing World Impact www. books. They are doing this in co-operation with Church Planting Canada. A source for current information on the progress of church planting and church growth. and more.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites Vision Ministries Canada . World Team Canada www. The Visionary .world-team.org World Team Canada’s purpose is to glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches among unreached peoples of the world. and fieldbased training to the burgeoning number of YWAM church planting teams working among the remaining unreached people groups of the 10/40 Window and beyond.html Church planting is Vision Ministries’ primary mission. They nurture urban disciples who will join them in teaching others the gospel.org/resources. links. A service providing seminars for planting and growing churches. interdenominational.gycm.worldimpact.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Websites 66 .

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites Other Useful Websites BUILDING / MEETING SPACE Arks Incorporated www. http://churchconstruction. Cost-effective. and Worship Events. Inc. money and energy in the mission of the church. and Edwards Theatres are available nationwide for a variety of uses by nonprofit organizations. Where will you meet? What will you need? How much will it cost? And once your ministry begins to grow. Sprung Instant Structures www. Regal CineMeetings & Events www.com/MeetingsNonProfit.com A highly versatile alternative to steel. Living Stones. full of challenges and obstacles to overcome.regalcinemedia. aluminum offers exceptional adaptability and life expectancy. d 67 . and enhance worship seminars and events. minimizing spending on facilities so they can invest more time. Living Stones Associates www.com ChurchConstruction. Their mission is to minister to churches in this complicated phase of growth and to help them save money. reduce risk and maintain the unity of the church they have worked so hard to build. Around the country. Movie theaters. reflects the fact that their work involves facilities but that their real mission has to do not with building church buildings.a service of Exodus 36:1. Whatever phase of development your church ministry is in. ChurchConstruction. Arks Incorporated would like to see if there is a place for them to help you in this ministry. PCI can show you how to make the most of your time. Church growth.portablechurch.asp United Artists Theatres.living-stones. you’re faced with a whole new set of challenges.com Living Stones Associates has expertise in helping churches make optimum use of their buildings. and easier to assemble.sprung. Portable Church Industries www.com Launching a new church can be a daunting task. but with building the church itself.com The natural outcome of successful church planting and growth is usually the need to build a church building. They have earned the opportunity for a listing with ChurchConstruction. are practical solutions for some churches in need of a worship facility.com .com provides a network of pre-qualified professionals and resources who specialize and excel in building and equipping church facilities.com by their reputation for excellent work and honesty. expand the reach of existing churches. Their name. Regal Cinemas. With access to more than 500 theatres in 36 states. mostly vacant on Sunday mornings. lightweight. money and resources. Theatres can be an option for: Church planting. Regal CineMeetings & Events can accelerate the growth of new churches. Sprung’s rustproof extruded aluminum substructure provides a high strength/weight ratio while being virtually seamless. churches are finding theaters to be viable options for worship space.arksincorporated.

com/nw/s Equipping Leaders to Grow Healthier Churches Church Growth.ascg.churchcentral. d Church Growth Institute www.churchgrowth.org The American Society for Church Growth (ASCG) is an international organization which seeks to provide a networking system for those individuals or organizations associated with church growth. Net Results New Ideas in Church Vitality www.churchgrowth. creating an entry path for visitors. founded in 1987. The McIntosh Church Growth Network www. and generational change issues. provides a wide range of professional consulting services for churches. evangelism and church growth. adding a new service. Charles Arn provides seminars and consulting services on reaching unchurched people. Church Central www.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites CHURCH GROWTH American Society for Church Growth www. 68 . strategic planning.mcintoshcgn.org Net Results is helping congregations help people make a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship. This website includes several excellent articles that can be downloaded for use within your church.net Church growth consultant Dr. staffing. and many other topics of interest to churches committed to growth through reaching the unchurched.org Provides practical tools for leadership. www. Inc.com The Church Growth Network.netresults. The Church Growth Network is particularly well-versed in church growth analysis.

org www. You’ll find a rich treasure of online information.com www.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites FINANCES / FUND-RAISING Charity Channel http://charitychannel.S. They would like you to find the grant writing process an exciting and pleasant experience.fundsnetservices.org The Foundation Center’s mission is to support and improve philanthropy by promoting public understanding of the field and helping grantseekers succeed. government. and individual donors. They do this by: Collecting. proposal preparation may lack the creative delights of writing fiction. They have numerous discussion lists. services and resources. philanthropic organizations.gov/Business/Nonprofit. philanthropy Conducting and facilitating research on trends in the field Providing education and training on the grantseeking process Ensuring public access to information and services through their World Wide Website. Fundsnet Services Online www. print and electronic publications. d d The Foundation Center www.gov http://firstgov. d GrantSmart. organizing.S.org GrantSmart is an informational and interactive resource center for and about the nonprofit community.grantproposal. They have gathered data about private foundation activities that may be of interest to grantseekers. five library/learning centers. It has all kinds of information from grants and assistance from the government for nonprofits to tax information and much more. at times. Many links. and a national network of Cooperating Collections. Grant Proposal.com Serving 100.shtml Whatever you want or need from the U.grantsmart. it’s on FirstGov. and communicating information on U.fdncenter. First Gov. It hopes to help to encourage informed decisionmaking and diversification in funding. successful grant applications probably mean more to the universe than something published in an obscure literary magazine.com This is a site devoted to providing free resources for both advanced grantwriting consultants and inexperienced nonprofit staff.gov. 69 . Learn some sophisticated strategies for turning your organization’s grand vision into concrete language with the benefits quantified and the objectives measurable.com A website dedicated to helping finding funding.000+ Nonprofit-sector professionals. many leadingedge eNewsletters and CharityNews updates. Although.

First offered in 1972 and continuously updated.com Raising More Money trains nonprofit organizations of all types. TGCI’s Grantsmanship Training Program covers all aspects of researching grants. capital campaigns. People tell us that this approach bridges the gap between the “old reality” dependence on special events. They enjoy the privilege of serving thousands of churches and ministries nationwide.raisingmoremoney. grant writing and direct mail and the “new reality” of major gifts. writing grant proposals and negotiating with funding sources.The Grantsmanship Center www. TGCI .npguides.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites Ministry Business Services www.tgci.org Grant writing tools for nonprofit organizations. Raising More Money www. five-day workshop. TGCI has been the world’s leading source of grantsmanship training and grant information.com Freeing those in ministry from business distractions. planned giving and endowments. sizes and locations in building a selfsustaining system for raising funds from individuals. Ministry Business Services’ goal is to provide information and resources for those involved in Christian ministry.mbsinc.com For more than 30 years. providing tested and authoritative solutions and answers that are ministry specific! Nonprofit guides www. which now includes a full year of valuable membership services. d 70 . More than 70. Raising More Money provides organizations with a whole new way of going about their fund-raising efforts.000 nonprofit and government personnel have attended their demanding.

CoachNet has a built-in reference library with hundreds of valuable resources.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites LEADERSHIP Christian Leadership World www. and develop and mentor others. John Mark Ministries This is a website devoted to assisting churches. links.org Leadership Network is an advance scout for the emerging church. Congregational Resources www. on-line study courses. One of the most unique web-based training and communication tools of its kind. d d Injoy www.uk Helping leaders be leaders ― in the church. are found in churches of all denominations and sizes across the U.teal. pastors. churches etc. www. lead teams.pastornet. build and refresh their skills. discussion forums on a wide variety of ministry topics. Pdf downloads available in 6 languages.coachnet.net.au/jmm/ Leadership Network www. The website has: Free tools to help leaders form a vision. and powerful. Data on Christian population. enable organizations. influence society By country data to help leaders plan strategically. It searches for innovative church leaders who find themselves both immersed in and excited by the tumultuous change of this age. book reviews.S. leaders and their spouses. Other resources: Bible studies.leadnet. These leaders. though few in number. and Canada. in society and in the workplace.com John Maxwell offers some great practical leadership tools. How to develop individuals. interactive on-line coaching tools.injoy.org CoachNet® is an on-line tool for Christian leaders.org.congregationalresources. leadership and prayer. CoachNet www. They are of all ages and ethnicities.org The Alban Institute and the Indianapolis Center for Congregations have created the Congregational Resource Guide to help congregational leaders connect with resources they need to gain insight into problems and to encourage transformation in their communities of faith. 71 . Check out your leadership style with their on-line indicator.

and Laity.com www.com www. it’s obvious that times are changing quickly. Churches everywhere are asking for help in training their leaders to have a more effective ministry. The objective of the Nehemiah Leadership Institute is to equip pastors and ministry leaders to multiply ministry through mobilizing and equipping the laity.com Rick Warren’s website to encourage pastors. Pastors.pastors.Nehemiah Leadership Institute www. we have to determine which traditions we need to hold on to and which cultural changes we need to embrace.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites National Church Ministries .com Equipping Church Leaders for Effective Ministry Buy books.Church Leadership Academy http://web2. Simultaneously.html Building Leaders for the Church.jsp The Church Leadership Academy provides the resources to help the local church equip workers for the harvest and serve in the church.cmalliance. Youth Ministers.onlinerev.org/web/nehemiah.com The purpose of OnlineRev: To help you ― as a church leader ― change lives and redefine the way ministry is done. and we must evaluate things more often in our churches. Christ-centered Training for Pastors. research articles. ministers.org/ncm/cla/cla. It also assists in preparing those who have been called into the ministry. In our postmodern world. read interviews.tentmakersym. Tentmakers . Online Rev. 72 .zondervanchurchsource. plus. The Basic Training program and the Special Training courses are designed to give people the “tools” to make their ministry more effective. d d Zondervan Church Source www. People want to experience a spirituality that weaves itself throughout their everyday lives. and church leaders with tools and resources for growing healthy churches.

teach and encourage rural pastors and laity in their ministry to small town and remote congregations.dsp Articles and resources for the key ministry areas that every church has in common — education. prayer. By bringing together a community of scholars.html This website provides written articles and other bibliographic resources that will benefit.churchbusiness.com Provides solutions and strategies for Today’s Churches.edu/phpbin/ccrd/index.forministry.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites d ONLINE ARTICLES Center for Congregational Research and Development http://www. Hartford Institute for Religion Research http://hirr.edu/index. connect and equip.bu.ohiou.net This is the new home of articles and research that pastors need in these fast changing times. stewardship.seorf.pbs. Their purpose is to inform. but thrive. Religion & Ethics Newsweekly PBS www. inspire. and congregational leaders. d d Christianity Today www. and worship.edu/~xx042/r_ctr/r_ctr. d 73 . service. outreach. Pastor’s Study www. Center for Rural Church Leadership http://www. This is the entry site to all sorts of publications and articles by many well-known authors.com This is the official website of the Christianity Today International. the Center hopes to deepen our understanding of the manifold contours of contemporary culture and thereby to find better ways of living out the gospel in diverse settings and among diverse populations. Church Business www.php?keyword_id%5B%5D=2&Submit=Browse The central activity of the Center for Congregational Research and Development is contextual theological research. students.hartsem. fellowship. Research-based strategies for nurturing more publicly-engaged congregations help future religious leaders find creative methods for helping congregations not only survive.html On the Hartford Institute website.com/connect/seven. they are committed to providing quality.org/wnet/religionandethics Seven Foundations of Church Ministry www.pastornet. social scientific religion research information that is helpful for religious leaders and the general public.christianitytoday. teachers.

com www.org Amazon.churchsmart.christianbook.com ChurchSmart.amazon.com www. used. and out of print books at your fingertips.cfm Lifeway Christian Stores www.com Christianbook.com www.alban.lifewaystores.com www.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites d d d ONLINE BOOKSTORES AddALL Book Search and Price Comparison www.bookfinder. rare.com/lwstore/ Seed Sowers Christian Books Publishing www.com/intro_products.com d 74 .com Bookfinder.seedsowers.addall.bookstores.com Alban Institute www. Bookstores.com Over 50 million new.com www.

and to share the faith stories of followers of Jesus from around the world. training products.htm Congregational Life Ministries offers resources and leadership training to strengthen the life and ministries of congregations. to help you find gospel resources in foreign languages. Servant Evangelism www. d d d 75 .com Servant evangelism is a simple. founding Pastor Steve Sjogren and several people from the Vineyard Community Church loaded up bags of groceries and bought Christmas trees and took them to housing projects on the north side of Cincinnati. Ethnic Harvest . They accomplish this through a combination of two disciplines: One. and their dreams and aspirations. is to create a national association of Christian churches and ministries working together to invite every person in America to a local Bible believing church and ultimately into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. marketing tools. Discerning God’s will.Resources for Multicultural Ministry www.church-marketing. In 1984. Visit this site to learn more about these church planting support ministries. through the creation of sensitive and artistic communication. their felt-needs and interests.outreachmarketing.com/print/ The vision of Outreach. The website offers Outreach Solutions (Sample products. Church Marketing Solutions www.com Breakthrough Media’s primary focus is what is called “Breakthrough Communications.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites OUTREACH Breakthrough Media Group www. practical ways.breakthroughchurch. Inc. to encourage churches in the USA to reach out to their ethnic neighbors. The list of evangelism resources has been reviewed by selected pastors and is being offered by Congregational Life Team members. discovering God’s transforming power. catalogs. Outreach www. their unique problems and situation. Their founders are church planters and have started several other non-profit ministries that exist to help church planters.brethren. and developing congregational faithfulness and leadership are some of the ways CLM staff may assist. and programs. second.” or communication that effectively breaks through the natural barriers and screens that have become a necessary human adaptation to our message-saturated culture. Outreach Tools (software. This website exists to share the good news about Jesus Christ with all people.org/genbd/clm/resource.org The name and vision for Ethnic Harvest comes out of an interdenominational network of ethnic churches in the Seattle area. Out of this action was born a vision to reach the city of Cincinnati and the world by serving others with no strings attached. and training seminar signup).servantevangelism. Congregational Life Ministries .Evangelism Resource List www. This website is dedicated to coaching and resourcing outwardly focused churches. printed products).ethnicharvest.com This site has a Free Church Planting Resources section! They are passionate about church planting. straightforward approach to sharing God’s love in simple. and Outreach News. a deep appreciation for the individual.

charityadvantage. Consistent Computer Bargains www. They have a Talk to the Tech community ― In the Community you can interact with TechSoup’s expert guides to access trustworthy technology information. from choosing a database to funding for technology. is a leading authorized reseller of name brand computer software and hardware to nonprofit organizations and is the first national reseller to exclusively work with nonprofits.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites TECHNOLOGY Charity Advantage http://www. d 76 .techsoup. Corel. Consistent Computer Bargains. Inc.com Join the thousands of nonprofits that have saved 70% or more on technology products and focus those savings to fulfill your organizations mission. You can find donated and discounted products You can find tools and resources.org The technology place for nonprofits. Their years of commitment and passion for the nonprofit community have given them the strength and determination to continue lobbying efforts to manufacturers so they can provide nonprofit organizations with unlimited. current.1computerbargains. They have articles written by experts for a nonprofit audience to make technology easy to understand. Novell. They cover a variety of topics. computer donations.asp Founded in 1997.com/index2. Macromedia. and computer purchase assistance programs. Diskeeper. Compaq.org www. and working with thousands of nonprofit organizations. their mission is to provide technology assistance to nonprofit organizations through website development. McAfee. name-brand technology solutions to carry out their mission more efficiently and affordably. Tech Soup. IBM and more. CCB works with software publishers on single versions and licensing packs such as: Microsoft.

and hosting. or maintain it with no technology skill at all. d Church Websites America http://www.enabling you to bring your church ministry to the World Wide Web. The site would be used by your members to keep connected to each other through mail lists. ministries information.matt28hosting. Take Your Church Plant to the Web New Life Ministries www. prayer and more. Church Websites .Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites WEBPAGES Guidelines for Starting Church Web Pages www.gospelcom.church-websites-america.net/guide/resources/church-pages. an easy church website. or update.a special opportunity www. calendar.saintlife. state-ofthe-art content management software. small groups meetings.php Church websites can be an integral part of a church’s outreach to the community and beyond.com/ Are you tired of your church website constantly becoming out of date? Is your church’s website working for you. Now imagine anyone on your staff having the ability to update the site. does not take the needs of nonChristian site visitors into account and fail to use the potential of this medium.org/online/church_plant_web1. cost-effective way to launch. make changes. The purpose of Matt28 Hosting is to raise support for missions.com Matt 28 Hosting is a web services company offering a wide range of services from website hosting. for Ministry www. And it’s free.forministry.com Equipping the church online for ministry This site gives you everything you need to get your church up and running online: site templates. Matt28 Website Hosting www. or is it a line item in the budget waiting to be chopped? Is it attractive? Does it present a professional image or was it designed in the last millennium? Is it interactive.htm d 77 . This page offers a range of strategies that will help to reach outsiders.htm Tips and things to know when setting up a church website. humanitarian aid. and relief projects around the world. or does it sit there static with boring images from clipart? Any of this sound familiar? Imagine being able to present an attractive website that expresses your church to the community in a very creative and cost-effective way. management and design. apart from listing times of meetings.net/guide. However. Church Websites America is a simple. the majority of church websites.newlifeministries-nlm. This is their ministry to Christians online .

org www.com CCLI wants to encourage the spirit of worship through music to the local church collectively and to Christians individually. or small group. SermonCentral is the world’s leader in sermon resources and research. affordably.html Worship resources for you and your group.wholeheartedworship. but to pose the question.. d d 78 . Highway Video www. Videos consist of film-shorts in the form of comedies.com/index.org The aims of this site are to: Provide you with a single point of contact for Alternative Worship sites worldwide Direct you to resources for understanding what Alternative Worship is (and is not) Route you through to places where you can get resources that will help you and those with you to create Alternative Worship of your own Church Copyright Licensing International www. sermon. and dramas.mplc. WholeHearted Worship www.com Search 500. conveniently. which he labeled “non-commercial. illustrations.net/CMU/upiw/tutorial/index.000 free sermons. so that they may enhance their corporate worship expression spontaneously. and legally.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Websites WORSHIP AIDES AlternativeWorship.htm Pastors can use portions of movies to illustrate sermon points Youth groups can view the latest video Educational classes can use video for teaching and training And more. They are dedicated to equipping pastors worldwide in excellence in preaching..com Highway Videos are culturally relevant videos to be used in ministry. They compliment any message.alternativeworship. The Church Copyright License service began in 1984 when the pastor first became aware of the Copyright Law in response to a copyright crisis. and interpretive/music videos. and make convicting teaching.htm A PowerPoint tutorial.sermoncentral. worship and ministry relevant! Using PowerPoint in Worship http://churchmedia. they began to develop a “permission of use” concept. Not produced to answer the question. SermonCentral www.ccli.com/index2. “man-on-the-street” documentaries. In January 1985.” Church Video Licensing International www. Highway Videos fit seamlessly into your discussion. whereby churches could obtain blanket permission for specific copying activities.highwayvideo.

send a message to jkuek@paradise. It is moderated by Justin Kuek. global and European matters.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Magazines Magazines & Newsletters Church Planting and Other Useful Magazines and Newsletters Acquire Wisdom Newsletter http://acquirewisdom.yahoo.touchusa. and making churches healthier by informing them on the topics of good leadership. on any matters relating to the planting and reproduction of churches in our day. Church Growth Digest British Church Growth Assn This is the journal of the British Church Growth Association.net. Most of the pastors who subscribe buy in bulk and give copies to each leader. For a sample copy. stories and information about effective ministry that will reach your community and the world. conferences. the International Executive Director of New Horizons Ministries International.org/store/content/cellgroupjournal. church planting.com/ Sign up for the free Acquire Wisdom Newsletter to learn lots of tips. Church Planting Bulletin Fellowship Church Plant Teams The Church Planting Bulletin reports on activities of the Fellowship Church Plant Teams and. small churches. visit the website above.nz. more generally.com/group/churchplantersreview/ Church Planters Review is a monthly newsletter that seeks to encourage and inspire church planters world wide in this most vital of Christian endeavors. 79 . Church Planters Review http://groups. CellChurch Journal TOUCH Outreach Ministries www. New Horizon is a mission organization dedicated to the planting of churches amongst unreached people groups. and quality ministries designed to strengthen the membership. book reviews. dynamic worship. in the United States and worldwide. A CellGroup Journal in the hands of your church members and leaders will move them toward a New Testament lifestyle far more effectively than another vision-casting meeting! Church Growth Center for Church Growth This magazine is aimed at encouraging churches toward active and effective evangelism.asp This practical journal of testimonies and solid advice for group leaders is one of the best tools you can give your church leadership and core members. Each issue covers a particular theme and includes information on courses. To join the growing numbers of subscribers. and healthy churches.

com Outreach Magazine.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Magazines d Church Planting News North American Division Evangelism Institute www.next-wave. Sowing Seeds is their newsletter dedicated to this.navpress.outreachmagazine. Each issue brings you fresh thinking and practical help for your everyday life and ministry. and Inreach or Outreach? Outreach Magazine www. It is a free church planting newsletter.tv. Cutting Edge VineyardUSA www. the new gathering place for the ideas.nechurchplanters.htm Cutting Edge is the newsletter produced quarterly by the National Church Planting Task force.org/publications/newsletters/cutting_edge/index.html To keep you in touch with what other church planters in the field are doing. You can subscribe to a web newsletter that features articles about such things as: an interview with Dan Kimball. you can sign up for the newsletter as well as find archived articles. Sowing Seeds Northeast Church Planters Network www. To keep you informed about new resources that will add value to your ministry. Go to Free Subscription.nadei. To keep you posted on significant church planting training and networking events. Net Results Magazine . Starting churches that start with people who are just starting with Jesus. resourcing. Consumer-Friendly Postmodern Cool.vineyardusa. It is designed exclusively for pastors and church leadership. Plus. and encouraging evangelical church planters in the Northeast US.netresults.htm Northeast Church Planters Network is passionately involved in networking. Discipleship Journal www.org Helping congregations help people make a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship.org/Sowing%20Seeds. The entire catalogue of Cutting Edge issues is online.com/Magazines/DJ/ Discipleship Journal is a trusted source for insightful articles that will help you understand the Scriptures and grow in intimacy with God.org Next-wave is a website on emerging church topics. House2House Magazine House2House Ministries www.New Ideas in Church Vitality www. next-wave. you’ll find resources and hands-on ideas that will energize and encourage you as you reach out to others. d d 80 . insights and stories of the intentional church. To share practical bits of information that may be useful in your church plant.house2house. sharing their joys as well as their sorrows.org/newsletter/issues.org: church and culture www.house2house.tv You can get a free subscription if you become a part of the House2House Online community at my.

The Church Planter’s Toolkit by Robert E.dickscoggins. and launch your first celebration.net/root/CPMS/ Break out of the rut with our new Church Planter Management System Software.com/books/teams.dickscoggins.com/books/networks.com/pdfs/building-effective_church_palnting_teams.com/product.php Download a PDF at www. Learn more about this tremendous tool and how it will assist you in succeeding in your church plant.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools Tools Church Planting Tools d Building Effective Church Planting Teams by Richard Scoggins Read online at: http://www. Church Planting Manual by Richard Scoggins Read online at www. Logan and Buller will help you shape your journey to become a thriving cell church. Logan www. The Church Planter’s Toolkit includes 12 audio cassette tapes as well as detailed checklists and action planning worksheets to form a comprehensive package for church planters and their supervisors.namb. gather a team.com/product. Jeannette Buller www. you will find yourself returning to the hands-on tools provided to help you as you grow.2 is available for Download at www.cfm?productid=30 The premier resource for church planters! Combining the wisdom and expertise of Bob Logan and Steve Ogne.pdf Planting House Churches in Networks. Through a seven-stage church planting process. d 81 . step-by-step instructions to guide you as you establish a vision.churchsmart. Logan. This kit comes with ten cassette tapes and a notebook.php Download a PDF at: www.dickscoggins.churchsmart. A comprehensive discussion of principles and studies used by the Fellowship in its work in planting house churches.cfm?productid=3 The Cell Church Planter’s Guide provides practical.com/pdfs/church_planting_manual. Cell Church Planter's Guide by Robert E. As your church moves through these stages.dickscoggins. Church Planter Management System NAMB CPMS 4. The Church Planter’s Toolkit offers clear objectives that all church planters need to consider.pdf A handbook for team leaders and mentors. start your first cell groups.

The Church Starting ToolSet organizes its six modules into a process. d 82 . Topics include: Expand vision for church multiplication Get started Prepare to become a parent church Understand the church planting process Gain support of key leaders Cultivate congregational commitment Determine parenting methods and resources Identify cross-cultural issues Mobilize church planters Select appropriate target communities Develop a gathering and launching strategy Prepare for release. cannot shake their excitement about spending eternity with Him. The Platforms are Windows 95. Beginning with a planning stage.org/cpm.newwway.churchsmart. the Church Starting ToolSet takes you step-by-step through a process to develop a contextual. who only a few years ago had never heard of God’s Son. You can order a CD-ROM or download. six audio cassettes containing twelve presentations that coordinate with a comprehensive notebook full of discussion guides.ministrytoolbox. Robert Logan. Power Points and tools to help you ignite a Church Planting Movement among your people group.imb.com/product.org/cpm.cfm/fa/prod/ProdID/131. The first three modules cover steps that must be completed prior to holding the first worship service.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools Church Planting Movements International Mission Board (Southern Baptist) CD-ROM at http://www. prayer journals. Rather than missionaries or clergy doing most of the church planting.htm 6 Modules for Planning your Church Starting Process. In its wake are Church Planting Movements.org/index. Windows 98.htm This useful resource CD is chocked-full of articles. these new converts are taking the lead. religious opponents and geography.htm God’s love for His creation is moving! It has washed over barriers posed by governments. Church members. 90-minute video featuring Dr.newwway. skeptics. customized church start.htm VHS at http://resources. and reproduction Churches Planting Churches includes: A ten-segment. Ogne www.cfm?productid=31 Churches Planting Churches is a guide designed to walk your church through the process of planting a daughter church. Church Planting Workshop CD-ROM www. recovery.com/webstore/ws_tlset_plantingpg. The last three modules focus on the beginning phases of establishing a new church. or Windows 2000 The Software Application: CGR Software required. Church Planting Toolset ToolBox Systems www. Logan and Steven L. 30 masters for creating your own overhead transparencies. Windows NT. Churches Planting Churches by Robert E. checklists and practical activities to guide you through every step of the process.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools

The Church Planting Probe Download PDF at www.namb.net/cp/Readiness/PDF/Church_Planting_Probe.pdf Some of the Contents: Identifying Church Planting Needs Church Planting Probe Checklist Stage One—Commitment Stage Two—Planning Stage Three—Preparation and Promotion Stage Four—Team Confirmation Stage Five—Probe Implementation Stage Six—Follow-Up SBC Church-to-Population Analysis What to Observe in the Probe Investigation What to Consider During the Probe Investigation Church Planting Probe Report Church Planting: The Next Generation - Lab Manual Introducing the Century 21 Church Planting System by Kevin W., Ph.D. Mannoia Order at www.Bookstores.com Light & Life Communications; 2nd edition (December 1994) ChurchPlants.com www.churchplants.com Starting a new church requires ― first and foremost ― a calling. But to promote the growth of your church, you must attract visitors… and that’s where ChurchPlants.com can help. Created to meet the topmost needs of church planters everywhere, ChurchPlants.com provides both information and resources. And the New Church Outreach Kit offers plenty of both. You can request a free New Church Outreach Kit. Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations by Dr. George Patterson, Dr. Galen Currah Download or order CD-ROM at www.acquirewisdom.com/products.html Do you desire to not only win souls for Jesus but also disciple and teach them how to do the same? Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations is a hands-on interactive e-book that teaches New Testament principles to help you learn how to evangelize, make disciples, and start churches wherever you are. Not hyped-up discipleship methods or programs, but simple and easy to follow New Testament principles that the first century churches were founded on. Developed by Drs. George Patterson and Galen Currah, this CD-ROM takes you through a variety of scenarios of the evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting process.


Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools


A Compass for the New Millennium DCPI www.dcpi.org/compass.htm A New Kind of Training for Church Planting! Designed to meet the needs of church planters leaders. In this training opportunity, virtually any leader who has a passion for church planting and a heart for the lost will find practical help. This training will fire your creativity and equip you for the challenges of church planting in this new century. Featuring Four Tracks of Training: Basic Training Reproducing Growing a New Church: Years 1 to 5 Mentor Certification Training Dynamic Church Planter Training DCPI www.dcpi.org/training.htm DCPI provides an extensive, thorough four-day-long training experience. Each day will be spent in interactive, comprehensive instruction designed specifically to enable the prospective church planter to side-step the big mistakes, foresee possible disasters and prayerfully pursue their vision. This invaluable, far-reaching time is what every church planter needs to enter the church planting adventure with confidence and forbearance. The four-day schedule includes: How to develop your own “process of ministry” Where and how to find financial resources How to improve your church planting leadership How to avoid 22 common killers of new churches Avoiding burnout How to care for the church planting family The creation of your own “VPT” - the church planter’s preliminary statement of vision, plan, and timeline. How to stay on track, on time, and on budget How to build your own “prayer shield” Dynamic Church Planting Handbook by Paul Becker, Jim Carpenter, Mark Williams DCPI; (2002) Download PDF at www.dcpi.org/?%20I%20haven These are the sections of the handbook along with a couple of examples of the chapters in each: Section One: Preparing for the Journey Section Two: Leading Wisely and Well Section Three: Keeping your Family Healthy Along the Way Section Four: Reaching People Effectively Section Five: Prayerful Planning



Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools

Evangelism and Church Growth Reference Library CD-ROM by various authors www.gospellight.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=GL&Product_Code=08307 .25202 Twenty-one complete books on one CD-ROM. Everything you want to know about evangelism and church growth ― fast! Titles include: The New Apostolic Churches; Churchquake!; Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow; Church Planting for a Greater Harvest; The Healthy Church That None Should Perish Evangelism and Church Growth Church Marketing; Evangelism That Works; Generation Next; How to Increase Giving in Your Church; Leaders on Leadership; The Power of Vision; Turnaround Churches; Turning Vision into Action Pastors of Promise The Cell Church Crisis Evangelism The Five Star Church The Life Giving Church; Loving Your City into the Kingdom Fivefold Ministry Set – Audio book 10 cassettes by Ron Myer, Brian Sauder House To House Publications Designed to release healthy, effective fivefold ministry in the local church. An audio book covering the material of a live Fivefold Ministry Seminar. Includes ten topics taught by experienced DOVE Christian Fellowship International leaders. 1. Fivefold Ministry ― Ron Myer. 2. Role and Function of Apostles and Prophets ― Ron Myer. 3. Role and Function of Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers ― Ron Myer. 4. Qualifications of Fivefold Ministers ― Larry Kreider. 5. Ministry Motivation ― Ron Myer. 6. Fivefold Fathering ― Ron Myer. 7. Fields of Ministry ― Ron Myer. 8. Fivefold and the Church Plant ― Brian Sauder. 9. Financing the Fivefold ― Ron Myer. 10. Prayer and Fasting ― Brian Sauder. Growing Healthy Cell Groups Audio Tape Series by various DCFI Teachers http://dcfi.org/House2House/Growing_Healthy_Cell_Groups.htm Learn to grow effective cell groups with this comprehensive 6 cassette audio tape series. Tape sessions encompass the same material covered at a DCFI’s Cell Ministry Seminar plus more.


Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools Helping You Build Cell Churches Manual by Brian Sauder. training institutions. reproducing churches. church planting..Preparation for Church Planting Self-Study Guide for Church Planters NAMB www.html A practical tool that helps leaders understand the role of mentoring in helping church planters to be faithful to God’s calling to plant churches.. Mentoring Team .asp A great resource for church planters to work through. counseling skills for cell leaders. leadership training.asp The Nehemiah Project is a cooperative strategy that links Southern Baptist churches. Martin The Alliance of Saturation Church Planting Download PDF at http://alliancescp.Mentoring Guidelines for Church Planters by Rev. fivefold ministry in cells.org/House2House/Helping_You_Build_Manual.net/cp/Recruitment/Nehemiah.htm Series includes: How to Develop a Leadership Board for Your New Church New Church Site Selection Profile Mother or Partner Church Commitment Profile The Pre-Assessment Profile The New Church Business Steps Profile The Mentor Profile: What It Takes to Be a Mentor. Robert W. associations.htm This manual contains the tools you need. You can Download the Nehemiah Project Manual. spiritual parenting. and much more! How to Implement a Regional Church Planting Vision by Robert Logan CRM Publishing 800-253-4CRM Mentoring Manual .dcpi. Desired Outcome: To help the church planter confront three issues – Whose kingdom am I building? What is the church as the body of Christ? Am I a church planter? Mini-Handbooks: The Profile Series DCPI www. Larry Kreider http://dcfi.org/profile. and the North American Mission Board to intentionally prepare church planters to plant healthy.namb.namb. state conventions and Canada. and Why Church Planters Need Them Finding Start-Up Facilities for Your New Church How to Experience an Effective Personal Prayer Retreat How to Improve Your Church Planting Leadership: A Three-Dimensional Approach Nehemiah Project Recruitment Team www.it is a biblical blueprint for cell ministry including reaching out. transitioning to a cell-based church. d 86 . children and youth in cells.net/cp/Mentoring/SSguide_cp. church government. mistakes to avoid.org/html/mentoringmanual.

Developed and presented by John Worcester. Launch the new congregation. 3. Three Practical Church Planting Workshops on CD www.net/cp/Multiplication/PDF/7steps. 7. Receive a vision from God..html Planting and Growing a Fundamental Church by Roy L. Saddleback Church.com/churchplanting. Phil Spry Breakthrough Media (2002) Download the PDF or order the CD at www.namb. PowerPoint presentations and dozens of other supplemental documents and practical church planting tips. 4. Thomas Download the PDF at www. Pastor. (Book out of print) Randall House Publishing. 87 .. 2.com/pcom/other_ministries/churchplanting. Planting the Cell Church . 5.12 tape set by various DCFI Teachers http://dcfi. Secure a place to meet. Evangelize nonbelievers.asp These workshops were presented at a Saddleback Purpose Driven Church Conference and may be purchased separately or as a Full Set at a savings of over 20%. President of Church Planting Leadership and Dan Morgan. 6.com. Each workshop contains reproducible notes.org/House2House/Church_Planters.pastors. Church Strategist. Create a core group. Locate receptive people.breakthroughchurch.htm Vision for Church Planting Steps to a Cell-Based Church Plant Church Planting Methods Covering the Bases Financing a Church Plant Fields of Ministry Team Building Leadership and Decision Making Pastoring a Church Plant Practicals Building God’s Way Save the World.Plant a Church Seven Steps to Planting a Church Download the PDF at www.amazon. Enlist a church planting team.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools The New Church Launch Marketing Plan by Michael Johnson.pdf The Philippian Model for Church Planting 1. (October 2000) A perfect guide to starting and building and effective congregation.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Church Planting Tools 88 .

com/pacific/start. For nearly a decade. d d Mapping Center www. CA 92626 (714) 957 1282 Census Access for Planning in the Church Concordia College 7400 Augusta Street River Forest. Information is available in 1. 5.com Available at this site: New Church Outreach Kit that includes a free demographic report (a $99 value). The Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth is a not-for-profit ministry created to facilitate the mobilization of the Body of Christ in America.org Direct your outreach. or 10 mile detailed population reports from the intersection of any streets. Percept www. 89 . It is the only full-service demographic information company completely dedicated to church leaders. and a free New Church Plan worksheet. a trial subscription of Outreach Magazine.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools Other Useful Tools DEMOGRAPHICS Demographics information compiled by professionals can be purchased covering almost every imaginable population cross section.mappingcenter.churchplants.asp Percept offers reliable and innovative demographic resources for any level of church ministry. Suite A104 Costa Mesa. Churches have always been their only clients. judicatories and denominations with quality.percept1. As well as a $100 coupon that can be used for a custom logo. IL 60305 (708) 771-8300 ChurchPlants. and congregational development committees within most of America’s major denominations and church affiliations. helpful demographic reports and studies. Visions-Decisions has supplied a range of dependable reports and studies to congregations. Church Information and Development Services 151 Kalmus.visions-decisions. new missions.Demography for Churches www. Vision Decisions . The Mapping Center has begun this task by providing the latest in software and data solutions to help today’s church and ministry.com Visions-Decisions serves churches. The Mapping Center has partnered with many denominations and ministries to continue this mission. free packs of mailers and doorhangers. And it is recognized as one of The Best 100 sources of information products and services by American Demographics magazine.com www. They have high-value and unprecedented pricing.

Use Kintera’s powerful tools for management of events.com http://store.cfm#tracking William P. commerce and relationships cultivation. Finances Download from ChristianityToday. (August 1992) In Mastering Church Finances. how and when to delegate financial affairs. It automatically updates an annual total for you and has a built in projected increase that allows you to see how much more funding will be needed the next year. They discuss such matters as how to keep the finance committee ministry-minded. it is available at www. how to deal with financial mismanagement. Dillon www. d 90 .com/tools.peopleraising. Created by a Germantown Baptist intern who has a banking background.com. Wayne Pohl Word Publishing. She will have the latest copy of the worksheet and be able to answer questions. how to handle designated gifts. and how to determine staff salaries. If you are interesting in this tool. marketing and fund-raising system.com/home/services/sphere. Dillon is the Founder and Executive Director of Inner City Impact.missionleader.rr.asp Knowledge Interaction for Nonprofits Harness the power of the Internet. Kintera www.yahoo. Bill has authored People Raising: A Practical Guide To Raising Support and does fund-raising and management consulting through People Raising. major gifts and programming. Mastering Church Finances www. This theme will also train them to think more biblically and strategically about the relationship between money and ministry. He has been for more than twenty-five years.kintera. People Raising: Fund-raising Tools By William P. This theme will help your leaders make better use of what God has given and explore new ways to encourage people to give more. the authors explore how you can keep money from getting in the way and use finances instead to further the kingdom. Kintera’s patent-pending Kintera Sphere™ service platform provides organizations with a complete online management. Gary Fenton.html One thing is for certain about money: There never seems to be enough of it. A browser is all you need. it should help save time.com/ebooks/details/mstmin08 eBook available for download only by Richard Bergstrom. including transactional capabilities for communication. direct marketing.com/buildingchurchleaders/finances.net or email Paula Haynes at phaynes@midsouth.logos.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools FINANCES / FUND-RAISING d d Church Planter Budget Excel Sheet This is a budget excel worksheet that can be used for church planters.

html This issue addresses how leaders can foster leadership among people in the church. set priorities. Coaching is more of an art than a science. Dann Spader. maximize strengths and stay on target.” His interview in this theme shows how to build a vibrant church board. and eight audio tapes included in this manual will keep you focused and encouraged.com/buildingchurchleaders/leadfoun. Beyond mentorship. 91 . Leadership Environment Download from ChristianityToday.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools LEADERSHIP Empowering Leaders Through Coaching by Steven L. You don’t have to have all the answers.churchsmart. Darrell W.yahoo. we also discover our value to the team. The notes.yahoo. and how he worked with the disciples to train them to build his ministry on earth.” explains the key qualifications for church leadership. “A High Calling. work sheets. this issue focuses on the nature of discipleship and servanthood. prayer journals. When we discover how we’re doing through the feedback of those who are close to us in ministry. The interview.htm Taking an honest look at ourselves and others through ministry evaluations This notebook of reproducible evaluation tools is about a careful examination because someone cares. checklists.com/buildingchurchleaders/leaden.com http://store. Thomas Nebel www. Ogne. “Putting People First.com http://store. d Leadership Foundations Download from ChristianityToday. “Jesus’ Game Plan. Johnson’s Bible study. This process.” and “Can I Really Lead Like Jesus?” tell how to put leadership skills to use. both necessary characteristics of the effective church leader. The authors have helped many leaders enhance their ability to minister effectively and avoid many of the obstacles that stifle growth and vitality. Getting feedback to determine strengths. “How am I doing?” “How is the leadership team doing?” “How is my staff doing?” You will discover the answer to all these questions by utilizing each of these evaluation forms.com/product. By applying the principles and skills outlined in Empowering Leaders Through Coaching. open dialogue and discussion. becomes a positive experience for each of us. solve problems. make action plans. You are dealing with real people who need to know someone cares and will help them with planning and time management and hold them accountable in areas that matter for life and ministry.” is a compelling discussion with Sonlife Ministries director.” “How to Avoid Leadership Mistakes.cfm?productid=33 This manual will help any leader do a better job in coaching others to reach their full potential in life and ministry. lists of questions.org/House2House/Evaluation_Tools. “We will never be healthier than our leadership team.html Larry Osborne says. about Jesus’ leadership training plan. solidify vision and mission. This is a journey that you and those you coach will all grow from. then. Evaluation Tools by Steve Prokopchak http://dcfi. and to provide goals for future training is what evaluation should be about. you will learn how to help leaders evaluate.

who are “building up and branching out” authentic communities as a church of small groups. and willingness to make difficult choices. counting the offering. A summary article explains the need for clearly defined ministry descriptions and provides samples that you may adapt for your own needs.com/buildingchurchleaders/stratplan. www. Also included are assessment tools to find your own style and a Bible study examining leadership in the New Testament.com/buildingchurchleaders/leadstyl. thinking and leading strategically.com/buildingchurchleaders/prmisk. NewSong Leadership Handbook & CD by Paul Kim.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools d d Leadership Insights 4 VHS Tape Series by various teachers http://dcfi. this theme starts with an interview with Peter Drucker.html The work of the church calls for many skills and abilities. Strategic Planning will help your ministry team grow in each of these areas by offering helpful assessment tools and discussion questions to give shape and direction to your team meetings. The handbook focuses on providing resources to NewSong Leaders and Coaches. and living free from expectations.yahoo. an expert in organizational management and structure. The teachings will keep you from getting “shot out of the saddle” when faced with the tests of Christian leadership! Leadership Styles Download from ChristianityToday.html Determining your own leadership style and understanding the style of your fellow leaders can transform the way you work together.html An important theme for any church.org/House2House/Leadership_Insights. Sue Mallory discusses how to identify and work with various leadership styles in church ministry. These teachings emphasize listening to the Holy Spirit. NewSong Church. In Leadership Styles. To order.com http://store. Responsible planning requires wisdom. Thirteen how-to articles cover everything from recruiting and motivating leaders to leading a meeting.htm God is raising up a new generation of leaders for His Church in the 21st Century.yahoo.newsong. Strategic Planning Download from ChristianityToday.com http://store. CA This is a compilation of the training handouts and bullet-point guidelines that NewSong has put together over the years.net Practical Ministry Skills Download from ChristianityToday. These four video tapes will help leaders prepare for the challenge. Yet all too often. They include some of the most beneficial insights on leadership we’ve received during the past few years.yahoo. and making a hospital visit. Irvine. building an effective team. church leaders step into a new ministry with very little guidance. This theme is designed to train leaders in those areas that are often overlooked. call 949-477-0700. d 92 .com http://store. direction from the Holy Spirit.

com/cti/preactodansu. 93 . not just reading. It’s continuing education like a preaching course. today’s best sermons. but at a fraction of the cost. or seminar could give you. every month you’ll receive: Two top-quality sermons .the best preachers’ one or two best sermons of the year One exclusive interview or discussion of the sermon from preaching experts Printed sermon transcripts with usable contemporary illustrations.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools Preaching Today Audio Series http://store. With Preaching Today.yahoo.html Preaching Today Audio Series improves your own preaching by hearing. conference.

At Helpmate Technology Solutions. Flexible. This is an innovative solution that allows churches and nonprofit organizations to manage their membership and donation records with ease. easy to learn. 94 .empowering churches with software that is intuitive. and Affordable Membership and Donation Software for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations. Kingdom work. So you need serious tools to effectively and efficiently manage your church’s data records and membership database. and robust management software you’ll find in any market industry.R.. Helpmate Technology Solutions www. This Fun Factor aspect will have your users smiling day after day.helpmate. parishes. most churches and nonprofit organizations are looking for tools to meet their responsibilities. ACS 6. flexible. and fun to use. and other information concerning their congregations.Faithful Steward www. because people matter to God..shelbyinc. and operate more efficiently.peopledrivensoftware. colorful. and other government agencies.net Church management is serious work.com This suite of applications is designed for use by churches.acstechnologies.com Accounting Software ACS Technologies is a leading provider of software. powerful. People Driven Software www. service and solutions for the faith-based community. These offices typically serve as a gathering point not only for membership.com Software building churches. their church software is some of the most powerful. At the same time.htm Easy. we specialize in what we like to call the “fun factor” . innovative.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools SOFTWARE ACS Technologies www.com/fs/index. So check out People Driven Software and leverage the power of well crafted technology to expand the kingdom of God in your church. which track individual information. Shelby Systems www. but also for information regarding prospects. and easy-to-use church software package unlike anything you’ve ever seen for churches. Diakonia . and other ministries. As pressures increase from the I. People Driven Software is a fresh. attendance. uncluttered.0 is the premier church management software solution. Period.church-software. People Driven Software is an innovative tool of technology that will grow and greatly enhance the ministry of your church. family life centers.S. Their goal is to make this the best church management software available for churches committed to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

You will learn: How ASPs can save your staff time while keeping better track of your congregation. Total Church Software has been providing quality and affordable Church Management Software and support. How to get the project rolling with step-by-step tips. MapPoint. ME. schools and daycare centers. 95 . How to find help in selecting the ASP that will best fit your needs. 2000 and XP.Church Software www. Membership. NT.churchcentral.com/Products/church_software. are examined in depth. including QuickBooks. What confusing technological terms mean in the guide’s glossary. your license will allow installation of Total Church on all computers within your church and volunteers working from their home. Word. companies that provide these services.ansintech.shtml SOS is a comprehensive Membership Management. Application Service Providers (ASPs).totalchurch. Total Church Software www.html Web-based Approach to Church Management Software is your guide to using an innovative new technology tool to free you up to minister ― not administer.com/nw/s/template/ASPGuide. With the purchase of one Total Church Software program. Total Church Software was developed for both large and small churches.com readers ― explains how Web-based applications can improve any church’s ministry. SOS uses a relational database developed in Microsoft Access and is fully compatible with Win9x. Total Church Software integrates with leading manufacturers’ software. A Web-based Approach to Church Management Software www. Access and Outlook. Accounting and Fund-raising software program. PhoneTree.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools SOS . Accounting and Fund-raising sections of SOS are integrated. With Total Church you are not limited to the number of families in your data base. Specialized Office Solutions™ is appropriate for Churches and other nonprofit or for profit organizations which are membership based like associations.com Since 1995. This guide ― free to ChurchCentral.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Other Useful Tools 96 .

Peter Dudley. 37 … 38 … 23 … 29 … 84 … 42 … 34 … 90 … 28 … 13. Harry Bennis. Stuart Cladis. H. Scott E Easum. Elshoff. Ken Uyeda Forman. 50 … 10 … 81 … 36 … 30 … 8. David George. Jeannette Burke. Tim Christine. Ellis. Dale Gangel. James M. Culbertson. Gary Fong. 53 … 17 … 12 … 28 … 19 … 38 …9 …5 … 90 … 43 … 35 … 25 …6 …6 … 22 … 24 … 18 … 29 … 84 … 27 …5 … 11 … 12 … 26 … 30 … 42 … 36 …3 … 8. Os Guyer. M. E. Marva J. Richard Berkley. Ted Hemphill. 32. 35. Leith Arn. Robert Cole Jr. James D. H. 38 … 15 … 11 … 33 …6 … 63 … 83 … 13. 19. Cheryl A. Scott Boyatzis. Dyer. Rowland Fowler. Galen D Dawn. Andy Anderson. Ken … 12 … 23 … 11. C Caldwell. James W. Thomas Green. Chaney. Arlo Guder. Carpenter. Dr. Jack Dillon. F Faircloth. N. Gerber. Hozell C. Tim Drucker. 12 … 27 … 18 … 18. 31.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Author List Author List A Aldrich. Bergstrom. Charles B Banks. 37 … 16 … 6. Dr. Dick Barrett. Donahue. George Clarke. 68 … 39 …7 … 29. Randy Frost. Gene A. 23. Michael E. William P. John R. J. Ted Eppley. Bird. Dr. 19.. Greenway. Jim Conn. Shelton Cole. Timothy Allen. 36 … 19. J. 90 … 38 … 41 … 33. Charles Buller. 37. Bill Downs. Daniel Graham. Neil Collins. Joe Ahlen. John W. R. 7 … 19 … 15 … 33 … 22 … 37 … 49 …3 … 29 …7 … 15 … 23 … 41 … 28 … 17 … 17 97 . Harvie M. Garrison. Richard E. Lois Basinger. William Ellas. Eddie Goleman. Michael J. Julia Banks. Dr. Boren. Rev. H. Grenz. 92 … 27. Gibbs. Harold Estep. Dwight F. Darrell L. Jim Carroll. Wayne Cox. Brad Brock. 42 … 30 … 23 … 37 … 47. Howard Currah. Boyston. Frazee. Michael Greenfield. Kennon L. George Barnett. Anderson. Francis. Michael R. Mark H Haggard. Robert Barna. Phyllis Ten Engstrom. Samuel D. Charles Chester. C. Francis. Kenneth O. Guinness. Warren G. Roland Ammerman. Carl F. Kirby Jon Callahan. Warren Bisagno. Clegg. Cordeiro. Michael G Galloway. Rebekah Burch Becker. 41 … 25 …4 …4 … 34. Roger S. Getz. Dennison. Tom Clinton. Dale Burlingame. Paul Beckwith. Fenton.

Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Author List Henry. Ortiz. Fred Kreider. Johnson. Rivera. Tom Neighbour. Ron N Nebel. Robert E. Peterson. Billy Hunter. McManus. 86 … 3. Rebecca Manley Pohl. Wayne Pollack. Thom S. M MacDonald. Sue Malphurs. James H. Joe Samuel Redford. Jim Pillai. Jr. Prokopchak. Eugene H. Raul … 27 … 42 … 21 … 12 … 20. Mallory.. 39 … 38 … 10 … 35 … 24 … 20 …7 … 9. Kraybill. Mark. Ph. 32 … 32 … 7. Aubrey Mancini. Keith Nixon. Paul Kimball. McGavran. Herron. W. 55. Hirsch. Larry L. Liesch. Dr. 31. Donald Anderson McIntosh. 83 … 27 … 39 … 22 … 43 … 42 … 42 … 90 … 15 … 15 …7 … 35 … 15 … 91 … 18.J. Reggie Melander. Stuart Myer. Rob Lewis. Powers. Rochelle Meneses. Melvin L. Thomas H. Newman. Dan Klaas. Greg Ogne. John Pippert. McKee. Dan Morgenthaler. Tom K Kallestad. 83 … 71 … 18 … 86 … 31. Jerry I. Gary L. Robert D. Paul Noel. Darrell W. Ralph W. David R. Alan C. III Hustad.. Rajendra K. Porras. Johnson. Hornsby. Eloise Hiebert Miller. Bruce Miller. Ralph Morgan.. Annie … 28 … 35 …9 … 11 … 10 … 24 …9 …4 … 40 … 23 … 32 … 61 … 10 … 29 … 91 … 87 … 35 …5 McKinney. 13 … 87 … 25 … 29 …6 … 85 … 18 … 92 … 22 … 19 … 35 …6 …5 … 10. 71 … 11 … 18. D. Scott Lehman. 86 … 37 … 17 … 92 … 12. 16. Piper. Paul G. Rev. 68 … 37 … 4. 82. Nelson King. Jeff Jones. George G. Ratliff. Barry Wayne Little. Walt Kim. John Jeavons. Barry Z. Charles Rima. Donald P. James M. Fred Hesselgrave. Brian D. Bruce P. Herman. 38. 91 … 24. John J Jackson. Kevin W. 26. Samuel D. 81. 91 … 23 … 30 … 19. Hybels. Hiebert. Bill I Iuliano. Alan Hodges. Manuel P Patterson. McLaren. Timothy M. Moore. David O Osborne. John Martin. Donald E. 20. Robert L. 41 …7 … 26 …4 … 91 … 21 … 82. Lewin. Porter. Scott Murray. Erwin McNamara. Steven L. Douglas Posner. Francis Jackson Ridley. 27 … 34 … 13 …8 …4 … 23 … 51 … 38. Gene Monsma. Gordon MacNair. George Perry. Robert W. John C. Michael Noland. Steve R Rainer. Dale Logan. 37. Maxwell. 37 … 63 98 . Petersen. Kouzes.D. Michael Jones. J. David J. 43 …6 … 12 … 49 … 36. 33. Mims. Larry Ogden. Dr. Will Mannoia. Sally Morton. Roger McNeal. Rory Norris. Jack A. Larry L Larson. Glen Martin.

Mark Worcester. Willard. V. 8 … 20 … 24 … 32 …5 … 28 …8 … 13 … 10 … 40 … 8. Marshall Shenk. Don Timmis. Schwarz. Christian A. Peter L. 9 … 27 … 31. W Wagner. George. Andrew Sell. Stephen Towns. 37 … 11 … 34 … 12 … 34 … 87 … 23 … 25 … 11 … 23 … 11 … 7. Thompson. Dallas Williams. Bob Russell. Steve Sorenson. Tom Steinke. Rick Waymire. 81 … 3. Oscar I. 18 . Thomas. Dave Tucker Jr. Seidel. Paul Smith. Donald I.. 43. Roy L. Trent Rowland. John Y Yoder. Phil Stanley. Larry Stutzman. … 22. Townsend. Keith E... Ed … 19 … 12. Harold J. Bob Webber. Silvoso. Rachelle B. Scifres. Dwight Spader. Shelley. Stetzer. Malcolm Webber. Grayson L. 19 … 91 … 87 . Rusty S Sauder. Carl Travis. 86 … 23 … 4. Tim Tillman. Richard Schaller. John Robinson. Mary J. Thomas. 32. T Thomas. Sweet. Elmer L.. Robert J.Church Planting Resource Guide Leadership Network Author List Robinson. Pete Warren. Ed Simson. 38 … 10. Alan Russell.. David W. Rowland. Peter Ward. 72 … 27 …6 … 40 … 26 … 22 … 84 … 87 … 34 99 . 24. 40. Gary Romo. Leonard I. Robert E. Dann Spry. Andy Steffen. 47 …8 … 31. C. Alan P. Vivian Roxburgh. Thornborough. Wolfgang Sjogren.. 19 … 38 … 57 …3 … 11 … 11 … 13 … 21 … 21 Stockstill. 75 . Warren. 51 …4 …5 … 10 … 27 … 27 … 21. Peter Scoggins. Westing. Janie Sjogren. J. 41.. Warren. Brian Scazzero. Russ Rohrmayer. B. Lyle E. 85. Martin Robinson. Ervin R.

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