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Manual Power Builder 11

Manual Power Builder 11

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Published by: twshonduras on Sep 02, 2011
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Where you are

Manipulate the System Tree window
Open an object
>Manipulate views
Set up the toolbars

Now you learn to control the location and appearance of PowerBuilder painter
views. You can add views to a painter workspace by selecting them from the
View menu in the workspace menu bar.

You can add multiple views of the same type and you can combine views into
a stack of panes with selection tabs at the bottom. You can resize a view by
grabbing and dragging the separator bars that surround it or that surround
neighboring views in the painter workspace.

These exercises demonstrate how you can change the appearance of
Application painter views, but you can manipulate views in all painters in the
same way.

Now you:

•Add an extra Script view

•Display view title bars

•Float and dock views

•Manipulate tabbed views

•Save a view layout scheme

•Reset the default view layout scheme

Lesson 2 Customizing the PowerBuilder Environment

Getting Started


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