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The a-Z of Food Safety

The a-Z of Food Safety


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Published by: ramesh on Oct 06, 2008
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This is the lowest of the courts in England and Wales and deals mainly with

summary offences, principally criminal offences, including breaches of food safety

legislation brought by enforcement authorities. The jurisdiction of the Magis-

trates Court is limited in terms of the sentences that can be imposed. Lay Justices

of the Peace (JPs) determine and sentence for many of the less serious offences.

Magistrates also hold preliminary examinations into other offences to ascer-

tain whether the prosecution can show a prima facie case on which the accused

may be committed for trial at a higher court, such as the Crown Court.

The Sheriff Court performs a parallel function in Scotland, although procedures

differ from those of the Magistrates Courts.

Criminal offences

Enforcement procedure


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