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Divine Optimism of Blue and White

Divine Optimism of Blue and White

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Colors that relate to Mother Nature & your inborn nature impact your emotional core and can heal, energize, refresh, and sustain you~
Colors that relate to Mother Nature & your inborn nature impact your emotional core and can heal, energize, refresh, and sustain you~

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Published by: Suzanne de Cornelia on Sep 09, 2011
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Are you attracted to fresh blue and white?

Since I live near the sea—this scheme brings the outside in. And from design school studies—I’m aware of how things we place around us are artifacts of our soul—and how color can positively impact our emotions and lives. White increases positive life force and heals mind, body, spirit and soul. The color of brides, angels, and heaven—isn’t an absence of color---but an absorption of all colors in perfect harmony and balance. White symbolizes Divine Light and Cosmic Consciousness~and thus protection, purity, cleanliness, wholeness, safety, truth, new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity, spiritual insights and inspiration. Blue also reflects elemental connections. We live on a blue planet that is 75% water—the same percentage as in the human body. The minerals in us are in the same balance of quantities as in the Earth. We are part of the elements and respond strongly to them. Blue skies and water exert feelings of freedom, strength, optimism, power, renewal and new creations. As the sustaining and refreshing source of all life—water has been worshipped since the beginning of time in all forms. Like being by water-blue promotes relaxation, calm, harmony, peace—a meditative state. And also increases our 6th sense of intuition. Blue flowers including larkspur, pansies, irises, anemone, delphinium, hyacinth, lobelia, and so forth can strike the same emotional chords as blue skies and waters. Blue and white together expand feelings of optimism and self-reliance—in the same manner a clear blue sky with white puffy clouds is spiritually ‘read’ and responded to as an optimistic canvas of endless possibility and promise. The nearly universally popular Virgin Mary is garbed in blue and white— symbolizing strong, pure and protective attributes. And the American Spirit--formulated as indefatigably ‘can-do’ in the pursuit of dreams as our divine right--in opposition to the ‘divine right of Kings’ –was built on the positive virtues of faith, hope, and spirit—where it’s not just shrewd to be optimistic—it places you in accord with angels, heroes, and gods.

So you can see how our national colors incorporate what we determined as a people to believe in and promote. Red is the addition of passion and pride. The classic blue and white scheme is revitalized with accents of color—as from fresh flowers or plants in yellow or red, purple or pink, green or more shades of blue. As a bonus--the particular attributes of those colors will not only re-enliven the room-but they can underscore traits you wish to expand for that week—based on their own color symbology. For more photos and information: http://www.frenchheart.com

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