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PC Magazine - Linux Solutions Malestrom

PC Magazine - Linux Solutions Malestrom

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Published by: Om Prakash Suthar on Sep 14, 2011
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Puppy Linux (www.goosee.com/puppy) is a live CD distribution of Linux. It is relatively new but

worth mentioning here because of the incredible amount of work that goes into it and its general

excellence. A complete Puppy Linux CD image runs around 60MB, can be booted from CD or

installed into bootable USB flash memory devices or permanently on systems. It is compact but also

provides a generous amount of well-thought-out, well-integrated Linux software. Puppy comes com-

plete with a graphical user interface, popular graphical tools for word processing (AbiWord), image

editing (GIMP), instant messaging, CD and DVD playing, and much more.


Though Puppy Linux itself provides an image that can boot from a USB device, you can use this image only if

your computer system supports booting from USB devices.

PCMagazine — Linux Solutions


As mentioned in the Knoppix discussion earlier in this chapter, one problem with most live CD dis-

tributions is that they do not provide a local way of storing persistent data—for example, configura-

tion information that lives across reboots, files that you have created, and so on. Puppy has a great

solution to this problem. One of the available Puppy distributions can be installed onto multisession,

rewritable CD-RW disks. When you shut down this Puppy distribution and have a CD-RW drive in

your system, Puppy automatically archives all of your personal files and configuration information to

the CD so that it can reload it the next time you boot from that disk. Amazing! Puppy’s USB flash mem-

ory distribution does the same sort of thing by creating a file on your USB memory device into which

Puppy archives personal and configuration information when shutting down. Not only is this an

impressive technical feat, it is the elusive right thingthat software and operating system vendors are

always searching for. Puppy’s desktop environment and organization are very different from most other

Linux distributions, but it provides exceptional utility and a great way to experiment with Linux.

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