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PC Magazine - Linux Solutions Malestrom

PC Magazine - Linux Solutions Malestrom

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Published by: Om Prakash Suthar on Sep 14, 2011
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KDat is not suitable for backing up to CDs and DVDs, but KDE has another program for this purpose

called K3b. When you run it for the first time, K3b autodetects your burner hardware. You can check

that it made the right choices and correct any mistakes or tweak settings by selecting K3b setup from

the Settings menu. Figure 14-2 shows the setup dialog.

Figure 14-2:K3b setup dialog.

Now that your hardware is configured correctly, you can start using K3b. Figure 14-3 shows the

main screen that comes up when you start up K3b.

Chapter 14: Backing Up Data


Figure 14-3:K3b startup screen.

Select New Data CD Project from the buttons in the lower half of the screen if you want to back

up to a CD. Select New Data DVD Project in order to back up to a DVD. For the rest of this section,

I’ll assume you want to burn a CD. But the process is the same for both types of media.

When you click New Data CD Project, you see the screen shown in Figure 14-4.

K3b organizes burning sessions into projects. As the text in the window in the bottom right says,

you can drag files and folders from the tree view in the upper left. The status bar keeps track of how

much space is taken up by the files you’ve chosen.

After you have made your selections, select Burn from the Project menu, and the backup process

begins. K3b displays the progress of the operation. If you want to save the project for later reuse, you

can do so from the File menu.

In this section, I have only covered K3b as a backup tool. But it is a full-featured package for CD

and DVD burning and capable of a lot more. From within K3b, press F1 to access the extensive

online help.

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Figure 14-4:A K3b project.

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