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8S merit Grestions in this paper. > 2. The substances normally found in both Pand & include wom: Questions 1 to 3 refer 40 the diagram below which shows a typical : alten ares nephion and its associated blood supply B, urea and glucose C. glucose and water. D. water and protein 3. The regions concerned with ulta-fltration and reabsorption are ultrafiltration reabsorption @ s pope s ™ M N N 2 4, Which of the following may be found in the exhaust gases of motor cars ? 1 carbon monoxide carbon dioxide Which of the following is true ? I IIL sulphur dioxide ' in vesel L in vessel F + . a : Fi 7 A. and tl only [blood protein | less concentr mote concentrate ‘. z sales rat B. Tand Ill only 4 B rea less concentrated | more concentrated | C. Wand If only ¢. | red blood ces Present absent | D. Mand it le dlucose more concentrated | less concentrated I Direction : Questions § to 7 refer to the diagram below which shows the germination TW of soaked seeds under constant environmental temperature and pressure thermometer reading level Af solution X 5. In order to obtain a more accurate result, the conical flask should be surrounded by A B ©. D. coo! air. hot water. iced water cotton woo! 6, After making the improvement suggested in Question 5, what observations ~ would be expected if liquid ¥ were potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide solution? thermometer reading _—_level M rising rising rising falling falling rising falling falling pop IE distilled water were used instead of the potassium hydroxide or sotiuns hhydroxide solution in Question 6, the expected observations would become: A rising rising B rising no change c rng change falling D. falling falling Which of the following sets of information about food tests is correct ? food tweatment res = | | A. [com | shaken with white precipitate cil__| aleohot formed B. [exe | mixed with copper purple precipitac albumen | sulphate solution formed ©. | alucose [heated with Benedict) — oy | solution | Fehling’s solution ee aoe D._[ starch | mixed with iodine ‘Blue geen presipiare | solution | solution formed Which of the following groups contains a WRONG example ? group ‘A. non-flowering plants B flowering plants c. vertebrates D. mammals examples pine and pineapple grass and Gladiolus fish and frog mouse and man ‘Sun Queso: 1001 ee loving fly eee whch toss |g ihe inerune paternity ond ee na ¥ Key O femate router i B C1 nate rater female non-roller a e 13. EZ tate nonsolter " 10. Which of te following i tue for F? __fenotype phenotype A. homozygous roller _ B. heterozygous roller 7 C. heterozygous non-roller D. homozygous non-oller 1. Which of the following statements is true ? ‘The genotype of A. P issimitar to that of F but different from that of W, B. Ps similar to that of W but different from that of F. C. W is similar to that of F but different from that of P. D. Wis similar to that of F and also similar to that of P. ~s- TER and S can never have a non-roler child, their genotypes should be e = ‘A. homozygous homozygous B. homozygous heterozygous ©. heterozygous homozygous D. heterozygous heterozygous If the genotype of S is similar to that of Q, the chance of R and S having a non-oller child is AL Oo, B. 25%, c. som. D. 75m, ‘Which of the following statements about crop rotation is correct ? T It can increase the fertility ofthe soil. H_Itean reduce the spread of diseases among the plants MI It can yield different crops at the same time. AL Lonly BL only ©. Land I only D.1,Mand tT