Field Report

Case # Case Title Date Submitted by 002 Kayla’s 11th Birthday October 1, 2011 Jon Morgan

Kayla’s 11th Birthday Family Party
Last Saturday, September 24th, we celebrated my daughter’s eleventh birthday with our family. As usual, the plan was to serve pizza as lunch, watch Kayla open her gifts, and then eat cake. Most of the family arrived at the house between twelve o’clock and two thirty. As with previous years, Josh and I went to Little Ceaser’s pizza in Mt. Pleasant to pick up four Hot-n-Ready pepperoni pizzas plus an order of breadsticks. This turned out to be more than enough for our guests. Theresa also provided a salad, chips, and cheese dip. It was a good opportunity to see my parents, my in-laws, Theresa’s sister, my nieces and nephew. Theresa’s sister, Susan, actually stayed a little later into the evening so the kids had more time to play together. For more photos, see the Album on Facebook. | CBI Website |

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