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Announcement regarding non-applicability of Revised Schedule VI in November, 2011 examination - (03-06.

Important Announcement Non-applicability of Revised Schedule VI for November 2011 Examination

This is to bring to the attention of students that a decision has been taken to defer the applicability o Revised Schedule VI for CA examination, consequent to which the same will not be applicable for the IPCC and Final examinations to be held in November, 2011.

Accordingly, in the list of publications/amendments relevant for November 2011 examination publish Students Journal The Chartered Accountant Student, the following portions given in column (4) of table below are to be excluded: Month of Issue (1) May 2011 Pa ge No. (2) 27 Particulars / Heading (3) List of Institutes Publications relevant for November 2011 examination -doJune 2011 2829 Applicability of relevant amendments etc. relating to Corporate and Allied Laws (Final) for November, 2011 examination Portion to be excluded (4) Sl. No. III. relating to Revised Schedule VI (under Final Course Paper 1: Financial Reporting) Note 1 (Common for PCC/IPCC Paper 1/Paper 5) under Paper 5: Advanced Accounting The seventh row under the said heading relating to Schedule VI

May 2011


rther, the first sentence in the Note given in page 25 below the illustrative format of Notes to Accoun shed in the June 2011 issue of the Students Journal, mentioning, inter alia, that the Revised Schedule applicable from November 2011 examination should also be ignored.

Director- Board of Studies