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Widget engines: High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

Widget engines: High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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The Knowledge Solution. Stop Searching, Stand Out and Pay Off. The #1 ALL ENCOMPASSING Guide to Widget engine.

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In computer software, a widget engine is a software service available to users for running and displaying applets on a graphical user interface, such as that of the desktop.
The widget model in widget engines is attractive because of ease of development. Most of these widgets can be created with a few images and about 10 to several hundred lines of XML/JavaScript/VBScript source code. A single host software system, such as a web browser, runs all the loaded widgets. This allows several desktop widgets to be built sharing resources and code.
The term widget engine is not to be confused with that of a widget toolkit. Toolkits are used by GUI programmers, who combine several widgets to form a single application. A widget in a toolkit provides a single, low level interaction, and is prepared to communicate with other widgets in the toolkit. On the other hand, widget engines such as desktop widgets and web widgets are intended for end users. Desktop and web widgets are stand-alone, task-oriented applications which can be composed of several related interactions on its own. Each widget serves only a purpose that is usually addressed by the effort of one GUI widget in a full-scale application.

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In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Widget engine right away. A quick look inside: Widget engine, Adesklets, AveDesk, Comparison of widget engines, Dashboard (software), DesktopX, GDesklets, Google Gadgets, HTML Application, Kapsules, KDE Plasma Workspaces, Makagiga (software), Microsoft Gadgets, Multiple frames interface, Opera (web browser), Samurize, Screenlets, SuperKaramba, User interface markup language, Web widget, WidSets, Windows Desktop Gadgets, XULRunner, Yahoo! Widgets, Cowsay, Desktop notes, DeskTube, Mezmerize (software), Neko (computer program), ShixxNOTE, Stickies (software), XPenguins, Xsnow, Zebtab ...and Much, Much More!

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Widget engine. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Widget engine with the objectivity of experienced professionals - Grab your copy now, while you still can.
The Knowledge Solution. Stop Searching, Stand Out and Pay Off. The #1 ALL ENCOMPASSING Guide to Widget engine.

An Important Message for ANYONE who wants to learn about Widget engine Quickly and Easily...

"Here's Your Chance To Skip The Struggle and Master Widget engine, With the Least Amount of Effort, In 2 Days Or Less..."

In computer software, a widget engine is a software service available to users for running and displaying applets on a graphical user interface, such as that of the desktop.
The widget model in widget engines is attractive because of ease of development. Most of these widgets can be created with a few images and about 10 to several hundred lines of XML/JavaScript/VBScript source code. A single host software system, such as a web browser, runs all the loaded widgets. This allows several desktop widgets to be built sharing resources and code.
The term widget engine is not to be confused with that of a widget toolkit. Toolkits are used by GUI programmers, who combine several widgets to form a single application. A widget in a toolkit provides a single, low level interaction, and is prepared to communicate with other widgets in the toolkit. On the other hand, widget engines such as desktop widgets and web widgets are intended for end users. Desktop and web widgets are stand-alone, task-oriented applications which can be composed of several related interactions on its own. Each widget serves only a purpose that is usually addressed by the effort of one GUI widget in a full-scale application.

Get the edge, learn EVERYTHING you need to know about Widget engine, and ace any discussion, proposal and implementation with the ultimate book – guaranteed to give you the education that you need, faster than you ever dreamed possible!

The information in this book can show you how to be an expert in the field of Widget engine.

Are you looking to learn more about Widget engine? You're about to discover the most spectacular gold mine of Widget engine materials ever created, this book is a unique collection to help you become a master of Widget engine.

This book is your ultimate resource for Widget engine. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Widget engine right away. A quick look inside: Widget engine, Adesklets, AveDesk, Comparison of widget engines, Dashboard (software), DesktopX, GDesklets, Google Gadgets, HTML Application, Kapsules, KDE Plasma Workspaces, Makagiga (software), Microsoft Gadgets, Multiple frames interface, Opera (web browser), Samurize, Screenlets, SuperKaramba, User interface markup language, Web widget, WidSets, Windows Desktop Gadgets, XULRunner, Yahoo! Widgets, Cowsay, Desktop notes, DeskTube, Mezmerize (software), Neko (computer program), ShixxNOTE, Stickies (software), XPenguins, Xsnow, Zebtab ...and Much, Much More!

This book explains in-depth the real drivers and workings of Widget engine. It reduces the risk of your technology, time and resources investment decisions by enabling you to compare your understanding of Widget engine with the objectivity of experienced professionals - Grab your copy now, while you still can.

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High-impact Strategies - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors

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a widget engine is a software service available to users for running and displaying applets on a graphical user interface. and Screenlets in Linux • Opera widgets on all platforms (desktop. task-oriented applications which can be composed of several related interactions on its own. the workspace for the KDE desktop environment. a calculator. a map program. Each widget serves only a purpose that is usually addressed by the effort of one GUI widget in a full-scale application. adesklets. photo viewers.Widget engine 1 Widget engine In computer software. Most of these widgets can be created with a few images and about 10 to several hundred lines of XML/JavaScript/VBScript source code. The term widget engine is not to be confused with that of a widget toolkit. in Dashboard running under Mac OS X v10. low level interaction. widget engines such as desktop widgets and web widgets are intended for end users. desk accessories were developed to provide a small degree of multitasking. The widget model in widget engines is attractive because of ease of development. Desktop and web widgets are stand-alone.4 . A widget in a toolkit provides a single. On the other hand. Examples of widget engines include: • Dashboard widgets of Apple Macintosh • Microsoft gadgets in Windows Vista and in the Windows Live system • Plasmoids are widgets in Plasma. mobile TVs. or even a language translator. these were replaced by normal applications. the current weather. but when real multitasking OSes became available. • Homescreen widgets in Maemo Originally. among other things. This allows several desktop widgets to be built sharing resources and code. • Portlets in Google Desktop • Yahoo! Widgets • gdesklets. desktop notes. such as a web browser. gaming consoles) using the Opera browser's rendering engine. the time. Types Desktop widgets Desktop widgets (commonly just called widgets) are interactive virtual tools that provide single-purpose services such as showing the user the latest news. A single host software system. Early developer version of Plasma Desktop with Plasmoids The Wikipedia Widget. and is prepared to communicate with other widgets in the toolkit. a dictionary. a calendar. who combine several widgets to form a single application. runs all the loaded widgets. Toolkits are used by GUI programmers. such as that of the desktop.

Web widgets have unleashed some commercial interest. it's a near impossibility. Wookie is a server that manages widget instances and allows them to be embedded in web applications in addition to being provided for client devices such as Opera.com (the leading online game company from 2000 . Several AJAX-based native widget platforms are also available for mobile devices. Trivia Blitz. It was a game applet offered by Uproar. but the lack of standards-based APIs for Java to control the mobile device home-screen makes it harder for these engines to expose widgets on the phone-top. Companies considering new mobile widgets should evaluate and then deploy applications according to four criteria: the business model.they can be looked at as near-essential in the mobile world.[1] .[2] . The intention is to standardise some aspects of widgets. When Uproar.0.Widget engine 2 Blidgets Blidgets are desktop widgets that connect the user to a blog.000 websites ranging from Geocities personal pages to CNN and Tower Records. but for a mobile phone.2001) that appeared on over 35. due their perceived potential as a marketing channel.com was acquired by Vivendi Universal in 2001. Widget draft standard On 9 November 2006. The growing pervasiveness of mobile widgets is easily understood. Wading through large amounts of information in a mobile environment isn't just a nuisance. Apache Wookie (Incubating) is the first server side widget engine to adopt this W3C standard. The Opera browser is the first client side widget engine to adopt this draft W3C standard. the widget was discontinued. Many solutions are growing for mobile widgets. . The web is an environment well suited to distribution of widgets. The first known web widget. One of the biggest challenges of widget development is writing multiple sets of computer code so that a widget will be compatible with multiple operating systems and types of devices. Mobile widgets can maximize screen space use and may be especially useful in placing live data-rich applications on the device idle-screen/home-screen/"phone-top". Several Java ME-based mobile widget engines exist. mainly because they provide interactivity and viral distribution through social networks. Among them the BONDI initiative whitin OMTP is trying to defragment these solution allowing the same widget to be run on different mobile phones allowing secure access to mobile phone capabilities. was introduced in 1997. Mobile widgets Most mobile widgets are like desktop widgets. server-side application framework and the run-time environment. as it doesn't require explicit interaction from the user to install new code snippets. The reason: the mobile device is small and the interface is often challenging. While widgets are a convenience in the online world. the Web Application Formats Working Group in W3C released the first public working draft of Widgets 1. Web widgets Web browsers can also be used as widget engine infrastructures. distribution model.

com/ docs/ specs/ opera9/ #wml). which resides on the user’s desktop using little desktop space and computer resources. such as HDD and RAM. encapsulated information from predetermined data sources. It is supposed to provide the most important information that a user requires on a day to day basis.Yahoo! Widget Engine is announced as a component of the next generation TV sets. . opera. World Wide Web Consortium. a desktop widget must present personalized content.0" (http:/ / www. . desktop widgets enable the user to view on demand. . Notes and references [1] "Widgets 1.Widget engine 3 TV set widgets Widgets are also available for TV's. w3. Most of the desktop widgets are available as free downloads from the vendors’ Web sites. [2] "Web Specifications Supported in Opera 9" (http:/ / www. Information flow of desktop widgets A desktop widget is a small footprint application. Ideally. based on the user’s preferences. Its purpose is to provide relevant information to the user in a non-intrusive manner and using few resources. org/ TR/ widgets/ ). Opera ASA. Basically.

net/ [2] http:/ / adesklets. Some of the available desklets include: • • • • • • • • Clocks Calendars Weather RSS feed aggregators Controls for other applications (such as XMMS and MPD Music Player Deamon) Animated toolbars Desktop notes System monitors External links • adesklets Home [2] References [1] http:/ / adesklets. The applets placed on the desktop are meant to be quick ways for the user to retrieve information and not get in the way of normal activity. sourceforge.6. More formally. sourceforge. net . adesklets stands for another desklets container. it could be referred to as an interactive Imlib2 console for the X Window System.1 / 2006-03-31 unix-like/Linux GPL [1] adesklets is a lightweight X11 program which provides the architecture for small applets (desktop widgets) to be placed on top of the user's desktop.adesklets 4 adesklets adesklets Desktop with running adesklets Stable release Operating system License Website 0. Desklets The programs that are run inside adesklets are called desklets and are small Python applets loaded into the adesklets daemon.

3 of AveDesk. Developer(s) Andreas Verhoeven Operating system Microsoft Windows Type License Website Widget engine Donationware AveDesk [1] AveDesk is a freeware (although it is touted as "Donationware". such as visual effects included with AveDesk and a special library of graphical user interface controls intended for AveDesk desklets. The "Ave" in "AveDesk" is a shortened version of the author's name. as in most other widget engines. To work around this. is used by users of the software to report bugs or request for new software features directly to the programmer. AveDesk users usually use a plugin called SysStats. rather than just simply script files. With the release of version 1. Features AveDesk desklets are skinnable plugins developed in Visual C++ that can display themselves as widgets. a new scripting engine. Andreas Verhoeven. However. and is able to take advantage of the internal features that come with the new version. Unlike most other software programs of its kind. AveDesk is heavily community driven. will be developed to take advantage of the updated internal architecture of desklets. which means the software is solely donation-supported in terms of financing) widget engine for Windows XP that runs small. rather than having to create an entirely new desklet. users cannot easily create custom-made desklets for AveDesk as other similar programs (such as Konfabulator and DesktopX).AveDesk 5 AveDesk AveDesk Examples of AveDesk desklets. an online community of skinning enthusiasts dedicated to emulating the look and feel of Mac OS X Leopard. A dedicated section of the forums on Aqua-Soft. as well as ObjectDock "docklets" (small plugins intended for use by ObjectDock and other similar programs). called . New features are also better discussed among the users of the software program and the programmer himself. which allow users to easily create and run desklets for AveDesk using scripts (such as JavaScript and VBScript). called AveScripter. a freelance software programmer. The engine is more closely integrated with AveDesk. coupled with specially structured INI files and computer image files that make up the look and functionality of the widget. due to the same reason. self-contained widgets called "desklets". cutting any red tape in the way. and is created by Andreas Verhoeven. One advantage is that the desklets can have its entire appearance more easily changed to suit the tastes of its users.

and are not desklets or widgets. • A "WordSearcher" desklet. • The ability to add custom visual effects to desklets. Essentially a simple electronic drawing pad. and a few new desklets were made to take advantage of them. two other desklets worth mentioning are: • A "ChalkBoard" desklet. Users need only to open the package with AveDesk. he or she only needs to load that theme into AveDesk. and patterned after Mac OS X's Dashboard and Exposé. French and German). which will then automatically and correctly install the desklets for the user. • A skinnable "iTunesDesklet" desklet (also known as "AveTunes"). The user can set the hotkeys used to activate ShowCase. where visual effects are limited to the scope of the widgets. and is similar to its Mac OS X's Dashboard's counterpart. 6 Desklets AveDesk is mainly used by Windows users emulating the look and feel of Mac OS X. which can hold simple notes and is very similar to the Stickies widget in Mac OS X's Dashboard. saving the hassle of rearranging and reconfiguring the desklets. • A "Translator" desklet. Modules provide additional functionality such as the ability to show or hide "PidlShortcut" desklets that point to specific disk drives as they are mounted or dismounted. This desklet is an updated replacement for the "Notes" desklet found in earlier versions of AveDesk. and red if it is unable to find the entry. with the background dimmed. this feature quickly brings AveDesk desklets to the foreground. Some of the more commonly used ones include: • A "PidlShortcut" desklet (the most popular among the default set of desklets in AveDesk). Version 1. desklet creators can create specially pre-packaged desklets (which are actually ZIP files with the correct directory structure and instructions for the software program). which is an iTunes remote control. a skinnable shortcut desklet that can point to a computer file or folder. and • A "StickyNotes" desklet. as well as setting the "dimness" of the background.AveDesk AveControls. as well as Chinese. • Showcase. and to create new ones using specially crafted scripts. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the desklets included with AveDesk. This feature allows a user of AveDesk to save the configurations and positions of AveDesk desklets he or she has running on the desktop. similar in functionality to its Mac OS X's Dashboard counterpart. This can be seen in the default set of desklets included in the program. but can have its appearance changed through skins. • Modules. Similar to Konfabulator's Konsposé. In addition to the "Translator" and "StickyNotes" desklets (which were added in version 1. but with customisable looks and functions and the ability to use a high-resolution PNG image as an icon for the shortcut (instead of the usual low-resolution Windows icon). which uses an online language translator to translate text from one language to another. so if the user wishes to go back to that configuration in the future. or to automatically hide all normal desktop icons when the program is started. The user can choose between five drawing colours and three pen sizes.3) described above. Unlike other widget engines. such as the number of files in the folder or the size of the disk drive. but can have its appearance changed through skins. This feature came about after some users of earlier versions voiced the need to use multiple configurations of AveDesk desklets. The desklet's colour changes to green if an entry is found. which allows a user to search either an online dictionary or thesaurus. Korean and Japanese. New users are easily confused with the correct installation of new desklets. users can add their own visual . as well as to provide additional information. • A themes feature. a user can use a mouse to write or draw on the pad.3 of AveDesk adds several new internal features as mentioned earlier. To work around this. Among the languages supported are the more commonly spoken languages in Europe (such as English. which extend the functionality of the software program itself. Features Among the features of AveDesk not usually found in other widget engines are: • An installer feature. These modules act as plugins to the AveDesk program itself.

and to shut down the program itself. Highly unusual for widget engines. Soon after. Many new features were added to this version. along with already popular widget engines at that time (such as DesktopX). 7 History AveDesk was actually a spinoff of another different software project. One could run an ObjectDock docklet inside AveDesk as if it were an AveDesk desklet. a number of desklets intended just for AveDesk appeared. • Labels and sublabels. as well as the icon representing the docklet itself. however. and a Trash can desklet that has the additional functions of ejecting a CD or DVD disk drive when its icon has been dragged onto it. Andreas released AveDesk 1. In early 2005. Originally. but plugin formats of other applications that uses plugins (in this case. to switch themes. • A control panel. which the user can change. custom visual effects (as described above). or install and manage modules. During its development. making it one of the more popular widget engines for Windows.2 was one of the biggest (if not the biggest) update to AveDesk. These visual effects further increased the appeal of AveDesk. From there. he began further developing the idea that eventually led to AveDesk. Andreas released version 1. and the sublabels can provide additional information about the file or folder. a disk drive desklet (similar to the shortcut desklet) that could be set to appear only when that particular disk drive has been mounted. Some of the more notable desklets that helped propel AveDesk's popularity was a simple but skinnable shortcut desklet (the predecessor to the "PidlShortcut" desklet). who had previously been teased with screenshots of the new version of AveDesk while it was in development. • ObjectDock docklet support. Each AveDesk desklet can have its own label. which has this feature for all icons. This feature exists in the first place because ObjectDock docklets (which AveDesk can support. Many of the effects mimic the animations present on Mac OS X. the labels provide the name of the file or folder it is pointing to. such as the "PidlShortcut" desklet. as well as Showcase were among the features new to the release. The control panel list all currently open desklets (along with a "live" thumbnail image of the desklet). Version 1. In late 2004. configure AveDesk's options. AveDesk not only support its own plugin formats. he coined the term "desklets" to describe the widgets of AveDesk (as desklets are to computer desktops as docklets are to dock programs such as ObjectDock). switch or create new AveDesk themes. a user can open and close desklets. but it does not contain a list of running desklets. Andreas Verhoeven (who was then a creator of ObjectDock docklets) was developing a program that could run ObjectDock docklets in Y'z Dock (a now-defunct program that was similar to ObjectDock) and vice versa.AveDesk effects onto AveDesk desklets. the themes and installer features. with some of them requested by users of earlier versions. These desklets helped to increase the appeal of AveDesk to skinning enthusiasts who wanted to emulate the look and feel of Mac OS X. independent of ObjectDock (hence the support for ObjectDock docklets). Users who installed the new version were greeted with improved desklets and new. Its main purpose is to activate the control panel. that can be easily customised to take on the look and feel of Mac OS X desktop shortcuts but complete with functioning Windows context menus. but a few effects were unique to AveDesk.0 on the Aqua-Soft online community. The various . Sublabels were added in version 1. and version 1.1 of AveDesk to an eager audience of skinning enthusiasts. separate from the desklet. as well as a menu bar. ObjectDock). Like other widget engines. set the defaults for new AveDesk desklets. he managed to have ObjectDock docklets running on the desktop. Instead of a context menu listing all open widgets (as in most other widget engines). In late 2003. From there. which some cross-platform users using the software application feel are better than their counterparts on Mac OS X.1 to allow such shortcut desklets to more closely mimic their Mac OS X counterparts. Instead. in order to resolve incompatibilities between the two programs. version 1. as described above) usually emanate information through labels. AveDesk does place an icon in the taskbar. Some desklets makes heavy use of this feature. AveDesk uses a control panel for centralised desklet management.1 was embraced heartily by skinning enthusiasts.2 of AveDesk was released.

Currently.0 (August 30.0D ? 3.9 5.3 (October 26. Ltd.0. 2005. On October 26.36 5. avedesk. Netvibes Opera Software Current Version 0. but it eventually became one of the biggest update to be rolled out. Several new features were incorporated into the release.5 0. 8 External links • Homepage [1] • Home of the SysStats widgets [2] • Home of AveScripter & other popular widgets [3] References [1] http:/ / avedesk.9.6.4 which added support for Windows Vista. net/ [3] http:/ / www. org/ [2] http:/ / sysstats.5 1.1 1. This version was originally intended to be a minor update to iron out some quirks in previous versions of AveDesk. Additional visual effects. the software program is at version 1. 2011) Free API Freeware License GPL Adobe AIR EULA Donationware Part of Mac OS X since version 10.3 was released. This article is not about widget toolkits that are used in computer programming to build graphical user interfaces. such as improved shadows for the text on each desklet's label and fade-in/fade-out effects. along with improved desklets.5 1. such as additional hardware-accelerated visual effects when closing or configuring each desklet. updated "PidlShortcut" desklet. some of which were described above.4 Shareware GPL Freeware Freeware Freeware Part of Windows Vista . jools. Avedesk version 1.AveDesk shortcut desklets were also replaced by a new. General Widget engines that are discontinued are marked in a different color. Engine adesklets Adobe AIR AveDesk Dashboard DesktopX gDesklets Google Desktop Gadgets Kapsules KlipFolio Microsoft Gadgets NetFront Netvibes Opera Creator Sylvain Fourmanoit Adobe Systems Andreas Verhoeven Apple Inc.0701. Stardock Martin Grimme and Christian Meyer Google Andrew Powell Serence Microsoft Access Co. bringing together and improving on the functions and quality of the shortcut desklets it displaced. 2007) 3.18382 0. were also added. org/ Comparison of widget engines This is a comparison of widget engines.

com/ doc/ uwa_specification) Yes Yes No No No ? No [4] Using browser Yes Yes No Yes No ? No [4] Using browser Yes Yes No Yes [3] Using browser Yes Yes Yes No Yes ? No [4] No ? No [4] Yes Mac OS X Yes Windows XP Yes Windows Vista No Linux . 7. [2] The Yahoo! Widgets was originally released by Arlo Rose and Ed Voas as Konfabulator. Operating system support Engine Mac OS X Windows XP Windows Vista No Yes Yes No Yes No [1] Linux adesklets Adobe AIR AveDesk Dashboard DesktopX gDesklets Google Desktop Gadgets Kapsules KlipFolio Microsoft Gadgets NetFront Netvibes Opera Plasma Screenlets Serious Samurize SuperKaramba WebKit WidSets Yahoo! Widgets Engine No Yes No Yes No No [1] No Yes Yes No Yes No [1] Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes No No No No [2] Yes No No No No [2] Yes Yes Yes No No [2] Yes ? Yes Yes No [2] Dashboard bridge (http:/ / dev. Nokia Ed Voas. org/ announcements/ announce-4.5.7. netvibes.64 0.1" (http:/ / kde. main developer) Rico Pfaus (AKA RYX) Gustaf & Oscar Lundh Hans Karlsson Apple Inc.Comparison of widget engines Plasma Screenlets Serious Samurize SuperKaramba WebKit WidSets Yahoo! Widgets Engine KDE (Aaron Seigo. Michael Galloway.2 Current Version GPL GPL Semi-free software GPL BSD+LGPL Freeware Freeware License 9 [1] "Release of KDE SC 4. 1.1. php). .2 1.39 ? ? 4. and Sam Magnuson Creator [2] [1] (7 September 2011) 0. The name was changed several months after Yahoo! acquired the software in July 2005.

and on the PlayStation 3.2) runs on Vista but there are a few minor issues that need to be worked out.This allows for Objective-C code to be used through the plugin. The plugin is written with Cocoa and is compiled. Engine adesklets Adobe AIR AveDesk [1] HTML XHTML No Yes No Yes Yes No ? ? No Yes No Yes Yes No ? ? CSS No Yes Yes Yes Yes No ? ? [8] XML JavaScript Perl Python Ruby No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No ? No No ? No Yes ? C++ No ? Yes Yes [3] Executable No ? ? [3] [2] Dashboard Yes DesktopX gDesklets [4] [5] [6] Yes No No ? Yes No Yes ? No No Yes No No No No Yes No No No Yes No Yes Yes No ? No Google Desktop Gadgets Kapsules [7] KlipFolio Microsoft Gadgets NetFront Netvibes Opera [9] [9] No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes [7] [10] No ? Yes ? [11] Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No ? Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes ? Yes No No No No No Yes No Yes No No ? No No Yes (as ActiveX) No Yes No No No ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes ? Yes CSS No No No Yes ? Yes Yes Yes ? No C++ Plasma Screenlets Serious Samurize SuperKaramba WebKit WidSets Yahoo! Widgets Engine ? Yes ? ? ? No [12] HTML XHTML XML JavaScript Perl Python Ruby Executable [1] Widgets for Adobe Air can also be programmed in Adobe Flash. [3] The current version of Samurize (1.0 platform 10 Technical Languages What programming languages the engines support. [4] WidSets is for mobiles and runs on the Java MIDP 2. . Most engines rely upon interpreted languages. extended using CSS. which supports plugins written with XML and Javascript. such as security dialog prompts. [3] Dashboard uses a technology called Cocoa Plugins. [2] NetFront is a Mobile browser. which is also preinstalled on the PSP. and Actionscript.Comparison of widget engines [1] As for the next major version the gDesklets' developers are planning to support Windows XP and Mac OS X. [2] AveDesk can be extended using AveScripter.64.

HTML/XML/CSS support can be added by using certain plugins. . [6] gDesklets might support Perl scripting through PyPerl (http:/ / wiki. JScript. but no IDE to aid development. too. and FreeBasic. with plasmoid as extension instead of zip Tar. VBScript and Ruby. [7] Widgets for Kapsules and Serious Samurize can be written in any scripting language for which there is an ActiveScript engine. [10] Samurize supports DLLs compiled with C++. PowerBASIC. python.gz ? ? Proprietary Format. the web browsers themselves support HTML. [2] Yahoo! Widgets have documentation. [8] KlipFolio supports custom styles using CSS syntax. including PHP. Thus. they are by default). but no IDE to aid development. provided that the interpreters are installed on the machine (on Mac OS X.Comparison of widget engines [4] gDesklets will provide some CSS like dialect in the next major version.yahoo. Flash CS4. among others. org/ moin/ PyPerl) in the next major version.adobe. CSS and others. Dreamweaver CS4 AveScripter Dashcode Desktop X Pro No Google Desktop Gadget Designer ? No No [1] Widget Container ? ZIP ZIP ZIP EXE Tar. JavaScript support will be included. [12] Yahoo! Widgets can interface with COM (windows) or AppleScript (Mac OS) 11 Formats and Development Engine adesklets Adobe AIR AveDesk Dashboard DesktopX gDesklets Google Desktop Gadgets Kapsules KlipFolio Microsoft Gadgets NetFront Netvibes Opera Plasma Screenlets Serious Samurize SuperKaramba WebKit WidSets Yahoo! Widgets Engine IDE ? Flex Builder 3. [11] Yahoo! Widget Engine supports Perl and Python indirectly through the use of the shell. [5] The next major version of gDesklets will support Yahoo! Widgets. Delphi.Widget Widget MIME Type IDE [1] Microsoft Gadget have documentation. [9] This is only relevant for Opera's and NetFront's extensions.air-application-installer-package+zip ? application/x-macbinary ? ? app/gg ? ? application/x-windows-gadget application/x-opera-widgets ? application/x-opera-widgets ? No No Opera Dragonfly No No Serious Samurize Config Editor No No ? No [2] ? ? ? ? ? application/vnd. ZIP Widget Container Widget MIME Type ? application/vnd.gz ZIP ZIP Proprietary XML Format ZIP ZIP Online ZIP ZIP.gz ZIP Tar.

References . such as Eclipse ATF. can be used for development. CSS. Specialized tools may give access to additional capabilities supplied by frameworks such as Dojo or Openrico. and Javascript in most cases.Comparison of widget engines 12 Development Tools As widgets are largely combinations of HTML or XHTML. standard AJAX tools.

Like application windows. Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Operating system Type Website Apple Inc. many web developers can already build them. Because the same languages are used for creating websites. accessed by swiping four fingers to the right Creation of widgets Dashboard widgets are created using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).7 "Lion" the Dashboard by default is Space. First introduced in Tiger. rearranged. April 29. When Dashboard is activated. they can be moved around. and recreated (so that more than one of the same Widget is open at the same time. Alternatively. In OS X 10. 2011 Mac OS X v10. any of which can be set to the user's preference.7 Widget engine Apple Dashboard's Download page [1] Dashboard is an application for Apple's Mac OS X operating systems.8 / July 20. meaning even users running earlier versions of Mac OS X — where Dashboard is unavailable — can build them.4 . by dragging a widget icon out into the layer. the widget is ready for use. used for hosting mini-applications known as widgets. When a Dashboard widget is built. at the core. possibly with different settings). After loading. Widgets themselves are. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. it is a semi-transparent layer that is invisible to the user unless activated by clicking its icon in the Dock. or mouse button.Dashboard (software) 13 Dashboard (software) Dashboard Dashboard widgets running under Mac OS X v10. simply HTML files that are displayed within the Dashboard layer. the user can invoke Dashboard by moving the cursor into a preassigned hot corner. 2005 1. by pressing a hot key. the user's desktop is dimmed and widgets appear in the foreground.Mac OS X v10. it usually consists of six files: . via an icon bar on the bottom of the layer. they use the WebKit application framework that is also used in Apple's Safari web browser. deleted. New widgets can be opened.5 Leopard (including one made with Safari's Web Clip feature).

the Photo of the Day on National Geographic.com. These effects can be taxing and superfluous. which is used for styling the widget (but is called on from the HTML file) • The widget's JavaScript file. Some widgets can also serve as games. other effects include crossfading and scaling from icon to body (when opening widgets). the Dilbert comic strip. preferences. are capable of many different things. although it may be implemented directly within the HTML file if the developer desires • The widget's Property List (called “Info. opening. consuming CPU resources. which is a more user-friendly way of creating widgets. and the box office information from Rotten Tomatoes.) • The background image of the widget. version. Graphics Dashboard uses a variety of graphical effects for displaying. For instance. Front Row and the minimise effect. Steve Jobs made widgets out of the following: the featured news headlines on Yahoo.plist”).wdgt". Mac OS X v10. Another new feature of Mac OS X Leopard is called "Web Clips" which lets users easily create widgets from parts of a webpage. grab the contents of web pages and display them within Dashboard. widgets will produce a ripple effect when they are opened. and using widgets. a 3-D flip effect is used to simulate the widget flipping around.e. The user can also customize the border to further personalize the widgets. one or more JavaScript files (for text scrolling. During the WWDC 2007 keynote. 14 Widget functions and capabilities Dashboard widgets. by clicking on a small i icon in the right bottom corner. the user can change the preferences on the reverse side. the top ten most searched terms on Google.a "spin cycle effect" when a widget is focused and the user presses Command-R or a suck-in effect when they are closed. which simply opens up the user's browser and performs a Google search. often to perform tasks that would be tedious or complicated for the user to access manually. which is the actual file that will be displayed in the Dashboard layer • The widget's CSS file. like web pages. using Adobe Flash (or another multimedia authoring program) to create games just as if they were in a browser. like Wikipedia. like a leaf falling onto water. etc. and then it can be opened up in Dashboard as a widget. but with the help of OS X’s Quartz Extreme and Core Image graphics architectures. On sufficiently powered Macs. HTML file.: name.5 "Leopard" includes an application called Dashcode. As with Exposé. . which is what Dashboard uses to load the widget’s properties (i. More complex widgets may also include a Cocoa widget plugin (for platform-specific functionality). etc. holding shift down while calling the Dashboard or opening the Dashboard menu bar will display the effect in slow motion.Dashboard (software) • The widget's HTML file. It is also possible for Mac users to create their own widgets using built-in software. One example is the Google Search widget. it is given a name and the extension ".) or multiple images (for personalized select menus or buttons). Other widgets. in PNG format • The icon that is displayed in the menu bar Once all of these files are in the root of a directory. sufficient computing power to render them in real time is available.

and ESPN). It points out the visual and functional similarities between Dashboard has been widely compared to Konfabulator (now Yahoo! Widget Engine) and sometimes called a copy of it. and Objective-C.4. CSS. One school of thought came to the conclusion that Dashboard was a "rip-off" of Konfabulator. only works with Safari). until the switch to Mac OS X (In fact.Dashboard (software) 15 Comparison with Konfabulator Many people have made comparisons between Konfabulator and Apple's Dashboard.5 "Leopard" released in late 2007. whereas Dashboard uses HTML. which allows any user to turn a rectangular section of any webpage into a widget (This. After the introduction of System 7 and cooperative multitasking. and purchase tickets directly from Dashboard. similar to widgets. were small mini-applications that operated on a user’s desktop. as well as significant updates to the Phone Book and Calendar widgets. Mac OS X v10. however. . The OS continued to support them. and all links and other interactive material in the widget's selection of the webpage works as if the website is being accessed from Safari. Apple included 14 widgets with it. JavaScript. for backward compatibility. the Calculator desk accessory remained in the Mac OS through version 9. view trailers.[5] Included widgets In the first version of DashBoard released with Mac OS X v10. especially after Apple announced the feature while Mac OS X v10. Google Search.3. first released in 1984 with the original Macintosh. the necessity of creating Desk Accessories was removed and developers were encouraged to create applications instead. includes new widgets.4 . which allows users to find currently playing movies at local theaters.[3] [4] The code bases for Konfabulator and Dashboard are also different: Konfabulator uses XML and JavaScript to generate Widgets. It was a subject of debate in the online community following the few months before Mac OS X Tiger's official release.v10. due to the similarities between their graphical aspects and the fact that they both use the term “widgets” to describe the objects in their environments.4 update.4 was in development.4. In addition.[2] Konfabulator may in turn have been based on Apple’s Desk Accessories. People Finder. All of these are available through the Mac OS X v10. Desk Accessories. Steve Jobs also announced four new widgets (Ski Report. One of these is Web Clips. The widget updates as the website does. Another new widget is Movies. They consisted of: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Address Book (application) Business Calculator Calendar Dictionary Flight Tracker iTunes Controller Phone Book Stickies Stocks Tile Game Translation Unit Converter Weather World Clock After the Macworld 2006 keynote. 17 years without a significant update).

The widget will remain active and can be positioned.com/macosx/features/dashboard/) . It has been demonstrated by Erica Sadun that installing Dashboard widgets on a jailbroken iOS is possible in theory. Includes a response to the "Desk Accessories argument". com/ downloads/ dashboard/ [2] Where Apple Went Wrong With Widgets (http:/ / www. Pressing the Command-R keys will restart the active widget. an unannounced update of Dashcode that was packaged with the iPhone SDK allowed for the creation of iPhone-oriented web widgets. retrieved July 11. com/ WidgetBrowser. Even though.apple. the Dashboard "devmode" must be activated. geekpatrol. atpm. amnestywidgets. begin dragging a widget. an interview with one of Konfabulators authors. then press the key to activate the Dashboard. even after log out or shutdown. While dragging the widget. [6] http:/ / www.apple.Dashboard (software) 16 Widgets on the desktop To keep one or more widgets on the desktop. com/ Singles. October. Another feature of the "devmode" is the ability to restart individual widgets. amnestywidgets.org/StoryView. which is not part of the iOS.com (http://www. net/ 2004/ 06/ dashboard_vs_konfabulator). Konfabulator (http:/ / daringfireball. txt&sortOrder=Sort by Date&detail=medium&search=desk accessories) by Andy Hertzfeld. and 2) rely on DashboardClient's widget JavaScript object.py?project=Macintosh&story=Desk_Ornaments. press the keyboard key assigned to toggling Dashboard mode to close the dashboard. WidgetRunner [8] is an open-source. shtml) More debate. it is unknown if this most recent version of Dashcode would support the creation of AJAX-driven mobile widgets that could be installed natively on the iOS. standard or floating) a widget occupies while it resides on the desktop. tuaw. com/ 10. With the Dashboard active. a blog post claiming Dashboard was a Konfabulator rip off. folklore. announced support for the installation of Dashboard widgets on the iOS. shareware utilities that also allow the user to select which level (desktop.org. ca/ 2004/ 06/ special-patrol-arlo-rose-on-tigers-dashboard/ ). [4] Special Patrol: Arlo Rose on Tiger’s Dashboard (http:/ / www. widgets dragged from the Dashboard will remain floating on the desktop. in June 2008. 1981. 2006 • Apple. csail.folklore. Includes his opinions about Dashboard. edu/ madden/ WidgetRunner/ • "Desk Ornaments" (http://www. html [8] http:/ / db. [5] Dashboard vs. Includes history and technical details. com/ 2005/ 07/ 25/ where-apple-went-wrong-with-widgets/ ). Another option is to use Amnesty Singles [6] or Amnesty Widget Browser [7]. freeware utility that also allows you to run widgets on the desktop and control the level at which they appear. mit. as of 2011. apple. Widgets on the iOS Apple has not. cites other references. To move a desktop widget back to the Dashboard. but most desktop-oriented widgets 1) are not oriented to usage or interaction on the iOS's multi-touchscreen-oriented interface.dashboard devmode YES and then restart the Dock (and Dashboard): killall -HUP Dock After the devmode has been set. a blog post claiming Dashboard was not a rip off of Konfabulator. References [1] http:/ / www. html [7] http:/ / www. 08/ bloggable. [3] Much Ado About Dashboard (http:/ / www. This works whether a widget is in the Dashboard or not. Enter the following into the Terminal: defaults write com. simply reverse the process used to move it onto the desktop: drag the widget.

The program is distributed with Object Desktop as well as stand-alone.apple.5 / July 2008 Microsoft Windows Desktop customization Shareware [1] DesktopX is a shareware desktop enhancement program that allows users to build their own custom desktops. The mini-application creation ability was there from the start but did not gain widespread use until the release of DesktopX 2 in 2003.Dashboard (software) 17 External links • Apple's Dashboard page (http://www. and bought in 2000 by Stardock. DesktopX was released by Alberto Riccio in 1999 as VDE (Verona Desktop Enhancer).com/downloads/dashboard/) DesktopX DesktopX Objects may be combined to make themes Developer(s) Stable release Operating system Type License Website Stardock 3. Mini-applications created with it were called "object packs" but later rebranded as "widgets" to standardize the term. Current versions run on Windows 2000 and above. Most users used DesktopX to build alternative desktop environments. . User creations can be exported as . Amongst its features is a complete widget engine for Windows as well as a desktop object system.desktop files or as widgets.

although they are not always required. Many common actions are provided for as in-built object functions. allowing the creation of secure desktops. such as: • running a program.DesktopX 18 Overview DesktopX supports the creation of three different types of widgets: • objects. As users often wish to have a uniform desktop style. March 2005: DesktopX 3. new UI for users. • widgets.adds scripting support. which allows the use of desktops.1 released . As of 2010 there are three main standalone divisions of DesktopX: • DesktopX Client. totally standalone widgets provided as applications.1 released . DesktopX plugins also avoid the need for scripting common tasks. which includes the DesktopX Builder that creates objects and widgets as well as desktops.new APIs for developers. groups of objects packaged into executables that require DesktopX (equivalent to Yahoo! Widget Engine widgets). Similarly. internationalization. a common practice is to create several widgets as a coherent theme. • DesktopX Standard. Gadgets In 2003. Winamp. mouseover or clicking) can be modified without scripting.better support for gadgets. by offering extra functionality such as media player displays and controls (currently available for iTunes.0 released . • emptying the Recycle Bin. loaded into a running DesktopX environment.5 released . • displaying a menu containing the contents of a folder. Corporations may purchase DesktopX Enterprise.0 released . Version history An (incomplete) list of releases: • • • • • • • August 2000: First beta versions released to Object Desktop subscribers. • DesktopX Pro. Stardock released DesktopX 2 Pro. DesktopX Standard may also be obtained as part of an Object Desktop subscription.includes IconX. July 2008: DesktopX 3. April 2002: DesktopX 1. objects and widgets. • gadgets.full Windows Vista support with the ability to export to Windows Desktop Gadgets . animation. sound and variation depending on the object's state (for example. July 2005: DesktopX 3. which allowed developers to export their creations as stand-alone programs called "gadgets". June 2001: DesktopX 1. October 2003: DesktopX 2. an internal version of Windows Media Player and Stardock's own ObjectMedia) and access to Windows Management Instrumentation.0 released. This feature was enhanced with DesktopX 3 and the price on DesktopX Pro lowered to make it more mainstream. CoolPlayer. Objects may be controlled by scripts written in either VBScript or JScript. which allows the creation of gadgets that may be sold as separate applications or used to promote a website. A few popular artists sell themes in the WinCustomize store [2].

aspx?LibID=31 [7] http:/ / www. wincustomize. stardock. com/ products/ desktopx/ [2] http:/ / www. com/ products/ desktopx/ dx-history. com/ Skins. themes [6] and widget [7] libraries on WinCustomize • DesktopX Themes at Customize. wincustomize. wincustomize. asp [4] http:/ / scratchpad. com/ Skins. com/ Skins. wincustomize. com/ wiki/ DesktopX [5] http:/ / www. org/ desktopx . stardock. wikia. com/ store/ [3] http:/ / www.org [8] References [1] http:/ / www.DesktopX 19 External links • DesktopX official website [1] • History of DesktopX [3] • DesktopX script development wiki [4] Libraries • DesktopX object [5]. aspx?LibID=3 [6] http:/ / www. aspx?LibID=34 [8] http:/ / customize.

gDesklets 20 gDesklets gDesklets Stable release 0. Some of them include: • • • • • • • • • Clocks Calendars Docking Weather RSS feed aggregators Controls for other applications (such as XMMS and Pidgin) Animated toolbars Desktop notes System monitors External links • The unofficial gDesklets Desklet Archive [2] References [1] http:/ / gdesklets.3 / January 25. Desklets The small programs that are run inside gDesklets are called desklets and are small Python applets loaded into the gDesklets daemon.36. There are many gDesklets available from the gDesklets home page. de/ [2] http:/ / archive. 2011 Operating system Linux and other Unix-like systems Platform License Website GNOME GNU General Public License gdesklets.de [1] gDesklets is a GNOME program which provides the architecture for small applets (desktop widgets) to be placed on top of the user's desktop. gdesklets. The applets placed on the desktop are meant to be quick ways for the user to retrieve information and not get in the way of normal activity. It is comparable to other desktop widget programs. info/ .

gadgets can now have persistent storage and multi-user capabilities and better state management." Gadgets are developed by Google and third-party developers using the Google Gadgets API. world! ]]> </Content> </Module> References External links • Google Gadgets (http://www.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <Module> <ModulePrefs title="simple hello world example" /> <Content type="html"> <![CDATA[ Hello. The use of Google Wave gives the gadget multi-user and permanent storage capabilities. Multi-user persistent . using basic web technologies such as XML and JavaScript.com/webmasters/gadgets/) • Building gadgets for Google sites (https://sites. scores can be stored in a Google Wave which is hosted permanently by Google at no cost to the user.google. Here is an example of a Hello World program written using Google Gadget technology. Gadgets using Google Wave in this way are simply known as 'Wave Gadgets'.Wave Gadgets With the advent of Google Wave. They can be added to and interact strongly with Google's iGoogle personalized home page and the Google Desktop application. For example. a game that is written using a Google Gadget can use Google Wave technology to record a list of users and high scores without having to worry about how to permanently store the scores on a hosted server. as well as Google Wave. <?xml version="1. Technology Google Gadgets are written in XML and can have HTML and Javascript components and can use Google Wave.com/site/gsunhelp/step-by-step-guides/ buildinggadgetsforgooglesites) . Webmasters can add and customize a gadget to their own business or personal web site. a process called "syndication.Google Gadgets 21 Google Gadgets Google Gadgets are dynamic web content that can be embedded on a web page. For instance.google.

if saved. . and one or more scripting languages supported by Internet Explorer. such as user-forms and pre-written network queries. edit and remove files and registry entries. since. querying Active Directory can be subject to Internet Explorer Zone logic and associated error messages.hta Magic number Developed by Website %hta Microsoft [1] An HTML Application (HTA) is a Microsoft Windows program whose source code consists of HTML. and the scripting language is used for the program logic. When executed via mshta. HTA's are said to be suitable for many purposes.exe executes the HTA by instantiating the Internet Explorer rendering engine (mshtml) as well as any required language engines (such as vbscript. that is.hta. an HTA runs as a fully trusted application and therefore has more privileges than a normal HTML file. such as VBScript or JScript. it runs immediately. On the other hand.exe. it is confined to communicating with the server.HTML Application 22 HTML Application HTML Application (HTA) Filename extension . The ability to execute HTAs was introduced to Microsoft Windows in 1999.exe (or the file icon is double-clicked). double-clicking on the file. for example. VBScript and JScript can access the Windows Task Manager. in fact. [2] Uses HTAs give the developer the features of HTML together with the advantages of scripting languages. along with the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. They are popular with Microsoft system administrators who use them for system administration tasks. or. for example. alternatively. Security considerations When a regular HTML file is executed. An HTA executes without the constraints of the internet browser security model. Although HTAs run in this 'trusted' environment.dll).exe. Dynamic HTML. When executed via the browser. An HTA is treated like any executable file with extension . The usual file extension of an HTA is . The HTML is used to generate the user interface. especially where flexibility and speed of development are critical. the user is asked once. from prototypes to "full-scale" applications.[3] Environment Execution An HTA is executed using the program mshta. whether or not to save or run the application. an HTA can create. manipulating the page's object model (usually to validate forms and/or create interesting visual effects) and reading or writing cookies. it can simply be run on demand after that. mshta. it executes as a "fully trusted" application. before the HTA is [4] downloaded. In general. the execution is confined to the security model of the web browser. This program is typically installed when Internet Explorer is installed.

microsoft. an editor for HTAs with a built-in debugger (http:/ / www.hta.Hello World</H2> </BODY> </HTML> References [1] http:/ / msdn.htm or . the complete specification of the tag hta:application [6] HTA Helpomatic (http:/ / www.html. 85). 85). microsoft. etc. for example) can be changed to an HTA by simply changing the extension to . This tag exposes a set of attributes that enable control of border style.[7] An existing HTML file (with file extension . <HTML> <HEAD> <HTA:APPLICATION ID="HelloExample" BORDER="thick" BORDERSTYLE="complex"/> <TITLE>HTA . aspx [2] Article ID:200874 in Microsoft Support (http:/ / support. Example This is an example of Hello World as an HTML Application. com/ kb/ 200874). in MSDN Library. microsoft. Development Tools Any text editor can be used to create an HTA. aspx). aspx). com/ ) . in MSDN Library. com/ en-us/ library/ aa360681(v=VS. a new (optional) tag hta:application was introduced to the HEAD section. com/ en-us/ library/ ms536496(v=vs. Introduction to HTML Applications [5] HTA:APPLICATION Object (http:/ / msdn. microsoft. Editors with special features for developing HTML applications may be obtained from Microsoft [6] or from third-party sources. in MSDN Library [4] Why Use HTAs (http:/ / msdn.. com/ en-us/ library/ ms536496(v=vs. microsoft. in Microsoft Support Knowledge Base [3] Introduction to HTML Applications (HTAs) (http:/ / msdn. and provide information such as the argument (commandline) used to launch the HTA.HTML Application 23 Functionality To customize the appearance of an HTA. com/ en-us/ library/ ms536471(VS. [5] Otherwise. 85). aspx?FamilyId=231D8143-F21B-4707-B583-AE7B9152E6D9& displaylang=en) [7] HTAEdit. htaedit. com/ downloads/ details. aspx). an HTA has the same format as an HTML page.Hello World</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H2>HTA . microsoft. 85). the program icon.

com/en-ca/scriptcenter/ dd742317.NET. All versions of Kapsules before and including version 0.NET. Widgets have been written in Python. VB. An HTC encapsulates specific functionality or behavior within HTAs.com/en-ca/scriptcenter/default. a tutorial site for learning about HTA's Kapsules Kapsules is a freeware desktop widget engine for Windows.9. allowing widget designers to use any scripting language that has an ActiveScript engine. 2006. 2006 [3] References [1] http:/ / kwidgets.com/en-us/library/ms531018.9. and all later versions target version 2.microsoft.HTML Application 24 External links • HTML Component (HTC) Reference at MSDN (http://msdn2. com/ [3] http:/ / web. JScript. As of December 2005.1 of . By using a managed framework. Kapsules was inspired by Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke's Konfabulator (Which has recently been purchased by Yahoo! and rebranded as Yahoo! Widgets). VBScript. • The Script Center (http://technet. JScript. Kapsules is reliant on the . kwidgets. Ruby and Perl. while Kapsules was designed to use integral components of Windows. Those widgets are then made available on Kapsules' website.NET.0. org/ web/ 20061109105553/ http:/ / www. Kapsules also supports . the Kapsules website was updated with a single page stating that the site had been hacked. Kapsules can be installed on a Windows guest account. Konfabulator was originally written for Mac OS X and later ported to the Windows environment. Also. Scripting Guy! Blog • Learn About Scripting for HTML Applications (HTAs) (http://technet.aspx). No updates have been made since the announcement. PHP. home of Hey. It makes use of the Windows Scripting Technology. enabling them to interface with a wider variety of existing software components. This flexibility allows widget designers to use and interface with a much larger codebase. archive. widgets can be written in any language for which there is an ActiveScript engine. com/ .NET Framework. whereas Konfabulator requires Administrator privileges. The Script Center.microsoft. widgetforge.aspx). As mentioned above. Both are widget engines with very similar functionality.NET scripting languages. Kapsules lets designers choose from one of several scripting languages. com/ [2] http:/ / www.microsoft.0 have targeted version 1. widgets are available in eight different scripting languages. It also said that the developers were "busy" working on an updated version of the application and the website.aspx). Kapsules authors Andrew Powell External links • Kapsules homepage [1] • Kapsules Widget Forge [2] References • Kapsules homepage on November 9. On or around November 9. while Konfabulator widgets are written exclusively in JavaScript.

KDE Plasma Workspaces 25 KDE Plasma Workspaces KDE Plasma Workspaces KDE Plasma Workspaces Developer(s) Stable release Preview release Written in KDE [1] [2] (7 September 2011) [ +/− ] (n/a) [ +/− [3] ] C++. Three Plasma sub-projects are currently being developed: Plasma Desktop for traditional desktop PCs and notebooks. QML (Qt) Operating system Unix-like. Available workspaces Desktop . Nokia N900 style smartphones and similar devices.org/workspaces [4] Plasma Workspaces is the umbrella term for all graphical environments provided by KDE. Microsoft Windows Type License Website Widget engine and desktop GNU Lesser General Public License kde. Plasma Netbook for netbooks.[6] The Plasma Workspaces are released as part of KDE Software Compilation 4.[5] and Plasma Active for Tablet PCs.

kde.0 Activity Screen Developer(s) Preview release KDE.org/Plasma/Active [9] Plasma Active is not a workspace on its own.4.0 beta / September 2. In its default configuration it resembles earlier KDE Software Compilation releases and Microsoft Windows but extensive configurability allows radical departures from the default layout. It aims at desktop PCs and bigger laptops.[7] 26 KDE’s Plasma Desktop Netbook Plasma Netbook is the second workspace. It aims at netbooks and may also be used on tablet PCs. openSUSE License Website GNU General Public License v2 community.KDE Plasma Workspaces Plasma Desktop is a workspace that was developed first and was declared mature with the release of KDE SC 4.2. It is a service built on top of the Plasma frameworks that enables the creation of full-fledged workspaces using only QML files without the need to program in C++. basysKom [8] 1. The first stable release shipped with KDE SC 4. KDE Plasma Netbook newspaper view Plasma Active Plasma Active Contour 1. . 2011 Operating system MeeGo.

3 Plasma the user could set any applet as the desktop background without losing functionality of the applet. Its development was initiated in April 2011 by basysKom. It was originally expected to be released in 2011 along with Plasma Active 1. 27 First technology preview of Plasma Mobile during “Tokamak 4”.0 but development focus shifted towards Contour. Active-compatible preview releases of the Kontact applications and a document viewer based on Calligra Suite are already available. which predominates in transparency and white as base color. Images are most commonly used.[10] Replacing an earlier Tablet prototype[11] .KDE Plasma Workspaces Plasma Active serves as base for touchscreen-compatible workspaces. New themes for Plasma can be chosen and installed through an authority. or even OpenGL. with only a brief pause to redraw themselves. (two separate containments). In KDE 4. replaced by the new Air theme. but with Notes widget in Plasma 4. Features Plasma features containments. Contour Contour is the Plasma interface for tablet devices. Contour is now the main workspace and will be shipped as part of Plasma Active 1. and have a separate visualization for the more confined taskbar.2. From KDE 4. KOffice document viewer under Maemo 5 Early development version of KMail Mobile.0 which is expected to be released in October 2011. essentially an applet that contains other applets.0 to KDE 4. Two examples of containments are the desktop background and the taskbar. A containment can be anything the developer wants: an image (either raster graphics or an SVG image). This also allows for applets to be dragged between the desktop and the taskbar The Panel (taskbar) of Plasma Desktop 4. The Kross scripting framework allows developers to write widgets in a variety of . The scalable nature of the Plasma widgets allows for them to be resized and rotated to any size. animation.[12] Mobile Plasma Mobile is targeted at smartphones and small tablet devices that are mainly used via touch input.3. It is currently unknown whether this workspace will be picked up for development again or if Contour will be ported to small screens.3. the default theme Oxygen was characterized by dark tones. Technology preview of Plasma Mobile on video.

and to make it easier for the data engine and its visualizations to be written independently. making the desktop look almost identical regardless of screen size or resolution. search for matches recently opened files. desktop icons. KRunner in Plasma Desktop 4. Plasma also provides a resolution-independent interface. • Unit Converter converts values between different units of measure. Plasma’s applets range from informative widgets to mini-applications like calculators and dictionaries. Plasma separates components into "data engines" and their visualization counterparts..3 QuickSand interface KMail write an e-mail. however.. Support for SuperKaramba (the widget engine used in the KDE 3 series) has been added for legacy reasons. it inherits from the application launcher feature.KDE Plasma Workspaces programming languages in addition to C++. • Recent documents. search history of recently visited sites in Konqueror. An important feature of Plasma is that there is no longer a distinction between panels (like the taskbar). expanding the possibilities through a modular plug. Technology Its technology is a fundamental rewrite of several desktop interaction technologies included in previous KDE desktop environments for Unix-like systems. KRunner stores the efforts made to propose them as needed via an auto-complete feature of search terms. type at least three letters of the desired name or description. 28 KRunner KRunner is a versatile tool to the user for various functions. and widgets. • Calculator. simply enter the desired operation to show the result. The address of the recipient of your choice is automatically added to the message. KRunner shows applications associated with the terms of the research allowed the selection of the desired one. • Contacts can search for entries in the KDE address book allowing you to directly open. they are created the same way. These functions are handled by the plugin: • Application launcher. it also supports sophisticated expressions. It most notably replaces the previous KDesktop shell. It can be shown on the desktop via the keyboard combination ALT+F2 or by selecting "Run Command ." in the desktop menu. . This is intended to reduce the total programming effort when there are multiple possible visualizations of given data. Plasma can support other widgets. Kicker taskbar and SuperKaramba widget engine used in the K Desktop Environment 3 series with a unified workspace for KDE SC 4.[14] Replaces the dialog box "Run Command" in previous versions from K Desktop Environment 3. For example.[13] Widgets are aware of their size and can be made to show more or less data depending on their size. focusing on eye candy and special graphical effects. • Web history.

some may require different packages.KDE Plasma Workspaces 29 Supported widgets This is a list of widgets that the current release version of Plasma supports. • Native widgets (In C++. Ruby or Python. JavaScript. • Google Gadgets (desktop) • Mac OS X Dashboard widgets • SuperKaramba desktop themes (separate package in some distributions) • Web widgets (supports HTML and JavaScript) Default environment These operating systems offer it as the default environment: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ALT Linux Ark Linux ArtistX aptosid BackTrack [15] Chakra GNU/Linux Frugalware Kanotix Kororaa Kubuntu[16] Mageia Mandriva Linux Magic Linux MCNLive MEPIS openSUSE[17] Pardus PCLinuxOS Qomo Linux Sabayon Linux Slackware Skolelinux VectorLinux Xange YOPER PC-BSD BeleniX . the Ruby and Python bindings must be downloaded separately as packages) • Edje gadgets and E17 modules. or even a recompilation of Plasma. Note that in many distributions. Please note that not all widgets are supported by default in all Linux distributions.

[12] "Plasma Active: Crunching towards One" (http:/ / vizzzion. kde. blogspot. "KDE's Mobile Team Meets for First Sprint" (http:/ / dot. artistic beauty and usability. . "OpenSUSE community konfesses love for KDE.com: KDE's Plasma is heating up (http:/ / www. KDE. kde. Retrieved 2010-11-06. 7. . KDesktop and SuperKaramba. linux. 1. Retrieved 2010-11-26. . the orange lozenge represents the slick and energetic new desktop. "Plasma Active" (http:/ / community. . Python and Ruby bindings. . [16] "Kubuntu website" (http:/ / www. org/ Plasma/ Active). [17] Ryan Paul (2009-08-21). com/ open-source/ news/ 2009/ 08/ opensuse-community-konfesses-love-for-kde-makes-it-default. org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_preview_software_release%2Fkde_software_compilation_4?action=edit& [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] preload=Template:LSR/ syntax http:/ / kde. while the three colored drops are JavaScript. Finally.org/Plasma) Plasma developer wiki (http://community. org/ 2010/ 12/ 03/ kdes-mobile-team-meets-first-sprint). org/ Plasma/ Active [10] "Contour Open Source Project announced – a new and innovative usage paradigm for digital devices" (http:/ / contour. [15] "Chakra Project" (http:/ / chakra-project. Retrieved 2011-01-01. com/ 2005/ 06/ plasma. [18] "Plasma" (http:/ / aseigo. Retrieved 2010-11-21. External links • • • • KDE Plasma Workspaces (http://www. Retrieved 2011-05-09. kde. blogspot. basyskom.kde. org/ workspaces/ plasmadesktop/ ). KDE. 2011-09-09. ars). The first interpretation. kde. . org/ workspaces "Plasma/Plasma-Netbook" (http:/ / community. Ars technica. the third interpretation emphasizes the combination of technical excellence. Retrieved 2011-04-24. org/ ).NEWS. . .kde. 2011-04-11. Retrieved 2010-11-21.7. . kubuntu.org/workspaces/) Plasma home page (http://plasma. basysKom.KDE Plasma Workspaces 30 Project icon The logo of Plasma can be explained by three symbolic interpretations as stated by Aaron Seigo. org/ announcements/ announce-4. org/ Plasma/ Plasma-Netbook). The second interpretation indicates the orange item is C++. "Plasma Desktop" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-09-16. wikipedia. .org/) Plasma user wiki (http://userbase. org/ KRunner/ ). kde. Retrieved 2010-11-21. com/ feature/ 114560) [14] "KRunner" (http:/ / userbase. . org/ blog/ 2011/ 09/ plasma-active-crunching-towards-one/ ). kde. wikipedia. Condé Nast Digital. php). html). com/ 2011/ 09/ plasma-active-entering-beta. Retrieved 2010-11-21. [13] Linux. org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_stable_software_release%2Fkde_software_compilation_4?action=edit& preload=Template:LSR/ syntax [3] http:/ / en. .org/Plasma) . http:/ / aseigo. org/ ).kde.kde. [11] Artur Souza (2010-12-03).[18] References [1] "Release of KDE SC 4.1" (http:/ / kde. html http:/ / community. com/ ). Oxygen Icon of Plasma [2] http:/ / en. makes it default" (http:/ / arstechnica. the three colored drops indicate the merger of Kicker. the lead developer of Plasma.

copying features from other widget engines such as Yahoo!_Widgets and Opera Widgets. • Packing and configuration which tries to conform to W3C Standard [6] Technology • Cross-platform • WebKit rendering engine.User:Kludgeteer/Kludgets 31 User:Kludgeteer/Kludgets Kludgets Developer(s) Written in Marvin Sanchez C++ (Qt) Operating system Linux. Kludgets are web based widgets and a typical package contains HTML. It is one of the utilities that make Windows look and feel like the Mac OS[3] . Javascript. And is made extensible with the use of C++ plugins. graphics canvas Supported Widgets • Mac OS X Dashboard widgets • Opera Widgets • Web Widgets or HTML and Javascript based widgets . desktop GNU Lesser General Public License kludgets. Unix-like. XML. Mac OS Dashboard Clone The project started as an effort to bring Mac OS X Dashboard widgets to Windows[2] . Notable differences from Dashboard are: • A separate configuration window for each widget like Yahoo! Widgets. The project has since added or improved the engine. The engine is an open source project built using Qt Development Frameworks and WebKit technology. and CSS. applets. The application is cross-platform and has been tested to run on Windows and Linux. or mini applications that run perpetually. gadgets. but unobtrusively on the desktop. the same engine that is used in Mac OS X Dashboard • HTML 5 features such as offline database Storage.org [1] Kludgets are widgets. while still supporting Dashboard's 'Back Side'[4] configuration • Layers feature allow for reduced resources usage[5] . Windows Type License Website Widget engine. Kludgets is also the name of the widget engine that runs them.

org/ TR/ 2009/ WD-widgets-20091029/ External links • Kludgets Homepage (http://www. wikihow.2348726.com/) • Kludgets Project Page (http://code. com/ Pimp-Your-Windows-XP-Desktop-to-Look-Like-a-Cool-Mac-Desktop) [4] Dashboard Design Guidelines (http:/ / developer.com/p/kludgets) .kludgets. com/ article2/ 0. pcmag.2817. com [2] PC Magazine (http:/ / www. com/ mac/ library/ documentation/ AppleApplications/ Conceptual/ Dashboard_ProgTopics/ Articles/ Design. asp) [3] WikiHow (http:/ / www. com/ developer/ widget-object/ ) [6] http:/ / www. w3.User:Kludgeteer/Kludgets 32 References [1] http:/ / kludgets. apple. html) [5] Kludget Developer Reference (http:/ / kludgets.00.google.

German. Hebrew. Makagiga Team July 17.0 / September 9. note taking. French. .0 Beta 1 Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Konrad Twardowski. Release history Makagiga was created in 2004. other with Java support 3. Apache License 2.net [1] Makagiga is a portable application for doing a variety of tasks.Makagiga (software) 33 Makagiga (software) Makagiga Screenshot of Makagiga 4. Personal information manager Free software. 2011 Development status Active Written in Operating system Size Available in Type License Website Java Linux. Plugins are used to implement its various capabilities.0 was released.0 makagiga.3 MB English. Polish. On December 23 2007. Mac OS. or RSS reading. 2005 4. such as todo listing. Microsoft Windows. Russian Task management. Makagiga 1.sourceforge.

it will be possible for the different types of gadgets to run on different environments without modification. or software widgets.4 5 0.0 3. 2011 7 External links • http://makagiga.sourceforge. According to Microsoft. but this is currently not the case. no public versions 2004 0.0 4.9 Beta 1. .Makagiga (software) 34 Version Release date Required Java version 1. 2008 6 September 9. that can sit on a Microsoft Windows user's computer desktop.0 July 17. sourceforge. 2006 6 December 23. 2005 December 21. 2007 6 December 31.x Alpha.net/ References [1] http:/ / makagiga. or are hosted on a web page.0 2. net/ Microsoft Gadgets This article is part of a series on Windows Vista New features Overview Technical and core system Security and safety Networking technologies I/O technologies Management and administration Removed features Other articles Editions Development history Criticism Mojave Experiment Microsoft Gadgets are lightweight single-purpose applications.

Live. although gadgets can somewhat similarly be aligned on any side of the screen. maps. such as clocks. and potentially mobile phones and other devices. run on the Windows Sidebar. They can also be used to control external applications such as Windows Media Center. Building off Microsoft's start. mini-applications that can serve almost any purpose (e. Gadgets can also be placed elsewhere on the screen. Adding Desktop Gadgets Device gadgets and Windows Sideshow Windows SideShow is a new technology that lets Windows Vista drive auxiliary. the operating system of the Amiga computers in 1985. It is not known whether other software companies are explicitly drawing on that inspiration when featuring the word in names of their technologies or simply referring to the generic meaning. Search. etc. These include displays embedded on the outside of a laptop lid or on a detachable device. Some gadgets integrate with other Windows Live services. In Windows 7. is found on either the right side (default) or the left side of the Windows desktop in the Windows Vista operating system. Sidebar gadgets .run on a web site. the term gadget was first employed by the developers of AmigaOS.com Web gadgets run on Web sites such as Live. this naming convention is sometimes used as a synonym for widget—a control element in a graphical user interface. and color schemes. weather reports. The display can be updated with a number of different kinds of information.run on the desktop or be docked onto. and Favorites.com and Windows Live Spaces Live. Web gadgets . RSS notifiers or search tools. Web gadgets and Live. calendars. such as contacts. or sidebar. gadgets. Desktop gadgets Desktop gadgets are desktop widgets. slide shows. such as on the outside of a laptop or even on an LCD panel in a keyboard. 3.g. This can then be consulted while the mobile PC is otherwise powered down.com or Spaces. Gadgets are toggled between the two sizes via a button in Windows 7. calendar. The word widget is older in this context. search. 2. A panel.). layouts. enabling access to information and media even when the main system is in a standby mode. Users can create multiple site tabs and customize each with different feeds. Data can also be displayed on cell phones and other network-connected devices via Bluetooth and other connectivity options. and they are automatically aligned on it.com lets users add RSS feeds in order to view news at a glance.com experimental page. the sidebar is removed. small specialized applications that are generally designed to do simple tasks. Since the underlying platform is . which generally causes them to expand and display more information. Gadgets can be placed on this sidebar.run on auxiliary external displays. including Mail. As of 2008. Types of Microsoft's gadgets 1.com can be customized with Web Gadgets. games. and email. mail readers. SideShow gadgets .Microsoft Gadgets 35 Etymology In the context of software engineering. small displays of various form-factors where ready-access to bite-size bits of information could be represented. such as Bing.

com/default. it can run for hundreds of hours without draining a notebook battery. innovatewithgadgets.com) • Sidebar gadget developers forum (http://social. hardware and silicon providers can also provide native capabilities to allow for richer multimedia applications such as text. audio and video decode / playback. However. with the notebook battery providing hundreds of hours of playback time because of the low power footprint that the Sideshow platform maintains. For example. Sideshow is coupled to the Windows Vista Sidebar capability – that is.microsoft. CSS and JavaScript [1] (ISBN 9780672329685) References [1] http:/ / www.com/en-US/windows/ downloads/personalize/gadgets) .com • Windows Desktop and Sideshow gadgets home page (http://windows.aspx?l=1) at Live. image.msdn. while still providing always-on access to data and multimedia content. com/ External links • Windows Vista sideshow devices website (http://www. a notebook with an in-lid display could be used as an mp3 player while powered down.com/Forums/en-US/ sidebargadfetdevelopment/threads) on Microsoft Developer Network forums • Gadgets gallery (http://gallery.Microsoft Gadgets so power-efficient. Sidebar Gadgets are easily ported to be compatible with Sideshow secondary display applications. 36 Further reading • Rajesh Lal.live.microsoft. Creating Vista Gadgets: Using HTML.sideshowdevices.

only HTML-based MFIs are functional. or moved. IGoogle with its gadgets is an early type of MFI. htm . Netscape proposed frames to the W3C for inclusion in the HTML 3. allowing simultaneous use of multiple rich internet applications. com/ panes. History Paned windows were introduced in file browsers in the 1990s in order to divide the window into sections for a more intuitive approach. Description An MFI consists of a set of panels that can be maximized. Several frames are permanently on screen. Netscape 2. the work with frames is more fluent. being tiled on a scrollable "page" on the screen.0 standard. It is an integrated interface designed to bring together virtually all the services of an internet portal or an operating system onto a single screen.Multiple frames interface 37 Multiple frames interface A Multiple Frames Interface (MFI) is a type of user interface which displays information in a set of frames or panels that can be scrolled vertically on the screen. Advantages The MFIs have several advantages over desktop environments: • • • • From a visual standpoint. com/ ig?hl=en& source=iglk [2] http:/ / multipane. and no "desktop" versions are available. google. Shortcomings • Scrolling the set of frames can be difficult.0 introduced the elements used for html frames in the 1990s (see Netscape Navigator). At that time. External links • iGoogle [1] • MultiPane [2] References [1] http:/ / www. webs. The number of frames on the screen is limited to a number that can be handled by the user. • Many panels open permanently use more memory. Frames do not overlap on the screen. The HTML-based MFI is an alternative to the web desktop. restored. As of January 2009. minimized.

However. managing contacts. 2011) [ +/− [2] ] (September 28. chatting on IRC. Opera is offered free of charge for personal computers and mobile phones. and reading web feeds.com [6] Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by Opera Software with over 200 million users worldwide. 10. . it is the most popular desktop browser in some countries.51 displaying Wikipedia on Windows 7. 2011) [ +/− C++ [4] [3] ] FreeBSD Linux Mac OS X Microsoft Windows Solaris until v. sending and receiving e-mail messages. 1996 (August 30.11 Presto [5] 51 languages Engine Available in Development status Active Type License Website Web browser and Internet suite Proprietary (Freeware) with open source components opera. has been chosen as the default integrated web browser in several mobile handsets [10] [11] [12] by their respective manufacturers. which is the most popular[9] mobile web browser as of May 2011. Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Preview release Written in Operating system Opera Software ASA [1] December 9. downloading files via BitTorrent.[8] Opera Mini.Opera (web browser) 38 Opera (web browser) Opera Opera 11. such as Ukraine. Opera does not come packaged with any desktop operating system.[7] The browser handles common Internet-related tasks such as displaying web sites.

Opera was trialware and had to be purchased after the trial period ended.0 (released in 2000) saw the end of this requirement. a project to port Opera to mobile device platforms was started in 1998. when GeoTrust was replaced with Netcraft.0.[38] A new JavaScript engine called Carakan. an organization that tracks known phishing web sites. called the Internet Channel. With version 8. mouse gestures. Symbian. and also allows hardware acceleration with optional OpenGL and Direct3D backends.50. and malware protection from Haute Secure was added. Vega. Adobe Systems has licensed Opera technology for use in the Adobe Creative Suite. After that date.0 in 1996. it is again free to download. page zooming.5. Wii users had to pay 500 Wii Points (about US$5[34] ) to download it. and the ability to easily delete private data such as HTTP cookies. as well as Java ME-enabled devices. Opera is known for originating many features later adopted by other web browsers.[23] In an attempt to capitalize on the emerging market for Internet-connected handheld devices. and an integrated download manager. and iOS operating systems. BlackBerry. Carakan is more than seven times faster in SunSpider than Opera 10. and PhishTank.[23] Opera 4. which handles all of the browser's rendering. Mac OS X.[29] [30] [31] [32] Opera for the Wii.[15] [16] [17] Approximately 120 million mobile phones have been shipped with Opera. editions of Opera were made and released for Nintendo's DS and Wii gaming systems. the largest Norwegian telecommunications company. Version 5. Some television set-top boxes use Opera. Editions of Opera are available for devices using the Maemo. a digital certificate provider.[22] included a new cross-platform core that facilitated creation of editions of Opera for multiple operating systems and platforms. was introduced with version 10. In 1995. such as backgrounds and borders.Opera (web browser) Features include tabbed browsing. Instead.[22] which only ran on Microsoft Windows. after the Javanese script. which has since been more or less confirmed by other sources after its official pre-alpha release in December 2009.[25] Later versions of Opera gave the user the choice of seeing banner ads or targeted text advertisements from Google. including Microsoft Windows. Its security features include built-in phishing and malware protection.[36] [37] The Nintendo DS Browser is not free. Users who previously paid to download are offered a NES game of their choice of the same value. aids Opera's implementation of some advanced CSS3 properties.[13] [14] Opera runs on a variety of personal computer operating systems. it branched out into a separate company named Opera Software ASA. SSL/TLS encryption when browsing HTTPS websites.5 (released in 2005) the advertisements were removed entirely and primary financial support for the browser came through revenue from Google (which is by contract Opera's default search engine).[26] Håkon Wium Lie.[28] Also in 2006.[27] This feature was further improved and expanded in version 9.[40] [41] [42] Also introduced was Opera's vector graphics library.[21] Opera was first released publicly with version 2. and FreeBSD. released in 2000. Opera became ad-sponsored.[39] According to Opera Software. Android. was free to download from its release on 12 April 2007[33] until 30 June 2007. The DSi has an Internet Channel that can be downloaded for free from the DSi shop.[24] Up to this point.[35] As of 2 September 2009.[43] . This allows platform specific rendering code to be replaced with code for Vega.10 with Futhark on Windows. displaying advertisements to users who had not paid for it.1 (released in 2006) was fraud protection using technology from GeoTrust. it is sold as a physical DS game cartridge. Linux. chief technical officer of the Opera Software company and co-creator of the CSS web standard Among the new features introduced in version 9. Windows Mobile.[19] [20] 39 History Opera began in 1994 as a research project at Telenor. which makes it easier to deploy across platforms.[18] Opera is the only commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS and Wii gaming systems.

Opera 11 was downloaded 6. visual mouse gestures.50 was for Windows only.ini file) shown in thumbnail form in a page displayed when a new tab is opened. Once set up.5. Opera also comes with an e-mail client called Opera Mail and an IRC chat client built in. It is possible to control nearly every aspect of the browser using only the keyboard.[54] [55] It is the only major browser to include support for spatial navigation. tab stacking.10. Alternative: hold the left button down and click the right button New tab: hold down right mouse button.[46] Within the first 24 hours of release.[51] Opera supports Opera Widgets. which together significantly increase Opera's overall rendering speed. move mouse left. such as the protocol and query strings. this feature allows the user to more easily navigate to the selected web pages. and even override the page's CSS styling as well.[40] [48] Opera includes built-in tabbed browsing. a search bar. move mouse down. in order to allow the development team to focus on a timed release with the EU browser ballot offered to European Economic Area users of Microsoft Windows.000%) to help those with impaired vision. Opera also includes support for mouse gestures. a download manager and BitTorrent client. third-party extensions. and a web feed aggregator. 2010. ad blocking. move mouse right. relatively small programs that add specific functions to the browser.[46] The new address field hides some of the whole URL. However.[45] On December 16. As a multimodal browser. Usability and accessibility Sample mouse gestures in Opera Back: hold down right mouse button. and release. which allows the user to add up to 25 links (or more. images and other content such as Adobe Flash Player.52 and the release of Opera 10. but this can be turned off.[52] and as of Opera 11. small web applications that start from within Opera. Alternative: hold the right button down and click the left button Forward: hold down right mouse button. Opera 11 was released. Opera is extensible in a third way via plug-ins.[49] Opera includes a "Speed Dial" feature. and changes to the address field.[53] and the default keyboard shortcuts can be modified to suit the user. Clicking a link with the middle mouse button produces a similar effect. but the new tab is opened in the background instead of becoming the active tab. as well as a new vector graphics library. it also caters to a wide variety of personal preferences in the user interface.[44] The Mac version reached final status with version 10. Opera features a new JavaScript engine. Java platform and Scalable Vector Graphics to be increased or decreased in size (20% to 1.[56] patterns of mouse movement that trigger browser actions such as "back" or "refresh". and release.60 brought Windows. featuring extensions. Greasemonkey support is limited. The user may also specify the fonts and colors for web pages. Alongside Widgets. This can be useful for . fraud protection.7 million times.[57] Page zooming allows text.Opera (web browser) The initial release of Opera 10. Thumbnails of the linked pages are automatically generated and used for visual recognition on the Speed Dial page or can be modified using Opera Image Dial Generator [50]. by editing the speeddial.[47] 40 Features As of version 10. "User JavaScript" may be used to add custom JavaScript to web pages. and there is no interface to manage scripts or toggle 'Greasemonkey-on' functionality. Linux and FreeBSD back into sync for the first time since Opera 10. Opera was designed with a commitment to computer accessibility for users who have visual or motor impairments. Opera limits what plug-ins can do. and release. Mac.

To catch security flaws and other software bugs before they are exploited or become a serious problem. XPath. DOM 2. such as HTTP cookies.5+ achieves a score of 100/100 on the Acid3 test[74] which is primarily focused on DOM and JavaScript standards compliance. XHTML Mobile Profile. ECMAScript 3 (JavaScript).[70] Today. The user can protect every saved password stored in Opera with a master password. It will also check the web site that is being visited against blacklists for phishing and malware. including alpha transparency.2). JPEG.[59] [60] It can also read aloud pages and marked text.77). but the user may opt to not make such checks automatically. This process reduces the total size of the data being sent. This stands in contrast to Internet Explorer (38. On the official CSS 2.1. One is the option to delete private data. XMLHttpRequest.Opera (web browser) making sites appear in high contrast or in more readable fonts.44% out of 86.37% (77.1. XSLT. including CSS 2. Opera 10. Opera version 11. not a browser properly supports certain web standards.[76] . XHTML Basic. Firefox (5.[69] Standards support Opera was one of the first browsers to support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). and thus they would not realize that they needed to upgrade to the latest version or risk being exploited. Opera's servers act as a proxy which compresses the requested web page by up to 80% before sending it to the user. Lower scores are better.[67] In January 2007. On Ecma International's ECMAScript standards conformance Test 262[75] (version 0.1 Basic. Opera was the second or fourth web browser to pass the test (depending on opinions regarding hiding the scrollbar)[73] and the first Windows browser to do so. allows control of the browser without the use of a keyboard or mouse.01. HTTP 1. XHTML 1.[58] Voice control.[68] Opera responded to these accusations the next day.1 tests.1 Tiny. and warn if it matches any of these lists. a test of whether or support for PNG. Dotzler claimed that users were not clearly informed of security vulnerabilities present in the previous version of Opera. Opera's rendering engine Presto passes 89. Opera encrypts data using either SSL 3 or TLS. WML 2. the mean average of unpatched vulnerabilities in the last 365 days is 0. and the cache.3).0. as the figure represents the number of failed tests out of the total number of tests.[61] 41 Privacy and security Opera has several security features visible to the end user. and thus shortens the amount of time necessary for the page to load.1. now a major building block of web design. with the click of a button.7. the Opera Software company maintains a public web form where users can submit bug reports.[63] [64] both of which are highly secure encryption protocols. This lets users erase personal data after browsing from a shared computer.65%) of covered CSS 2. This prevents malware from accessing those passwords unless the master password is known.10 scores 3840/10872. This technique is also used in Opera Mini. Asa Dotzler of the competing Mozilla Corporation accused the Opera Software company of downplaying information about security vulnerabilities in Opera that were fixed in December 2006. It then adds information about the site's security to the address bar. XHTML+Voice. SVG 1. and Safari (1. Opera passes the Acid2 test. co-developed with IBM. GIF89a.54).1 test suite by standardization organization W3C. when enabled.[66] According to Secunia.01. This behavior is enabled by default. the user can still check sites individually by opening a Page Info dialog.2. a computer security service provider. Opera supports many web standards. TLS 1.[71] Unicode.[49] Opera Turbo is a feature intended for slower internet connections. SVG 1.[62] When visiting a secure web site. If this check is [65] disabled. HTML 4. XSL-FO. and full [72] Since version 9. the browsing history.

[83] [84] Today. the installer gives you the option to install the browser as a "Standalone Installation (USB). Opera Mobile can be used on smartphones such as the One of Opera Mobile's major features is the ability to dynamically reformat web pages to better fit the handheld's display using small screen rendering technology. Opera also provides a vetted facility for developers to upload these [78] user-created applications. and many have already done so. such as the Sony Ericsson P990 and Nokia 5800. Portable version In Opera 11.[86] Devices that use the UIQ 3 operating system. Unite Applications are packaged according to the W3C Widgets 1." [82] There are also 3rd-party portable versions of the browser available for Microsoft Windows. S60 platform. The included API uses HTML. all based on the same core. or UIQ operating systems. and streaming media. client-side ECMAScript and a new server-side JavaScript technology with local file access and persistent storage.[87] Alternatively. file and photo sharing. For these applications to be accessed. the Windows Mobile. a chat room.10. the user may use page zooming for a closer or broader look. Motorola RIZR Z8. An Opera Unite user's applications run on a domain associated with their My Opera Community account.[79] Opera Unite competes with services like Tonido.[88] However. The first version of Opera Mobile was released in 2000 for the Psion Series 7 and NetBook. CSS.[85] Users may also try Opera Mobile free.[81] with some variation in the features offered and the user interface.[82] Smartphones and PDAs Opera Mobile is an edition of Opera designed for smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Opera Mobile is available for a variety of devices that run Android. there are versions for a variety of devices. the [85] former price of Opera Mobile being included in the price of the phone. Opera Software has released an API to create new or improved applications for the Opera Unite Platform.0 specification. Opera Mobile's user interface has come under fire for being difficult to use or customize. and are accessible from any web browser. including a web server for hosting a site.Opera (web browser) 42 Opera Unite Opera Unite is an extensible framework that allows for several web services (referred to as "Applications"[77] ) to be hosted from the user's computer.[80] Opera Unite Logo Other versions In addition to the versions of Opera for personal computers. with a port to the Windows Mobile platform coming in 2004. the computer and the Opera Browser hosting the applications must both be running.[89] [90] . Unite has been included standard since version 10. come pre-installed with Opera Mobile. like previous versions of Opera for personal computers.

with a consequent speed increase. which retrieves the web page. 2011.[105] and in North America on 4 June 2007.[106] It is sold as a physical game cartridge for US$30. software piracy. the request is sent via the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) to one of the Opera Software company's servers.and 6-based handsets which does not require Java. tobacco. illegal drugs. which process and compress them before relaying the pages back to the mobile phone. Opera Software launched a new beta version of Opera Mini for mobile phones running on Google's open source Android platform. there is a native version of Opera Mini 5 for Windows Mobile 2003. but also for smartphones and personal digital assistants.[101] and released with Opera Mini 6 for iOS on May 24.[102] An Android version of Opera for tablets is coming soon. and this setting can be password-protected (by a parent. Versions up to 4 used the Java ME platform. Nintendo partnered with Astaro The Nintendo DS Internet Security to provide web filtering for the Nintendo DS Browser. gambling. offered free of charge. Additionally.[98] From version 5. The technology is simply a professionally maintained proxy server that blocks web sites related to pornography. 5. The browser began as a pilot project in 2005.[92] [93] it was officially launched worldwide on 24 January 2006.[30] [88] It also includes handwriting recognition software and an on-screen keyboard to enable user input. security hacking.[97] In March 2010.[91] [95] This compression process reduces bandwidth use by up to 90%. The Nintendo DS Browser was released in Japan on 24 July 2006. compresses it. for example) to prevent circumvention. Opera Mini requests web pages through the Opera Software company's servers. 2010.[104] in Europe on 6 October 2006. requiring the mobile device to be capable of running Java ME applications. violence. weapons. Opera Mini was officially approved as a free download for iPhone (and iPod Touch) on Apple's App Store. Nintendo DS The Nintendo DS Browser is an edition of Opera for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system. On April 13. processes it.[99] it implements the same features as the Java version.[107] Users can configure the Nintendo DS Browser to receive web pages through this proxy server.[108] .[94] When a user browses the web using Opera Mini. dating.[38] The Nintendo DS Browser includes the same small screen rendering and page zooming technology present in Opera Mobile.Opera (web browser) 43 Mobile phones Opera Mini.[96] and the pre-processing smooths compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones. discrimination.[100] Tablets An iPad specific version of Opera was demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2011. abortion.[91] After limited releases in Europe. and other content that Nintendo deems objectionable.[103] No dates have yet been announced. alcohol. is designed primarily for mobile phones. and sends it back to the user's mobile phone.

in late August / early September of the year 2009. Opera 8.[19] [20] Opera's layout engine is also found in Virtual Mechanics SiteSpinner Pro.[35] However.[111] including passing the Acid2 test.[114] In July 2011. according to Net Applications. an executive of the Opera Software company. fonts are larger and the interface is [111] Notwithstanding the changes in design. Presto. called the Internet Channel. 43% in Ukraine.[112] Market adoption As of July 2011 Opera has a 1. 44 Wii On 10 May 2006. and the Czech Republic.Opera (web browser) In August 2007.65% worldwide usage share of web browsers. It has had more success in the area of mobile browsing. Lithuania. and 8-11% in Poland. the Nintendo DS Browser was quietly discontinued in North America.50 was released and was recorded to be downloaded 35 million times during the first week of release. this is partly because developers do not test web sites with Opera due to its lack of market share.[115] Since its first release in 1996. Latvia. Adobe Photoshop. explained that the Wii browser was designed to suit a "living room environment". Wii users had to pay 500 Wii Points (US$5[34] ) to download it.[38] [109] although it is still available from Nintendo's online store.[29] [30] [31] [32] Opera for the Wii. into its Adobe Creative Suite applications. browser supports the same web standards as the desktop version of Opera 9. including about 47% market share in 2009 in Georgia.[120] [121] [122] although it has been criticized for website compatibility issues. as well as the fact that Opera renders HTML standard compliant code. Opera is available on the Nintendo DSi through the DSi Shop. After that date. the Internet Channel was once again available to download for free and those who paid for the service had their Wii Points returned in the form of a free NES virtual console game. Adobe Systems opted to integrate Opera's layout engine.[124] Because of this issue. and other components of the Adobe Creative Suite. but website compatibility is still a significant issue in more recent . and pre-installed on newer devices.[117] It is used on some television set-top boxes as well.01 and higher have included workarounds to help certain popular but problematic web sites display properly. Opera technology is now found in Adobe GoLive. Opera broke its previous download records when Opera 11.[110] Instead.[36] Scott Hedrick. was free to download from its release on 12 April 2007[33] until 30 June 2007.[118] In 2005.[113] The browser has seen more success in Eastern Europe. the browser has had limited success on personal computers. 36% in Russia.[119] Reception Critical reception of Opera has been largely positive. the Wii simplified for easier use.[111] In contrast to Nintendo's Wii console Opera's appearance on computer monitors.[123] [124] According to one of Opera's competitors. with product releases for a variety of platforms. the Opera Software company announced that it was partnering with Nintendo to provide a web browser for Nintendo's Wii gaming console.[116] Approximately 40 million mobile phones have shipped with a copy of Opera pre-installed. Adobe Dreamweaver.

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. available RAM/HD space. A "config" consists of a collection of "meters". and a screensaver. There is also a taskbar client. etc.64. news headlines. JScript. It can also be extended by using VBScript. which provide virtually unlimited possibilities. 2007 Operating system Microsoft Windows Type License Website Widgets Semi-free Software Samurize Homepage [2] Serious Samurize (or simply "Samurize") is a freeware system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine for Microsoft Windows.3 [1] / February 5. The client's main purpose is to display information about the computer. and is saved into a INI file in the "configs" folder of the Samurize installation path. music controllers. etc. The core of Samurize is the desktop client that displays a "config" (similar to a widget/gadget) anywhere on the screen. Perl. such as CPU usage. Python. "Configs" can be packed to be shared with other users by using an included tool. a server.Samurize 50 Samurize Serious Samurize An example of a more advanced Samurize config Developer(s) Stable release Adam Coulthard / Lee Wilson 1. Samurize includes a WYSIWYG config editor used to create the configs. network conditions. There are scripts/plugins which can get weather reports. a clock client. Ruby scripts and DLL plugins. uptime. ..

The first iteration of Samurize went up to version 0. org/ web/ 20030411211225/ samurize.63c. Since then the development process slowed down a bit but new versions kept coming in a steady pace. The earliest predecessor of Samurize was NMeter.0 was published in November 2003. php?nid=9) External links • Samurize homepage (http://www. breaking compatibility with older configs. created by Gustaf Lundh in 2000. com/ modules/ mydownloads/ viewcat. samurize. The development proceeded rapidly.com) . NMeter was followed by CureInfo in 2001 and in March 2002 the Samurize development began. archive.samurize. until the version 1. References [1] http:/ / www.Samurize 51 History Samurize was started in early 2002[3] by Gustaf Lundh (Cure) and Oscar Lundh (Sim). almost one new version in each month. com/ viewnews. which was released at version 0. com [3] > started in early 2002 (http:/ / web.80a. php?cid=1 [2] http:/ / www. at which point work began on Serious Samurize. samurize.

JavaScript and CSS.'s Dashboard). Development Until 0.org/index. The engine also supports Google Gadgets.com/2009/08/10/10-best-screenlets-for-your-ubuntu-system/) . 2011 Operating system Unix-like Type License Website Widget engine GPL www. Afterward. php/ Google_gadgets_now_run_on_Screenlets_engine_. screenlets. The engine runs primarily on X11-based compositing window managers. most notably with Compiz on Linux. similar to widgets for Apple Inc. . screenlets were exclusively scripted in Python and drawn in SVG.org [1] Screenlets is the name of both a set of independently-developed widget applications and the widget engine which runs them.php/Home) • Screenlets Forum (http://forum. Natan Yellin (Aantn) 0.org/viewforum.Screenlets 52 Screenlets Screenlets Screenlets running on openSUSE 10. org [2] Google Gadgets now run on Screenlets engine (http:/ / screenlets.14.1. Helder Fraga (Whise). ) External links • Screenlets Home (http://screenlets. support was added for web widgets (widgets which are written in HTML. .php?f=102) • List of 10 Best Screenlets (http://digitizor.compiz.screenlets.0.[2] References [1] http:/ / www. org/ index.3 Developer(s) Stable release Rico Pfaus (RYX).3 / March 11.

5.SuperKaramba 53 SuperKaramba SuperKaramba SuperKaramba theme Aero AIO Developer(s) Stable release SuperKaramba project 0. 2009 Operating system Linux Platform Type License Website KDE Application software GNU General Public License [1] SuperKaramba (From portuguese and spanish "super caramba". How it works Authors use text files to create themes that define their widget. The use of SuperKaramba is not limited to KDE. only Linux is officially supported. Screenshot of WikipediaSearch theme . Currently. They then have the option of adding a Python. that means approximately "super gee" or "super cool") is a tool that allows one to easily create functionality enhancement modules on a KDE desktop. Ruby or JavaScript script to make the widget interactive. SuperKaramba is included in KDE 3.3) / January 15. This program is similar to gDesklets for GNOME. but certain libraries from KDE are required. The interactive programs are usually embedded directly into the background and do not disturb the normal view of the desktop. DesktopX for Windows.53 (KDE 4. Yahoo! Widget Engine for Windows and Mac OS X. and Dashboard for Mac OS X and also the 'gadgets' subset of Google Desktop for Microsoft Windows. although it also works well on FreeBSD and NetBSD.

5[5] as part of the kdeutils package. html) External links • • • • Sourceforge Project Homepage (http://netdragon. and some of the ideas that it presents have become part of KDE 4’s desktop and panel interface called Plasma. pushed to get it included in a KDE major release.5 Feature Plan (http:/ / developer. 5-features.com. lth.kde-look. SuperKaramba. Notes and references [1] http:/ / utils. org/ projects/ superkaramba/ [2] http:/ / www.com.org/Development/Tutorials/SuperKaramba) Karamba Themes at Biodesign. php?username=ageitgey) [5] KDE Developer's Corner . Adam Geitgey[4] took over maintenance of the project.org (http://www. At that point a group of developers who wanted to move SuperKaramba even further. php?content=5561) [4] ageitgey's profile KDE-Look. Karamba only functioned on text files that were written with pseudo-xml format.org/index. kde.biodesign. He added python scripting support to karamba. kde-look. kde-look. It became so popular so quickly that Hans had to hand over the project to others who had time to expand upon what he had begun. se/ ~d98hk/ karamba/ (Broken link) [3] Karamba KDE-Look.kde.ar (http://www. org/ content/ show. added new features and applied patches from other developers until around April 2005.org (http:/ / www. which also has support for the SuperKaramba widgets.org (http:/ / www. kde. Adam kept the project alive.sourceforge.[2] It gained a lot of popularity when it was uploaded to KDE-Look[3] and people began writing themes for it. SuperKaramba was integrated into KDE 3. efd.SuperKaramba 54 Possible uses • Interactive weather forecasts • Control and announcement of MP3 playing with XMMS or Amarok • Calendar and notes • Original clocks • System monitor for CPU. non-removable disks • Notification of new messages in mailboxes • News tickers and RSS aggregators • Animated menu bars • Custom toolbars • Search tools Screenshot of LiquidWeather History Karamba was originally written by Hans Karlsson as a school project in March 2003.KDE 3. By the end of April 2003.php?xcontentmode=38) SuperKaramba Tutorial (http://techbase.ar/blog/?cat=2) . org/ development-versions/ kde-3. network. which is where it took on a new name.net/) Karamba Themes at kde-look. org/ usermanager/ search.

User interface markup languages. MXML files compile into Flash SWF via the Flex SDK. UIML UIML is the earliest pioneer in user interface markup languages. XUL documents are rendered by the Gecko engine. like most markup and programming languages. . it doesn't attract much attention. In XML-based user interface markup languages. which also renders XHTML and SVG documents. DTD and RDF. It is an open standard where implementation is not restricted to a single vendor. Many of these markup languages are dialects of XML and are dependent upon a pre-existing scripting language engine. for rendering of controls and extra scriptability. WTKX WTKX is an XML-based markup language used for building Apache Pivot applications.User interface markup language 55 User interface markup language A user interface markup language is a markup language that renders and describes graphical user interfaces and controls. XUL The primary interface language of Mozilla Foundation products is XUL. usually a JavaScript engine. which tend to rely upon a web browser's layout engine as a runtime. However. including CSS. Though it is most commonly used for defining the structure of an application's user interface. via the Open Source Adobe AIR SDK. it can be used to declaratively construct any type of Java object hierarchy. which makes it relatively easy to learn for people with a background in web programming and/or design. or as stand-alone cross-platform applications. most of the code is re-interpreted to the layout engine as JavaScript. JavaScript. com) Adobe Flex SDK version 4. via Adobe Flash plug-in. It cooperates with many existing standards and technologies. adobe. User interface markup languages MXML MXML is the XML-based user interface markup language introduced by Macromedia in March 2004. The typical user interface markup language solidifies often re-used program or script code in the form of markup. development and function of a user interface. making it easier to focus upon design of a user interface in an understandable dialect as opposed to focus on function. and are rendered either on the internet browser. this means that JavaScript can be used to extend the user interface markup languages to extents that are not covered by the present functionality of the layout engine. rely upon sub-application runtimes to interpret and render the markup code as program code that can be processed and put out in the desired form. The concept of the user interface markup languages is primarily based upon the desire to prevent the "re-invention of the wheel" in the design. It is now part of the Open Source (http:/ / opensource. such re-invention comes in the form of coding a script for the entire user interface.

0 Suite. TUIX TUIX is an XML based markup language for defining user interfaces in Tribiq CMS. An experimental runtime called Laszlo "Legals" that will allow OpenLaszlo (LZX) applications run in multiple runtime environments.NET framework 3.LZX). attributes to properties or to events. as the graphics-rich portion of a user interface. . it includes support for vector/raster graphics. SVG can also be super-imposed upon another XML-compatible user interface markup language. Developers can use this language to define applications that will run as a Java Client or an Ajax Client. When these features are used in combination. LZX is runtime agnostic with the currently supported runtime being within Macromedia/Adobe Flash. LZX is a declarative user interface language which defines the widgets. SVG Scalable Vector Graphics is a markup language for graphics proposed by the W3C that can support rich graphics for web and mobile applications. such as DHTML/AJAX. it can be seen as a combination of XUL. XAML XAML is a markup system that underlies user interface components of Microsoft's . since program logic and styles are also embedded in the XAML document. with client support provided by a browser plugin that will render windows-like applications over an HTTP infrastructure with minimal bandwidth needs. SVG. interaction with the DOM and CSS. HMVCUL Hierarchical Model View Controller User Interface Language (HMVCUL) is an XML markup user interface language which supports the creation and chaining of atomic MVC triad components used in constructing HMVC GUI applications. Functionally. controller. Chaining is accomplished by following the tree structure described inside the HMVCUL file. model). The runtime accomplishes this by mapping XML elements defined in an HMVCUL file to objects inside the framework. While SVG is not a user interface language. Developers can define both the appearance of the interfaces and their interactions. I3ML I3ML is a proprietary thin client Application Delivery mechanism developed by CoKinetic Systems Corp [1]. CSS. rich user interfaces are possible. OpenLaszlo (LZX) OpenLaszlo is a runtime environment that comprises a runtime environment and an interface definition language (Laszlo XML . application layout and scripting elements (using JavaScript) to create your application.0 and above. as many standards (such as those already listed) exist for doing these things. it is expected to be developed with a visual tool where developers do not even need to understand the underlying markups. The associated runtime provides methods which enable configuration of properties. events and scriptability. and JavaScript into a single XML schema. The TUIX files from different Plugins are merged before rendering facilitating easy modification of existing interfaces and addition of new functionality. such as XUL and XForms. Its scope is more ambitious than that of most user interface markup languages. embedded media. Some people are critical of this design. However.User interface markup language 56 XAL eXtensible Application Language is the Markup language of Nexaweb's Enterprise Web 2. animation. data binding and events of each of the MVC triad elements (widget.

WasabiXML has an XML namespace 'Wasabi::' which defines common GUI's without having the need to declare their image paths.2"> <skininfo> <version>1</version> <name>mySkin</name> <comment>Ooo Lala</comment> <author>Some Person</author> <email>info@example.org</homepage> </skininfo> <include file="xml/color-sys. The root element in WasabiXML is <WasabiXML> (for Winamp skins. WasabiXML had been developed by Nullsoft for Winamp. Following is an example for a simple GUI with a button element: <?xml version="1.User interface markup language 57 WasabiXML WasabiXML is an XML markup language that is used to define the graphical interface in Wasabi powered applications.org</email> <homepage>http://www.dimage" /> </layout> </container> </WinampAbstractionLayer> WasabiXML supports many GUI elements including: • • • • • • • <button> <text> <vis> <eqvis> <layer> <animatedlayer> <groupdef> used in conjunction with <group> <groupdef> allows the developer to define a group of GUI objects which can be re-used anywhere in the skin.image" hoverimage="mybutton. Wasabi also supports XUI's which are nothing but <groups> powered by a MAKI script allowing developers to create GUI components (widgets) of their own adding to modularity.normal" image="mybutton. The <skininfo> element shows the information for a skin. The graphical interface is held by the <container> element and the basic viewable GUI element is <layout>. It is most commonly used with Winamp for making Winamp skins. it is also <WinampAbstractionLayer>). .xml"/> <!-.example.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <WinampAbstractionLayer version="1. but it is also usable with other applications with the Wasabi SDK.himage" downimage="mybutton.Include a file --> <container id="normal"> <layout id="normal" desktopalpha="true"> <button x="0" y="0" id="button.

you could do this by copying and pasting the embed code into your profile on Facebook. capsule. webjit. Widgets may be looked upon as downloadable applications which look and act like traditional apps but are implemented using web technologies including JavaScript. daily weather etc. HTML and CSS. blog. module. NewsGator. or profile on a social media site). JavaScript. WebWag and many others. Should you want to put that widget on your own Facebook profile. They are derived from the idea of code reuse. or Adobe Flash. Sites such as MassPublisher. Widgets allow users to turn personal content into dynamic web apps that can be shared on websites where the code can be installed. mini and flake. gadget. Widsets. Embeddable chunks of code have existed since the early development of the World Wide Web. Widgets are typically created in DHTML. a webpage. Early web widgets provided functions such as link counters and advertising banners.User interface markup language 58 MARIA MARIA is a universal. XML-based language for modelling interactive applications in ubiquitous environments. It's a small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user. Widgets use and depend on web APIs exposed either by the browser or by a widget engine such as Akamai.xib format Some of these are compiled into binary forms. Other Other markup languages incorporated into existing frameworks are: • VTML for Macromedia HomeSite Please add information object Apple's Interface Builder . com Web widget In computing a web widget is a software widget for the web. In avionics. . SnackTools and Widgetbox. Widget A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship (e. auction-tickers. Web developers have long sought and used third party code chunks in their pages. cokinetic. badge.g. the ARINC 661 standard prescribes a binary format to define user interfaces in glass cockpits. stock market tickers. flight arrival information. a "Weather Report Widget" could report today's weather by accessing data from the Weather Channel. allow users to easily create widgets from their own content with no coding knowledge necessary. Clearspring. declarative. snippet. it could even be sponsored by the Weather Channel. MassPublisher. Widgetbox. References [1] http:/ / www. KickApps. Plusmo. For example. multiple abstraction level. event countdowns. Other terms used to describe web widgets include: portlet. Widgets often take the form of on-screen tools (clocks. Flash.).

widgets can be used for malicious purposes. . Security considerations As any program code. Desktop widgets are embedded on local computers. The content of these widgets is not visible to search engines. The host does however control the placement of the Widget. and are by far the most common types of widgets you'll see today. Widgets add utility in the same way that an iPhone application does. Web widgets are intended for use on (embedding in) webpages and have major implications in areas such as site performance. which can pay for the cost of the development when the widget's utility maps to the user's needs in a way where both parties gain. Usage in social media End users primarily use widgets to enhance their personal web experiences. (e. search bots can see the embed code for the widget itself.Web widget 59 Major widget types Widgets come in many shapes and sizes. Element of control One important factor with Widgets is that the host does not control the content.the blog which posted the Sports score widget might gain in having a stickier site). As an example. The developers of these widgets are often offering them as a form of sponsored content. Client-side widgets include pretty much anything rendered in JavaScript or Flash. it assures a large degree of mutual advantage and satisfaction with performance and content. Server-side widget content is visible to search engines. Widgetbox generate Web widgets that can be used on almost any website.g. The use of widgets has proven increasingly popular. a sports news brand might gain awareness and increased audience share in exchange for the utility of current game scores being instantly and dynamically available . Because the host can always take the Widget down. and will therefore not be seen as part of the content of your site. In both cases. but these are slightly harder to embed. Apple Desktop widgets can only be added to the desktop of your local (Apple) computer. where users of social media are able to add stand-alone applications to blogs. The content or the functionality it provides can not be modified by the host. but two of the major types today are Web widgets and Desktop widgets. One example is the Facebook “Secret Crush” widget. profiles and community pages. SEO and even backlink campaigns. reported in early 2008 by Fortinet as luring users to install Zango adware. or the web experiences of visitors to their personal sites.[1] SEO Considerations One major consideration in the use of web widgets is how they'll impact the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site. The content is pre-published by the publisher/author/service provider and the host can either accept that content or not use the widget. and do not impact SEO or webpage performance. so some of the SEO concern can be alleviated this way—but SEO should be part of your consideration in the use of any widget on your site.

blog.net. JSON and AJAX (http://widgets-gadgets.Characteristics and threats of Web 2.htm) . [2] http:/ / www. org/ 2008/ webapps/ wiki/ WidgetSpecs Further reading • Rajesh Lal. CSS. Users can obtain widgets and other widget management tools from various widget companies.anta.0 widgets . ISSN 1797-1993. Standards The W3C is creating a set of standards for web widgets [2] and there are several proprietary standards. Many blog systems come with built in widget management systems as plug-ins. References [1] "Widget inflicts malware . such as a blog or social networking home page. net/ 2008/ 01/ 05/ widget-inflicts-malware-facebook-ignores-advisory/ ).checkpoint.com/ ?page_id=2) (ISBN 9781450502283) External links • Check Point AppWiki (http://appwiki. anta. 2008-01-05.Facebook ignores advisory?" (http:/ / blog. . Retrieved 2008-01-05.com/appwiki/applications. Mobile Web widget A Mobile Web widget is a web widget that is made or designed for access on mobile device. Developing Web Widget with HTML.Web widget 60 Widget management systems Widget management systems offer a method of managing widgets that works on any web page. w3.

including non-Nokia [2] ones. External links • WidSets Official Website (http://www.com/A4361262) • Mobilise your Web with WidSets . Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). "Nokia admits killing off WidSets" (http:/ / www.WidSets 61 WidSets WidSets is a mobile runtime technology. and a mobile service powered by the said technology.uk/A4646046) .widsets. Further inquiries.[1] Widsets is a combined application and service that is similar to what a widget does on a desktop PC. It is both a widget engine and a widget deployment service where mini-applications called widgets can be uploaded to WidSets servers to be compiled and then automatically deployed to MIDP 2. news headlines retrievers and weather forecast information. from the Finnish mobile company Nokia.UK (http://www. html). on a wide variety of mobile phones. WidSets was officially launched in October 2006. and was regarded as a mobile counterpart to Netvibes. . The widgets are created using Extensible Markup Language (XML).0 for both the client and the SDK. com/ archives/ 2006/ 10/ mobile-20-nokia-launches-widse.[3] Example widgets include currency converters.com/) • Mobilise your Web with WidSets . widsets. uk/ 2009/ 06/ 30/ widsets_killed/ print. theregister.0 phones. WidSets are micro-applications intended to perform a single function. The Register. generally rely on some kind of web service to provide information to the user. References [1] WidSets Developer Wiki (http:/ / dev.nokia. WidSets. based on the Java MIDP 2. and Helium scripting language. and was told that WidSets was part of Ovi. It worked on all Java MIDP 2.Europe (http://europe. Retrieved 2009-08-29.0. html) [3] Ray.co. The current version as of May 2008 is version 2. lead to Nokia admitting that WidSets is no longer developed. co. oreilly. The Register asked Nokia about the status of WidSets in June 2009. com/ wiki/ Getting_started) [2] Mobile 2.nokia.0 compliant mobile phones running the WidSets client software.0: Nokia launches WidSets (http:/ / radar.0 platform. Bill (2009-07-30). like widgets. however.

and anyone can develop more gadgets. CPU Meter. Notes and Stocks gadgets. Feed Headlines. Picture Puzzle. Overview Windows Desktop Gadgets contains mini-applications or Gadgets which are based on a combination of Script and HTML. can perform various tasks. Feed Viewer. Gadgets can run "docked" in the sidebar or they can "float" anywhere on the desktop.Windows Desktop Gadgets 62 Windows Desktop Gadgets Windows Desktop Gadgets A component of Microsoft Windows Details Type Included with Replaces Desktop widget engine Windows Vista. Windows 7 Active Desktop Related components Microsoft Gadgets. Number Puzzle. It was introduced with Windows Vista. . Recycle Bin and Egg Timer were removed. Notes. Several gadgets ship with Windows. Its widgets. Microsoft provides a link to a web site called Windows Live Gallery where additional Sidebar gadgets that have been created by third party clients can be downloaded. such as displaying the time and date and showing the CPU usage. called Gadgets. Several other gadgets available during the Vista beta such as App Launcher. Stocks. in which it features a sidebar anchored to the side of the desktop. Windows 7 adds a Media Center gadget and removes the Contacts. Slide Show. Currency Conversion. Windows shell The Windows Desktop Gadgets (called Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista) is a widget engine for Microsoft Gadgets. and to control external applications such as Windows Media Player. Clock. It is also possible to run multiple instances of a gadget simultaneously. Contacts. They may be used to display information such as the system time and Internet-powered features such as RSS feeds. and Weather.[1] Windows Vista ships with eleven gadgets: Calendar.

Retrieved 2007-06-03. which appeared several years previously. Windows SuperSite. archive. aspx).microsoft. and the sidebar itself is not present.innovatewithgadgets. References [1] "Windows Sidebar" (http:/ / msdn.microsoft.html) .aspx?mkt=en-us) • Microsoft's Windows Vista page about the Windows Sidebar (http://www.aspx?msr_tr_id=MSR-TR-2001-83) • Microsoft Gadgets (http://microsoftgadgets. but these plans were scrapped after the Longhorn "reset" in mid-2004. and was originally intended to replace the notification area or Quick Launch toolbar in Windows. Retrieved 2008-09-18.msdn.[2] It had many similarities to current desktop gadget software.com/vista/SideBar.'s Mac OS X v10. Windows Sidebar was renamed Windows Desktop Gadgets. [2] "A Brief History of Windows Desktop Gadgets" (http:/ / web. com/ reviews/ longhorn_alpha.mspx) • Gadget Corner (http://blogs. microsoft. com/ en-us/ library/ aa965850(VS.com/sidebar/) — official Windows Sidebar and Microsoft Gadgets team blog • MSDN Windows Sidebar Reference (http://msdn.com/windowsvista/ features/foreveryone/sidebar.microsoft. Microsoft Corporation.gallery. ""Longhorn" Alpha Preview" (http:/ / www.microsoft. Microsoft. 2005.com/2007/01/ daily-dilbert-sidebar-gadget-for. winsupersite. 85). and IM integration. traffic reports. . . including a clock.Windows Desktop Gadgets 63 History Sidebar originated in a Microsoft Research project called Sideshow (not to be confused with Windows SideShow. In Windows 7.4.com/en-us/library/aa965850(VS.[3] The Windows Sidebar was rebuilt for and began to appear in Windows Vista builds in the second half of 2005.aspx) • Sideshow: Providing Peripheral Awareness of Important Information (http://research. aspx). Retrieved 2008-08-18. and was used internally at Microsoft. September 15. asp). Some reviewers and Macintosh enthusiasts have pointed out the Sidebar's similarities in form and function to Konfabulator (now Yahoo! Widget Engine). org/ web/ 20070621071923/ http:/ / microsoftgadgets. com/ blogs/ gadgetnews/ archive/ 2005/ 09/ 15/ 181. which had been released a few months earlier. [3] Thurrott.) It was developed in the summer of 2000.com/) • Creating a Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista (http://www.85). The Sidebar appeared in "Longhorn" (Windows Vista) builds as early as September 2002. Archived from the original (http:/ / microsoftgadgets.com/research/ pubs/view. Paul (2002-11-13). com/ blogs/ gadgetnews/ archive/ 2005/ 09/ 15/ 181. aspx) on 2007-06-21. . and the Dashboard widget engine first included with Apple Inc. External links • Microsoft Gadgets Gallery (http://vista.

IBM deployed XULRunner to provide Notes client support for XPages applications. Sunbird. Mozilla Firefox uses a "private" XULRunner. using the most recent Gecko engine. . based on the Mozilla 1.8 code base. Miro.1. JavaScript Operating system Cross-platform Type License Website Runtime environment Mozilla tri-license developer. Songbird. XUL.org/en/XULRunner [1] XULRunner is a runtime environment developed by the Mozilla Foundation to provide a common back-end for XUL user interface language applications. automation system.5. Starting with Lotus Notes version 8.9 were released in 2007. and TomTom Home 2. Applications using this application programming interface (API) may function with XULRunner installed and registered.0. The most recent releases of XULRunner are in the 5. a stalled project with a [2] similar purpose.XULRunner 64 XULRunner XULRunner Developer(s) Stable release Preview release Written in Mozilla Foundation and community 5. Starting with version 3. Flickr Uploadr. uses XULrunner.[3] Uses All XUL-based applications like Mozilla Firefox. and are built from the same source code snapshot as Firefox 5. The fourth version of the computer game series Simon the Sorcerer. XBL. It replaced the Gecko Runtime Environment.0 / June 16. 2011 8. the XULRunner package provides access to ActiveX Control functionality previously found in a (now defunct) third-party ActiveX Control built off the Mozilla source code.0a1 / July 6. The Google Adwords Editor uses XULRunner. 2011 C++. The first stable developer preview of XULRunner was released in February 2006.[4] meaning the framework is installed locally in the application directory.mozilla. Joost. and alpha versions based on Mozilla 1. SeaMonkey. Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens.0 branch. Conkeror. Mozilla Thunderbird. The eMusic website has a download application called eMusic Remote that uses XULRunner. [5] as does the Evergreen ILS. a free and open-source library In addition.0.0 run on XULRunner.

Retrieved 2011-07-05.100.[6] [7] [8] In a sample analysed on 3 August 2011.smedbergs. .9.com. Retrieved 2011-02-28. [5] "xulrunner-adwords-editor — Project Hosting on Google Code" (http:/ / code. mozilla. . 2009-12-01. [8] "Firefox Redirect Bug" (https:/ / support. it points at the IP 95.org/media/SU_Harnessing_the_Mozilla_platform/play.MozillaWiki" (https:/ / wiki.org.mozilla. mozilla. org/ en/ XULRunner_2.html) • Brian King 2005 Presentations Slides (http://brian.org/presentations/cyberpipe2005/slides. Code. Retrieved 2011-07-05. it was inserting an iframe into searches using the domain: http://<dotm>.mozilla.9.0 Release Notes . mozilla. the malware is stored in an unusual location in the Local AppData folder. Retrieved 2011-02-28. Developer. org/ en/ XULRunner [2] "GRE — Mozilla Developer Center" (https:/ / developer.1" (https:/ / bugzilla.9.org/en/XULRunner) XULRunner Hall of Fame (https://developer. Wiki. org/ show_bug. 2011-05-31. . 2011-05-31. . Retrieved 2011-03-23.9 timeframe) • XULRunner source code (http://ftp. References [1] http:/ / developer. [7] "xul runner 1.mozilla. External links XULRunner wiki site (https://wiki.1 is a form of malware masquerading as XULRunner that redirects Google search links to different websites. Retrieved 2011-07-05.org/XUL:Xul_Runner) XULRunner Documentation (https://developer.google.org/xulrunner/) • Brian King 2005 Media (http://video. [4] "XULRunner:Roadmap .paulwebber.mozilla.72 at leaseweb. mozilla.mozilla.XULRunner 65 Malware A Firefox extension called XULRunner 1. mozilla.org. com/ en-US/ questions/ 749007).org. rather than in the usual Firefox profile or program directories.html) • • • • . mozilla. mozilla.211. [3] "XULRunner 2.php?n=<malware distributors tag?> As of 3 August 2011.mozilla. 0_Release_Notes). mozilla. 2011-05-31.net/ffeed.mozilla. [6] "XULRunner 1. Retrieved 2011-02-28. . . org/ XULRunner:Roadmap). Developer.org.MDC" (https:/ / developer. org/ en/ GRE). com/ p/ xulrunner-adwords-editor/ ). mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org. com/ en-US/ questions/ 749007).kiberpipa.org/en/XULRunner_Hall_of_Fame) XULRunner: What we are doing (http://benjamin.mozdev.us/blog/2007-05-15/ xulrunner-what-we-are-doing/) (Mozilla plans for the 1. On a user's Windows computer. cgi?id=660924). mozilla.org.1 added mysteriously-redirects google" (https:/ / support. . google.

and a calendar among other things. This causes all widgets to be brought to the foreground. Initially called Konsposé (alluding to Mac OS X's Exposé). Should a problem occur with a Konfabulator widget requiring it to be shut down. thus improving the stability of the software application as a whole.[6] Each widget runs in its own system process. but after being acquired by computer services company Yahoo! it was rebranded. a digital clock. The engine uses a JavaScript runtime environment combined with an XML interpreter to run small applications referred to as widgets. it was renamed to "Heads-Up Display" with the release of Yahoo! Widget Engine.5. Widgets can also be set to be Konsposé-only.[3] dedicated countdown timers.yahoo.0 / June 25. and all other applications to be dimmed. Heads-Up Display/Konsposé Yahoo! Widgets provides a feature that can quickly bring all open widgets to the top of the desktop. Features Yahoo! Widget Engine includes some default widgets to get users started. separate from other widgets and the main Konfabulator system process itself. 2009 Operating system Mac OS X. meaning that they will only appear when Konsposé is activated. Microsoft Windows Type License Website Widget engine Modified BSD Licence (See the EULA in the app) widgets.2.Yahoo! Widgets 66 Yahoo! Widgets Yahoo! Widgets Developer(s) Stable release Yahoo! Widgets Team 4.[7] A disadvantage of doing this. and hence is part of a class of software applications called widget engines. that particular widget can be shut down without affecting other widgets or the main Konfabulator application.[2] The name Konfabulator was subsequently reinstated as the name of the underlying rendering engine. The software was previously called Konfabulator.[4] simple RSS feed readers. including a weather widget.[8] . however.com [1] Yahoo! Widgets is a free application platform for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It can be activated by pressing a hotkey (set by the user). Some of the most downloaded ones include a world timezone clock.[5] and webcam viewers. is the extra computer memory needed for each process to run.

Canvas "images" can be saved to either a JPG or PNG image file.8. For users who prefer not to have a dock visible all the time. allowing development of widgets using HTML and JavaScript as well as the capabilities of Flash. SQLite has been included in the engine. so they have the ability to display multiple images and text. allowing developers to create and modify databases. Originally released on February 10. Apple released a similar widget engine. as well as file input/output. Konfabulator's main commercial competitor on the Windows platform is DesktopX. and AppleScript on Mac. and animator objects to aid in visual effects. 2005. show a widget's preferences. . When rolled over with the mouse. the dock helps users manage their widgets with buttons to close a widget. gDesklets (for GNOME). and timers. when it was sold to Yahoo!.[9] Widgets that do not specify images are either provided with their screen-shot from the official widget gallery [10] or the default widget icon. The JavaScript engine used by Konfabulator uses the Mozilla SpiderMonkey implementation.5 standards (equivalent to ECMAScript 262 edition 3. so Flash is supported through the use of a separate native object.95). 2007. with Mozilla extensions). US$19. and conforms to the Mozilla JavaScript version 1. or even close entirely.0. Developer/API features The Yahoo! Widget Engine (Konfabulator) has a very flexible application programming interface (API) based on JavaScript with many features useful to developers. Also included with 4.Yahoo! Widgets 67 (The) Dock With the introduction of Yahoo! Widget Engine 4. developed by Stardock. 2004 with the release of version Konfabulator 1. the dock has options to auto-hide when not active. or a [11] Another new weather forecaster. Also added to text objects is support for simple CSS styles for formatting. The WebKit support does not include plugins. as part of its Mac OS X Tiger operating system. With the introduction of the dock. released on November 29. A few basic features include items such as text-areas. widgets can set their own dock icons. this feature was enabled for all third-party widget authors on August 17. the engine has included a feature called the dock.5. Perry Clarke. and SuperKaramba (for KDE). The dock shows all widgets with representative icons.0 is the ability to automatically check gallery downloaded widgets for updates. Other features include the ability to download webpages from the Internet. which allows vector drawing. A built in interface allows widget developers to run OS specific code such as shell scripts and COM applications on Windows. introduced support for both WebKit and Adobe Flash. As of Yahoo! Widget Engine 4. This is useful to widgets designed to be such things as a clock.0. and reveal a widget from the head-up display. feature included in version 4. Shortly prior to this.[12] Yahoo! Widgets 4. images. with the release of version 2. Other programs offering similar functionality include Kapsules and AveDesk (for Windows).1 on July 25. both shown on the right.0 is the Canvas class. 2003 as a Mac OS X only application which cost $24. its Windows version was released on November 8.[13] [14] History Initial development Yahoo! Widgets was originally developed as Konfabulator. 2007. Previously only available to official Yahoo! Widgets. and Ed Voas. by a core development team consisting of Arlo Rose. and made freeware with the release of Konfabulator 2. Dashboard.95 (and later. Dock icons support a small subset of the engine's features.0.

when Perry Clarke (who would later become one of the core developers of Konfabulator) heard about his idea and agreed to work with him on the project. but later he created a working prototype and presented it to the Konfabulator development team within two days. the first cross-platform version of Konfabulator. Konfabulator 2. platform-specific. and vice-versa. and to provide a proper information source for widget developers (some of whom were scraping web sites for information for their widgets). a skinning program for the Apple Macintosh operating systems. 2005 Konfabulator was acquired by Yahoo!. improved functionality. In July 2003. In response to the demand for Konfabulator.[17] .95 (this was after many users. and Yahoo! released Konfabulator for free. and a marked down price of US$19. and then tried pitching his idea to other software programmers. the Universal binary of the Yahoo! Widget Engine. Yahoo! said the reason they purchased Konfabulator was that they wanted an easy way to open up its APIs to the widget developer community and allow them easy access to the information on the Yahoo! Web site. akin to WindowBlinds. and companies were seeking to use Konfabulator in their projects. the Konfabulator development team decided to sell Konfabulator to Yahoo!.0 of Konfabulator. In November 2004. the underlying engine continued to be branded as Konfabulator until December 2005. Rose and Clarke launched version 1. while it was still in development. and its popularity soared as a result. widgets could be built without having to scrape or search web sites in order to get information regarding the APIs for widgets and the Konfabulator framework. Konfabulator 1. of Konfabulator. version 3."[15] Prior to this. Ed Voas. was released. users of Konfabulator were highly impressed with the idea of widgets. also left the team. left the Yahoo! Widgets [16] followed later by Arlo Rose himself. especially Windows users used to the idea of freeware and other cheaper widget engines. He was unsuccessful until the year 2002. however. was made available to users of Intel-based Macintosh computers. 2005. 2006. the first major release of Konfabulator since version 1.4. was released. and would later become the third member of Konfabulator's core development team) to develop a Windows version for them. 2003. he had experience with Kaleidoscope. Rose and Clarke started working on a Windows version with another software programmer. Initially he declined. but internal differences broke them up and they were forced to scrap the work already done. He coined the term "Konfabulator" to describe his idea. The popularity of Konfabulator accelerated soon after that. complained about the high price). On February 10. the original engineer of the Mac version of the widget engine. In August 2006. Some widgets developed later were. Whilst the Konfabulator framework was renamed Yahoo! Widgets. In August 2008.1. 68 Yahoo! acquires Konfabulator On July 25. A few months later. When it was finally released. In doing this. when Arlo Rose saw how he could skin the MP3 media player running on his computer. Later.8.0 (sometimes shortened to K:2). something which surprised the developers of Konfabulator.95 from the previous US$24. Before the launch. Due to its popularity. Rose created a teaser web site asking visitors what Konfabulator is. Rose and Clarke had to quit their jobs to work on Konfabulator full-time. thus making most Konfabulator widgets truly cross-platform capable. along with a visual overhaul of widgets.Yahoo! Widgets The idea of Konfabulator originated in 1998. On May 23. His idea was to "skin any information you wanted to see on your desktop. on May 18. Perry Clarke.0. who developed the first Windows version team. Windows users were pleased with the fact that most Konfabulator widgets for the Mac OS X operating system could run seamlessly on their Windows machines. Rose persuaded Ed Voas (who was then a friend of Rose and had 10 years of software programming experience at Apple Computer.

com.yahoo. 2007 (2007-12-14). Widgets.konfabulator.Yahoo! Widgets" (http:/ / widgets. .com/) Yahoo! Widgets gallery (http://widgets. yahoo. php?showtopic=24083). [14] December 14th.net. konfabulator. htm). com/ wwhelp/ wwhimpl/ common/ html/ wwhelp.com. . ars/17) from John Siracusa's review of Mac OS X v10. [5] "NewsStand .net. Retrieved 2009-03-21. yahoo. . Widgets. Widgets. yahoo.Yahoo! Widgets 69 References [1] http:/ / widgets. .com. Retrieved 2009-03-21. [15] "Konfabulator's History" (http:/ / www. com/ l/ us/ yahoo/ widgets/ widget/ general/ general-07. "Yahoo! Widgets Blog .We're baa-aack! (http:/ / widgets. com/ [2] "Konfabulator now Yahoo Widgets" (http:/ / websearch. .com. . [13] November 29th. php?showtopic=20009). "Yahoo! Widgets Blog . [7] "Widget Runtime" (http:/ / manual. Widgets.yahoo. Retrieved 2009-01-26.cnet.Konfabulator Forums" (http:/ / www2.yahoo.It's Here!" (http:/ / widgets. html) on Konfabultor's web site. Help. com/ gallery [11] March 22nd. html). widgets.5 is Here!" (http:/ / widgets. Retrieved 2009-03-21.yahoo.com/showPage.Yahoo! Widgets" (http:/ / widgets. .com/index. as illustrated by Vera Brosgol [16] Yahoo! Widgets Blog . html). 2007 (2007-03-22). [12] "Widget Update Check Activated For Everyone . konfabulator.net. yahoo.Yahoo! Widgets" (http:/ / widgets. yahoo. 2007 (2007-11-29). Retrieved 2009-03-21. "Leaving the Fold" (http:/ / www2. . yahoo. Retrieved 2009-03-21.Yahoo! Widgets 4. Retrieved 2009-03-21. yahoo. "Yahoo! Widgets Blog . Ed (2008-08-07).4 for Ars Technica • Comparison of Dashboard and Konfabulator (http://daringfireball.com. . net/ blog/ ?p=31). yahoo. [9] July 26th.yahoo.Current Events in Developer Town" (http:/ / widgets. [8] "What does Heads Up Display mode do? .yahoo. konfabulator. com/ forums/ index.yahoo. [3] "World Clock Pro .Konfabulator 4. Widgets. [10] http:/ / widgets.com/gallery/) Why Yahoo! Bought Konfabulator (http://searchenginewatch.html) CNET Networks Dashboard and Konfabulator comparisons • Comparison of Dashboard and Konfabulator (http://arstechnica.net/2004/06/dashboard_vs_konfabulator) from Daring Fireball's John Gruber . "Yahoo! Widgets Blog .com/8301-17938_105-10217972-1.asp?AID=34276) Yahoo Widgets hands-on review (http://news. about. net/ blog/ ?p=20).yahoo. yahoo.Yahoo! Widgets" (http:/ / widgets. yahoo. net/ blog/ ?p=32). yahoo.5: Cool Developer Features" (http:/ / widgets. . Retrieved 2009-03-21. com/ widgets/ world-clock-pro). 2007 (2007-07-26). com/ forums/ index. . . Widgets.com.Widgets" (http:/ / help. [6] "WebImages . Retrieved 2009-03-21. com/ cartoon/ partOne. Retrieved 2009-03-21. com/ widgets/ generic-countdown-timer). com/ widgets/ newsstand). [4] "Generic Countdown Timer .yahoo. net/ blog/ ?p=4) [17] Voas. External links • • • • • Yahoo! Widgets official website (http://widgets. net/ blog/ ?p=25).joeuser. Retrieved 2009-03-21. Widgets. Widgets.html?page=3526351) DesktopX/Konfabulator comparison (http://www.yahoo. com/ widgets/ webimages). .yahoo.net. com/ b/ 2005/ 12/ 13/ konfabulator-now-yahoo-widgets. yahoo. Konfabulator forum. htm?context=Konfabulator_HTML& file=Advanced_WidgetRuntime.com/apple/reviews/2005/04/macosx-10-4. yahoo. .

03 / May 28.cowsay 70 cowsay cowsay Original author(s) Tony Monroe Stable release Written in Operating system Available in License Website 3. / ---------------------------------------\ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || || . Additionally. In 2007 it was highlighted as a Debian package of the day.cow files for Cowsay exist which are able to produce different variants of "cows". It is more or less a joke within hacker culture. There is also a related program called cowthink. they have new mail. with cows with thought bubbles rather than speech bubbles. and in software documentation.[5] Example The Unix command fortune can also be piped into the cowsay command: baldur@baldur-desktop:~$ fortune | cowsay ________________________________________ / You have Egyptian flu: you're going to \ \ be a mummy. desktop screenshots. but has been around long enough that its use is rather widespread. 2000 Perl Cross-platform English Artistic License / GNU General Public License [1] cowsay is a program which generates ASCII pictures of a cow with a message. with different kinds of "eyes". it is quite adaptable to the Common Gateway Interface. such as telling users their home directories are full.[4] Cowsay is written in the Perl programming language. et cetera. and as such is easily adaptable to system tasks in Unix.[2] It can also generate pictures using pre-made images of other animals. and so forth.[3] It is sometimes used on IRC. _______________________ < Typical cowsay output! > ----------------------\ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || || .

“Tired”.. [6] Manually specifies the cow′s tongue shape. ignoring any value of -W Specifies width of the speech balloon in columns.cow file from which to load alternative ASCII art. -W -b -d -g -p -s -t -w -y -e eye_string -T tongue_string -f cowfile .--.g. e. cowsay -T \(\) for a pair of parentheses. / ----------------------------------------\ \ . Accepts both absolute file-paths and those relative to the environment variable COWPATH. to represent smaller eyes. uses XX. “Dead”. plus a descending U to represent an extruded tongue. Default value is 40. characters in a monospace font. “Wired”. i. “Paranoid”.g. Width in columns becomes that of the longest line. uses --. “Greedy”. uses ** to represent bloodshot eyes. but you can \ \ stay immature indefinitely. “Stoned”. uses @@. uses . -l Lists the names of available cow-files in the COWPATH directory instead of displaying a quote. “Borg mode”. uses $$. Specifies a . one can exchange the cow with Tux. allowing the cow to speak FIGlet or to display other embedded ASCII art.cowsay And using the parameter -f followed by tux. cowsay -e ^^ (see Eastern-style emoticon).e. uses OO. “Youthful”. [6] Manually specifies the cow′s eye-type. the Linux mascot: baldur@baldur-desktop:~$ fortune | cowsay -f tux _________________________________________ / You are only young once. uses == in place of oo for the cow′s eyes. |o_o | |:_/ | // \ \ (| | ) /'\_ _/`\ \___)=(___/ 71 Parameters Option -n Purpose Disables word wrap. e.

debian. which was developed for the Macintosh by Jens Alfke and included by Apple in System 7 in 1994.linux. External links • • • • • Cowsay distribution (http://www. [4] "cowsay: a configurable talking and thinking cow" (http:/ / debaday. Mac OS X has its own built-in desktop note functionality through Dashboard. Using a pre-defined cow-face will over-ride any value of -e and -T.uk/xcowsay/) Desktop notes Desktop notes are computer applications that allow putting Post-it note-like windows on the screen. com/ tutorials/ article. an application that has notes and other desktop widgets.me. [5] Serverwatch Article (http:/ / www. net/ ~tony/ warez/ cowsay. which has the Notes "gadget". html) [3] "Richard Stallman for cowsay" (http:/ / crunchbang. Also you can find other. On Linux. in which the notes can be freely repositioned on the screen. whereas KDE (K Desktop Environment) has a desktop notes application called Knote. . a desktop note application for KDE On Microsoft Windows.net/~tony/warez/cowsay. org/ archives/ 2007/ 10/ 05/ a-virtual-richard-stallman-for-cowsay-hack/ ). . desktop note applications like ShixxNOTE[3] which have more options than Windows 7 stand-alone application Sticky Notes.6." On Windows 7. desktop note applications have been included by default since Windows Vista. net/ ?m=200710). short notes and other clippings. Screenshot of Knotes. but most applications support other colours and more elaborate designs. net/ issue67/ orr. . free or non free. has a built in "sticky notes" feature available. nog. like their real-world counterpart. The GNOME desktop. php/ 3756151) [6] Characters other than printable in C0 controls and basic Latin (U+0021– U+007E) will not display properly as these parameters accept only the first two bytes of input value.doof. Debian Package of the Day. notes and remainders in a quick and easy way. As Microsoft states in its description. [2] It is used as part of Windows Sidebar. shtml [2] Linux Gazette Issue 67 (http:/ / linuxgazette. October 28. the successor to Vista. with reminders.11#L196) CGI frontend to Cowsay (http://www.php) Another web frontend to Cowsay (http://moo. this functionality is replaced by a stand-alone application called Sticky Notes.nog.no/source/arch/parisc/kernel/traps. desktop notes have existed for quite some time. which is used by default on Ubuntu. The earliest-known desktop note application is Stickies.shtml) Cowsay in Linux Kernel (http://lxr.uk/cowsay.cowsay 72 List all forms On Linux/Unix you can list all the available forms of cowsay beasts using this command: cowsay -l | grep -v "^Cow" | sed -e "s% %\n%g" | sed -e "s%\(. They are typically rectangular and yellow.*\)%cowsay -f \1 Now I am a \1%" | sh | less References [1] http:/ / www. "Notes" can be used to "Capture ideas. serverwatch.co.org) Graphical cowsay for X Window system (http://www.c?v=2. 2007.[1] A number of applications have duplicated the functionality of Stickies on other platforms.neteril.linuxbox.

Thought Palace. 2010.net application" (http:/ / www. com/ 1997/ 04/ they-made-me-an-offer-i-couldnt-refuse/ ). gallery.Desktop notes 73 References [1] Jens Alfke (April 13. aspx?mkt=en-us) [3] "ShixxNOTE 6. mooseyard. [2] "Windows Vista Sidebar" (http:/ / vista. com/ vista/ SideBar. microsoft. com) . Retrieved January 18. . 1997). "They Made Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse" (http:/ / jens. shixxnote.

. PC World (Washington Post). tv Take Control Desktop YouTube and Social Media Application Optional Available language(s) All Launched Current status June 2007 Active DeskTube is a desktop application that allows users to browse and search YouTube videos. In 2009. com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2009/ 08/ 20/ AR2009082004293. DeskTube was found by the Washington Post as a much easier way to surf YouTube content. a programmer. Instead of using a web browser. Founded in 2007. Ian (2009-08-24). References [1] Harac. Damon. Interactive Broadcasting. DeskTube and many other programs are moving to a different technological way of managing social media for different types of users.tv/) . DeskTube is built with Adobe AIR. washingtonpost. Thanks to DeskTube" (http:/ / www. many companies are moving to applications that access the internet. "Watch YouTube Without a Browser. decided that YouTube would be a lot better experience through the use of an application. html). which users must download first in order to utilize the program. URL Slogan Type of site Registration http:/ / www. History DeskTube was founded in June 2007. access Twitter and [1] Facebook accounts all from the same location.DeskTube 74 DeskTube DeskTube Live. desktube. External links • Official website (http://www. Instead of logging onto your web browser each time.desktube. Retrieved 13 September 2009. users could just launch the application and immediately access their media information.

The object of the game was cruel but humorous as the player would have to shave the cats. ね こ ) is the Japanese word for cat. Neko (wiktionary:猫 . I love Neko! Other appearances The Neko Cat has been used as a sprite in many other programs. Neko falling asleep and waking up again.kochamsoftware.html) • Kocham Software (http://www. followed by an X version by Masayuki Koba. yawn. The game was a parody of a game called Bunny Killer.Dashboard Widgets . it would stare at the screen for a few seconds. About Neko Neko was originally written for the NEC PC-9801. Sean Quinn is no longer an independent developer.apple. In the game. the cursor could be modified to various cat toys such as a mouse.) It reached #7 on the top widget downloads on the Apple Inc. and fall asleep until the cursor was disturbed. with various layers of fur. as they ran across the screen within a limited time. a shareware game for the Macintosh called Kitten Shaver had used sprites that looked similar to Neko.com/downloads/dashboard/ justforfun/mezmerize. In windowed mode. When Neko caught up with the cursor. a sprite would follow the mouse cursor around. • In 1995.com/) Neko (computer program) Neko is a cross-platform open-source animated cursor-chasing cat screenmate application. Neko would stop at window boundaries and scratch at the edge of the window. . In the System 7 version. It is currently on version 2.Mezmerize (http://www. It is currently developed by Sean Quinn (not to be confused with the Irish Entrepreneur. download page.Mezmerize (software) 75 Mezmerize (software) Mezmerize is a widget for Mac OS X that displays Quartz Composer animations.Download . or bird. References External links • Apple . fish. he works with a friend in a software "company" called Kocham Software. It was later ported as a desk accessory to the Macintosh in 1989 by Kenji Gotoh. scratch an itch on its body.

bebits. media. ported by David Harvey from the X source. . [10] Rosenbaum. • Neko was available on Acorn Computers' RISC OS • It has been ported to Mac OS X. "Fur flies over squirrel" (http:/ / www. net "Arduino Neko Touchscreen Program" (http:/ / ee. • A port of Neko is used as a demo program for the XCB library. along with the Dec Alpha & MIPS versions of Windows NT.91a to version .org Peterson.saver waited 5 years to move from version . ee. shytkhs. S. 2007). Retrieved 2007-05-08.92.5 [5] ported by Jayson Ragasa [6] from Baguio City. com/ 2007/ 05/ 08/ Tampabay/ Artist_s_work_looked_. after Todd Goldman admitted to committing plagiarism by copying a webcomic panel into a painting and labeling the painting as his work. April 12. [9] " Todd Goldman issues apology (http:/ / pwbeat. [3] • There is an Xneko live wallpaper for Android called Xnekodroid • An Opera widget is available at [4]. shtml).4 and up here [1]. • Neko has been ported to many other systems.I. • A port was made for Windows Mobile 6. publishersweekly. html [2] http:/ / www. net/ post/ Neko-for-Windows-Mobile-65-(ONLY!!). xnekodroid& feature=search_result [4] http:/ / widgets. 2007. • There is also a Neko screensaver for NEXTSTEP.5. The screensaver Neko. The St. . com/ details?id=jp. splook. The Las Vegas Sun." "The Beat. opera. org/ 2010/ 12/ 25/ arduino-ks0108-touchscreen-neko-program/ )." Publishers Weekly. An enhanced version of this program by John Yanarella is available at BeBits [2]. Petersburg Times. a port based on xneko. walfas. sptimes. named NekoCat. "Artist's work looked familiar" (http:/ / www. • Ports have been made for the x64 version of Windows. android. Retrieved 2007-05-16. for Linux and BSD systems. a universal binary. aspx http:/ / jaysonragasa.1. • A port. • Oneko. Philippines • There are some ports of Neko by fans to the Arduino micro controller boards. com/ app/ 799 [3] https:/ / market. was made by Laurent Duveau for Palm OS. com/ widget/ 9602/ [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / jaysonragasa. . There's also a free-standing application for OS X 10. • IBM OS/2 version 2. that a sequel called Kitten Shaver 2: Kitty's Revenge was released in 1997.[7] • In the 2000s. com/ news/ 2007/ apr/ 12/ fur-flies-over-squirrel/ ).0 shipped with Neko as an entertainment program. • A BeOS version was written from scratch by Greg Weston as a demonstration of Be's "replicants" technology. 2007). lasvegassun. • A port named WebNeko is available for the iPhone. other bloggers accused Goldman of copying Neko and using it as "Goodbye Kitty. (May 8.walfas. Neko for Windows Mobile 6.[8] [9] [10] 76 References [1] http:/ / www. Kristen (April 12. • A port was made for Microsoft Windows 3. • A Neko character is available for the linux toy AMOR (Amusing Misuse Of Resources). com/ Software/ Neko.Neko (computer program) Kitten Shaver was such a success. com/ blog/ 2007/ 04/ 12/ todd-goldman-issues-apology/ ). • A port was made for Windows 95." Goldman denies these allegations.

Dec Alpha & MIPS version of Neko • Neko for Windows Mobile 6.mac.com/neko_mac/index.Funny games employing Neko • Neko x64 (http://virtuallyfun.html) • Original Mac version (WayBack Machine link due to Geocities closing) (http://web.com/us/app/webneko/id373366400?mt=8) • Neko games (http://www.Website to download Neko.com) .apple.archive.saver (http://homepage.nekogames.com/takashi_hamada/Acti/MacOSX/Neko/index.geocities. • Neko.com/?p=217) .net (http://webneko.net/post/Neko-for-Windows-Mobile-65-(ONLY!!).html) • iPhone version (http://itunes.superglobalmegacorp.Links to Windows x64.net/) .org/web/ 20030422144605/http://www.Neko (computer program) 77 External links • WebNeko.aspx) Neko for Windows Mobile 6.5 (http://jaysonragasa.5 .

Screenshot of ShixxNOTE 6. When one user send note to other users. Features It is multithread client/server network tool that works as desktop notes (like sticky post-it notes) that could be send through LAN. Alarm. Note color. Internet or via e-mail to other users. otherwise program will use Windows Messenger Service . paragraph format and other settings can be changed. font. 2007) [ +/− (March.com [3] ShixxNOTE is a desktop notes. size. instant messenger (LAN messenger) and a communications tool used across a local area network (LAN). It is network enabled desktop sticky notes (post-it) program.net Developer(s) Initial release Stable release Preview release Written in Operating system Available in Type License Website Ozren Sirola April 2004 (January.shixnote. 2011) [ +/− [1] ] [2] ] Microsoft Visual C++ Windows English desktop notes. backup and restore function are applied. Alarm and expiration for any note might be set. they will receive exactly the same note on their desktop if recipient have also program installed.ShixxNOTE 78 ShixxNOTE ShixxNOTE Screenshot of the program note menu running on Windows Vista Selected note menu item is "Send note to" and subitem is previously saved group of recipient(s) named "Vista Computer"). Internet and e-mail. Custom note colors (themes) can be saved. personal organizer program. LAN messenger Proprietary commercial software www.

Program got so many awards (5 stars) and reviews in many respectable software magazines and sites. (note menu "Send note to" then select "Other") Program history • • • • Version 4. WinPopup) and on recipient computer message box will appear with note text and sender name. Tucows [9]. [5] Press about the program ShixxNOTE 6. etc. It has been published and reviewed on best Croatian computer magazines (BUG [6] rated program 10/10). and it is pretty hard to forget something that is written on them. CNet. Screenshot of the note main menu (selected note menu item is "Send note to").net build 125 released on December 22. [4] • Important security bug fixed (buffer overflow in ShixxNote 6.net (released August 2003) Version 6.net build 117 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long font field. Screenshot of program "Send note to" dialog. It is listed on an almost every shareware download sites (Download. The sticky notes appear "stuck" on your desktop.net (released April 2002) Version 5.net (released January 2005) Version 7. 79 Screenshot of a computer desktop running ShixxNOTE program on Windows XP platform.ShixxNOTE (NET SEND command.net build 117) in version of ShixxNOTE 6. BestShareware. . It makes writing notes to your self or to your colleagues very easy and instant.net Beta (will be released in December 2011) Known problems • Buffer overflow in ShixxNote 6. 2006. SnapFiles [10] . Check it on Google and see it for yourself.com [7].net program has received many awards. Softpedia [8] Editor's Review "Communication Has Never Been Easier".

but support web page [11] and documentation is not available in Croatian. shixxnote. download. wikipedia. shixxnote.net [4] retrieved January 8. asp [14] http:/ / shixxnote. External links • • • • ShixxNOTE 6. mitre. com [10] http:/ / www. tucows. ShixxNOTE Official Blog Site [14] Buffer overflow in ShixxNote 6. Download. org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_preview_software_release%2Fshixxnote?action=edit& preload=Template:LSR/ syntax [3] http:/ / www. retrieved January 8. blogster. html [6] http:/ / www. 2006. com/ reviews/ ShixxNOTE/ shixxnote. html?tag=tab_rev/ [13] http:/ / www. com/ html/ what_s_new. pcworld. References • • • • • • Softpedia Editor's Review [8]. com/ .net Home page [3] ShixxNOTE Official Blog where more documentation and help can be found [14] ShixxNOTE WordPress Blog [16] ShixxNOTE Blogster Blog [17] References [1] http:/ / en. com/ 2007/ 01/ new-release-december-2006. 2006. ShixxNOTE Lite . org/ cgi-bin/ cvename. com/ [15] http:/ / www. com [12] http:/ / www. cgi?name=CVE-2004-1595 [5] http:/ / shixxnote.ShixxNOTE 80 Criticism • ShixxNOTE is Croatian shareware program. com/ [17] http:/ / shixxnote. download. com/ reviews/ windows/ ShixxNOTE-6-net-Review-39899. shtml [9] http:/ / www.fid. wordpress. 2006. retrieved November 10.net) [15] retrieved December 22. bug.30442. com/ downloads/ file_description/ 0. 2006. com/ ShixxNote/ 3000-2347_4-10282230. html?tag=lst-0-1 [8] http:/ / www. 2006. retrieved January 8. com/ ShixxNote/ 3003-2347_4-10282230. blogspot. snapfiles. html [11] http:/ / www. cve. org/ wiki/ Template%3Alatest_stable_software_release%2Fshixxnote?action=edit& preload=Template:LSR/ syntax [2] http:/ / en. wikipedia. com/ [4] http:/ / www. Security bug fixed (Buffer overflow in ShixxNote 6. blogspot.Description supplied by the developer [13] PC World. softpedia. html [16] http:/ / shixxnote. hr [7] http:/ / www.com Editor's review [12]. shixxnote.00.

e. An updated version of Stickies (Core Data Stickies) was included in the Xcode developer examples in Mac OS X Tiger.[2] During the transition to Mac OS X. styled text and the ability to embed pictures in notes. Similar applications are available for most operating systems. Mac OS 9. A generic term for such applications is "desktop notes". PDFs.com/macosx/features [1] Stickies is a Macintosh notetaking application for putting Post-it note-like windows on the screen with short reminders. Typed contents are automatically stored and restored when the application is restarted. 2011 Operating system System 7. Mac OS 8. ~/Library/StickiesDatabase) • Search data: Press Command-F to search for words or phrases within a sticky note • Create a note from selection: In a Cocoa-based application (such as the Safari web browser). it was rewritten in Cocoa. Complementary to the Stickies application a feature reduced version of Stickies is one of the widgets included with Dashboard since Mac OS X v10. images. select some text and press Command-Shift-Y to create a new sticky note with that text selection.5 in 1994. just by dragging them into the sticky note. . • Backup data: Stickies keeps all information in a self-contained database. What Stickies can do • Float above all windows: Press Command-Option-F with a sticky note selected and it will float above any other windows that are visible • Translucent: Press Command-Option-T with a sticky note selected and it will become translucent • Embed other media: Add other media besides text. and is still included in Mac OS X.4. now with features such as transparent notes. The database can be backed up by copying the file StickiesDatabase which is located in a user's Library directory (i. Alfke originally developed it in his free time as Antler Notes and intended to release it as shareware doing business as Antler Software. but discovered that they already legally owned it under the terms of his employment. The first version of Stickies was written by Apple employee Jens Alfke and included in System 7.0 (800) / July 20. such as QuickTime movies. Mac OS X Type Website Post-it note-like notetaking software apple.Stickies (software) 81 Stickies (software) Stickies Developer(s) Stable release Apple Computer 8. notes and other clippings. Apple planned to acquire it from him.

9. Thought Palace. apple. 0.Stickies (software) 82 References [1] http:/ / www. the software library Dashboard runs on).9.0 beta (it includes a newer version of WebKit.com/ [1] Wikipedia Widget is a Dashboard widget for viewing and editing Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia:Wikipedia Widget Wikipedia Widget Developer(s) Stable release Sean Timothy Billig 0. com/ 1997/ 04/ they-made-me-an-offer-i-couldnt-refuse/ ).9. 2010.4 Platform Type Website Dashboard Widget whatsinthehouse.2 was issued to provide compatibility with the Safari 3.1 added support for editing.2 / 2006-06-12 at 7:54pm Operating system Mac OS X v10. . whatsinthehouse. com/ widgets/ . 1997). Retrieved January 18. com/ macosx/ features/ [2] Jens Alfke (April 13. "They Made Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse" (http:/ / jens. mooseyard. External links • Wikipedia Widget homepage [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Version 0.

such as reading. skating. sourceforge. A Microsoft Windows version of the program. XPenguins is an X Window System screenmate program that shows an animation of various penguins involved in various activities. External links • XPenguins Web page [1] • WinPenguins Web page [2] References [1] http:/ / xpenguins. The program moves the penguins around as if the windows were solid objects the penguins could stay. The penguins on the left and below the ballons are falling. The penguin images are mostly taken from the Pingus game. has been developed by Michael Vines. one theme included in the standard XPenguins distribution is based on drawings supposedly depicting Bill Gates. or skate on. falling. etc. walk. org/ [2] http:/ / winpenguins. called WinPenguins. The program is configurable to use an arbitrary theme—a set of images to be used in place of the standard penguin cartoons. digging.XPenguins 83 XPenguins XPenguins A screenshot of XPenguins. seul. net/ . For example. The program has been written and is currently maintained by Robin Hogan.

In 1993. Therefore it does not classify as 'Public Domain' software. but I retain all rights. It *is* allowed to package Xsnow for Unix/Linux distributions. Variants • At least one free variant with source code has been published for Windows by Revenger. This version is snow-only and does not use code from the Xsnow codebase. The Unix-based ports include the source code in order to allow compiling to other platforms. the concept was ported to the X Window System as Xsnow. and was included on a number of Linux distributions in the late 1990s. CD-Roms etc. but the software is not considered free software in the strictest sense. License Xsnow is available freely and you may give it to other people as is. Inc. and to make the necessary changes to makefiles etc.Xsnow 84 Xsnow Xsnow is a software application that was originally created as a virtual greeting card for Macintosh systems in 1984. • MacPorts has a source code build for Mac OS X that's not the shareware version. Licensing Even though Xsnow was distributed with Sample output of Xsnow 1.42 on a KDE/Linux system earlier versions of Linux. its most recent versions are shareware Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X ports with added features. to facilitate this.exe" . • BSnow. a snow only replicant for BeOS is bundled with Haiku External links • • • • • Xsnow homepage [1]: free & shareware versions Xsnow for BeOS [2] Xsnow for Mac OS X [3]: independent build Older copy of Xsnow on IBiblio [4] Revenger Inc's variant [5]: Windows "snow.

ibiblio. com/ app/ 1804 [3] http:/ / db. xs4all. macports.Xsnow 85 References [1] http:/ / dropmix. bebits. html . nl/ rick/ Xsnow/ [2] http:/ / www. monctoncomputerservice. org/ port/ show/ 3957 [4] http:/ / www. com/ revenger_inc/ download. org/ pub/ Linux/ X11/ screensavers/ [5] http:/ / www.

entertainment and news content direct to the desktop. Zebtab was selected as one of the 20 most exciting UK tech companies to visit Silicon Valley in Apr 08 as part of the Web Mission[8] . news. Company Zebtab is a registered trademark of Zebtab Ltd. zebtab. Technology Zebtab is a downloadable application for PC’s. herringevents.Net technology. zebtab. thtml) [3] Man Utd Desktop (http:/ / www. Individual channels can be personalised further ensuring relevant content is delivered. text. built on Microsoft . org/ content_delivery_and_distribution/ rss-really-simple-syndication/ RSS-what-it-is-best-uses-applications-guide-20071120.Robin Good's Latest News (http:/ / www. The most popular channels on Zebtab are Manchester United[3] and Setanta Sports[4] . com/ 2100-1014_3-6211004. The company is part of the Microsoft Accelerator Programme[6] . com/ ) [4] Setanta Desktop (http:/ / www. com/ ) [5] What Is RSS: A Guide To Really Simple Syndication Benefits. Best Uses And Applications . com/ 2008/ 03/ 11/ web-mission-08-uk-startups-to-visit-silicon-valley/ ) [9] KillerStartups (http:/ / www. Zebtab won the Red Herring 100 Award [7] 08. com/ [2] Zebtab (http:/ / www. based in London. Windows XP and Windows 2000 License Website Freeware www. The content is delivered in the form of images. com/ Web-App-Tools/ ZebTabcom---RSS-Made-Easy/ ) . co.Zebtab 86 Zebtab Zebtab Developer(s) Stable release Zebtab 1.zebtab. uk/ focus-on/ bde-microsoft/ 4861821/ zebtab.8 / April 7. killerstartups. zebtab. realbusiness. htm) [6] Microsoft gives U. manutd. com/ europe08/ redherring100. utilising RSS [5] technologies and the ClickOnce installer. techcrunch. setanta. video and podcasts giving a rich[2] multimedia experience. 2008 Operating system Vista. Users can add or remove channels to reflect their interests by selecting from the list in the My Zebtab tab.com [1] Zebtab is an aggregated desktop gadget which delivers and alerts users with sports. start-ups a helping hand | CNET News.com (http:/ / www.K. KillerStartups [9] featured Zebtab in its list of promising startup companies. References [1] http:/ / www. which advocates the most promising private ventures in Europe. masternewmedia. html) [7] Red Herring 100 08 (http:/ / www. html#finalist) [8] Web Mission 08 UK Startups visit Silicon Valley (http:/ / uk.

zebtab.co.uk/) .Zebtab 87 External links • Zebtab website (http://www.zebatb.com/) • Zebtab blog (http://www.

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Jason Stormchild. JonHarder.php?oldid=448285333  Contributors: Abdull. Nintendude. RyanGerbil10. Yamla. Langbein Rise.wikipedia. Paranoid. Mono. CyberSkull. Mabdul. 朝 彦 . Scientizzle. Thumperward. LordBleen. Ronebofh. Wasell. Xtophyr Wright. Mabdul. Frap. MyWiseData. Randomran. Rosbif73. AdamAtlas. Randomran.wikipedia. Ummel. Yoasif. Ajmint. TuukkaH. AlistairMcMillan.org/w/index. EVula. Pak21.com. Pegship. Tokyoilia. 37 anonymous edits Wikipedia:Wikipedia Widget  Source: http://en.php?oldid=409526914  Contributors: Cold Phoenix. 5 anonymous edits XPenguins  Source: http://en. Tizio. 5 anonymous edits Zebtab  Source: http://en. Robertducon. RaviC.php?oldid=440599793  Contributors: Aanhorn. RedWolf. Judge Trudy. Sdfisher.php?oldid=422972411  Contributors: 16@r. Xgenei. Chmod007. John Broughton. Memex. Cwolfsheep. Tashivana. AmiDaniel. TuukkaH. HereToHelp. AvicAWB. Tjlafave. Duke33.org/w/index. MaGioZal.wikipedia.org/w/index. Shade9009. Mabdul. AlistairMcMillan. Evice. Octane. Nogoodatcoding. Ellmist. AlainV.php?oldid=450996295  Contributors: Auroranorth. EamonnPKeane.org/w/index. Tony Sidaway. RobEberstein. John John 216. Stuartyeates.org/w/index. Ivan.chollet@lynanda. Gautambjain. CyberSkull. Tassedethe 90 . Weatherman1126. Dawynn. Nono64. Jmatrljan. ST47. Cwolfsheep. Alai. Mild Bill Hiccup. Lcarsdata.wikipedia. Rich Farmbrough. Murgh.Article Sources and Contributors Stickies (software)  Source: http://en. Jimothytrotter. 4 anonymous edits Xsnow  Source: http://en.wikipedia. M1ss1ontomars2k4. JohnHWiki.

jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Blurpeace.php?title=File:Krunner_kde4. CyberSkull.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Marco Martin and various other KDE contributors File:Plasma-mobile demo (2010-03-21).org/w/index.png  Source: http://en. and other KOffice contributors File:Kmail-mobile tech-preview. Qst.0-ActivityScreen.ogv  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Marco Martin and various other KDE contributors File:KOffice viewer on Maemo5.png  License: unknown  Contributors: WidgetAddict Image:knotes.php?title=File:Leopard_Dashboard_BIG.wikipedia.php?title=File:Krunner_kde4. Fastily.org/w/index.wikipedia. WiFiLeech File:Nokia5800 Opera Mobile 10 1 Beta. Mono.php?title=File:Knotes. Jackl.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:OperaUnite.png  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.wikipedia. Salavat.php?title=File:KonfabulatorDockIconsScreenShot_-_2_Aug_2007.php?title=File:DesktopX_Theme.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Kmail-mobile_tech-preview.wikipedia.php?title=File:Plasma-mobile_(Tokamak_4).png  License: GNU Lesser General Public License  Contributors: Caig File:Krunner kde4.org/w/index. Courcelles.png  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Ricardo 0617 Image:SuperKaramba. Sreejithk2000.php?title=File:Kde431_panel.3 quicksand.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Original uploader was Skeithytemp at en.JPG  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Kdebeta2_plasma.org/w/index.Screenlets.PNG  License: Fair Use  Contributors: GreenReaper.wikipedia.0 Unported  Contributors: Bartelmess.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Makagiga_Screenshot.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Neko_animation_steps_-_falling_asleep.php?title=File:Nokia5800_Opera_Mobile_10_1_Beta.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia. Silvergoat.png  License: Copyrighted free use  Contributors: Makagiga Team File:Makagiga Screenshot.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Wii_Wiimotew.php?title=File:AveDesk.png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:SamurizeMeter.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia. Image:Neko animation steps .png  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Akhristov File:Opera O. Licenses and Contributors 91 Image Sources.2 Aug 2007. Gringer.4_plasma-netbook.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Original uploader was Sgrayban at en.org/w/index.png  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.png  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: User:Daniel. 1 anonymous edits Image:KonfabulatorDockIconsScreenShot .png  Source: http://en. KKPCW. 2 anonymous edits File:DSOnWhite.php?title=File:SamurizeConfigEditor. Rlest Image:Screenshot of AveDesk.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Calmer Waters. Yeeshenhao Image:Windows Sidebar.0  Contributors: Franco Folini from San Francisco.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.gif  License: unknown  Contributors: Original uploader was CompuHacker at en.jpg  Source: http://en. USA File:Opera back mouse gesture. Kbdank71.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.png  License: BSD  Contributors: Program originally written by Masayuki Koba and modified Tatsuya Kato Image:Neko animated.org/w/index.wikipedia.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: KDE.org/w/index.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Remember the dot File:Opera new tab mouse gesture.png  License: unknown  Contributors: AlistairMcMillan.php?title=File:Opera_O.gif  Source: http://en.4 plasma-netbook.png  Source: http://en.jpg  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: KO GmbH. Sfan00 IMG.php?title=File:Makagiga_logo.php?title=File:Contour-1.png  Source: http://en.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: KMail Mobile authors File:Kde43 plasmoid.PNG  Source: http://en.wikipedia. Melesse. Image:Dashboard Widget icon.0 Unported  Contributors: Mihael Simonič Image:Sk snapshot.png  License: unknown  Contributors: 4urge.3 .K.wikipedia.php?title=File:Screenlets.png  Source: http://en.png  License: GNU Lesser General Public License  Contributors: Caig File:Kde431 panel.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia.png  License: unknown  Contributors: CyberSkull.php?title=File:Plasma_Workspaces. Sfan00 IMG File:DesktopX Theme.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Boris23.php?title=File:Dashboard_Widget_icon.3_quicksand.3.org/w/index. Thunderbrand Image:gDesklets.wikipedia.wikipedia File:Opera mini.org/w/index. AznBurger.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Remember the dot File:Opera forward mouse gesture.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: KDE development team File:Screenshot of KDE 4. Roomba.php?title=File:Screenshot_of_AveDesk.png  Source: http://en. Obeattie.png  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: DBGthekafu Image:OpenSUSE 10.wikipedia. 1 anonymous edits File:StardockDesktopX.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: user:jinxs Image:AveDesk.svg  Source: http://en.svg  License: GNU Lesser General Public License  Contributors: KDE.wikipedia..wikipedia .org/w/index. basysKom File:Plasma-mobile (Tokamak 4).php?title=File:Sidebar_Gadgets_RTM.svg  License: Fair Use  Contributors: Fastily.png  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Uziq Image:SamurizeMeter.php?title=File:SuperKaramba.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:A.wikipedia.JPG  License: Public domain  Contributors: Antrikshy at en.php?title=File:Windows_Sidebar_logo.php?title=File:Neko_animated. SafeJackl.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en. 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php?title=File:ShixxNOTE_Send_To_Dialog. Sreejithk2000 Image:XPenguins.jpg  Source: http://en.gif  Source: http://en.wikipedia.gif  Source: http://en.wikipedia.Image Sources.php?title=File:XPenguins. Mono.php?title=File:Xsnow.wright5.org/w/index. Harmonik.php?title=File:ShixxDesktop.org/w/index. Mattbr 92 . Cwolfsheep.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Stickies_icon.php?title=File:ShixxNOTE_Note_Menu. N.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Aanhorn.org/w/index. Kathleen.png  Source: http://en.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. Calmer Waters.png  License: GNU General Public License  Contributors: Original uploader was Tizio at en.gif  License: unknown  Contributors: Ozren Sirola Image:Stickies icon.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:I_love_Neko.wikipedia.png  License: unknown  Contributors: Bobblehead.png  Source: http://en.jpg  License: BSD  Contributors: Program originally written by Masayuki Koba and modified Tatsuya Kato File:ShixxNOTE Note Menu.gif  License: unknown  Contributors: Ozren Sirola Image:ShixxLogo.gif  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Sirola File:ShixxNOTE Send To Dialog.wikipedia.gif  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Sirola File:ShixxDesktop.org/w/index.wikipedia Image:Xsnow.org/w/index.php?title=File:ShixxLogo. Licenses and Contributors Image:I love Neko.

org/licenses/by-sa/3.0 Unported //creativecommons.0/ .License 93 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.

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