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al 44, 45 tna (No. of halflife is 4.) Lhour _ 601 ic Internal energy is the sum energy. When a body thick copper wi 328 0 1997-PHY 11 1997 E Options A D are expressions representing power while option E is an expression representing energy B Velocity is a vector. Velocity from A to C travel from A to C through a The verge vel = 2422. the time taken to inking A and C. =2ms! D ‘Normal reaction YX Pp give E A B. Momentum = my and thus is a vector. C. Velocity is a vector. D. Weight ~ mg and thus is a vector. E. Work refers to energy transferred and thus is a scalar. 320 1997-PHY II D The inital speed is v and the speed of the particle when reaches the starting point again i Change in momentum = m(-v) ~ mv = -2mv Lg te Change in KE. = m(-v)? — mv)? =0 [Since energy is conserved, there is no change in energy. ] c seuts ‘at? ia u=0, sata? 1 ta, seta 1 gay? = 2 #22, s= pala) =2a 1 aa-ba~3a So, x=ta and y=2a-La=2 siysta: dast:3 23 D (1) is correct. Al potential energy of the bob changes to kinetic energy it hes B. So it has maximum kinetic energy at that point NOT coreect. n of energy, the bob (The highest level the bob can reac (3) is correct. ‘The tension is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the bob, ie. di the work rise to the level of A. is the level of A.) )97-PHY I] B Total energy needed = increase in P.E. (1200)(1.5) = 18003 Energy _ 1800 Average power = = IBY 1090-900 w D According to Newton's third law of motion, action and reaction are equal in size but opposite in direction (equal and ‘opposite) and must be acting on two different bodies. (1) is not an action and reaetion pair. The reaction force of the weight ofthe man isthe force the man pulling back the earth ‘The reaction force of the force acting on man by the chair is he force the man exerting on the chair. (2) and (3) are true as the forces are same in size, opposite in direction and acting on two bodies, B 075m” T5m Let the force ating on §; and S, be F; and F respectively Taking moment about 5, (0.75500) = (0.75 + 0.5) Fy) Fy = 300N Taking moment about 5; (0.51500) = (0.75 + 0.5) F =200N : 1997-PHY Il IA ‘The image formed by a convex mirror diminished and formed between the mi focus. is always virtual, and the principal Principal axis object concave mirror image be erect, virtual and magnified if we stand within the focal length ofthe mirror. This lens as the makes shaving easier. (2) is not rue. object Convex mirror is used as rear-view driving mirror because it \d of view. iror can produce paral the focus. This make lig F image concave lens is and then dispersed throug! So we ean see the sparkling of a diamond. jon between fand 2f. The image for @) will be on the same side as the object. So option A is the {As air i hotter in the lower layer, ie. near the ground, and is answer. cooler in the upper layer, the medium (air) in upper layer is ight fe index of the air in upper layer is high ) 333.