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Muslim Medical Advances of the Middle Ages

April Hughes

The Muslim World to Tamerlane

Dr. Egger

17 November 2006

During the Middle Ages Muslim scholars and scientists made many advancements

in the medical field that were later transferred and adopted into to European society

through Spain.

I. Introduction 1

II. The Term “Islamic Medicine” 1

III. Greek Foundations and Early Islamic Medicine 2

A. Galen and Hippocrates 2

B. Umayyad Achievements 3
C. Abassid Achievements 3

IV. Muslim Medical Advances as Seen in the Life of Islamic Physicians 3

A. Ibn Ishaq 3
B. Ar-Razi 4
C. Ibn Zahrawi 5
D. Ibn Sina 5

V. The Islamic Hospital 6

VI. The Transfer of Knowledge 7

VII. Conclusion 8