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Mise en Scene:

Setting- Shoe store, outside on the main road. The traffic seems to symbolise everyone else being able to move forward and progress through life whereas the Mother and her son are stuck and cant move or progress in life. Lighting- It begins with very dull lighting; this is to help reflect the almost depressed mood. We also see red cars and buses; this signals the danger on its way. Costumes- The costumes worn by the actors were winter clothing, hats, scarves etc.

Camera Angles/movement:
Close ups of characters, shows the son confused, mother struggling and scared Mid angle in the office, average view
Over the shoulder shot this is of the shop worker we see the same thing, and judge what we see the same way

Long shot at the beginning show the scene.

Narrative time: Subject time audience feels the same time as the character at that time. Real time When we go through the road incident again we feel it at the same time as the Mother allowing us to feel what she feels. Slow motion gives us the emotion that the world is standing still.

Contrast of diegetic and non-diegetic sound - this produces an enigma code End of intro the sound gets sucked out, then we see 'true Story text' - this has impact on the viewer. We hear disorientated noise and a child screaming over the top.

The sound of racing cars and the road magnifies the danger in the scene.

Ideology - shows how difficult it is to cope with a disability and struggle with the
ignorant public We see this from the mothers perspective, we feel sorry for her and feel for her. Enigma Codes and Action Codes - binary opposites, main mother and child and 'normal' mother and child