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About the Book
Spring Batch in Action is a thorough, in-depth guide to writing efficient batch applications. Starting with the basics, it discusses the best practices of batch jobs along with details of the Spring Batch framework. You'll learn by working through dozens of practical, reusable examples in key areas like monitoring, tuning, enterprise integration, and automated testing.

Inside the Book
Batch q programming from the ground up Implementing data components q Handling errors during batch processing q Automating tedious tasks q

ISBN: 978-93-5004-259-5 Pages: 503 | Price: Rs. 599/Authors: Cogoluegnes, Templier, Bazoud, Gregory

Table of Contents
q Introducing Spring Batch q Batch concepts Spring q configuration Batch q Running batch jobs q Reading data q data Writing q Processing data q Implementing bulletproof jobs q Transaction management q Controlling execution q Enterprise integration q Monitoring jobs q and parallel processing Scaling q batch applications Testing q and more....

About the Authors
Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, and Olivier Bazoud are Java EE architects with a focus on Spring. Gary Gregory is a Java developer and software integration specialist.

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