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A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent, periodic examination of a companys or business units marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and

activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities, and recommending a plan of action to improve the companys marketing performance. Characteristics of Marketing Audits Comprehensive Systematic Independent Periodic

Considerations Documents Constituencies of the Organization Services Competition Management Functions Promotional Tools New Business Mechanisms Cost, Tuition and Fees

Documents Mission statement Charter Short range or long range master plan Publicity or public relations plan Marketing plans for individual projects Organizational goals and objectives Marketing objectives

Constituencies of the Organization List in priority order main publics, groups, targets, markets, or constituents Specify how your school communicates with each group Specify how each group communicates its needs to your school Estimate the attitude of each key public or market to your school List those surveyed, polled or sampled in the past two years and how results were used What publics or markets do you want to know more about? List those with known barriers to communication List referral sources How do you get feedback? Are you satisfied with your feedback system? How is feedback used? which there are

Services List your programs/services Does each reflect the purpose of the institution as stated in the mission? Any new programs/services started in the past five years? If yes, how are they being accepted? Have any failed? Which programs or services bring the most revenue? Which bring the least? Which are the most popular? Which are least understood?