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Grassy Shore -- Horror Story

Grassy Shore -- Horror Story


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A family gathers on shore to find food after a long winter. But spring brings the unexpected.
A family gathers on shore to find food after a long winter. But spring brings the unexpected.

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Published by: Bryan Costales on Oct 21, 2011
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Grassy Shore

Flash Fiction by Bryan Costales
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Grassy Shore by Bryan Costales
Herb smiled at wife Doris, then took off his old fedora, and then pulled his work sweater off as he always did these warmer days. His arms were thick and strong despite being still pale from the long winter. He replaced his hat and said, “Hope today’s bodies aren’t rotting like they have been all week. We need the meat.” Doris liked it when Herb showed off his muscles under his tight sleeveless T-shirt and suspenders. She and her husband Herb sat on a grassy river shore along with Herb’s Mother and sister. Doris smelled whole potatoes grilling on the little hibachi her mother-in-law, Mamma Lowery, always brought along to make breakfast. “I’m hungry,” Doris announced and leaned back on her striped wool blanket found just days before. Spring hadn’t arrived yet, but the air felt newly warm as if desiring spring’s arrival. The river was higher today than yesterday and the air still smelled like last night’s rain. Mamma Lowery used a kitchen fork to turn sizzling potatoes and onion halves. She was old and fat but still loved to cook for the family. Always overdressed no matter the temperature, she pulled a small green blanket over her legs and smiled weakly at Doris. Mamma Lowery couldn’t see very far since losing her glasses down the well last October. Patsy, Herb’s sister, almost never spoke. But now she stood in her new cotton dress with its huge red polka dots, pointed and said, “Look at all of them.” Her eyes went wide. “There must be hundreds.”

Grassy Shore

© 2011 Bryan Costales, All Rights Reserved

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Doris turned to look upstream. “Is that a log jam?” Herb coughed. “No. Just lots more dead people than usual.” He stood and picked up a long pole with a sharp hook on its end. “Way more than usual.” Mamma Lowery looked back at her son, her eyes squinting trying to see him. “Now wear your gloves,” she said. “You know the radio said they might still be contagious.” Herb coughed again. “The radio lies,” he said and shook his head. He started downhill to the shore using his long pole as a walking stick. Over his shoulder he added, “That’s no disease that does that. There ain’t no disease I’ve ever seen that bites folks heads off.” The first of dozens of headless bodies began to float past. All were too far off shore for Herb to reach. He reached as far as he could with his hook, but it just splashed into dark, muddy water and came back empty. The next few bodies floated closer so Herb reached with his hook and snagged one, a pudgy, headless man without pants. Patsy stood and pointed again. “What’s that over there?” Doris stood and looked too but didn’t see anything at first. “Hey,” Herb called. “Come help me. This guy’s heavy.” Doris shaded her eyes. “Is that man running?” On the opposite shore a thin man dressed in rags was running downstream, fast. And behind him something big was chasing. Doris shouted. “Herb! Is that a gorilla?” Herb stood and looked. He shaded his eyes too. “Too big for a gorilla. And besides gorilla’s have fur and ain’t green.” The huge, green creature loped fast and caught up to the man. It grabbed him effortlessly, lifted the man overhead and held him upside down. The creature was so large that by comparison that the man resembled a struggling child. The creature appeared to be sucking at the man’s head. Doris asked, “What’s it doing?”
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Patsy screamed. The creature tossed the man’s limp body into the river. The man’s head was gone. Mamma Lowery poked a potato and Doris heard it hiss. She smelled onions. She hadn’t eaten onions for a half year or more. The huge green creature turned and looked across the river at them. Its head narrowed to a pointed chin and its arms almost reached the ground. Doris said, “I hope it can’t swim.” She heard Patsy whimper. The creature smiled and showed off long pointed teeth. Then it ran full tilt toward the river and dove in. It surfaced and began to swim rapidly toward them. Mamma Lowery looked up, unable to see without her glasses, and said, “The potatoes are done.” END

Grassy Shore

© 2011 Bryan Costales, All Rights Reserved

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