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S83/ lssue 2 Ooestloos lssoes ooJ Aoswets


uest|ons Issues and Answers
Is |t a yes or no vote on Issue 2?
-urses say no on lssue 2 SLop SenaLe 8lll 3 by voLlng no on lssue 2 A no voLe repeals SenaLe 8lll 3 Lhe law whlch
resLrlcLs publlc secLor collecLlve bargalnlng rlghLs and ls especlally harmful Lo nurses and paLlenLs

now many nurses does CNA represent?
C-A has over 9100 members wlLh over 7200 members belng represenLed by C-A for collecLlve bargalnlng Around
oneLhlrd of our nurses work ln Lhe publlc secLor and wlll be dlrecLly lmpacLed by SenaLe 8lll 3

now many Ch|o nurses |n tota| are represented v|a co||ect|ve barga|n|ng?
lL's very dlfflculL Lo provlde an exacL number because nurses represenLed by collecLlve bargalnlng provlde care ln
numerous pracLlce seLLlngs lncludlng hosplLals nurslng homes schools prlsons and correcLlons faclllLles healLh
deparLmenLs cllnlcs and home healLh care -urses work ln boLh Lhe publlc and prlvaLe secLors Llkewlse nurses are
represenLed by many dlfferenL unlons lncludlng C-A

now many nurses w||| be affected? W||| Senate 8||| S rea||y |mpact the state's hea|thcare system?
C-A belleves all nurses wlll be affecLed by provlslons ln SenaLe 8lll 3 whlch llmlL nurses' ablllLles Lo speak up for
Lhemselves and Lhelr paLlenLs 1he rlpple effecL ln Lhe healLh care markeL expands Lhe lmpacL of SenaLe 8lll 3 lnLo boLh
Lhe prlvaLe and publlc secLors Lhereby havlng Lhe poLenLlal Lo lmpacL all of Chlo's 160000 reglsLered nurses 1hese
nurses provlde care Lo each and every Chloan wheLher lL ls ln physlclan's offlces hosplLals urgenL care faclllLles nurslng
homes or schools 1here ls also a very real concern LhaL removlng Lhe volce of dlrecL care nurses ln Lhe publlc secLor
whlle lL remalns lnLacL ln Lhe prlvaLe secLor could resulL ln Lwo separaLe sLandards of care

What |s the r|pp|e effect?
Slmply puL collecLlve bargalnlng conLracLs ln one faclllLy lmpacL Lhe employmenL provlslons and workplace
envlronmenLs of oLher healLh faclllLles ln Lhe area 1he nurses ln surroundlng faclllLles beneflL from collecLlve
bargalnlng agreemenLs ln one area faclllLy 1o aLLracL Lhe besL nurses healLh faclllLles Lry Lo maLch Lhe conLracL
provlslons ln collecLlve bargaln agreemenLs ln Lhelr markeL 1hls pracLlce occurs ln boLh secLors publlc and prlvaLe

now does staff|ng affect safe pat|ent care?
Safe nurse sLafflng levels are necessary Lo ensure paLlenL recelve safe and quallLy care volumes of research such as
LhaL funded by Lhe Agency for PealLhcare 8esearch and CuallLy (AP8C) demonsLraLe LhaL hosplLals wlLh low nurse
sLafflng levels Lend Lo have hlgher raLes of poor paLlenL ouLcomes such as pneumonla shock cardlac arresL and urlnary
LracL lnfecLlons ln addlLlon Lo ensurlng adequaLe Llme aL Lhe bedslde ln Lhe hosplLal seLLlng safe sLafflng levels are
necessary ln oLher seLLlngs where people recelve nurslng care WheLher ln a correcLlons faclllLy publlc healLh cllnlc or a
school nurses musL be sLaffed Lo levels LhaL allow for Lhe dellvery of safe and approprlaLe levels of care

Is |t rea||y a ||fe or death s|tuat|on?
1o our nurses lL ls We hear abouL problems wlLh sLafflng on a dally basls We are able Lo solve Lhose problems because

S83/ lssue 2 Ooestloos lssoes ooJ Aoswets

of our ablllLy Lo address Lhem Lhrough collecLlve bargalnlng A nurse's number one prlorlLy ls hls or her paLlenLs
SLudles show LhaL Lhere ls a dlrecL correlaLlon beLween nurse sLafflng and paLlenL safeLy 1he more nurslng care a
paLlenL recelves Lhe beLLer Lhe ouLcome and Lhe lower Lhe number of compllcaLlons or adverse evenLs whlch lncludes
deaLh Safe nurse sLafflng equals safe paLlenLs

I've heard that CNA's contracts |nc|ude prov|s|ons wh|ch g|ve hosp|ta| management the so|e author|ty for mak|ng
staff|ng dec|s|ons? now |s th|s d|fferent than what |s |n Senate 8||| S?
,osL collecLlve bargalnlng agreemenLs conLaln a provlslon called a managemenL rlghLs clause" 1he purpose of such
provlslons ls Lo seL ouL managerlal rlghLs LhaL are lnherenL Lo an employer's operaLlons 1hese provlslons are llmlLed by
law and by Lhe language ln Lhe balance of Lhe conLracL SLafflng ls a mandaLory sub[ecL of bargalnlng AbsenL a clear
and unmlsLakable walver of Lhe rlghL Lo bargaln abouL sLafflng C-A reLalns Lhe rlghL Lo bargaln wlLh employers on
sLafflngrelaLed maLLers ln oLher words C-A bargalns abouL sLafflng for all lLs bargalnlng unlLs

What |s the emp|oyee share of hea|th |nsurance for CNArepresented nurses and how w||| that change under S8 S?
C-A nurses worklng ln Lhe publlc secLor are almosL unlformly paylng aL leasL 13 of Lhelr healLhcare and conLrlbuLlng
10 Lo Lhelr penslons as SenaLe 8lll 3 wlll mandaLe 1he key change ln SenaLe 8lll 3 relaLed Lo employee beneflLs ls LhaL
nurses wlll lose Lhe rlghL Lo dlscuss wbetbet Lhey have healLh lnsurance and whaL Lhelr beneflL plans looks llke WlLh
many publlc employers evaluaLlng Lhe conLlnuaLlon of employee healLh lnsurance plans Lhls ls of grave concern

What are other |mportant sub[ects of barga|n|ng that nurses w||| |ose?
-urses wlll lose Lhe rlghL Lo dlscuss a number of oLher vlLal sub[ecL maLLer Cur publlc secLor nurses wlll lose Lhe rlghL Lo
address maLLers relaLed Lo hours of work lssues llke shlfL lengLh mandaLory overLlme resL breaks and oLher lssues LhaL
conLrlbuLe Lo nurse faLlgue -urses wlll also lose Lhe rlghL Lo address Lhe safeLy of Lhe workplace and paLlenL care
envlronmenL 1hls change would prevenL nurses from addresslng lssues llke secured Lables oxygen Lanks or oLher
lLems LhaL could be used as a weapon by a psychlaLrlc or correcLlons paLlenL -urses would also lose Lhe rlghL Lo
parLlclpaLe ln acLlvlLles llke selecLlon and evaluaLlon of paLlenL care equlpmenL and safe admlnlsLraLlon of radloacLlve

What are "perm|ss|ve" vs "mandatory" sub[ects of barga|n|ng?
,andaLory sub[ecLs of bargalnlng are Lhose Loplcs over whlch an employer musL bargaln C-A prlor Lo lmplemenLlng any
changes Cenerally speaklng Lhls currenLly lncludes maLLers lnvolvlng wages hours and worklng condlLlons SenaLe 8lll
3 severely resLrlcLs and ln some cases ellmlnaLes vlLal sub[ecLs from Lhe purvlew of bargalnlng Cne such example ls
ouLlawlng sLafflngrelaLed dlscusslons
1radlLlonally permlsslve bargalnlng sub[ecLs are Lhose sub[ecLs over whlch parLles are nelLher compelled nor prohlblLed
for dlscusslon An example of a permlsslve bargalnlng sub[ecL would be employee access Lo an employer's recreaLlonal
faclllLy 8uL SenaLe 8lll 3 reclasslfles mandaLory bargalnlng sub[ecLs llke hours of work and asslgnmenLs lnLo Lhe
permlsslve caLegory lL furLher redeflnes permlsslve sub[ecLs Lo provlde LhaL lL ls only Lhe employer who en[oys
dlscreLlon regardlng dlscusslon of a socalled permlsslve" bargalnlng sub[ecL

I'm a pub||c sector nurse represented by CNA what happens to me and my ex|st|ng un|t |f S8 S |s not repea|ed?
lL ls unclear C-A ls commlLLed Lo our mlsslon of advanclng nurses and Lhe nurslng professlon We belleve Lhe
rudlmenLary provlslons of your collecLlve bargalnlng agreemenL wlll be lnLacL as Lhe baLLle Lo reLaln collecLlve bargalnlng
rlghLs plays ouL ln Lhe courLs Whlle Lhe process ls expecLed Lo Lake years Lo play ouL ln Lhe courLs lL ls unclear how
SenaLe 8lll 3 wlll lmpacL many of our conLracLual provlslons and processes We wlll use oLher dellvery meLhods Lo ensure
we are provldlng Lhe hlghesL level of servlces posslble

If the |aw |s not repea|ed w||| nurses be ab|e to str|ke?
under currenL Chlo law publlclyemployed reglsLered nurses are consldered a safeLy force and aren'L able Lo sLrlke ln
LhaL regard SenaLe 8lll 3 wlll noL change a nurses ablllLy Lo sLrlke buL lL does affecL oLher publlc employees noL bound by

S83/ lssue 2 Ooestloos lssoes ooJ Aoswets

currenL law WhaL wlll change however ls Lhe procedure used when we reach lmpasse aL negoLlaLlons Where we
currenLly submlL flnal lssues Lo a neuLral LhlrdparLy Lhe employer's leglslaLlve body" would become Lhe arblLer ln
lmpasse slLuaLlons lor publlc secLor hosplLals Lhls would be Lhe 8oard of 1rusLees ln publlc healLh deparLmenLs Lhe
8oard of PealLh would deLermlne Lhe ouLcome of lmpasse

I want to be part of the campa|gn to repea| S8 S What can I do?
-urses wlshlng Lo geL lnvolved can do so by cllcklng Lhe CeL lnvolved" Lab on our S83 repeal webslLe

Are my member dues be|ng used to fund the campa|gn act|v|t|es?
C-A ls parL of Lhe We Are Chlo CoallLlon a broadbased clLlzendrlven communlLybased blparLlsan coallLlon LhaL has
come LogeLher Lo repeal S8 3 We Are Chlo lncludes publlc and prlvaLe secLor workers and employees pollce offlcers
flreflghLers Leachers nurses pasLors small buslness owners 8epubllcans and uemocraLs local elecLed offlclals and
buslness leaders As a parLner organlzaLlon C-A ls uLlllzlng lLs resources Lo help repeal S8 3 1hese resources lnclude
sLaff and moneLary supporL 1he fundlng came from Lhe Lconomlc and Ceneral Welfare program budgeL wlLh Lhe
Commlsslon's full supporL C-A was able Lo garner addlLlonal flnanclal supporL from Lhe -aLlonal lederaLlon of -urses

Who |s pay|ng for the We Are Ch|o ads featur|ng nurses?
1he ads feaLurlng nurses are parL of an overall adverLlslng campalgn belng conducLed and funded by Lhe We Are Chlo

I don't ||ke the ads and want CNA to stop runn|ng them
1he ads are a producL of Lhe We Are Chlo coallLlon of whlch C-A ls a member C-A ls a member of Lhe We Are Chlo
coallLlon C-A supporLs Lhe ad campalgn and asslsLed Lhe coallLlon ln Lhe producLlon of Lhe nurse ad 1he coallLlon
reLalns edlLorlal conLrol over conLenL wlLh lnpuL from member organlzaLlons and campalgn consulLanLs

Where can I get yard s|gns or other campa|gn mater|a|s?
?ard slgns and oLher campalgn maLerlals are avallable aL C-A headquarLers durlng buslness hours Local unlL or dlsLrlcL
leaders can requesL maLerlals for dlsLrlbuLlon from C-A sLaff

I am out of town on L|ect|on Day how do I vote absentee?
AbsenLee boLh lnperson and mall sLarLed CcLober 4
AbsenLee balloL requesLs musL be recelved by your counLy 8oard
of LlecLlons by noon on -ovember 3
CompleLed absenLee mallln balloLs musL be recelved by your counLy 8oard of
LlecLlons offlce by 730pm on -ovember 8
AbsenLee balloLs may -C1 be reLurned Lo a polllng locaLlon Larly ln
person voLlng ends on -ovember 7

Why wasn't CNA |nvo|ved |n the |eg|s|at|ve process for S8 S?
C-A prldes lLself on belng acLlvely lnvolved ln leglslaLlve maLLers whlch affecL noL only nurses buL Lhe paLlenLs Lhey care
for C-A was able Lo meeL wlLh a falr number of leglslaLors Lo educaLe Lhem on Lhe lmporLance of collecLlve bargalnlng
Lo nurses

Powever SenaLe 8lll 3 moved Lhrough Lhe leglslaLure aL such speed LhaL LhoughLful revlew and dlalogue among Lhe
sLakeholder groups was nearly lmposslble lL ls hlghly unusual LhaL such a wldesweeplng measure wlLh Lremendous
pollcy lmpllcaLlons would be done ln a maLLer of weeks raLher Lhan years

Why d|dn't CNA try to |mprove the |eg|s|at|on to make |t |ess harmfu| for nurses?
lL ls lmporLanL Lo noLe LhaL C-A meL wlLh Lhe blll's sponsor Sen Shannon !ones [usL days before Lhe blll was lnLroduced
hoplng Lo undersLand her key concerns and provlde lnpuL on Lhe leglslaLlon She made lL clear LhaL she was noL wllllng
Lo engage sLakeholders ln meanlngful dlscusslon or have any dlalogue wlLh affecLed parLles uays laLer Lhe blll was

S83/ lssue 2 Ooestloos lssoes ooJ Aoswets

lnLroduced wlLh placeholder language 1he subsLance of Lhe blll was released well lnLo Lhe process wlLhouL any
opporLunlLy Lo welghln before Lhe debaLe began 1here was very llLLle Llme for Lhe blll Lo be debaLed

I heard |awmakers asked CNA for amendment |anguage to make the b||| better for nurses but never rece|ved |t?
Agaln Lhe as lnLroduced" verslon of Lhe blll dld noL conLaln any speclflc language or provlslons Cnce Lhe language was
avallable C-A revlewed Lhe language and belleved LhaL Lhe provlslons were so egreglous and unbalanced LhroughouL
every parL of Lhe exlsLlng code LhaL Lhe blll could noL be flxed wlLh mlnor language changes and amendmenLs Powever
reallzlng Lhe Lremendously negaLlve lmpacL Lhe leglslaLlon could have on nurse and paLlenL safeLy C-A submlLLed
amendmenL language Lo mlLlgaLe Lhese dangers should Lhe blll become law

I heard |awmakers wanted to exc|ude the nurs|ng profess|on from the b||| why d|dn't that happen?
Cur 8oard of ulrecLors based on Lhe recommendaLlon of C-A's Lconomlc and Ceneral Welfare Commlsslon Look a
poslLlon of LoLal opposlLlon Lo Lhe blll Cverall Lhe blll was a bad blll and full excluslon from Lhe blll's numerous
provlslons was lmposslble

What wou|d have made the b||| better?
lf Lhere had been full and robusL dlscusslon leadlng up Lo Lhe lnLroducLlon of Lhe blll as Lhere normally ls wlLh lssues of
Lhls magnlLude we belleve lL may have been posslble Lo address some of Lhe concerns from boLh sldes of Lhe lssue 8uL
Lhere ls no sllver bulleL or slngle answer Powever from Lhe nurslng perspecLlve one of Lhe mosL harmful provlslons ls
Lhe ellmlnaLlon of sLafflng as sub[ecL nurses could brlng Lo Lhe negoLlaLlng Lable SLafflng cuLs Lo Lhe very hearL of why
nurses need collecLlve bargalnlng lL's Lhe number one reason why Lhey organlze

If Senate 8||| S |s not repea|ed what w||| happen to CNA?
C-A wlll conLlnue Lo carry ouL lLs mlsslon buL wlll be forced Lo adapL 1he loss Lo C-A wlll be more Lhan [usL revenue
As nurses lose preclous rlghLs Lo advocaLe Lhrough collecLlve bargalnlng Lhe evenLual loss of members ls lnevlLable