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Self Improvement Made Easy

Self Improvement Made Easy

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Published by: ru69rager on Oct 25, 2011
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The kind of competitive environment we live in today calls for a little something extra from all of

us. Simply having a college degree does not seem to be as important as before, anymore, as

most workplaces look for hirees and candidates that have an additional skill or interest before

they take them under their wings.

Whether it's a proficiency in particular software or a fluency in more than one language,

employers are now obviously more impressed with someone with longer credentials.

Self improvement, however, does not just mean being equipping one's self with additional

office-related skills. It can also entail learning another hobby, like knitting, candle-making, or

carpentry, or participating in a new group, like Greenpeace, a dance troupe, or a drama class.

Whatever it is, it's goal is to help you achieve or learn something greater than what you already

know and have.

Everyone would want to improve themselves. There isn't anybody in this world who would

refuse an opportunity to be better at something, given man's nature of being always dissatisfied

with his or her personal circumstances. Someone somewhere in the world would definitely like

to have a better life, dream of getting a new car, fantasize about learning how to swim or do

water ballet and imagine being able to multiply three digit numbers in less than 10 seconds.

In addition, self improvement is also a quest to get recognized and appreciated more. People

are often dissatisfied with themselves and what they have because they feel envious of other

people's fortune. They seek to improve themselves because they want to be at the spotlight

even for just a short time, or, if they don't like that much attention, at least have somebody pat

them on the back and tell them they have done a good job.

It is a way to reassure oneself that his or her capacity to learn is not limited and that he or she

has the ability to advance and grow if only he or she puts his or her mind and heart into the


Self Improvement Made Easy!

© Wings Of Success

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Self improvement is not about beating everyone else in the game of life. It means being happy

and satisfied with one's self. It means that life actually has a lot more to offer all of us than what

we are currently enjoying – and that we have the ability to achieve this if we work at it.

Self Improvement Made Easy!

© Wings Of Success

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