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MATERIALS & METHODS © Study was conducted among 100 Vi families in\SOMANUR ‘= cto fo LET bee roto N Loong & eto Cosh ce c Questionnaire Arai} yeep ate! to assess their awareness about Rabies , Dog bite; its management, vaccine and control measures. © Information was obtained by door to door survey. ® Survey was conducted in 5 visits with the help of VHN. © Survey was conducted among adult wiGiebhd ot Sa eR ee / ed aL a PWIA Name, age, sex, education, address, per capita income/month. ri Whats the effect of rabid.dog bite? / 4 f What are the animals that’ can spread rabies? ar are the modes of cea ‘What are the danger sites? What will you do after a dog bites? Is there any need for food restrictions? What are the symptoms of rabies in man and in dog? IS rabies curable? Are you aware about pet dog vaccination & dog control methods? RESULTS AND DISCUSSION I.DISTRIBUTION OF SEX: y >a MALES yy MBER 30 \ FEMALES 70