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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT mw OUR SINCERE THANKS TO DR.THOMAS V . CHACKO Professor and head , Department of community medicine pa e Lee Pee WE eile Pe EEE Py eet) DR.MOORTHY DI ST NeT Ue Medical officer Government PHC Pooluvapatty. INTRODUCTION The proportion of elderly subjects in the population is steadily growing because of the increase in life expectancy. Living to an advanced age is acceptable to a person only if he or she is relatively free from major diseases. One of the most frequently encountered health problem affecting the wellbeing of the citizens is high Blood pressure , together with its disabling complications like stroke, CAD, area Though blood pressure is easily measured and it could be controlled by various non pharmacological measures there is a high prevalance of hypertension among the general population. So we conducted a study in Pooluvapatty PHC to measure the awareness about the risk factors , consequences of hypertension and about the control measures used in the are Title(=tal =U oma tte OBJECTIVES = To assess the awareness of risk factors of hypertension among hypertensives = To assess the awareness of consequences of hypertension = To assess the awareness of control measures available