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ES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OUR SINCERE THANKS LIE WITH DR.THOMAS V.CHACKO —PROFESSOR AND HEAD DEPT. OF COMMUNITY MEDICINE DR.RAJ KUMAR-ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR DEPT OF COMMUNITY MEDICINE DR.RAVICHANDRIKA-MEDICAL OFFICER, NEELAMBUR,RHC WE ARE GREATFUL 10 THE WORKERS OF PSG FOUNDRY CONTENTS Introduction Objective idensleanmeymblusestnbigs) Materials and Methods Results and Discussions ytrea beh a and Conclusion Recommendations References PN ojeloelelb.< Accidents rank fourth among the leading causes of death accounting for 8% of all Rudra yet ete developed world and 7.9%of deaths in the developing world. An Accident is defined as (1)An unexpected,unexplained occurrence which may eohVOlbcemrel elas (2)Unpremeditated event resulting in a recognizable damage. Accidents represent a major epidemic of noncommunicable diseases.