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Audio sampling: Audio sampling is taking a part of one sound from a source, editing it and reusing it in a different context.

For example the sound could be placed in a song, movie or even put into a voice chip of an action figure. This is done with a sampler that can be a piece of hardware or a computer program. Sampling can also be possible with tape loops or even vinyl records on a phonograph. A good example of using audio sampling was in the production of the film Toy story 3. Where samples of voices from various actors were taken and matched to their character. One example is Tom Hanks who plays Woody. Most people however will remember the catch phrase from infinity and beyond spoken by Tim Allen who is not as well known as Tom Hanks, but the successful audio sampling created this global phenomena. The following video graphically illustrates the success of audio sampling, which was carried out in advance of filming to match voices with characters.