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Experiment no 10

Object: How to determine the moisture content from Coal sample. Appratuse: Silica Crucible,Tongs, Tube rods,Desiccator. Theory: It is loss of weight of coal, when heated in crucible at about 110oC at know amount of finally powderd.Coal sample is taken in Silica Crucible.it is heated in a electric hot air and maintained at a temperature of 105oc to 110oc for about an hour after one our Crucible is taken out with the help of Tongs carefully, Cooled in a decicator and weight. The process of heating cooling amd weighting is reapeated of many time tillthe weight of Crucible containg coal become (an hydrous), constan % age of mositure may than be calculated in the following way. Calculation:
(1) Suppose (2) Weight (3) Weight (4) Weight (5) Weight

the weight of Crucible is = W1 gm.

of Crucible + Coal is = W2 gm. of Crucible = coal after heating = W3 gm. of Coal taken = (W2 - W1)gm. of (an hydrous coal) obtained (after heating) = (W3 -

(6) Loss

in weight (due to moisture) = (W2 - W1) (W3 - W1)gm =(W2 - W3). age of moisture = loss in WtWt of coal taken 100 = W2 - W3 W2 - W1 100

(7) %

Now since moisture in a fuel evaporates and removed as steam during burning of fuel. It takes certain amount of heat liberateed during of burning of fuel. Therefore pressure of moisture reduce the calorific value of the fuel and hence its pressure is considered as undesirable. More over the moisture increases the transport

Experiment no 11
charges therefore lesser the moisture better the quality of Coal as fuel.

Conclusion: That was the percentage of Moisture obtained from 1gm of Coal.

Experiment no 10
Object: How to determine the Percentage of Volatile matter from Coal sample. Appratuse: Silica Crucible,Tongs, Tube rods,Desiccator. Theory: It corresponds to the loss in weight of moisture free coal when heated in a crucible in an electrical furnace at about 950oC for 7 minutes the details of the produce and calculation is same as in moisture determination. Calculation: % Volatile matter = wt of volatile matter removal Wt of moisture free coal 100 = w2 w3 w2 w1 100 W1 = weight of empty crucible. W2 = weight of crucible = coal sample. W3 = weight of crucible = coal after the evaporation of the Volatile matter. The fuel containing large amount of volatile matter burns with a long and smoky flame,it has low calorific value. Hence lesser the volatile matter better will be quality of coal.