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Banking Book

Banking Book

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Banking Book
Banking Book

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The marking of cheque means “a cheque which is marked or certified by the drawee banker,
to the effect, that it is good for payment.” The drawee bank certifies that the drawer of the
cheque has sufficient balance in his account and the cheque will not be dishonoured due to
lack of funds. Such a certificate is known as “Marking of Cheques.”

Generally, the marking of a cheque is done by drawee in writing the words “good for
payment” across one corner of the cheque, with the signature of the bank’s authorised
official and the bank’s stamp. The marked cheques are very useful for businessmen as they
can purchase the goods required by them, and the sellers will accept the marked cheques like
currency-notes. It is to be noted here that marking post-dated cheques is not valid.

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