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He was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario city,


He began his sports career 5 years in the club

Grandoli a club mire of table football of the
same city, directed by his father,

Later in the year 1995 on

having expired 7 years he,
began to play in Newells Old's
low divisions Boys.
His condition of "different"
player already was that
evident. But in 1998 on the
verge of depositing to the
low ones of the Athletic club
River Plate diagnose a
delay in the growth
(Development of the bony
structure) Because of a
deficit in the production of
the hormone of the growth
The treatment was
very costly and so
many Newells like
River they refused
to take charge of
the expenses.
The relatives of Messi put in touch
with his relatives in Spain in the
locality of Lerida, near Barcelona.

To a little time to come to

Lerida, He was taken to
realize a proof of football
in the Barcelona FC in
September, 2000 and with
only 13 years of age.
Lionel Messi's height before the treatment was 1.40 meters.

Lionel Messi generate a

new brand in the club
Being the player mas
young in converting a goal
to the age of 17 years, 10
months and 7 days.
The same year improves the
initial contract with the FC
Barcelona extending the
contract until the year 2014
and including a clause of
rescission for 140 million

To the age of 18 years and

with a height of 1.69 meters.
Thanks to the realized
treatment already he has
received several prizes and
his future does not have
limits, or maybe, His unique
limit be the stars.