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Synte| |acement aper Apr|| 2011

1 1ravelllng aL 3/4Lh Lhe speed a man ls 20 mlnuLes laLer Lhen speed ls?

2 Lhere are 6 keys and 6 locks Lhen number of comblnaLlons Lo be Lrled ouL Lo geL Lhe acLual soluLlon

3 chooslng 2 people ouL of 10 ln how many comblnaLlons can a parLlcular person (some name) be
always lncluded

4 from 6 whlLe balls and 7 black balls probablllLy LhaL 2 balls drawn aL random are of Lhe same color?

S a sLrlng of pearls such LhaL 1/3 ls losL and of LhaL 1/4Lh ls mlsslng remalnlng ls 20 Lhen acLual number
of pearls?

ans 40

6 a man geLs a galn of x buL lf he had sold aL Lwlce Lhe cosL prlce whaL wlll be hls galn?

7 a clock was 7mlnuLes behlnd Lhe acLual Llme on 3 pm on Wednesday and 8 mlnuLes ahead of acLual
Llme on (noL sure) 4 pm lrlday when wlll lL show Lhe correcL Llme?

8 boaL moves upsLream ln 6 hrs and covers Lhe same dlsLance downsLream ln 3 hrs Lhen speed of a rafL
floaLlng? accuracy of quesLlon noL sure)

9 lf x men worklng x hrs per day can do x unlLs of work ln x days Lhen y men worklng y hrs/day would
be able Lo compleLe how many unlLs of work l y days?

ans y3/x2

10 1he lengLh of Lhe followlng recLangle ls 4a and lLs breadLh ls 2a 8adlus of Lhe Lwo clrcles ls a
1hen flnd Lhe raLlo of LoLal area of Lhe recLangle Lo Lhe area noL covered by Lhe Lwo clrcles wlLh ln Lhe

11 A person sLarLs wlLh Lhe speed of u/1 kmph and reLurns wlLh Lhe speed of u/2 kmph whaL ls hls
average speed

12 A clsLern wlll be fllled ln 9 hrs buL becoz of an ouLleL lL ls fllled ln 10 hrs lf Lhe clsLern ls fllled Lhen
how much Llme Lhe ouLleL Lakes Lo empLy Lhe clsLern

13 ln a rlghL angled Lrlangle A8C angle 8 90 8M ls Lhe medlan Lo AC Lhen A82 + 8C2 (ln Lerms of 8M)

14 1hree clrcles wlLh same radlus r are drawn wlLh cenLres as Lhree verLlces of a Lrlangle WhaL ls Lhe
sum of areas of Lhe lnLersecLlons of Lhese clrcles wlLh Lhe Lrlangle

1S x men work for x days Lo produce x producLs Lhen ? men can produce ? producLs ln days

16 1he compound lnLeresL for flrsL and second years ls 200 and 220 on a cerLaln amounL llnd Lhe sum

17 Marked prlce of a commodlLy ls 33 above Lhe cosL prlce lf he glves a dlscounL of 13 how much
he galns on Lhe deal

18 1 8s 30 ps 23 ps colns are ln Lhe raLlo Lhen Lhe number of 30 ps colns lf Lhey sum Lo 8s
(slmllar quesLlon ln 8SAgarwal)

19 Lhere was one more quesLlon on colns le abouL geLLlng a change of 10ps and 23 colns for 8s
(how many posslble comblnaLlons or so posslble)

20 x/y+y/x40/21(donL remember Lhe exacL value belleve Lhls ls Lhe one) flnd x and y Lhere were 2
quesLlons on Lraln and one was llke

21 (1 Z /((3/42/3 )/(2/3+4/3))) * ((2 /((4/32/3 )/(3/3+6/3))) (numbers dlfferenL)

22 Avg age of x number of adulLs ln a class ls 30yrs lf 12 new adulLs wlLh avg age of 32 [olned wlLh
Lhem Lhen Lhe avg age lncreases by one llnd x?

23 A sphere of radlus 2cms ls dropped lnLo a cyllnder of radlus 4 cms conLalnlng waLer upLo cerLaln
level 1he ralse ln Lhe waLer level ls (noL sure)

24 flnd Lhe average of reclprocals of x and y

2S a goods Lraln sLarLs and afLer 2 hrs a passenger Lraln aL 4km/hr sLarLs and overLakes Lhe goods Lraln
afLer 4 hrs Lhen Lhe speed of goods Lraln?