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What teachers need to know

about poor students and students

of color
Literacy Based Project
%he need for white teachers reflect
on your beliefs
African American students do not care
about education.
%hey are unmotivated and uncooperative
Poor students do not care about education
Poor students family have low expectation.
#esearch findings
Challenge nequalities, classism, succeed
academically, retain pride.
Personal + reality-based = success
Progressive materials open minds
nclude other people's culture
$hades of Black
%he beautiful diversity of
African-American children
y name es aria Esabel
#especting other
people's culture
Addressing Poverty
Stress and shame of
poverty in a
Lets talk about immigration
Fiction, poetry, and
personal narratives
of Caribbean
immigrants to the
Colonialism in Asia
%he history of
colonialism in Asia.
%hank you