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ELECTIVE I: HOSPICE PALLIATIVE CARE Elec I This course includes the concepts, principles and theories of hospice palliative care. 2 units lecture 36 hours None 4th year, 1st semester

At the end of the course, given actual scenarios/situations, the student will be able to: 1. Explain the developmental tasks of the family as a unit and of parents; 2. Discuss strategies to address marital relationship problems based on relevant laws; and 3. Discuss strategies to address parent-child relationship problems that are age-appropriate and based on relevant laws. Course Outline : 1. The Family as a unit family developmental tasks 2. Choosing a partner factors influencing the choice of a spouse dating and courtship 3. Roles of Married couples 4. Ways of maintaining love and respect between husband and wife marital relationship sexual adjustments power, decision-making and communication 5. Special problems in marital relationships

non-marital relationship/live-in partnership marital infidelity domestic violence 6. Law affecting marital relationship Family Code EO 209 7. The Parents Developmental tasks of parents-to-be: mothering and fathering Mercers theory and Rubins theory Behavior and needs of expectant mothers Mothering role Fathering role Selected situational crises affecting parental assumption of their role: a. single parenthood b. birth of handicapped child c. adopting a child d. separation/divorce e. hospitalization/death of a spouse f. working mother/absentee parent(s) 8. Effects of childless marriage 9. Child Abuse including laws protecting children: RA 8043 An Act Regulating Inter-country Adoption, RA 8552 An Act Regulating Domestic Adoption RA 9231 Special Protection of Children Against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination RA 9262 An Act Defining Violence Against women and their children providing for protective measures for victims 10. Parenting an Infant Common behavioral problems of infants

Role of the nurse in the care of a family with healthy/ill infant 11. Parenting a Toddler common behavioral problems a. bed wetting b. thumb sucking c. temper tantrums accident prevention role of the nurse in the care of a family with healthy/ill toddler 12. Parenting a Preschooler Preparing the child for school Sex awareness/sex education Common behavioral problems a. sibling rivalry b. middle child complex role of the nurse in the care of a family with a healthy/ill preschool child 13. Parenting a Schooler Common behavioral problems a. under achievement b. attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome role of the nurse in the care of a family with healthy/ill schooler