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lnLegraLlon 8eLween urchaslng and

Advanced rlclng ln Cracle

AppllcaLlons 8elease 11310
1lna MlLchell Arwen Pawes
8lAS CorporaLlon
!uly 20
W urchaslng rofesslonals can now deflne complex prlclng sLrucLures
uslng Lhe funcLlonallLy avallable wlLh Cracle Advanced rlclng
W new lnLegraLlon beLween Advanced rlclng and urchaslng
new ConLrols 8educe Manual keylng of rlces on 8equlslLlons and
urchase Crders
AuLomaLes and conLrols prlclng
Manages Llme senslLlve promoLlons
roblems ln urchaslng rlor Lo
lnLegraLlon 8eLween Lhe Lwo
W ulfflculL Lo manage
purchaslng prlces based on
aLLrlbuLes of Lhe lLem belng
W ulfflculL Lo manage prlce breaks
W ulfflculL Lo manage Llme senslLlve promoLlons
Case SLudy
W !enny's ancake Lmporlum purchases maple syrup from
vermonL Syrup Company
ulfferenL volumes have dlfferenL prlces
ulfferenL grades have dlfferenL prlces
W urchaslng agenLs are manually Lracklng Lhe suppller prlces
due Lo Lhe complex prlclng
W uue Lo varleLy of reasons Lhe prlce on Lhe purchase order
could be lncorrecL
W 1he AccounLs ayable group has recurrlng lssues wlLh lnvolce
dlscrepancles beLween Lhe purchase order and Lhe lnvolce
CosL LosL er 1ransacLlon
W oLenLlal Lo lose volume dlscounLs ln
W oLenLlal Lo have lncorrecL cosL of goods ln Lhe
warehouse and ln flxed asseLs
W oLenLlal lncrease ln CosL er 1ransacLlon Lo
remedlaLe Lhe lssue
lnvenLory urchaslng ayables llxed AsseLs
W urchase Crder 1ype SLandard ConLracL
W A Contract urchase Agreement ls an
agreemenL of speclflc Lerms and condlLlons
wlLhouL lndlcaLlng Lhe goods and servlces LhaL
you wlll be purchaslng SLandard purchase
orders are creaLed referenclng Lhe conLracL
purchase agreemenL
1ermlnology conL
W A r|ce L|st ls a llsL of prlces from a parLlcular suppller for an
lndlvldual lLem or lLem caLegory rlces can be sLored by
unlL prlce
percenLage prlce
formulalc prlce
prlce break
W A ,od|f|er ls an Cracle speclflc Lerm used ln prlclng Modlflers alLer
Lhe prlce of an lLem 1hey can dlscounL or lncrease Lhe prlce
W A r|c|ng Attr|bute ls a properLy of an lLem LhaL ls used ln Lhe
derlvaLlon of a prlce lL could be any range of characLerlsLlcs LhaL
are documenLed wlLhln Cracle
8aslc SeL ups
W roflle CpLlons
W lLem and/or
urchaslng CaLegory
W ConLracL AgreemenL
W rlce LlsL
W Modlfler
W Approved Suppller
1 rlce changes when Lhe purchaslng conLracL ls
2 rlce changes when dlfferenL volumes are
3 rlce changes when dlfferenL grades are ordered
4 rlce ls 'Modlfled' when speclflc grade ls
purchased regardless of volume
lmplemenLaLlon ConslderaLlons
W lnLegraLlon ls llmlLed Lo slngle llne dlscounLs
and surcharges
W lnLegraLlon llmlLed Lo 8equlslLlons and
SLandard urchase Crders (referenclng a
ConLracL urchaslng AgreemenL)
W 8elease 12 lnLroduces lnLegraLlon wlLh blankeL
purchase agreemenLs
lnLegraLlon beLween urchaslng and Lhe Advanced rlclng
rovldes buyers wlLh Lhe ablllLy Lo develop and malnLaln
complex prlclng sLrucLures
rovldes buyers wlLh a more effecLlve Lool Lo manage
mulLlple prlclng programs from slmpllsLlc Lo complex
rovldes hlsLorlcal prlclng hlsLory
8educes maLchlng errors due Lo lnconslsLenL prlclng
rovldes requesLers and Lhelr approvers wlLh accuraLe
prlclng lnformaLlon
Leverages a flexlble rules based englne Lo auLomaLe Lhe
prlclng process
W Cracle urchaslng lnLegraLlon wlLh Cracle
Advanced rlclng 8elease 11310
SepLember 2006 MeLallnk noLe 3944901
W 11310 uoes Advanced rlclng ln urchaslng
8equlre Cracle rlclng 1o 8e lnsLalled?
MeLallnk noLe 2996981
W CuesLlons abouL uslng Advanced rlclng ln
urchase Crders and 8equlslLlons MeLallnk
noLe 3431001