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DeJaz1 Seizure Warrant

DeJaz1 Seizure Warrant

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Published by: JonHealey on Dec 09, 2011
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the owner of each domai~ name for which it is the top-level

registry, including the SUBJECT DOMAIN NAMES (the "Domain Name

Records"). Certain of these records are available to the public

through a "Whois" lookup through a web browser, among other

means. At the time the SUBJECT DOMAIN NAMES are seized, the


relevant registrars will be directed to change the "Technical

Contact" and "Administrative Contact" fields of the Domain Name

Records for the· SUBJECT DOMAIN NAMES to contact information

relating to ICE to reflect the fact that the SUBJECT DOMAIN NAMES

have been seized; and to change the name server fields of the

Domain Name Recprds to effect the forgoing changes. All other

fields will be changed so that they do not reflect any individual

or entity.

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